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Department Officers— Continued.

Salary. Assistant Treasurer of United States-Albert U. Wynan, of Nebraska.. 3,600 Solicitor-Kenneth Rayner, of Mississippi...

3,000 Superintendent of Life Saving Station-sunner I. Kimball, of Maine.... 4,000 Superintendent Coast Survey-C. P. Patterson, of California.

6,000 Cashier-J. W. Whelpley, of New York.

4,500 Director of the Mint-Huratio C. Burchard, of Illinois.

4,500 Register of the Treasury-Blanche K. Bruce, of Mississippi..

4,000 Comptroller of the Currency-John J. Knox, of New York..

6,000 Commissioner of Internal Revenue-Green B. Raum, of Illinois.

6,000 Bureau of Statistics-Joseph Nimmo, Jr., of New York.

2,400 Bureau of Engraving and Printing-0. H. Irish, of Nebraska.

4,500 First Comptroller-Wm. Lawrence, of Ohio....

5,000 Second Comptroller-William W. Upton, of Oregon..

5,000 Commissioner of Customs-Henry C. Johnson, cf Pennsylvania.

4,000 1st Auditor-Robert M. Reynolds, of Alabama..

3,600 2d Auditor-Orange Ferriss, of New York.

3,600 3d Auditor- Edwin W. Keightley, of Maine..

3,600 4th Auditor-Charles Beardsley, of Iowa....

3,600 5th Auditor-D. A. S. Alexander, of Indiana..

3,600 6th Auditor- Jacob H. Ela, of New Hampshire

3,600 Chief of Secret Service Division-James J. Brooks, of Pennsylvania .. 3,500 Supervising Surg. Gen. Marine Hosp. Service—John B. Hamilton, of Illinois. 4,000 Supervisiny Insp. Gen, of Steam Vessels—James A. Dumont, of New York... 3,600

THE WAR DEPARTMENT Has charge of business growing out of military affairs, keeps the records of the army, issues commissions, directs the movement of troops, superintends their payment, stores, clothing, arms and equipments and ordnance, constructs fortifications, and conducts works of military engineering, and river and harbor improvements. Department Officers.

Salary Becretary of War- ROBERT T. LINCOLN, of Illinois...

.$8,000 Chief Clerk.-H. T. Crosby, of Pennsylvania..

Inspector General- Brevet Major General Delos B. Sackett, of Mass.
Judge Advocate General--Colonel Joseph Mckee Dunn, of Indiana..
Adjutant General--Brevet Major General Richard C. Drum, of Penn.......
Quarter Master General--Brevet Major General Rufus Ingalls, of Maine.....
Commissary General--Brigadier General Robert Macfeely, of Penn..
Surgeon General--Brevet Major General Chas. 7. Crane, oi Mass...
Prymaster General--Brevet Brigndier General Nathan W. Brown, of N. Y...
Chief of Burean of Engineers--Brevet Major Gen. Horatio G. Wright, of Conn
Chief of Ordnance Burenu-Brigadier General S. V. Benét, of Florida...
Signal Officer-Brevet-Major General Wm. B. Hazen, of Vermunt.......
Bureau of Military Justice, David G. Swaim, of Ohio...

General Officers of Regular Army.







Retired List.

Philip H. Sheridan .... July 1, 1853 Ohio.

Winfield S. Hancock... July 1, 1814 Penna.
John M. Schofield,.. July 1, 1837 ('alifornia.
John Pope.... July 1, 1842 Illinois.
Oliver 0. lioward July 1, 1854 Maine.
Alfred H. Terry.. Jan. 15, 1865 Coon.
Christopher C Augur.. July 1, 1348 New York.
George Crook July 1, 13.52 Ohio.
Nelson A. Miles July 23, 1366 Mass.

Wm. T. Sherman...... July 1, 1840 Ohio.

Major Generals.
Irwin McDowell. July 1, 1898 Ohio.
John C. Robinson Oct. 27, 1839 New York.
Daniel E. sickles Nov. 29, 1862 New York,
Samuel S. Carroll... July 1, 1836 Dist. Col.

