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1. The three Witches.

2. Macbeth, Banquo, and the Witches.

3. Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Lenox, and Attendants.-Enter Mac

beth, Banquo, Rosse, and Angus.

4. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

5. Lady Macbeth receiving Duncan, &c. at the Castle-gate.

6. Macbeth about to murder Duncan.

7. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, after the murder of Duncan.

8. Macbeth and Lenox accusing the Grooms of the murder of Duncan.

9. Malcolm and Donalbain flying from the Castle.

10. Macbeth proclaimed King.

11. The murder of Banquo.

12. The Banquet.-The ghost of Banquo rises, and sits in Macbeth's place.

13. The Witches' cave.-Hecate and three other Witches, Macbeth.

14. The murder of Lady Macduff and children.

15. Malcolm entreating the assistance of Edward the Confessor.

16. Lady Macbeth walking in her sleep.

17. Malcolm ordering the army to conceal their numbers by the branches of trees.-The wood of Birnam.

18. Macbeth informed of the death of the Queen.

19. A Messenger announcing the movement of Birnam Wood.

20. Macduff kills Macbeth.-Young Siward is lying dead, having been killed by Macbeth.—Malcolm is hailed king.



1. Lear divides his kingdom between Goneril and Regan, fancying that Cordelia had fallen short of her sisters in her love for him. -Kent in vain interposes.

2. Edmund persuading Gloster that Edgar intended to murder him.

3. Kent, disguised as a servant, correcting the insolence of the Steward of Goneril.

4. Lear leaves Goneril, who complained of his conduct.-Enter Albany. 5. Edmund persuading Edgar to fly from his father's anger.

6. Kent in the stocks.

7. Lear cursing his daughters.

8. Lear in the storm.-Edgar disguised as a madman.-Gloster with a torch comes to seek Lear.

9. Gloster having assisted Lear to join Cordelia, who had landed at Dover, is punished by Cornwall, who plucks out his eyes.

10. Gloster having had both eyes torn out, is committed by the servant to Edgar's charge.

11. Goneril, Edmund, and Steward.

12. Cordelia receiving the account of her father's state.

13. Lear, mad, fantastically dressed up with flowers.-Enter a Gentleman, with attendants.

14. The Steward intending to kill Gloster, is killed by Edgar.

15. Lear and Cordelia.

16. Regan takes Edmund as her husband, Lear and Cordelia having been defeated and made prisoners.

17. The death of Edmund.-Edgar, having found a letter on the Steward from Goneril, directing Edmund to murder her husband and take his place, gives the letter to Albany, and meets his brother to prove his treason. They fight, Edmund falls.-Regan is seen dying in the tent, poisoned by Goneril.

18. Lear killing the officer who had charge from Edmund to hang Cordelia.

19. Lear and Cordelia dead.-Regan and Goneril both lying dead.


1. The Masquerade.

2. Juliet in the balcony.-Romeo in the garden.

3. Romeo and Juliet meet at Friar Lawrence's cell to be married.

4. Romeo parting Tybalt and Mercutio.

5. Romeo, after the death of Mercutio, meets Tybalt, fights with, and kills him.-In the background, the citizens are bringing Mercutio out from the house he had been carried to, and are placing him upon a bier. The Prince, Capulet, Montague, and their wives, coming up.

6. Romeo, banished for killing Tybalt, takes leave of Juliet.

7. Juliet takes a sleeping draught to avoid the marriage with the County Paris, determined by her father and mother.

8. Juliet discovered.

9. Romeo, having been told of Juliet's death, buys poison, and comes to her tomb to die. Paris, who has come to strew the monument with flowers, attempts to prevent his breaking open the door.

