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, 1915

7, 1915

K. Hirayama and S. Ogura, 218; Forest Trees and
Timber Supply, N. Shaw, 555; Medical Schools and
Hospitals, Inspection of, 678; Tours, Two, 90
Chir Pine, Twisted Fibres of the, F. Channing, 435
Chlorophyll, Action of Light upon, H. Wager, 26; Func-
tions of, Dr. A. J. Ewart, 25; the Rôle of, P. Maze,
Cholera Bacillus, Vaccination against, H. Vincent, 140
Chromosomes and Sex Determination in Abraxas grossu-

lariata, the Relation between, Dr. L. Doncaster, 395
Chromospheric Spectrum without an Eclipse, W. S. Adams
and C. G. Burwell, 185

Cicer arietinum, Acid Secreted by, D. L. Sahasrabuddhe,

Ciliation of Asterids, Dr. J. F. Gemmill, 55

Cinchona, the Laboratory and Garden at, Prof. D. S.
Johnson, 516

Cincinnati University Medical College, Gifts to, 636
Citizen Soldiery, Major-Genl. L. Wood, 527

City and Guilds of London Institute, Programme for 1915-16
of the Department of Technology, 636; Report for
1914, 551; Sir P. Magnus and, 109

Civil Service Estimates, 237, 248

Clackmannan and Kinross, the Counties of, J. P. Day, 145
Clare Island, a Biological Survey of, Sections i., ii., iii.,

Clark Reservation, the, Dr. J. M. Clarke, 155

Cloud-forms at Helwan, the Frequency of, N. A. Comisso-
pulos, 352

Coal Distillation, the Products of, W. J. A. Butterfield,

Coat-colour in Animals, H. Onslow, 223

Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys, H. T. Kalmus and C. Harper,


Coccidæ of South Africa, the, C. K. Brain, 554

Co-operation of Scientific Workers, Mr. Lloyd George on
the, 514

Copepods, Parasitic, in Australia, J. Searle, 270
Copper Spraying Fluids, M. Fonzes-Diacon, 251
Coral Reefs, Shaler Memorial Study of, Prof. W. M. Davis,

Cordaitean Wood from the Indiana Black Shale, G. R.
Wieland and M. G. Elkins, 354

Corona, Spectrum of the Inner, Dr. R. Furuhjelm, 353
Correlation-ratio, the Partial, Prof. Karl Pearson, 500


Anhydrous Solids, The Preparation of, W. R. G. Atkins,


Animal Figures, More Early, Dr. C. R. Eastman, 589
Amplitudes in a Fourier Series obtained from a given set
of Observations, The Probable Error of the, W. H.
Dines, 644

Antiseptic Action, Differential, of Organic Dyes, Dr. C. H.
Browning, 90
Aurora, The Great, of June 16, 1915, Prof. E. E. Barnard,
536, 703

Bird Migration, E. Wildin. 508

Butter, Modern Substitutes for, S. H. B., 372; The Writer
of the Article, 373

Butterfly, A Mistaken, Prof. E. E. Barnard, 174; Dr.
H. O. Forbes, 204; Prof. G. H. Bryan, 231; E. A.
Martin, 318

Cancer Problem, The and Radio-activity, Dr. H. C. Ross,
617; Prof. J. Joly, 618

Cavities due to Pyrites in Magnesium Limestone, G.
Abbott, 395

Cement for Polarimeter Tubes, Dr. T. S. Patterson, 590

Coccidia and Gregarines, the Chromosome Cycle in, Chemicals, The Prices of, J. J., 36
C. Dobell and A. P. Jameson, 446

Coco-nuts, Germination of, 183

Coke, Ash of, Effect of Methods of Crushing on, F. A.
Eastaugh, 363

College, the, and the Factory, Dr. M. O. Forster, 573
Colloid Chemistry, 504

Colloidal Gold, the Mode of Action of, H. Busquet, 502
Colombo Museum, Memoirs of the, Series A., No. 1,