Richard W. Johnson... July 1, 1819 Kentucky.
James B. Ricketts, July 1, 18:39 New York,
Eli Long..

June 27, 1856 Kentucky.

Military Geographical Divisions and Departments.

1. Division of the Missouri.- Departments of Dakota, of the Missouri, of the Platto, and a

Texas; headquarters at Chicago, Illinois. 2. Division of the Atlantic.—The New England States, the States of New York, Now Jorcoy,

Pennsylvania, Delaware. Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Obio, Michigan, Wisconsin,

Indiana, and the District of Columbia ; headquarters at New York City. 13. 3. Division of the Pacific.-Departments of California, of the Columbia, and of Arizona; head.

quarters at San Francisco, California. 4. Division of the South.-Departments of the South and of the Gulf; headquarters at Louis

viile, Kentucky. 5. Department of the Missouri.-The States of Missouri, Kansas and Illinois, and the Territo.

ries of Colorado and New Mexico, and Camp Supply, Indian Territory'; headquarters al

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. & Department of the Platte.-Tho States of Iowa and Nebraska, and the Territories of Utah

and Wyoming; headquarters at Omaha, Nebraska. 7. Department of Dakota.-- The

State of Minnesota, and the Territories of Dakota and Montana; headquarters at St. Paul, Minnesota. 8. Department of California.—The State of Nevada, the post of Fort Hall, Idaho Territory,

and so much of the State of California as lies north of a line from the north-west corner of Arizona Territory to Point Conception, California; headquarters at San Francisco,

California. 8. Department of the Columbia.-The State of Oregon, and the Territories of Washington,

Idaho, excepting Fort Hall, and Alaska; headquarters at Portland, Oregon. 20. Department of Arizona. - The Territory of Arizona, and so much of the State of California

as lies south of a line from the porth-west corner of Arizona Territory to Point Concope

tion, California; headquarters at Prescott, Arizona Territory. 1 Department of the South.-The States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,

Təxcept the Gulf posts from Pensacola Harbor to Fort Jefferson and Key West, inclusive),
Alabama, including the posts in Mobile Bay, Tennessee and Kentucky; headquarters at

Louisville, Kentucky. 12. Department of Texas.--The State of Texas and the Indian Territory, excepting Camp Sap

ply; headquarters at San Antonio, Texas. 13. Department of the Gulf:—The States of Lonisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, and the Gall

posts as far eastward as, and embracing, Fort Jefferson and Key West, Florida, exaluda ing the ports in Mobile Bay; headquarters at New Orleans. Louisiana.


Has charge of the Naval Establishment and all business connected therewith, issues Naval Commissions, instructions and orders, supervises the enlistment and discharge of seamen, the Marine Corps, the construction of Navy Yards and Docks, the construction and equipment of Vessels, the purchase of provisions, stores, clothing and ordDance, the conduct of surveys and hydrographical operations.

Department Officers.

Salary. Secretary of the Navy-WILLIAM E. CHANDLER, of New Hampshire

8,000 Chief Clerk-John W. Hogg, of District of Columbia..

2,500 Superintendent of Naval Observatory-Rear-Admiral John Rodgers. Hydrographic Office-Captain S. R. Franklin... Superintendent National Almanac-Prof. Simon Newcomb. Commandant of Marine Corps-Colonel C. G. McCawley. Chief Signal Officer-Commodore John C. Beaumont.. Chief of Bureau of Yards and Docks-Commodore Edward T. Nichols.. Civil Engineer-W. P. S. Sanger Chief of Navigation Bureau-Commodore John G. Walker... Chief of Bureau of Ordnance-Commodore Montgomery Secard. Chief of Bureau of Provisions and Clothing- Joseph A. Smith, of Maine... Chief of Bureau of Medicine and Surgery-Surgeon-Gen. Philip 8, Wales. . Caief of Bureau of Construction and Repairs, Theodore D. Wilson, of N. Y. Chief of Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting --Commodore Earl English.. Chief of Bureau of Steam Engineering-Chief Engineer W. H. Shock..... Judge advocate General - William B. Remey, U. 8. M. Corps.....

