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.80—M. de Freycinet announces a new | Serious floods along the Ohio and Missouri French cabinet.... The Union Générale of rivers. ...Mrs. Kate Chase granted a divorce Paris_suspends payments.... Death: In from her husband. ... Deaths: At Paterson, New York, the Rev. Dr. Henry W. Bellows, N. J., John Cooke, president of the Danforth aged sixty-eight....31—Burning of the old locomotive works....21—Heavy snow storm World building in New York; six lives lost throughout the North and West....Bradand $1,000,000 worth of property burned laugh takes the oath aud enters the house of

..Oscar L. Baldwin, the Newark defaulter, commons, but is expelled by the speaker...! sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment.... 22—Death in Paris of M. Rouzaud, husband February 1—Indictment of conductor Han- of Christine Nilsson....23_Great exciteford and brakeman Melius of the train ment in the New York stock market and wrecked at Spuyten Duyvil for manslaugh- heavy fall of some stocks....The senate ter....2- Arrest of the president and man- passes the bill to place Gen. Grant on the Ager of the suspended Union Générale in retired list....25—President Arthur nominParis. . Charles E. Patterson of Troy elected ates Roscoe Conkling for associate justice of speaker of assembly by agreement between the United States supreme court and A. A. the Tammany and regular Democrats ... Sargent for minister to Berlin....26Col. 3—Slosson defeats Vignaux in the billiard liery explosion at Styria, Austria ; 150 lives match at Paris, 3,000 to 2,663....4-Gui. lost...Sudden death at Albany of Robert teau sentenced to be hanged June 30.... H. Pruyn, ex-minister to Japan, aged sixtyGreat snow storm in the eastern and middle seven....27-Garfield memorial services in States... 5—Death at Klausenburg of Capt. the hall of the house; oration by ex-SecreDaniel Kadocsi, the last survivor of Napo- tary Blaine....Death: At New Rochelle, leon's escort to Elba, aged 102.....7—Open- Mrs. Daniel Webster, aged eighty-four.... ing of the British parliament; Bradlaugh re-28_Eleven nihilists on trial in št. Peters fused admission to the commons.... William burg convicted and sentenced to death; ten Sindham, the phenomenal murderer, repriev- sentenced to Siberia.... The new apportioned till March 24....8-Death in London of ment bill approvcd by President Arthur... the earl of Lunsdale, husband of “the beau- The store of Edward Malley, father of Waltiful Lady Lonsdale.”....9-A. M. Soteldo ter Malley, charged with the murder of Jenfatally shot in the Republican office, Wash- nie Cramer, burned at New Haven; loss ington....11-Peter Cooper celebrates his $200,000....March 1-Appalling loss of life ninety-first birthday in New York. ...12- and property by the floods along the MisGreat oil fire at Olean, N. Y..... Extensive sissippi....2- Roderick MacLean attempts floods in Arkansas and Texas and in the to shoot Queen Victoria at Windsor staMississippi....13—Five men killed in a tion....Death in Boston of the Hon. railroad tunnel at Baltimore....Publication Charles Hale, a distinguished journalist and of terms of peace between Chile and Bulivia diplomat and brother of the Rev. Edward

..Death: In New York, Daniel Slote, Everett Hale, aged fifty-one....4_Death of the original of “ Dan” in Mark Twain's "Io- Milton S. Latham, ex-governor of and exnocents Abroad;" in St. Petersburg, Prince senator from California. . . Hazael wins the Suwaroff....14—Ice gorges and floods in New York walking match; score 600 miles various parts of the country, owing to mild 6-Gen. Curtis, special treasury agent weather Death: At Cambridge, Mass., at New York, indicted for soliciting monKo Kun Hua, professor of Chinese at Har- ey for political purposes from government vard, aged forty....16—News of the loss at employees....8-Over 85,000 persons left sea of the steamer Bahama, bound from destitute by the Mississippi floods. ...Be. Porto Rico to New York, during a gale; ginning at London of the trial of " Dr.” twenty persons drowned .... Death: In Lawson_for poisoning his brother-in-law Charleston, S. C., Bishop Wm. M. Wight .9—The Chinese emigration bill passed man of the Methodist church, aged seventy- by the United States....10—Sergeant Mafour....16—The Edmunds anti-polygamy son, who attempted to shoot Guiteau, sen. bill passed by the senate....the house fixes tenced to be dishonorably discharged from the number of representatives under the new the army, and imprisoned eight years in the apportionment at 325....Death: At Wash- Albany penitentiary. .News of the death ington, Col. A. B. Meacham, who was with of Henry Highland Garnet, minister to LiGen. Canby when the latter was killed by beria....11-A new Planet found by Palisa Indians, aged fifty-six....17– Explosion in at Berlin....12—The Mississippi flood said a fireworks factory at Chester, Penn.; seven to cover 80,000 square miles of territory teen persons killed and fifteen injured... ..13—The President nominates Samuel Disastrous fire at Haverhill, Mass.; the bus- Blatchford to be justice of the United States iness part of the town destroyed; loss over supreme court, and John Russell Young to $1,000,000....18—Sudden cold wave with be minister to China ....14—The anti-polyheavy snow storms in the Northwest.... gamy bill passed by the house....Dr LamGen. Skobeleff's sensational speech at Paris son, an American, convicted in London of

