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goes forward with an enthusiasm in the truth as well as with an affectionate reverence for his subject. He is no partisan. He is free from sinister aims. His spirit is eminently candid. His words are sincere. He has the mind of an historian. The community will pay him a debt of gratitude for thus inaugurating the historic era of the Schools at Andover; and will insist that his honest pen continue what it has so worthily begun. He has had access which no other man has had, to sources of information invaluable for the historian of these Schools. He is daily conversant with such facts illustrating the intent and reach of the Phillipses and their compeers, as make their biography not so much a production of his mind, as a growth within it. The record of his impressions concerning them, will be an impartial memento of virtues, which posterity ought not to let die. ARTICLE VIII. THEOLOGICAL AND LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. Germany. The following are the most important of the recent Theological Publications in Germany: —

Havcrniek's Introduction to the Old Testament, Historical and Critical. First Part. 2d Abtheilung. Fifth Edition of De Wette's Commentary on the Psalms. Edited by Dr. Gustav. Baur, Prof, at Giessen. Commentary on Ecclesiastes. A Contribution to the Study of the Old Testament. By Dr. L. von Essen. Commentary on Malachi; with Introduction and Text. By L. Reinke. Meyer's Commentary on the New Testament. Sixth Part. Containing Second Epistle to the Corinthians. The Apostle John's Doctrine of the Logos, in its Nature and Origin, historically and critically discussed. By Dr. J. Bucher. A Saxon Harmony of the Gospels; from the Ninth Century. Translated by G. Rapp. The Question of the Gospels in its Present State. By Dr. C. II. Weisse. The Dogma of Election by Grace; with an Exposition of the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Chapters of Romans. By E. W. Krummachcr. Melanchthon's Loci Prseeipui Theologici. From the Edition of 1559. Herzfeld's History of the Israelites. 5th Lieferung. Third Edition of Hagenbach's Church History. 2d and 3d Lieferung. History of Councils, trom the Original Sources. By Dr. Hefele. History of the Religious Movements of Modern Times. By Dr. F. Kampe. Second Edition of Schwarz's History of the Most Recent Theology. History of Evangelical Missions; in Biographies. 2d vol. By R Vormbaum.

Thelogical Writings of the Ancient Egyptians. For the first time translated from the Turin Papyrus. With Explanations of Inscriptions. By Prof. G. Seyffarth. Corfaris Htereseologici Tomus Primus, Continens Scriptores Htereseologicos Minores Latinos. Ed. F. Oehler. A Complete Lexicon of the Saints of the Catholic Church. With Criticisms on Catholic Antiquities, Liturgies, and Symbolism. Edited by Drs. Staedler and Heim, Preachers in Augsburg. Sixth Part of De Wette's Collection of Sulten's Letters. Edited by J. K. Seideman.

Schleiermacher's Works. Second Part, Containing Sermons. Vol. X. Translation of Holland's Life and Works of Channing. Second Volume of the Translation of Theodore Parker's Works. Translation of Van de Velde's Travels in Syria and Palestine during the years 1851-52. In two Parts. Herzog's Real Encyclopedia of Protestant Theology, 46th—50th Heft

The Sabbath Bells. Sermons preached from Advent, 1855 to Pfingsten, 1856. By Dr. Krummacher, Court Preacher at Potsdam. Among the numerous recent publications in the department of Philosophy, we notice the following: — Anthropology: the Doctrine of the Human Soul. By Immanuel Herman Fichte. This is to be followed by another Part, entitled Psychology: the Doctrine of the Human Consciousness. Psychology, as an Introduction to the Individualist's Philosophy. By Dr. F. Rose.

Francis Bacon of Vcrulam. The Realistic Philosophy and its Age. By Dr. Kuno Fischer. This is the first of a Series of smaller treatises from the same author. Man, according to the Doctrines of the Universal Church and the Speculative System of Gunther. This is the second of a Series of Speculative Studies, by Dr. G. K. Meyer. Outline of Psychology, from the Standpoint of Philosophic Realism, according to the Genetic Method. By Dr. W. F. Volkman, Privat-docent in Prague. Arthur Schopenhauer — considered as the Transition from Idealistic to Realistic Views of the Universe. By Adolf Cornill. The Traditions of the Human Race; or the Original Revelation of God among the Heathen. By Dr. H. Liicken. The author endeavors to refute the commonly received opinion, that the Ancient Systems of Mythology were founded on Views of Nature. The Naturalistic theories advanced by Dr. Karl Vogt, in recent works on Physiology and Zoology, by Dr. Louis Buchner, in a Book entitled "Kraft und Staff," ana by others, have called out a large number of Controversial Publications. Among others: — Materialism: its Truth and Error. By J. Frauenstadt . Designed to rejute the work of Buchner. The Most Recent Deification of Matter: a Glance into the Life of Nature and Spirit. By A. Weber. A Critical Examination of Spiritualism and Materialism. By Dr. Neander. The War of the Frogs and the Mice, between the Pedants of Faith and Infidelity. By W. S. Bodmer. Contributions to the discussion respecting Religious Liberty continue to appear. Three of the discourses in Krummaeher's " Sabbath Bells," relate to this subject. They are also published in a separate form.