[blocks in formation]




Active List.
Darid D. Porter......

Feb. 2, 1829 James H. Spotts..... Kentucky. Aug. 2, 1897

J. W. A, Nicholson.... New York Feb. 10, 1838
George H. Cooper. New York Aug.

4, 1887 J. C. Beaumont..

March 1, 1888 Vioo-Admiral,

John C. Febiger. Ohio Sept. 4, 1888

J. B. Creighton. New York Feb. 10, 1888 Lephen C. Rowan..... Ohio...... Feb. 1, 1826 A. K. Hughes .. New York Oct.

20, 1838 C. R. Colhoun,.... Missouri.. April 1, 1889 Chas. H. Baldwin..... New York April 24, 1839 R. W. Shufeldt.......

New York May 11, 1889 Rear-Admirals.

A. 0. Rhind.

New York Sept.

8, 1888 Active List.

G. M. Ransom.........

New York July 25, 1839 W. E. Hopkins. Vermont. Nov. 13, 1839 Thomas Pattison.. New York March 2, 1839 Wm. N. Jeffers N. Jersey Sept. 25, 1840 Edward Simpson.

New York Feh. 11, 1840

Wm. G. Temple. Vermont. April 18, 1840 Edward T. Nichols..... Georgia .. Dec. 14, 1836 Samuel B. Carter Tenn..... Feb. 14, 1840 Robert H. Wyman,. N. H. March 11, 1837 Thomas L Phelps. ... N. Jersey Jan. 17, 1840 George B. Balch... Alabama. . Dec, 80, 1837 Clark H. Wells

Penn... Sept. 25, 1840 Thomas H. Stevens.... Penn. Dec. 14, 1836 Step'n P. Quackenbush. New York Feb. 15. 1840 John M. B. Clite...... Michigan. April 12, 1837 Earl English.. N. Jersey Feb.

25, 1840 Andrew Bryson... New York Dec. 1, 1837 John H. Upshur Virginia.. Nov. 4, 1841 Pierce Crosby.

Penn.... ¡June 8, 1838 A, A. Semmes.


Has charge of the survey, management, sales and grants of Public Lands, the examination of Pension and Bounty Land claims, the management of Indian affairs, the examination of Inventions and award of Patents, the collection of Statistics, the distribution of Seeds, Plants, etc., the taking of Censuses, the management of Government mines, the erection of Public Buildings, and the construotion of wagon roads to the Pacific.

Department Officers.
Becretary of the Interior-HENRY M. TELLER, of Colorado....
Assistant Secretary-Merritt L. Joslyn, of Illinois....
General Land Office, N. C. McFarland, of Kansas, Commissioner.
Indian Office-Hiram Price, of Iowa,
Pension Office W. W. Dudley, of Indiana
Patent Office- Edgar M. Marble, of Michigan,
Bureau of Education-Jolin Eaton, of Tennessee
Census Office-Charles W. Seaton..of New York, Superintendent.
Director of Geological Survey-John W. Powell, of Illinois.
Commissioner of Railroads - Wm. H. Armstrong, of Penn.
Architect of the Capitol-Edward Clark, of Penn..

salary. $8,000

3,500 4,000 3,500 8,600 4,600 8,000

6,000 4,800 4,800


Has charge of the Postal System, the establishment and discontinuance of Post Offices, appointment of Postmasters, the contracts for carrying the mails, the Dead Letter Office, maintains an inspec. tion to prevent frauds, mail depredations, etc.

Department Officers.

Salary. Postmaster-General-TIMOTHY 0. Howe, of Wisconsin.