Bronzes from Ceylon, Dr. A. K. Coomarsawamy, 144
Colour Photography, a New Method of, 43; Sensation, Dr.
J. Aitken, 673; Vision, an Introduction to the Study of,
Dr. J. H. Parsons, 169

Coloured Glass of the Middle Ages, the, G. Chesneau, 335
Colours, Manufacture of, 41

Columbia: Great Plateau of the, Exploration of the,
Brigadier-Genl. T. E. Wilcox, 545; University, Gifts
to, 278

Combination Tones, Theories regarding the Origin of,
Prof. W. B. Morton and Miss M. Darragh, 334
Comet Notes, 99, 217

Comets, the Origin of, Prof. E. Strömgren and J. Braae,

Commutative Law for Homogeneous Strains, F. L. Hitch-
cock, 529

Competitions in Connection with the Utilisation and
Denaturing of Spirit or Alcohol for Industrial Pur-
poses, 689

Complex Variable, Functions of a, Prof. J. Pierpont, 254
Conchological Society, Address to Mr. J. W. Taylor, 213
Condensation Nuclei Produced in Gases by Ultra-violet
Light, Miss M. Saltmarsh, 335

Condensers, the Charge of, L. Bouthillon, 501
Congress, Report of the Librarian of, 445
Connecticut: Agricultural College, Dr. E. W. Sinnott ap-

pointed Professor of Botany and Genetics at the, 693;
State Geological and Natural History, Report, 98
Constantes Physiques, Recueil de, Profs. H. Abraham and
P. Sacerdote, 281

Constellations, the, G. Bigourdan, 218

Consultative Council in Chemistry, a, 523, 623
Control of the Forces of Nature, A. L. Lowell, 527
Coolidge Tube, Use of the, M. M. Belot and M. Ménard,

Cooling in the Deep Parts of the Earth's Crust, the
Extreme Slowness of, J. Boussinesq, 501

Chemistry and Industry, J. E. Pollak, 34
Chromosomes and Sex Determination in "Abraxas Gros-
sulariata," The Relation Between, Dr. L. Doncaster, 395
Colour Sensation, Dr. J. Aitken, 673

Cotton, The Use of, for the Production of Explosives,
W. Lawrence Balls, 535; The Writer of the Article, 535
Earth, The Age of the, Dr. F. A. Lindemann, 203, 372;
C. E. Stromeyer, 259

Electrons in Atoms, The Distribution of the, A. H. Comp-
ton, 343; Prof. W. H. Bragg, 344
Eryonicus-Polycheles, O. Sund, 372
Extinguishing Fires, C. Carus-Wilson, 452
Femora, Measurements of Medieval English, Dr. F. G.
Parsons, 35; Prof. Karl Pearson, 66

Fishes, A Bibliography of, Prof. Bashford Dean, 318
Food Supply, Science and, A. Graham Bell, 618
Foreign Philosophers, H. Richardson, 703
French Magnanimity, G. D. Knox, 703

Galileo and the Principle of Similitude, Prof. D'Arcy W.
Thompson, 426

Gas Ions, The Nature of, Prof. E. M. Wellisch, 230
Green Flash, The, Prof. A. Schuster, 8; C. T. Whitmell,
35; Prof. W. G. Duffield, 66; J. Evershed, 286
"Green Fluorescence," The, of X-Ray Tubes, Prof. H.
Jackson, 479

"Green Ray, The, at Sunset, T. B. Blaithwayt, 204
Hailstones, Structure of, S. L. Elborne, 591

Halphen's "Fonctions Elliptiques," A Misprint in, Dr. G. B.
Mathews, 90

Harmonic Analysis, Dr. A. Russell, 204

Hormones and Heredity, J. T. Cunningham; J. A. T., 8
Ions in the Air, The Larger, Prof. J. A. Pollock, 286
Isotopes, The Physical Properties of, Dr. F. A. Lindemann,
7; A. C. Egerton, 90

