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In all other cases of ballot than for committees, a majority of the votes given shall be necessary to an election, and where there shall not be such a majority on the first ballot, the ballots shall be repeated until a majority be obtained; and in all ballotings blanks shall be rejected and not taken into the count in enumeration of votes or reported by the tellers.



Messages received from the Senate and the President of the United States, giving notice of bills passed or approved, shall be entered in the Journal and published in the Record of that day's proceedings.



Estimates of appropriations, and all other communications from the executive departments, intended for the consideration of any committees of the House, shall be addressed to the Speaker and by him submitted to the House for reference.


No person shall be an officer of the House, or continue in its employment, who shall be an agent for the prosecution of any claim against the government, or be interested in such claim otherwise than as an original claimant; and it shall be the duty of the Committee of Accounts to inquire into and report to the House any violation of this rule.



The rules of parliamentary practice comprised in Jefferson's Manual shall govern the House in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the standing rules and orders of the House and joint rules of the Senate and House of Representatives.


These rules shall be the rules of the House of Representatives of the present and succeeding Congresses unless otherwise ordered.

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The earth is inhabited by about 1,380,000,000 of inhabitants, namely:

380,000,000 of the Caucasian race,

580,000.000 of the Mongolian,

200,000,000 of the Ethiopian,
220,000,000 of the Malay races, and

1,000,000 of the American Indian.

All these respectively speak 3064 languages, and possess 1,000 different religions. The amount of deaths per annum is 33,333,333, or 91,954 per day, 3730 per hour, 60 per minute, or one per second. This loss is compensated by an equal number of births. The average duration of life throughout the globe is thirty-three years. One-fourth of its population dies before the seventh year, and one-half before the seventeenth. Out of 10,000 persons only one reaches his hundredth year; only one in 500 his eightieth; and only one in 100 his sixty-fifth.

Married people live longer than unmarried ones, and a tall man is likely to live longer than a short one. Until the fiftieth year women have a better chance of life than men; but beyond that period the chances are equal.

Sixty-five persons out of one thousand marry. The months of June and December are those in which marriages are most frequent.

Children born in spring are generally stronger than those born in other seasons.
Births and deaths chiefly occur at night.

Th: number of men able to bear arms is but one-eighth of the population.



It is estimated that there are some 14,580,000 persons of African descent on this contiIn the United States they number 4,880,000; Brazil 4,200,000; Cuba and Porto Rico 1,500,000; South and Central American Rupublics 1,100,000; Hayti 1,350,000; British. Possessions 800,000; French, 250,000; Dutch and Mexican 400,000.


The population of the world is religiously distributed very nearly in the following proportions:

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200,000,000 Mohammedans--------- 165,000,000 7,000,000

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Other Asiatic religions... 260,000,000 In Europe, America, Australia, and many of the Polynesian Islands, Christianity is the prevailing creed of every State. In Africa the only independent Christian States are Abyssinia and Liberia, while Christianity prevails in several European colonies. The largest empire of Asia-Russia--is also a Christian country. India, the third country in point of extent, is under the rule of a Christian government, and so is a large portion of Farther India.

The Mohammedan countries in Asia are Turkey, Persia, Affghanistan, and the Khanates of Central Asia; in Africa-Morocco, the dependencies of Turkey (Egypt, Tunis, Tripoli) and a number of interior States.

Buddhism prevails in India, Farther India, in many parts of China, and in Japan. The governments of Burmah and Siam are Buddhist; the government of China adheres to the religion of Confucius; the religion of Japan is Sintooism.

Judaism is represented throughout the civilized world. The Handbuch der Vergleichenden Statistik of G. Von Kolb (Leipzig, 1868) gives the following as the number of Jews in the countries named: Germany, 478,500; Austria, 1,124,000; Great Britain, 40,000 ; France, 80,000; European Russia, 2,277,000; Italy, 20,200; Switzerland, 4,200; Belgium 1.500: Netherlands, 64,000; Luxemburg, 1,500; Denmark, 4.200; Sweden, 1,000; Greece, 500; European Turkey, 70,000. The Jews in Portugal are estimated at 3,000; in Syria and Asiatic Turkey, 52,000; in Morocco and North Africa, 610,000; in Eastern Asia, 500,800; in America, 500,000.

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