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“Mr. Speaker-I am directed to inform you that the Hon. William A. Prentiss, of Milwaukee, has been elected President of the Council.”

Mr. Sholes declined being a candidate for the office of Speaker, and moved that the House proceed to a second ballot;

Which was agreed to.
Mr. Shackelford also declined being a candidate for Speaker.

The House then proceeded to a second ballot, and the votes having been taken and counted, it appeared thatNelson Dewey received

21 votes. Charles Bracken

1 vote. William Shew

1 " Mr. Dewey having received a majority of the votes given, was declared to be duly elected.

On motion, Messrs. Billings and Childs were appointed a committee to conduct the Speaker elect to the chair.

The Speaker having taken the chair, returned his acknowledgments to the House, in the words following:

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives-Be pleased to accept of my unfeigned thanks for this mark of your distinction. It is with diffidence that I enter upon the discharge of the duties which your partiality has imposed upon me, and still greater would be my embarrassments did I not entertain the hope that the same co-operation on your part, which has been heretofore extended to the occupants of this chair, would still be continued.

Believing that that co-operation will not be withdrawn from the present incumbent in performing his duties, I accept of the place to which you have elevated me.

On motion of Mr. Childs, it was Ordered, That seats be prepared !o receive the Governor and Council, preparatory to the delivery of the Governor's Message, and that the clerk inform the Council thereof.

The clerk having performed this duty, the members of the Council appeared and took their seats.

On motion of Mr. Whiton, it was Ordered, That a committee of two on the part of each House be appointed to wait upon the Governoi, and inform him that the two Houses had assembled in the Hall of the House of Repre. sentatives, and were ready to receive his message.

Messrs. Martin and Learned of the Council, and Messrs. Whi. ton and Cruson of the House, were appointed said committee.

The Governor appeared and delivered his message in person, as follows: Fellow citizens of the Council

and House of Representatives : You are assembled in pursuance of a special legislative act, of the 11th day of January last, for the purpose of making the appor. tionment of représentation for the House of Representatives in the several counties in this Territory. In conformity to the above entitled act, I entered into a contract, on the part of the Territory, on the 17th of February last, with the United States Marshal, for a full and complete transcript of the enumeration of all persons residing in the Territory, agreeably to the forms of returns pre. scribed in an act of the Congress of the United States, entitled “An act to provide for taking the sixth census or enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States.” The Marshal ha led with me the transcript of the enumeration as made by him, which is herewith submitted to the Legislative Assembly for their action. It is a subject of vital interest to the people of the Territory that the representation in the several counties should be made as equal as practicable. The eleciive franchise is the foundation of our inestimable privileges as freemen; and so long as the people are

intelligent and enlightened, and they determine the comparative merits of individuals by their suffrages at the polls, will our repub. lican institutions remain unimpaired.

As you are assembled for a special purpose, and your session will be of short duration, I do not deem it necessary to call your attention to but few subjects not connected with the object for which you are assembled. Should, however, the good of the people require acts of legislation, you will have my co-operation in support of such measures as have for their object the good of our constituents.

I would respectfully invite the attention of the Legislative As. sembly to the failure on the part of the contractor, in printing the laws of the late session. Much inconvenience and expense, as well as delay, has heretofore resulted to the people of this Ter. ritory, from a failure in printing and promulgating the laws at an early period after the close of each session of the Legislative Assembly. Laws have been enacted that have not been distri. buted for several months after their


It is useless to enact laws, unless they are printed and distributed to the people. There is no branch of the government so important to the rights of the community as the judiciary. The lives, liberties, reputation and property of the people depend on the due administration of justice. Hence the great necessity of their having the laws by which they are governed.

I would respectfully recommend to the Legislative Assembly the propriety of appointing a committee to investigate the state and condition of the Bank of Mineral Point, and to make their report during the present session. The people of the Territory are deeply interested in having a sound curreney; and they have a right to expect that the utmost vigilance will be observed on the part of their representatives to effect that state of things.

It is submitted to your consideration whether it would not be advisable to appoint commissioners by law, to examine the state and condition of the Bank of Mineral Point, at such times as they might deem the interests of the people might require it, and to make their report at ihe commencement of each session of the Legislative Assembly. If the bank acts in conformity to the pro. visions of her charter, she will be interested in letting that fact be made known to the public; and should she violate its provisions, the interest of community requires that legal steps should be taken to arrest a state of things so injurious to the best interests of the people.

The rernoval of the Winnebago Indians to their country west of the Mississippi river, under the orders of the Honorable Secre. tary of War, is calculated to relieve the frontier inhabitants from the frequent depredations on their stock and other property. I am advised by the Commanding General of the United States troops, charged with the removal of the Winnebago Indians, that, should any of them remain in the country east of the Mississippi, the dragoons will be detached to collect them, and form an escort for their removal from this Territory.

A peace has been recently concluded at Prairie du Chien, between the Sac, Fox and Winnebago Indians, which will have a good effect in restraining the former Indians from committing acts of hostility on the Winnebagoes, and will be the means of keeping them within their country west of the Mississippi.

The removal of the Winnebagoes will enable our enterprising citizens to extend their settlements to a desirable and interesting country north of the Wisconsin river.

By an act of the Congress of the United States, passed at their late session, the right of pre-emption has been extended to the people of Wisconsin, with the people of the States and Territories of this Union. This act of justice to the pioneers of the west is calculated to have the most salutary effects. The settlers on the public lands in this Territory form the best safeguard for the de. fence of our extended frontier from the encroachments of the Indians. The occupants of the public lands acquire an interest in the soil that renders them independent; and they are the means of exploring the great natural advantages of this Territory, thereby facilitating its settlement and promoting its prosperity.

In conclusion, fellow.citizens, I trust that harmony and good feeling will govern your deliberations, and that we may proceed with as much despatch as will be consistent with our duties in the completion of the public trust for which we are convened.

HENRY DODGE. MADISON, August 4, 1840. The Governor having retired,

On motion of Mr. Shew, The convention adjourned.

On motion of Mr. Childs, Ordered, That one thousand copies of the Governor's Message be printed for the use of this House.

Mr. Bracken offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the apportioning of the representation, be referred to a committee, consisting of one from each election district.

On motion of Mr. Billings, The House adjourned until to.morrow morning, at 10 o'clock.

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