.$8,000 Appointment Office-1st Assistant P. M. General, Frank Hatton, of Iowa.... 3,500 Contract Office—2d Assistant P. M. General, Richard A. Elmer, New York.. 3,500 Finance Office-3d Assistant P. M. General, Abraham D. Ilazen, Penn.. 3,500 Superintendent of Money Order System-C. F. McDonaid, of Mass 3,000 Superintendent of Foreign Mails-J. H. Blackfan, of New Jersey... 3,000 Superintendent of Free Delivery-R. W. Gurley, of Louisiana.

3,000 Superintendent of Dead Letter Office-E. J. Dallas, of Kansas...

3,000 General Superintendent R. R. Mail Service--W. B. T!lompson, of Ohio.... 3,000 Auditor Railroad Accounts-

2,n00 Superintendent of Bank Agency-Dudley W. Rhodes, of Ohio..

3,000 Topographer-W. F. Nicholson, of D. C.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The Attorney-General, who is the head of this department, is the legal adviser of the President and heads of departments, examines titles, applications for pardons, and judicial and legal appointments, conducts and argues suits in which Government is concerned, etc.

Department Officers.

Salary. Attomey-General- BENJAMIN H. BREWSTBR, of Pennsylvania...

$8.000 Assistant Attorney-General - William A. Maury, of Dist. of Col..

5,000 do do Thomas Simons, of New York......

5,000 Solicitor-General-Samuel F. Phillips, of North Carolina....

7,000 Assistant Att'y-General for Dep. of Int. -Joseph K. McCammon, of Penn..... 5,000 do

do P. O. Department-Alfred A. Freeman, of Tenn.... 4,000 Solicitor of Internal Revenue-C. Chesley, of New Hampshire.

4,500 Solicitor of the Treasury-Kenneth Raynor, of Mississippi.

4,500 Assistant Solicitor of Treasury--Joseph H. Robinson...

3,000 Examiner of Claims for State Department-H. O'Connor, of Iowa.

3,500 Law Clerk and Examiner of Titles-A. J. Bentley, of Ohio.....

2,700 Chief Clerk-George C. Wing, of Ohio....


Supreme Court of the United States. Appointed.

Ago. Belary. 1874.-MORRISON R. WAITE, of Ohio....Chief Justico. 66 $10,500

A880. Jus.
1863.—Stephen J. Field, California, .


10,000 1862.-Samuel F. Miller, of Iowa...

do 69 10,000 1880.-W. B. Woods, Alabama..

do 70 10,000 1877.—John M. Harlan, Kentucky...

do 67 10,000 1881.- Horace Gray, of Massachusetts


10,000 1870.—Joseph P. Bradley, New Jersey.


10,000 1881.-Stanley Matthews, Ohio.....


10.000 1882.-Samuel Blatchford, New York..


10,000 The Court holds one general term, annually, at Washington, D O., commencing on the first Monday in December.

Salas James 11. McKenney, of Washington, Clerk... William T. Otto, of Washington, D. C., Reporter. Jahn G. Nicolay, of Winois, Marshal....

Circuit Judges of the United States.

Salary, FIRST CIRCUIT.—(Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) -John Lowell, of Boston, Mass..

.$6,000 SECOND CIRCUIT.-(Vermont, Connecticut, Northern New York, Southern

New York, and Eastern New York)— William J. Wallace, New York ... 6,000 THIRD CIRCUIT.—(New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, Delaware)-William McKennan, of Pennsylvania .....

6,000 FOURTH CIRCUIT.—(Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina)—Hugh L. Bond, Maryland...

6,000 FIFTH CIRCUIT.-(Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas,

Colorado, Misssouri, and Nebraska) — Don A. Pardee, of Louisiana... 6,000 SIXTH CIRCUIT.-(Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennesee)-John Baxter, of Tennessee..

6,000 SEVENTH CIRCUIT.—(Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin)-Thomas Drummond, of Illinois

6,000 EIGHTH CIRCUIT.—(Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas) Geo. W. McCrary, of Iowa. ......