20—Indictment at Washington of “ the poisoning his brother-in-law, Percy John, Dorsey combination of star-routers.... land sentenced to death....17—Numerous

strikes by various branches of labor through- of Missouri....18_Beginning of the trial out the country....18—Discovery of a new of the Malley brothers and Blanche Dougcomet by Charles S. Wells, at the Dudley lass, for the murder of Jennie Cramer at observatory, Albany:.:.22—Emperor Wil. New Haven....20_Death in England of liam's eighty-fifth birthday celebrated in Charles R. Darwin, the scientist, aged sevBerlin....23_The assembly passes the free enty-three....23—The new Ohio Sunday canal resolution, 74 to 44... The house of law goes into effect....25—The senate representatives passes the anti-Chinese bill, passes the Mississippi river improvement 167 to 66.... 24-Death at Cambridge, bill, appropriating $6,000,000....27 Mass., of Henry W. Longfellow, aged seven Death at Concord, Mass., of Ralph Waldo ty fivé.... 26—A fire in Richmond, Va., de- Emerson, aged seventy-ninc....28—Dr. stroys $500,000 worth of property....27— Lamson hanged at London. ...29_Explo Steamer Thomas Cornell wrecked in a fog sive infernal machines sent to William H. on Danskammer point, below Poughkeepsie; Vanderbilt, Cyrus W. Field and Police Suloss abont $200,00....28—Zuni Indians per- perintendent Walling, of New York.... form peculiar and traditional religious rites, May 5—President Arthur issues a proclamat the sea shore, near Boston, accompanied ation against Arizona outlaws....Death at by Lieutenant Cushing, their "adopted son." Knoxville, Tenn., of ex. Postmaster-General

...29~Great loss of life and widesprend Horace Maynard, aged sixty-four....B-A buffering caused by a “blizzard” in Dakota dispatch from Engineer Melville announces