Magnetic Storm of June 17, The, and Aurora, Dr. C.
Chree, 561

Magnetic Storm, The, and Solar Disturbance of June 17,
1915, Rev. A. L. Cortie, 450, 537, 618; Dr. C. Chree,
480; A. A. Buss, 589

Magnetite and the Spinels, The Structure of, Prof. W. H.
Bragg, 561

Man's True Thermal Environment, Dr. J. R. Milne, 260,
508; G. W. Grabham, 451

Mathematical Paradox, A, A. S. E., 345 [see also 403]
Mellish's Comet, Photograph of, H. E. Wood, 507

Mercury Ripples showing Interference, S. G. Starling, 508
Migrations in the Sea, Prof. A. Meek, 231

Miller, Hugh, A Canadian Memorial to, Sir A. Geikie, 479
Mobilisation of Science, The, Sir T. K. Rose, 450

Molecules in Interstellar Space, The Density of, Dr. L. V.
King, 701

Moustier Implements and Human Bones in Suffolk, J. Reid
Moir, 674

Musical Sand in China, J. Offord, 65

Musical Sands, Early References to, C. Carus-Wilson, 90
Napoleon and the University of Pavia, Prof. D. Fraser
Harris, 538

National Organisation of Scientific Effort, The, F. R. S.,

Nitroglycerin, Non-Poisonous Character of, Dr. W. H.
Martindale, 591; The Reviewer, 591.

Edema in Frogs, Functional, M. Back, K. M. Cogan,
A. E. Towers, 25

Okapi, Supposed Horn-Sheaths of an, Sir E. Ray Lankester,
64; Dr. C. Christy, 342

Okapi, The, Dr. C. Christv, 506

Opossum, Early Figures of the, Dr. C. R. Eastman, 89
Osmotics, Earl of Berkeley, 317

Osmotics, A Neglected Correction in, Earl of Berkeley, 34
Paleolithic Man in South Africa, F. W. Fitzsimons, 615;
Prof. A. Keith, 616

Periodic Motion, Similitude in, Prof. H. Chatley, 288
Periscope Mirrors, Use of Celluloid in, E. M. Langley, 703
Physical Units, The Names of, Dr. C. E. Guillaume, 427;
Dr. J. A. Harker, 427; A. Campbell, 451; Dr. Norman
R. Campbell, 480

"Pinacoid in Crystallography, The Use of the Term, Prof.
G. A. J. Cole, 318

Radicles and Elements, The Analogy between, Prof. E. H.
Buchner, 701

Radius Curvature of Spherical Surfaces, A Simple Direct
Method for the, Prof. W. C. Baker, 288

Remora, Early Figures of the, Dr. C. R. Eastman, 344
Resonance of Sodium Vapour in a Magnetic Field, Prof.
the Hon. R. J. Strutt, 33

Respirators, Testing, W. P. Dreaper, 507

Sealing of Electrical Conductors through Glass, On the,
F. F. S. Bryson, 370

Scientific Research, Training for, Dr. T. S. Patterson,

425. 452

Similitude, The Principle of, Prof. D'Arcy W. Thompson,
202; Lord Rayleigh, 202, 644: Galileo and, Prof. D'Arcy
W. Thompson, 426; Dr. D. Riabouchinsky, 591; J. L.,

Spectra of Gases, The Continuous, E. P. Lewis, 394
Spectra of Hydrogen and Helium, The, Dr. N. Bohr, 6;
Prof. J. W. Nicholson, 33; T. R. Merton, 65
Spectrum, A Continuous, in the Ultra-Violet, Prof. J.
Barnes, 451

Spectrum, A Further Extension of the, Prof. T. Lyman, 343
Sunset Colours, Experiment on, F. W. Jordan, 590
Surface Tension and Ferment Action, Dr. E. F. Armstrong
and Prof. H. E. Armstrong, 425; Dr. W. Cramer, 561;
Dr. H. T. Brown, 616