"Hengstonberg and the Church Zeitung," is a severe criticism by Adolf Miiller. Prof. H. and his party are characterized as "more zealous for the Church than for Christianity." Still another work is announced, from the pen of Chevalier Bunsen: "God in History." The first Vol. will appear in a few weeks. The three remaining Vols, of his work on "Egypt's Place in the World's History," are also promised in the course of the present year. In the department of Philology and Classical Antiquity, the following works are most worthy of notice: — Sanscrit Dictionary; published by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg. Prepared by Drs. O. Bohdingk and Rudolf Roth. Part First. The Dissimilarity of the Races; with especial reference to Language. By Prof. A. F. Pott. Dunker's History of Antiquity. Vol. III. Containing the History of the Greeks. Demosthenes and his Times. 2 vols. By Dr. A. Schafer. Another vol. is yet to appear. Alexander and Aristotle in their Mutual Relations. By Dr. Robert Geier. A New and much enlarged Edition of Bopp's Comparative Grammar is announced. England, The Proper Names of the Old Testament Scriptures expounded and illustrated. By Rev. A. Jones. 4to. A carefully written volume, pervaded by judgment and learning, which may be safely commended to all students of Scripture. Alford's Greek Testament, Vol. III. 8vo. This volume commences with the Epistle to the Galatians, and closes with that to Philemon. Sacrifice: or Pardon and Purity through the Cross. By Newman Hall, B. A. The orthodox doctrine of the atonement is here expounded very clearly, in a moderate and judicious tone. The writer, of course, has not put the subject in any new light, nor illustrated it better than some others. False Worship. By the Rev. Dr. Maitland. 12mo. This is a most curious and ingenious book. We agree with the author's interpretation of Gen. 6: 2, as the only correct one; but to the conclusions deduced from it, we should demur. Scripture and Science not at Variance; or the historical character and plenary inspiration of the earlier chapters of Genesis unaffected by the discoveries of science. By J. H. Pratt, M. A. 8vo. We have been greatly disappointed with this little book, which contains nothing that has not been better said before. And we disagree with his mode of reconciling Geology and Genesis. An Inquiry concerning the Principles in the Constitution of Human Nature which are the Causes of Moral Evil. By a layman. Small 8vo. A thoughtful essay, well worthy of the attentive perusal of the theologian and the philosopher. Agonistes; or Philosophical Strictures, suggested by opinions chiefly of contemporary writers. By Afred Lvall, B. A. A very readable book, fitted to stimulate thought and excite literary taste. 8vo. The Holy Places: a Narrative of Two Years' Residence in Jerusalem and Palestine. By Hanmer L. Dupuis. With Notes on the Dispersed Canaanite Tribes. By Joseph Dupuis. 2 vols. 8vo. Chronicles of Ancient Faith. Lectures on the eleventh chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews. By Rev. T. P. Boultbee, M. A. Foolscap 8vo. The Lord's Day. By W. F. Hook. Post 8vo. We commend this wellwritten essay to the attention of all readers who are anxious to get at correct notions of the Christian day of rest. A New Edition, in smaller size,of Conybeare and Howson's work on St. Paul's Epistles, has been published, with various minor improvements. Lake Ngami: or, Explorations and Discoveries during four years' wanderings in the wilds of South-western Africa. By C. I. Anderson, royal 8vo. This is an important book of travel and discovery in Africa. Life's Dream; the Great Theatre of the World. From the Spanish of Calderon; with an Essay on his Life and Genius. By R. C. Trench. Foolscap 8vo. The Rise of the Dutch Republic. A History; by John Lothrop Motley. 3 vols. 8vo. An admirable history. Syria and the Syrians. By G. M. Wortabet. 2 vols. There is very little valuable matter in these two volumes. The History and Antiquities of St . David's. By W. B. Jones, M. A. 4to. This is a very interesting antiquarian book. The Daisy Chain; or Aspirations. A Family Chronicle. By the author of the Heir of Redclyfie. Post 8vo. A novel which has been much read and greatly over-rated. The Alicrographic Dictionary. By J. W. Griffith, M. D. and Arthur Henfrey. This work is now completed. Some parts of it are most ably written, leaving nothing to be desired ; others are not so. These portions belong to the two writers. The State of France before the Revolution, 1789, and on the Causes of that Event. By M. De Tocqueville. Translated from the French by Henry Reeve, Esq. 8vo. This masterly work needs no commendation. The Stereoscope; its History, Theory, Construction, and Application to the Arts and to Education. By Sir D. Brewster, D. C. L. 12mo. The Art of Travel; or, Hints on the Shifts and Contrivances available in Wild Countries. By F. Galton. Post 8vo. A good manual for travellers of a certain character. Aristotle's Ethics, with English Notes. By Rev. W. E. Jelf, B. D. 8vo. An admirably edited book. Handbook of the Greek Drama. By E. Walford, M. A. Foolscap 8vo. This work is almost indispensable to the reader of the Greek tragedians. The Lost Solar System of the Ancients Discovered. By John Wilson. 8vo. 2 volumes. Marvels and Mysteries of Instinct; or Curiosities of Animal Life. By G. Garratt. Foolscap 8vo. The Seventh Volume of the Complete Edition of Lord Byron's Works is published, containing rhetorical and literary Dissertations and Addresses. S. D. The unexpected length of some Articles in this Number of the Bibliotheca Sacra compels us to omit various Notices of new books, and a large part of the Literary Intelligence.