.30—The steamer Golden City burned at the finding of the bodies of Lieut. De Long Memphis, Tenn.; thirty-five lives lost....31 and the ten men with him....6-Lord Fred. -The New Jersey legislature adjourns sine erick Cavendish, chief secretary for Ireland, die in great confusion, owing to the railroad and Thomas Henry Burke, un ler secretary, bribery disclosures. ... April 2–Cornelius assassinated by unknown parties in Dublin J. Vanderbilt commits suicide by shooting .8—The President signs the modified in a New York hotel....News of the death Chinese bill....9_Lorillard's lors, Mis. at Lima of Gen. Stephen A. Hurlbut, United take, wins the Newmarket spring handicap States minister to Peru....3-Hanlan de ....11-Mine explosion in Westphalia; filfeats Boyd at New-Castle-on-Tyne by five ty-six lives lost....14-Death; at Eureka lengths; time 21.25....Jesse James, the Springs, Ark., Gen. Cadwallader C. Washoutlaw, shot and killed by Robert Ford.. burn, ex-governor of Wisconsin, aged sixty4-President Arthur vetoes the anti-Chinese four....17—Total eclipse of the sun, visible bill....6–The President nominates Wm. only in the eastern hemisphere....20—The E. Chandler to be Secretary of the navy, ship Western Belle caught and sunk in the Wm. H. Hunt to be minister to Russia, and ice in St. Lawrence gulf; thirteen men lost John Jay Knox to be comptrolier of the ....23_Death in New York of Moses Tay. currency....6—Terrific hurricane in Kan- lor, aged seventy-six....24-Deaths; În sas, Iowa, Michigan, and other western London, Sir John Holker, ex-lord justice of States; twelve persons killed, many injured the court of appeal, aged fifty-four. and much property destroyed....8-Arriv- Washington, D. C., Brevet Major-General al at New York of the famous elephant George D. Ramsay, U. S. A., retired, aged Jumbo....9~Prince Gortschakoff, the Rus- eighty... 26–George Conley, the basso, sian prime minister, retires; M. de Giers and Herman A. Reitzel, the pianist, of Clara succeeds him....10Judge Wylie denies Louise Kellogg's troupe, drowned in Lake the motion to quash the indictments against Spofforil, N. H....27—The disaffected Brady, Dorsey, and other star-routers.... Egyptians assume a defiant attitude toward Mr. l'arnell released from pri-on on parole the thedive and demand his deposition.... to visit his sister in Paris....Frauds said to 28-Arrival in New York of Lieut. Danenaggregate over $4,000,000 discovered in the hower and party, Jeannette survivors....29 transactions of Vogel Brothers, silk dealers - Death at Philadelphia of Gen. George H. in Hong Kong, Chinn...,11—George M. Crossman, U. S. A., retired, aged eightyChilcott appointed United States senator four....30—Decoration Day universaliy from Colorado....Deaths; at Chappaqna, observed... June 1-Beginning of the star Ida Greeløy Smith, eldest daughter of Hor: route trials at Washington.... England and ace Greeley; at Londun, Dante Gabriel France invite the powers to a conference at Rosetti, the painter and poet....12—John Constantinople, on the Egyptian question F. Slaier, of Norwich, Conn., gives $1,000, 2-Death; at Caprera, Italy, Guiseppe 000 for the education of southern freedmen Garibaldi, aged seventy-five....5. Death ....14-Captain Howgate, the embezzler, in New York of Dr. John F. Gray, the first escapes from custody in Washington. .16 American physician to adapt Halinemann's -The firm of A. T. Stewart & Co. announces principles....8-Foxhall wins the gold cup the iatention to sell all its property and re- at Ascot....11-Serious riots in Alexantire from business....16—Remarkably mag: dria, Effypt, by natives; 340 Europeans nificent display of aurora....17—The Ford killed, and the foreign quarters sacked... brothers, who killed Jesse James, sentenced 13–The senate pusses the Japanese indemto death, but pardoned by Gov. Crittenden, | nity bill, returning $785,000 to Japan....

14-Harriet Beecher Stowe's seventieth | the Egyptians defeated.... September 11birthday celebrated at Newtonville, Mass. Partial verdict rendered by the star route

16 — Death; at Columbus, Ohio, Wil jury....13— Attorney-General Brewster or. liam Dennison, the “war governor” of Ohio ders a re-trial of the star route cases .... 16—Paul Tulare, of Princeton, N. J., gives Engineer Melville and party reach New $2,000,000 to New Orleans, for educational York....15—Arabi captured at Cairo; Gen. purposes....19—Particulars of the finding Wolseley declares the Egyptian war ended of De Long and party, showing they died ....Rifle match at Creedmoor ended; Britof starvation and cold, after terrible suffer- ish victorious... Judge Wylie grants Miner ing....20—A new Egyptian ministry an- and Rerdell new trials....22— Railroad colnounced, with Arabi Pasha minister of war lision in the Fourth avenue tunnel, New