Thermionic Current, The, Prof. A. S. Eve, 174-
Tsetse-Fly, A New, from Zululand, E. C. Chubb, 538
Tyrosine, Use of, in Promoting Organic Growth, Dr. H.
Charlton Bastian, 537

Ultra-Violet Excitation of the D Line of Sodium, Prof. the
Hon. R. J. Strutt, 285, 370

University Appointments in War Time, Prof. P. F. Frank-
land, 428

Upper Assam, "The History of, Upper Burmah, and North-
Eastern Frontier," Lt.-Col. H. H. Godwin-Austen, 673
Variation, Origin of a Mathematical Symbol for, Prof. F.
Cajori, 562

Volunteers for Scientific Work, E. Heron-Allen, 428
Wasp, A Mistaken, W. A. Gunn, 345

X-Ray Fluorescence and the Quantum Theory, Prof. C. G.
Barkla, 7

Zoological Nomenclature, The Rules of, Dr. F. A. Bather,

Corrosion, Causes of, A. Philip, 158

Corundum its Occurrence, Distribution, Exploitation, and

Uses, A. E. Barlow, 688; the Natural History of, 688

Cotton as a High Explosive, B. Blount, 591; Crops, the
World's, Prof. J. A. Todd, 697; for German Ammuni-
tion, Sir W. Ramsay, 432; Germany and Austria and,
152; Production, Books on, 697; Raw, the Develop-
ment and Properties of, W. L. Balls, 697; the Use
of, for the Production of Explosives, 481; W. Lawrence
Balls, the Writer of the Article, 535

Cow, an Abnormal, Dr. R. Pearl and F. M. Surface, 626
"Cracking" of Oils and its Commercial Use, 231
Cranes, Floating, at Panama, 16

Craniology of the People of Scotland, Sir W. Turner, 665
Creodont Carnivora, Dr. Matthew, 276

Croonian Lectures, Sir D. Bruce to Deliver, 327
Crossing two Hemipterous Species, Misses K. Foot and
E. C. Strobell, 47!

Crystallised Calcium Theobrominate, L. Rousseau, 140
Crystallography, an Amateur's Introduction to (from
Morphological Observations), Sir W. P. Beale,
614; Classification of Systems of, Dr. C. Viola, 571;
Mathematical, 614

Crystals, Accumulation of, N. L. Bowen, 216

Culex hortensis, Occurrence of, at Logie, Elgin, F. W.
Edwards, 403

Culture and Metaphysics, A. E. Crawley, 339
"Culture": Oil of Vitriol as an Agent of, 69; Origin of,
E. Best, 14

Cyanogen Compounds, the Chemistry of, and their Manu-
facture and Estimation, H. E. Williams, 116
Cycadeoidea, New Types of Stem-anatomy in, Dr. Marie C.
Stopes, 111

Cyprus, Vegetation of, Studies on the, J. Holmboe, 254
Dairy Farms, Inspection of, 490

Dakshindar, a Godling of the Sunderbuns, B. C. Batabyal,

Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., Gift to, 528
Dalton Diagrams, the, Dr. A. Harden, Prof. W. W. H.
Gee, Dr. H. F. Coward, 335

Danish Oceanographical Expeditions, 1908-10, No. 3, 598
Dark Marking on the Sky, a Singular, Prof. E. E.
Barnard, 637

Darling Downs Skull, Prof. G. Elliot Smith, 26
Dartmouth College, Bequest to, by W. N. Hunt, 414
Darwin, Emma: a Century of Family Letters, 1792-1896,

Edited by Henrietta Litchfield, 503; and her Circle, 503
Darwin's Theory of Coral Reefs, Prof. W. M. Davis, 442
Dasahra Festival, W. Crooke, 238

Daylight Fireball, the, of July 5, W. F. Denning, 550
Deafness resulting from War Wounds, M. Marage, 694
Death, Cause of, Produced by the Bursting of High-
Explosive Shells, R. Arnoux, 515