. 6,000 NINTH CIRCUIT.- (California, Oregon and Nevada)-Lorenzo Sawyer, of California


District Courts.Judges. (States.) ALABAMA, N. D., M. D. and S. N. -John Bruce, of Montgomery, Ala. ARKANSAS, W. D.-I. C. Parker, of Fo.t Smith, Ark.; E D.-H. C. Caldwell, of Little Rock, Ark. CALIFORNIA-Ogden Hoffman, of San Francisco. COLORADO—Moses Hallett

, of Denver. CONNECTICUT—Nathaniel Shipman, of Hartford. DELAWARE—Elwa G. Bradford, of Wilmington. FLORIDA,

N. D.-Thomas Settle, of Jacksonville; S. D.-James W. Locke, of Key West. GEORGIA, N. D.-Henry K. McKay, of Atlanta; S. D.-John Erskine, of Atlanta. Illisors, N. D.—Henry W. Blodgett, of Chicago; 8. D.-Samuel H. Treat, Jr., of Springfield. INDIANA—Walter Q. Gre sham, of Indianapolis. sowa, N. D.-Oliver P. Shiras; S. D.-James M. Love, of Keokuk. KANSAS—Cassius G. Foster, of Atchison. KENTUCKY—John W. Barr, of Louisville. LOUISIANA, E. D.-Edward C. Billings, of New Orleans; W. D.-Aleck Boarman, of Shreveport. Marne-Nathan Webb, of Portland. MARYLAND—Thos. J. Morris, of Baltimore, MASSACHUSETTS-T. L. Nelson, of Boston. MICHIGAN, E. D. -H. B. Brown, of Detroit; W. D.-S. L. Withey, of Grand Rapids. MINNESOTAR. R. Nelson, of St. Paul. MISSISSIPPI, N. D. and S. D.-Robert A. Hill, of Oxford. MISSOURI, E. D.-Samuel Treat, of St. Louis; W. D.-Arnold Krekel, of Jefferson City. NEBRASKA—Eliner S. Dundy, of Falls City. NEVADA-George M. Sabin, of Carson. New HAMPSHIRE—Daniel Clark, of Manchester. NEW JERSEY-John T. Nixon, of Trenton. New YORK, N. D.-Alfred C. Coxe, of Utica; S. 1).-Addison Brown, of New York; E. D.-Charles L. Benedict, of Brooklyn. NORTH CAROLINA, E. D.-Augustus Seymour, of Newbern; W. D.—Robert P. Dick, of Greensboro'. OH), N. D.-Martin Welker, of Wooster; S. D.—Vacant. OREGON—Matthew P. Deady, of Portland. PennsyLVANIA, E. D.-William Butler, of Philadelphia; W.D. -Mark W. Acheson, of Pittsburgh. RHODE ISLAND-Le Baron B. Colt, of Provi. dence. South CAROLINA_George S. Bryan, of Charleston. TenNESSEE, E. D. and M.D.-David M Key, of Knoxville; W.D.-E. S. Hammond, of Memphis. Texas, E. 1).- Amos Morrill, of Galveston; W. D.-E. 8. Turner. of Austin; N. D.-A. P. McCormick, of Dallas. VERMONT-Hoyt II. Wheeler, of Burlington. VIRGINIA, E. D.-Robert W. Hughes, of Norfolk; W. D.- Vacant. WEST VIRGINIA---John J. Jackson, Jr., of Parkersburg. Wisconsin, E. D.- Charles E. Dyer, of Racine; W. D.-Romanza Bunn, of Madison. Of these District Judges, two (Cal. and Col.) receive $5,000 each; one (La.) $4,500; nine (Md., Mass., X. J., N. Y. 3, Penn. 2, and W. D. Ohiv) $4,000; all the remainder, $3,500 each.

District Courts. -- Judges. (Territories.) ARIZONA-C. G. W. French. DAKOTA-Alonzo J. Edgerton. [NaroJohn T. Morgan. MONTANA —D. S. Wade. New Mexico-S. B. Axtell. Utah-Joba A.

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