22—Business in New York almost stag- York; three persons killed and many innated by a strike of freight handlers....25 jured....24–News of great destruction by -Hottest day of the season in New York and earthquakes in Panama.... 25— The Khedelsewhere in the east; nearly 100 degrees in ive of Egypt enters Cairo, escorted by Britthe shade. ...29-A train runs off a bridge ish troops.... October 4-Death at Hot near Long Branch into the Shrewsbury Springs, France, of Adelaide Phillips, the river; five persons fatally injured; Gen. singer, aged forty-nine....12—Webster Grant slightly hurt....311-Charles J. Gui- centennial celebration at Marshfield, Mass. tenu, the assassin of President Garfield, ....20—Death at Aberdeen, Miss., of the hanged at Washington. ... Acquittal of the Rev. Dr. Robert Paine, senior bishop of the Malley brothers and Blanche Douglass, for Methodist church, south, aged eighty-three the murder of Jennie Cramer.... Fourteen 24-Philadelphia celebrates the two persons murdered by Indians in Dakola.... hundredth anniversary of William Penn's July 1-Disastrous storms in portions of landing.... The British parliament opened Indiana and Illinois....3–J. Bancroft Da ..28—Sir Garnet Wolseley arrives in vis, first assistant secretary of state, resigns; England....30– The Park Theatre, New John Davis nominated to succeed him....4 York, in which Mrs. Langtry was to make The excursion steamer Scioto collides with her first appearance in America on this a tow boat and sinks near Mingo Junction, date, burned....31-Mrs. Seguin, the wife Ohio; sixty lives lost....Death at Ports- of Dr. Edward C. Seguin of New York, mouth, N. II., of Ichabod Goodwin, the shouts end kills her three children and ber“war governor of the State, aged eighty- self. ... November 2—Deaths; at Wollaston, sig....11-The British fleet bombards Al- Mass., Josiah Quincy, aged eighty; at exandria, Egypt....13– Alexandria aban- Napa, Cal., J. W. Simonton....12— A doned by the Egyptians; horrible atrocities daughter born to the queen of Spain.... by the Arab mob; 2,000 christians reported 20-Death in New York of Prof. Henry massacred; the town pillaged and a large Draper, the eminent scientist, aged fortypart of it burned. ...14-John Bright re- five....22—Death in New York of 'Thursigns from the British cabinet....16—Death low Weed, aged eighty-six....25— Presi. at Springfield, Ill., of Mrs. Abraham Lin-dent Arthur removes Marshal Henry, and coln, aged sixty-seven....19–Great fire in other officials in Washington, for interferSmyrna, Turkey: 1,400 houses burned and ing with justice in the star route prosecu6,000 persons homeless....20—Death at tions.... December 1-The new penal code Bordentown, N. J., of Fanny Parnell, sister takes effect....2–The President appoints : of the Irish agitator, aged thirty-four. ... Clayton McMichael marshal of the district 21-News of Disastrous storms in Dakota of Columbia.. .3-Arabi sentenced to exand Montana. ...23—The Khedive dismisses ile for life....4-Congress assembles; the Arabi from the ministry and declares him a President's message

transmitted....6rebel....23— a fight between Arabi's forces Transit of Venus observed in many portions and the British at Ramleh; the Egyptians of this country....7Great fire in London; driven away....25—Death at Long Branch, loss about $15,000,000....12—A fire deof John C. Hamilton, son of Alexander stroys the business portion of Kingston, Hamilton, aged ninety-two....27—The hot- Jamaica; loss $30,000,000....14-Mr. test day of the healed term....30—The Glodstone resigns the chancellorship of the steamer Alaska makes the trip from Queens exchequer....19- Death at Boston of town to Sandy Hook in seven days, seven- Henry James, sr., aged seventy-one....20 teen minutes, the fastest on record.... - The City Bank of Rochester suspends, August 1-President Arthur vetoes the river owing to defalcations by the president, C. E. and harbor bill....2Congress passses the Upton, of several hundred thousand dolriver and harbor bill over the veto ...8-lar3....21_The Cominercial Advertiser Congress adjourns sine die....16—Death at building and the Masonic temple in Buffalo Atlanta, Ga., of Unite I States senator Ben- burned; loss $300,000....24–Death of jamin H. Hill, aged fifty-nine....24—The Senor Zildua, president of Colombia....27 British troops bezin their a:lvance toward -Celebrating the six hundredth anniversary Cairo from Ismailia... 28—Battle between of the founding of the royal Austrian house the English and Egyptians at Kassassin; I of Hapsburg.

[blocks in formation]

Magdala JohannesII(Kassa King

3,000,000 158,000 Contic. Afghanistan Cabool


7,600,000 500,000 Moham'dan. Anam (Cochin China) Hue..

Tu Duc.


10,000,000 600,000 Buddhist. Arabia (Muscat). Muscat. Seyd B. Bin Said. Imaum.. 1,500,000

175,000 Moham'dan. Argentine Republic.. Buenos Ayres. Gen Roca .. President.. 1,877,500 833,600 R. Catholic. Austria-Hungary Vienna. Francis Joseph I. Emperor.. 37:739,407

240,940 R. Catholic. Baden Carlsruhe. Fiederick I... Grand Duke. 1,507,000

5.824 R.C. & Prot Barbary States.. Tripoli

An't Izzot Pasha. Pasha.. 1,200,000 344.400 Moham'dan. Bavaria Munich.. Louis Il...


5,412,231 29,292 R. Catholic Belgium. Brussels. Leopold II. King.

5,253,821 11,372 R. ('atholic. Beloochistan..



1,000,000 140,000 Moham'dan. Bolivia.


Nicolas Campero President.. 2,000,000 500,870 R. Catholic. Borneo. Borneo. Abdul Muein.. Sultan..