Adams (Dr. W. Grylls), 180, 211
Allen (Second-Lieut. P. H. C.), 379
Amagat (Emile-Hilaire), 41
Arnaud (Prof. A.), 597
Atkinson (Capt. W. E. G.), 708
Bage (Capt. E), 679
Bailey (F. Manson), 709
Balleine (Capt. C. F.), 543
Barnaby (Sir N.), 433
Beringer (J. J.), 122, 152
Bessey (Prof. C. E.), 43
Bion (II. S.), 543, 567
Bullen (Frank T.), 12
Carnt (E. C.), 679
Chaillou (Dr.), 488
Chambers (G. F.), 380
Church (Sir A. H.), 377, 399
Clouston (Sir T.), 212

Coffin (Rev. Dr. S. J.), 122
Colson (C.), 488

Cooper (Prof. F. C.), 401

Crofton (Dr. M. W.), 327, 377
Darwin (Erasmus), 269
Dickins (F. V.), 679, 708
Dobie (Dr. W. M.), 71
Donaldson (Sir James), 41
Downie (Major A. M.), 650

. 1915

7, 1915

Ehrlich (Prof. Paul), 707
Eykman (Prof. J. F.), 543
Fischer (Prof. B.), 650-
Fleming (Sir Sandford), 596
Flood-Page (Major S.), 181
Fraas (Prof. E.), 124
Geikie (Prof. James), 12, 40
Gowers (Sir W. R.), 269, 296
Guéguen (Prof. F. P. J.), 597
Gustafson (Prof. G.), 213
Hammond (R.), 679
Hardy (Prof. J. J.). 348
Harnack (Prof. Erich), 297
Harrison (Lt.-Col. W. S.), 213
Herbertson (Prof. A. J.), 623
Holdsworth (E. W. H.), 95

Hubrecht (Prof. A. A. W.), 95. 121
Huggins (Lady), 123
Hurtzig (À. C.), 514

Isherwood (Rear-Admiral B. F.), 650
Jenkinson (Capt. J. W.), 433, 456
Jones (Dr. H. Lewis), 152
Kearney (J.), 123

Kellas (Capt. A.), 709

Kerr (R.), 349

Kiepert (Dr. R.), 650
Kitchener (F. E.), 514
Kynaston (H.), 543, 568
Lea (Dr. A. S.), 120
Lee (Lieut.), 567

Léjé (J. B. A.), 212

Lock (Dr. R. H.), 488, 515
Loeffler (Prof. F), 180
Louis (Prof. D. A.), 379
Lydekker (R.), 212, 234
Macmillan (Capt. S. A.), 379
Marsh (Prof. Howard), 488
Martin (C. H.), 298
Martin (Pierre), 348, 434
Maspero (Jean), 42

Mathison (Dr. G. C. M.), 489
Mills (Prof. Wesley), 13
Morse (E. W.), 328

Müller (Dr Hugo), 348, 376
Murray (Sir James), 597
Neville (F. H.), 400, 432
Osterberg (Madame), 650
Oumoff (Prof. N.), 71
Owen (Dr. Edmund), 623
Owens (Capt. E. W.), 709
Pearson (Dr. F. S.), 328
Prowazek (Dr. S. von), 213
Raper (R. W.), 567
Rawson (Dr. S. G.), 123
Reed (W. H.), 348
Rigaux (Edmond), 180
Robinson (Prof. H.), 123
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Shattuck (Prof. F. A.), 42
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Smart (Prof. W.), 95.
Spagnoletti (C. E. P.), 514

Spottiswoode (W. Hugh), 709

Spurrell (F. C. J.), 42
Steen (Dr. Askel S.), 379
Stewart (Dr. Alex.), 597

Tanner (Prof. H. W. L.), 42, 70
Tennant (Lieut.-Genl. J. F.), 42
Travers (J. A.), 401

Turner (Sir George), 71

Venturi (Prof. A.), 183

Waldstein (Dr. Louis), 180

West (T. D.), 568

Willett (W.), 42

Wilson (Prof. J. Cook), 677

Witt (Prof. Otto N.), 151, 170
Woosnam (Lieut. R. B.), 489
Wright (Lieut. T.), 328
Zeeman (Prof. P.), 327, 433