A. Adams's Communion Sabbath, no-
ticed, 661. Aliens in Israel, article on, by Rev.
Josiah K. Bennet, 564: light in re-
spect to obscure questions, some-
times sought in the legislation of
Moses, 564; one of these questions
relates to the manner in which we
should treat the strangers that are
among us, 564; the general princi-
ples and the practical application
of the laws relating to strangers, in
the Jewish government, 565; a
liberal policy towards foreigners,
maintained in the Hebrew Com-
monwealth, 565; the disabilities
under which foreigners suf-
fered, 567 ; they were allowed to
dwell in the land, or leave it, at
pleasure, 567 ; to intermarry with
Hebrews, 568; the relation of mas-
ter and servant, 569; the acquisi-
tion and enjoyment of property,
570; deprivedof the benefit of the
septennial release of property, 571;
the condition of aliens, different
from that of native Hebrews, in re-
spect to religious privileges, 572;
importance of this inquiry into the
condition of aliens in Israel, 574. Atonement, article on, by Enoch Pond,
D. D., 130: meaning of the word
atonement, 130; distinguished from
the work of redemption, 130; ne-
cessity of an atonement, 131; this
necessity taught in the Scriptures,
132; implied in the typical atone-
ments of the Old Testament, 133;
faith, as a condition of salvation, a
proof of this necessity, 133; the necessity of an atonement recog-
nized in human governments, 134;
implied in the fact of an atonement,
135; the atonement necessary in
order to bring sinners to repent-
ance, 136; to sustain the law and
satisfy Divine justice, 137 ; in what
does the efficacy of Christ's atone-
ment consist V 138; not in his obe-
dience, 139 ; meaning of the phrase
"righteousness of Christ," 141; jus-
tification and full forgiveness, the
same, 142; the death of Christ, not
efficacious as being the payment of
our debt to Divine justice, 143;
his death, not the endurance of the
literal penalty of the law, 144; his
death, a substitute for the penalty
of the law, 147; the extent of the
atonement, 149; meant to be ap-
plied savingly only to the elect,14i);
the atonement universal, 149 ; re-
lation of the atonement to infants
and to adults, 152. B. Bashan, Iturcea, Kenath, article on,
by Rev. J. L. Porter, 789; Ba-
shan, 789; Gaulonitis, 792; Tra-
chonitis, 795 ; Auranitis, 797; Bata-
naea,798; Itiiraea,802; Kenath,806.

Barrows, Prof. E. P., article on the
Mosaic Narrative of the Creation,

Baumgarten's History of the Apos-
tolic Church, noticed, 215. Bennet, Rev. J. K., article by, on Ali-
ens in Israel, 564. Bible in Schools, the, article on, by
Rev. J. H. Seelye, 725 : the sub-
ject of the Bible in schools, one of

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