1,750.COC 290,000 Pagan. Brazil..

Rio de Janeiro Dom Pedro II... Emperor.. 10,196,328) 3,288.000 R. Catholic. Burmah. Mandalay Thebau..


3,400,000 192,000 Buddhist. Cambodia.. Panompin. Ong SidetchN'd'm King.


33,524 Buddhist. Canada, Dominion of Ottawa.. Marquis ot' Lorne. Gov.General 3.873,000 3,620,510 Protestant. Cape Colony

Cape Town.... H.G.R.Robinson Governor.. 720,984 222.308 Protestant. China..

Pekin.. Kuang Su.. Emperor 25,000,000 4,540,000 Bud.& Pagan Chili.

Santiago Anabil Pinto,... President.... 2,300,000 1 26.060 R. Catholic. Colombia

Gen R. Nanez... President.. 2,851,858 32), 750

R. Catholic.
Kingkitao. Zung-Che.. King.


90,300 Confuc& Bud. Costa Rica.

San Jose... Gen. T. Guardia. President... 200,000 26,040 R. Catholic. Dahomey Abomey. Adahaonzoll... King



Christian IX.. King

1,950,400 15,218 Lutheran. Ecuador


Gende Veintimilla President... 1,100,000 218,380 R. Catholic. Egypt.

Tewfik Pasha.. Khedive.... 5,250,000

212,600 Mahom'dan. France..

J. de Greyy....

President... 36,905.788 204.096 R. Catholic.
Germany William I.. Emperor.


203, 44

Protestant. Gt. Britain & Ireland London Victoria I.. Queen. 33,895,023 I 1,115 Protestant Greece..

George I.



19.353 Greck Ch'rch Guatemala

Guatemala.... J. Rufino Barrios. President... 1,180,000 40.776 R. Catholic. Hesse. Darmstadt.... Louis IV... Grand Duke 881,218

2,965 Lutheran. Hayti P't-au Prince. Gen. Salomon.... President.... 708.500

29,828 R. Catholic Honduras.. Comayagua... Marco A. Soto Pr sident...

350.000 47,090 R. C tholic Italy

Humbert I.. King.

27.769,475 114,406 R. (tholic. Japan.


Mu su Hito. Mikado.. 33,110,825 155.525 Buddhist. Liberia

Monrovia A. W. Gardner. President... 820,ncc 60,000 Prote tant Madagascar. Antananarivo Rana ol) II..


3,000,000 228.570 Christian. Mecklen'g Schwerin. Schwerin. Fred'k Francis II. Grand Duke 553,897 5,138 Lutheran. Mecklenberg Strelitz. Strelitz... Fred'k William I. Grand Duke

95,682 1.131 Lutheran. Mexico...

Mexico.. Gen. M. Gonzalez President.... 9,158,250 743.820 R. ('atholic. Montenegro.. Cettigne Nicolas...

Hospodar. IIO 000 1,710 Greek Ch'rch Morocco..

Morocco.. Muley Hassan.... Sultan... 3.750,000 260.000 Mohain'dan. Netherlands Amsterdam. William III. King.

3.924,792 12,680 Prote tant Nicaragua

Managa.. Joaquim Favala. Pesident.... 250,000 58,170 R. Catholic. Oldenburg Oldenburg Peter I...

Grand Duke

319.314 2,470 Lutheran. Orange Free States... Blemfontein. J. H. Brand. President.... 50,000 42,470 Protestant. Paraguay Asuncion.... Gen. Caballero... President....

300,000 56.700 R. Catholic. Persia. Teheran.. Nassar-ed-Din. Shah

5,000,000 636.000 Moham'dan. Peru Lima...

President... 3.37 000 503,38 R. Catholic. Portugal Lisbon Dom Luis I".


4,367,882 35.812 R. Catholic. Prussia Berlin. William I.. King

25,742,404 137,566. Protestant. Rome. Rome.. Leo XIII.


R. Cathouc. Roumania Bucharest.. Karl I.

5.376.000 49,262| Greek Ch'rch Russia.

St. Petersburg Alexander III Emperor. 85,685,945 8,325,3 3 Greek Ch'reh Saxe Coburg & Gotha. Gotha & C'b'rg Ernst Il..

Duke Saxe-Meiningen.


760|Lutheran. Meiningen.. George II.



933 Lutheran. Saxe-Weimar. Weimar. Charles Alex'nder Grand Duke

292,4.3 1.421 Lutheran. Saxony Dresden.. Albert l...