Decapoda Reptantia of the Coasts of Ireland, C. M. Selbie,


Decimal Association, Report for 1914, 402

Delavan's Comet, B. Jekhowsky, 27

Design and Industries Association, the, H. H. Peach, 549
Despretz-Trouton Constant, Calculation of, D. Berthelot,

Detrital Andalusite in Cretaceous and Eocene Sands, G. M.
Davies, 501

Detroit Observatory, 683

Development of Man, the, 613

Dew Ponds, E. A. Martin, 32

Dextrose, Retention in the Circulation of, in Normal and
Depancreatised Animals, I. S. Kleiner and S. J.
Meltzer, 553

Diathermic Power of Liquids, J. Vallot, 694

Dickson Centrifuge Process of Sewage Treatment, Dr.
E. H. Tripp, 518

Dicoryne, Free-swimming Sporosacs of, Drs. J. H. Ash-
worth and J. Ritchie, 552

Dielectrics, Relative Losses in, G. L. Addenbrooke, 110
Differential Equations of the Analytic Type, Solutions of
an Infinite System of, F. R. Moulton, 553
Diffraction: Grating, the Ruling and Performance of a
10-in., A. A. Michelson, 637; Phenomena and Motion
of Earth, A. Leduc, 83

Diflavone Group, Studies in the, H. Ryan and Miss P.
O'Neill, 473


Dillenia and Saurawia, New Species of, E. D. Merrill, 351
Dinosaur Bones from Bushmanland, Description of the,
S. H. Haughton, 554; Bones in Bushmanland, A. W.
Rogers, 554

Dioxytriazines, the, J. Bougault, 335

Diphtheria, Isolation and, Miss Elderton and Prof. K.
Pearson, 658

Discharging Appliances, Influence of, J. Reid, 130

Discoveries and Inventions of the Twentieth Century, E.

Cressy, 294

Disease Resistance in Plants, Dr. O. Appel, 599

Displacements, Rapid, Registered by Photography, J. C.
Solá, 167

Dominica, Official Guide to the Botanic Gardens of,
J. Jones, 600

Double-crested Cormorant, the, and the Salmon Industries
on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, P. A. Taverner, 599
Dragon Tree of Tenerife, the, Dr. O. Stapf, 472
Drama of the Year, the, Mary Ritchie, 207

Draper Medal awarded to Prof. J. Stebbins, 297;
Memorial, the Henry, Miss A. Cannon, 493
Drawings from the Continent, 184

Drinking Water, Purification of, H. Vincent and M.
Gaillard, 224

Drosophila confusa, a Fly of the Species of, R. R. Hyde,

Drugs and Fine Chemicals, British Supply of, Prof. H. B.
Baker, 174

Dublin Society, a History of the Royal, H. F. Berry, 454
Dundee University College, Foundation of a Bursary in
Memory of R. Hepburn, 721

Durham College of Medicine, University of, Dr. J. A.
Menzies appointed Professor of Physiology in, 664
Dust and Smoke Record, a, W. Thomson, 571
Dyers, Company of, Gold Medal of, awarded to Prof. A. G.
Green and W. Johnson, 649

Dye Scheme, Government, Prof. H. E. Armstrong and
others, 119

Dyestuffs, Organic, the Manufacture of, Prof. A. Wahl,
Translated by F. W. Atack, 532

Dynamometers, Rev. F. J. Jervis-Smith, 557

Ear Defender, Mallock's, 131; Protection against Artillery
Sounds, 131, 156

Earth the Figure of the, Prof. W. de Sitter, 684; the Age
of the, Dr. F. A. Lindermann, 203, 372; the Age of
the, C. E. Stromeyer, 259; Interior of the, Dr. F.
Shlesinger, Dr. T. C. Chamberlin, Dr. H. F. Reid,
J. F. Hayford, 442; the, its Life and Death, Prof. A.
Berget, Translated by E. W. Barlow, 478

