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Messrs. Cruson and Story were appointed the said committee on the part of the House.

Ordered, That the Council be informed thereof.
A message from the Council by their Secretary :

* Mr. Speaker-Messrs. Janes and Learned have been appointed the committee on the part of the Council, to act in conjunction with tho committee appointed by this House, to wait on his Excellency the Governor, and inform him that the two Houses are now ready to adjoura; and also to ask him if he has any further communiça. tions to lay before them.”

Mr. Cruson, from the se!ect committee appointed to wait on the Governor, &c. reported that they had performed that duty, and that the Governor had no farther communications lo lay betore the two Houses.

On motion of Mr. Street, Ordered, That a committee of two be appointed to wait on the Council and inform them that this House is now ready to adjourn.

Messrs, Street and Billings were appointed the said committee;

And shortly thereafter Mr. Street reported that the committee had performed the duties assigned them. A message

from the Council by their Secretary : " Mr. Speaker-I am directed to inform you that the Council have completed the business before them and are ready to adjourn."

Ou motion of Mr. Billings, The following resolution was unanimously adopted, Mr. Whiton having taken the chair :

Resolved, That the thanks of this House are hereby tendered to the Hon. Nelson Dewey, for the able and satisfactory manner in which he has discharged his duties as Speaker of this House during the present session,

The Speaker having taken the chair, addressed the House in the words following:


Gentlemen of the House of Representatives :

The flattering testimonial of your approbation, expressed in the resolution just adopted, of the manner in which the duties of the station I now occupy have been performed, has filled me with feel. ings that I am unable sufficiently to express.

That the duty of presiding officer of this House has been performed without fault, is more than I dare to expect. But being conscious that it has been my constant aim and most earnest de. sire to discharge the duties of the place I am now about to leave, both impartially and satisfactorily to you, I trust, and from the resolution you have just passed, believe, that if errors have been committed they have been readily and freely forgiven.

The object of our present session has been accomplished. The term of our election is about to expire, and we are to returu to our constituents, with whom it resls to approve or condemn our official conduct, as members of this House. The station which we now occupy is one of great responsibility. Upon the legislators of the country, in a great measure, depends the perpetuity of our inestimable privileges as freemen.

It is for them to preserve and correct the public morals, by the passage of good and wholesome laws for the government of the people. But keep the moral sentiment of community directed in right and proper channels and the sun of American liberty will never set.

Much important business, both of a local and general nature, has been up before us for consideration. A full and complete re. vision of the civil code of the Territory has been made during the term of our election. Much evil or good doubtless will be the result of our labors. Whether they will have a beneficial or de. trimental influence upon the country, remains yet to be seen. Our legislation will not only be felt at the present time, but long hence will its consequences more or less affect the hasppiness and prosperity of the country.

Gentlemen, we are now about to separate. The termination of this session effects the dissolution of this House, Most of the seats we now occupy will be Silled by others. We are now proba. bly assembled together for the last time; and soon will return to our homes. May not the anticipation reasonably be entertained that the same good feeling, which has been universally manifested by the members of this House towards each other, will be carried home with us; that the remembrance of the reciprocal courtesy and friendship which has marked the course of the members of this House, will be among the sweetest recollections of our past lives, and that every feeling of acrimony which may have been created will be forgotten.

The House then adjourned sine die.


When and where held, 3. Attendance of members, 3, 4, 6, 21. Address:

of Speaker on taking the chair, 9. On vacating chair, 90.
Of William T. Sterling, 28; of D. H. Richards, 32, 53, 65, 65; of D.

M. Whitney, 49; of H. Reed, 49, 65, 65; of J. Lyman, 55; of P.
B. Bird, 56; of S. Mills, 56; of R. Hotchkiss, 56; of Geo. Hyer,
56; of Wisconsin Democrat, 56; of James Morrison, 56; Wis-

consin Enquirer, 62.
No. 1. To amend an act of the Statutes of 1839, entitled “ An act con-

cerning the Supreme and District Courts." Reported, 19; first and
second reading, 19; in committee, 20; engrossed, 27; laid on the

tablc, 28.
No. 2. To divide the town of Lake and to organize the town of Oak

Creek. Reported, 20; first and second reading, 20; in committee
of the whole, 20; engrossed, 20, 21; third reading and passage,
22; returned with amendments, 48; concurred in, 54; signed 56;

approved, 73.
No. 3. Concerning taxes in Iowa county for the year 1840. Reported,

21; first and second reading, 21; in committee, 24; proceedings,

32; laid on the table until the 3d Monday of Dec. next.
No. 4. Relative to the Bank of Mineral Point. Reported, 22; first and

second reading, 22; in committee, 28; in committee, 51; engros.
sed, 51, 56; third reading, 56; passed, 57; negatived in Council,

No. 5. To attach the county of Portage to the county of Dane. Re.

ported, 22; first and second reading, 22; in committee, 28;
engrossed, 28, 29; re-committed, 31; vote re-considered, 36; in
committee, 36; engrossed, 36, 47; passed, 53; concurred in with
ámendments, 67; amendments concurred in, 71.

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