2,760,586 5,-88 Luth. & R. O. Sandwich Islands Honolulu.. David Kalakaua.. King


7,628 Protestant. San Domingo. San Domingo. Pere M. Marino.. President.... 150,000

20.596 R. Catholic. San Salvador.. San Salvador. Rafael Zaldivar.. President.. 600,000 7.375 R. Catholic. Servia... Belgrade. Milan I.... King.

1.720,000 18.787 Greck Ch'rcb Siam.. Bangkok. P.S. Paraminthra First King 5.700,000

39,000 Buddhist. Spain

Alfonso XII.


*23 262.000 Sweden & Norway.

320,975 R, Catholic Stockholm Oscar II.

King .. 6,303,395 293,260 Lutheran. Switzerland.

Dr. E. Welti... President.. 2.776,035

15.091 Prot. &R C. Turkey... Constantinopl Abdul Hamid il Sultan.

28,165,000 1,742.874 Moham'dan. Tunis

S.Moh El-Sadak.. Bey.....

1,500,000 45,716: Moham'daa.
United States.. Washington... Chester A. Arthur President...
Monte Video. Don F.A.Vidal... President...

50,155,783) 3,603,844 Christian.

440,000 23,538 R. Catholic. Venezuela

Caracas.. Gen.A.G.Blanco President... 1,781,194 Wurtemburg

403,276) R. Catholic. Stuttgart. Charles I.

King... 1,815,057 Zanzibar.

7,531 Lutheran. Zanzibar. Seyu B.Bin Said... Sultan...


625 Moham'dan.


. With its Colonies.


COMMERCE WITH GREAT BRITAIN. THE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and its dependencies and Colonies, has always been our largest customer for our productions, and was for many years our largest creditor also, sending us her manufactured goods and receiving in return onr raw materials in such quantities as she required for home or foreign consumption, and thus having almost always a balance of trade against us, which we were obliged to pay in coin.

Of late years, the balance has been the other way, and a large portion of our bonded debt, held by foreigners, has been paid from this surplus.

It will bo interesting and instructive to review this commerce for the 89 years of which we have record of it. In 1790, we imported from Great Britain, merchandise of the value of $13,563,044, and exported to her and her dependencies, merchandise valued at $6,888,478, our exports thus being almost exactly one-half of our imports. Our total imports in 1882. were $767,111,964, and our total exports $20,205,156. Our total imports in 1878, were $466,872,846, and our total exports $799,959,736. In 1882, our imports of merchandise from the British Empire, were $304,928,485, and our exports of merchandise to the countries comprising that Empire, were $519,410,661.

The imports and exports of specie and bullion, which were about equal, are excluded in both cases. In other words, our imports are about 12 times as large as they were in 1790, and our exports 654 times as large. It will be interesting to notice some of the items which made up our early exports to Great Britain, and to compare them with the exports at the present time. In this way we can ascertain, in part, what have been our principal productions, for, as a general rule, a nation exports only those things of which it has a surplus, after supplying its own wants. In rare instances, it has not facilities for working up its raw material to advantage, and exports it, receiving back that material in a manufactured form. This was the case with our cotton, to some extent, for many years, and also with our ores of copper, zinc, &c., and the demand was so great abroad for some of our fruits, that the entire crop was exported. The following table gives our principal articles of export to Great Britain, in 1790. Some of these were goods imported and re-exported by us: EXPORTS FROM THE UNITED STATES TO GREAT BRITAIN DURING THE FISCAL YEAB ENDED SEPT. 30, 1790.

Quantity. Value, Tobacco, hogsheads.

73,708 $2,754,493 Cotton, raw, bales..

1,403 47,428 Ashes, pot and pearl, tons.

7,679 747.079 Flax-seed, cakes...

36,917 219,924 Wheat, bushels.

.292,042 355,361 Corn, bushels

98,407 56,205 Flour, barrels.

104,880 676,274 Meal, barrels..


5,435 Rice, tierces.

36,930 773,852 Beef and pork, Barrels.


898 Bread, barrels..


610 Butter, firkins,


2,310 Honey, firkins..


906 Tallow, pounds.

156,708 17,211 Oil, whale, barrels..

1,738 21,048 Oil, sperm, barrels.

3,840 60,000 Tar, barrels..

71,077 105,510 Turpentine, barrels.

27,800 71,240 Pitch, barrels....

7,000 13,920 Seeds and roots.

1,242 Staves and heading.


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