10. Romeo in the tomb, having brought down the body of Paris.— Juliet" in her best robes uncover'd on the bier."

11. Friar Lawrence comes to the monument: Juliet wakes.

12. Juliet, on discovering that Romeo is dead, stabs herself.


1. Claudius poisoning the king in the garden.-The queen anxiously watching the event.

2. Laertes leaving the court.

3. Laertes takes leave of Ophelia.

4. Hamlet and the ghost.

5. Hamlet and Ophelia.

6. Hamlet and Ophelia.-King, Polonius, and queen in the background.

7. The play.

8. Queen, Hamlet, ghost.

9. Ophelia mad.

10. Death of Ophelia.


11. Hamlet selecting a foil.

12. Hamlet slaying the king.



1. Othello relating his adventures to Brabantio and Desdemona.

2. Othello pleading before the doge to Brabantio's accusation of having beguiled the affections of Desdemona.-Iago, in the background, is persuading Roderigo to renew his suit to Desdemona.

3. Cassio's drunken squabble with Roderigo, contrived by Iago. Enter Othello and attendants.

4. Iago "abusing Othello's ear, that he" (Cassio) "is too familiar with his wife.”—Cassio entreating Desdemona's assistance to obtain his reinstatement as lieutenant, of which office he had been deprived for his drunkenness.-The fatal handkerchief is seen in the hands of Desdemona.

5. Iago inducing Cassio to relate some meeting with his mistress, Bianca having deluded Othello into the idea that it was an interview with Desdemona, in which he is confirmed by Bianca bringing in Desdemona's handkerchief to Cassio.-Enter Bianca.

6. Othello taxes Desdemona with misconduct.

7. Roderigo, urged by Iago, attacks Cassio.

8. Othello about to murder Desdemona.

9. Emilia undeceiving Othello.-Iago stabs Emilia, then runs out. 10. Iago in custody, and Cassio brought in in a chair, with his leg bound up.


1. Titus Andronicus delivering Alarbus to be sacrificed to the manes of his sons, killed in battle with the Goths. Tamora entreats for her son's life.-Saturninus and Bassianus, at the head of their respective parties, coming to ask the suffrage of Titus for the

2. Saturninus, having been chosen emperor at the instance of Titus, offers his hand to Lavinia; but immediately pays his court to Tamora-Bassianus, assisted by Marcus Andronicus, and the sons of Titus, claims Lavinia as his betrothed. Titus resists, and kills Mutius, his son, who opposes him.

3. The murder of Bassianus by Chiron and Demetrius.

4. Aaron leading Martius and Quintus to the pit into which Chiron and Demetrius had thrown the body of Bassianus. Martius falls into the pit.

5. Martius and Quintus being found in the pit with the body of Bassianus, are condemned to death as his murderers.-Aaron is producing the bag of gold hid by himself, stated in a letter, forged by himself also, to be for the reward of a huntsman for the murder of Bassianus.

6. Aaron pretends a message to have been sent from Saturninus, offering to pardon Andronicus's sons, on condition of Titus, Marcus, or Lucius sending a hand as a ransom for their faults. Whilst Marcus and Lucius go for an axe, Titus asks Aaron to cut his hand off.-Martius and Quintus are seen going to execution. -Lavinia, with her hands cut off, and tongue cut out, is standing near.

7. Lavinia making known her sufferings.-The heads of Martius and Quintus have been sent with Titus's hand, returned in scorn.— Lavinia takes the staff in her mouth, and guides it with her arms, and writes.

8. The nurse bringing a blackamoor child, the son of Aaron and Tamora.

9. Aaron and his child brought before Lucius, who is become general of the Goths," and threats, in course of this revenge, to do as much as ever Coriolanus did."

10. Tamora, with Chiron and Demetrius, come disguised as Revenge, Rapine, and Murder, to Titus Andronicus.-Titus appears above.

11. Chiron and Demetrius having been left, under the names of Rapine and Murder, Titus orders them to be bound.-Enter Titus, with Lavinia; she bearing a basin, and he a knife.

12. The banquet.-Titus, as a cook, waits upon Saturninus and Tamora. 13. Lucius is chosen emperor, and condemns Aaron.

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