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Ordered, That said bill do lie on the table until the first Monday of December next.

The aves and noes being called on the said motion, were as follows:

Ayes--Messrs. Bracken, Brunson, Childs, Coproe, Craig, Cru. son, Hoyt, Jenkins, McGregor, Shackelford, Sholes, Stevens, Sutherland, Whiton and Dewey, speaker--15.

Noes--Messrs. Beardsley, Longstreet, Newman, Ray, Shew, Story, Street and Wells--8.

On motion of Mr. Sholes, The House resolved itself into committee of the whole, on réso. lution No. 2, Mr. Childs in the chair, entitled “Resolution in addition to resolutions relating to the southern boundary, and the admission of Wisconsin into the Union as a State, approved Jan. 13, 1840."

After a short time the committee rose and reported the said resolution to the House without ameаdment.

On motion of Mr. Sholes, The said resolution was read the third time, passed, and the title thereof agreed to; the rule requiring bills and resolutions to be engrossed before their passage having been suspended for that purpose. Ordered, That the Council be requested to concur thereio.

Mr. Street moved that resolution No. 1, from the Council, relating to the adjournment of the Legislature, be taken up; Which was disagreed to.

On motion of Mr. Whiton,
The House took a recess for half an hour;
Which having elapsed,

On motion of Mr. Bracken,
The House adjourned until 2 o'еlack, P. M.

2 O'CLOCK, P. M.

Mr. Bracken moved a call of the House and that absent mem. bers be sent for ;

Which was agreed to.

A call of the House was then had, and the Sergeant-at-Arms sent after Messrs. Cruson, Hoyt, Newman, Sholes and Stevens.

Mr. Sholes, from the committee on enrolment, reported the following act to be correctly enrolled, viz:

An act to change the time of holding courts in the second judicial district.

Mr. Sholes moved that the House adjourn.
And the ayes and noes were called for, and were as follows:
Ayes-Messrs. Billings, Childs, Shew, Sholes and Stevens-5.

Noes-Messrs. Brunson, Conroe, Craig, Cruson, Hoyt, Long. street, McGregor, Newman, Ray, Shackelford, Story, Street, Sutherland, Wells and Dewey, speaker-15.

So the House refused to adjourn."

The Sergeant-at-Arms reported the attendance of absent mem. bers sen: for, when

Bill No. 5, (C. F.) entitled “ A bill to amend an act entitled • an act to provide for the support of common schools and for other purposes,'”

Was taken' up, read the third time, passed, and the title thereof agreed to.

Ordered, That the Council be acquainted therewith.
Mr. Wells offered the following resolution :

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to make in. quiry and report to this House, at 4 o'clock this afternoon, what prospect there is of obtaining funds to pay the expenses of the present session of the Legislature.

Mr. Whiton offered the following as a substitute for the reso. lution, which was agreed to, viz :

Resolved, That Samuel B. Knapp, the fiscal agent of the Ter. ritory, be requested to communicate to this House whether he has, since his report to this House, obtained any funds of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, and whether he will be able to furnish to the Legislature a sum of money sufficient to defray the

expenses of the present session. Resolved, further, That the said fiscal agent be requested to state the kind of funds which he will be able to disburse.

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk furnish to Mr. Knapp a copy of these resolutions.

On motion of Mr. Cruson,
The House took a recess until 4 o'clock, P. M.

4 O'CLOCK, P. M.

On motion of Mr. Shew, Ordered, That a call of this House be made, and that the Ser. geant•at. Arms be sent after those that are absent,

A call was then made, and the Sergeant-at. Arms sent after Messrs. Childs, Conroe, Jenkins, McGregor, Newman, Stevens, Wells and Whiton.

The Secretary of the Council being iotroduced, delivered the following message :

“Mr. Speaker- The Council have passed a bill and resolution, as follows ; in which I am directed to ask the concurrence of this House, viz :

« No. 9. A bill to amend an act entitled an act in relation to collectors, assessors and supervisors of roads; and

Resolution requiring committees on public expenditures in the two Houses to act jointly.

" And have concurred in bill No. 8, of this House, entitled A bill relating to the duties of register of deeds of the county of Dane,' with amendments thereto; and in the amendments of this House to bill No. 4, entitled • A bill to establish a territorial road from Madison to Frankfort, in Dodge county.' The concurrence of this House is requested in the several amendments made to bill No. 8, above mentioned.”

Mr. Story presented the account of the Wisconsin Enquirer, for printing.

Referred to the committee on claims.

Mr. Shackelford, from the committee on claims, reported that said committee had allowed sundry accounts, and moved that they be referred to the committee on expenses.

So referred.

The Sergeant-at-Arms returned and reported the attendance of all the members which were sent for, except Messrs. Conroe and Childs, and that they had been notified to attend.

Mr. Shew moved that the Sergeant-at-Arms be again sent to procure the attendance of Messrs. Childs and Conroe ;

Which was agreed to.

The was again sent after Messrs. Childs and Conroe, who shortly after appeared and took their seats.

Bill No. 8, returned from the Council, with amendments, was taken up, entitled " A bill relating to the duties of the register of deeds of the county of Dane.”

On motion of Mr. Wells, : The first amendment was concurred in, the second and third disagreed to, and Messrs. Wells and Whiton appointed a commit. tee of conference thereon.

Ordered, Tha: the Clerk acquaint the Council therewith, and request a conference theron.

Mr. Sholes, from the committee on enrolment, reported the fol.

lowing act to be correctly enrolled, entitled "An act to establish certain territorial roads."

The Speaker signed the said act, and also “ An act to change the time of holding courts in the second judicial district,” which were ordered to be presented to the President of the Council for his signature.

The Speaker laid before the House the following communication from Samuel B. Knapp, in answer to resolutions of the House, which was read. To the House of Representatives :

Gentlemen : I have had the honor to receive copies of resolu. tions of your body, passed at this date, requesting me to communicate to the House, whether I have, since my report, received funds from the Treasury Department. In reply to the first reso. lution, I beg leave to report, that since my last report, I have received no funds from the Treasury. I have made partial ar. rangements through the Bank of Mineral Point, to pay in specie, or its equivalent, the regular expenses of the present session.

The extraordinary measures now pending in the Legislature, in reference to that Bank, being calculated to awaken distrust, and rendering it incumbent on the Bank to concentrate her means, may embarrass my arrangements. I mey beg pardon for touching briefly the measures spoken of, as 'not entirely irrelevant to the subject.

It is proposed to appoint a special starding commissioner to supervise a single bank, isolated in position and insignificant in capital. It may be naturally inquired, whence the necessity of this extraordinary vigilance at a moment when the public in mat. ters of currency, are peculiarly liable to alarm?

The Bank of Mineral Point is one of the few institutions in the country that has ever maintained good faith with its creditors.

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