Earthquake of February 18, 1911, the, Prince Galitzin,

502, 626; Record of a Large, 404; Registration of a
Large, 269
Earthquake-shock, Direction of an, Prof. J. C. Branner, 439
Earthquakes at Leucade and Ithaca, Geological Pheno-

mena Observed during the, D. Eginitis, 581; Felt in
the Philippine Islands in 1914, Catalogue of, 626
Easter Day, the Determination of, Dr. A. M. W. Downing,

Easter Island Expedition, News of the, 708

Echidna aculeata, Temperature of, H. S. H. Wardlaw, 722
Echinoderms, Life-history of, Dr. J. F. Gemmill, 569
Eclipse Expeditions, British, of 1914, 46

Eclipsing Binaries, Orbits of, Dr. H. Shapley, 462;
Variables, Results from the Observation of, Prof.
R. S. Dugan, 444

Echo of the Ball and Shell, the, M. Agnus, 473
Economic Cycles, Prof. H. L. Moore, 88; Geography, 476;
Geology of Navánagar State in the Province of
Káthiáwár, India, E. H. Adye, 407; Zoology and
Entomology, Elementary Text-book of, Prof. V. L.
Kellogg and Prof. R. W. Doane, 476

Edinburgh University, Conferment of Honorary Degrees,
551; Members with the Colours, 499

Education and Research, Engineering, Dr. W. C. Unwin,
244; Museums and, 382

Education?, What do we mean by, Prof. J. Welton, 5
Educative Geography, J. L. Haddon, 449

Eels, Fresh-water, Classification of, Dr. J. Schmidt, 214
Efficiency, a Text-book of, 313; Fundamental Sources of,
Dr. F. Durell 313

Electrical Conductivity of Metals, F. Hyndman, 240;
Engineering, Prof. D. Robertson, 229; Engineering
Text-books, 586; Engineering, Dr. T. C. Baillie,
vol. i., 586; Engineering and the War, 74; Engineer-
ing in India, J. W. Meares, 229; Instruments in
Theory and Practice, W. H. F. Murdoch and U. A.
Oschwald, 586; Measuring Instruments, Commercial,
627; Properties of Powders, J. A. McClelland and J. J.
Dowling, 55; Theory, Modern, 420

Electric Dry Pile, the, C. E. Benham, 588; Furnace Spec-
tra of Vanadium and Chromium, Dr. A. S. King, 242;
Pressures, L. Bouchet, 279

Electricity a School, C. J. L. Wagstaff, 257; and Mag-
netism, Elementary, W. S. Franklin and B. Macnutt,
559; Advanced Theory of, W. S. Franklin and B.
Macnutt, 559; and Magnetism, Experimental Studies
in, F. E. Nipher, 63; Conduction of, through Metals,
Sir J. J. Thomson, 551; for the Farm, F. I. Anderson,
670; in Gases, Prof. J. S. Townsend, 611
Electrification of Surfaces, Dr. P. E. Shaw, 11O
Electrolysis in Concrete Structures, H. A. Gardner, 156
Electro-cardiogram, the, Prof. Jolly, 599

Electromagnetic Inertia and Atomic Weight, Prof. J. W.
Nicholson 110

Electrometer, a Vibration, H. L. Curtis, 183; a Highly
Sensitive, A. L. Parson, 637

Electron Currents from Hot Metals, Properties of, Prof.
O. W. Richardson, 416; Emission, Effects of Different
Gases on, F. Horton, 249; Theory of Matter, the, Prof.
O. W. Richardson, 420

Electronic and Atomic Constants, Dr. H. S. Allen, 415;
Theories, the, of the Properties of Metals, Prof. C. H.
Lees, 675

Electrons and Heat, Prof. O. W. Richardson, 467; in
Atoms, the Distribution of the, A. H. Compton, 343;
Prof. W. H. Bragg, 344: in the Sun's Atmosphere,
Prof. H. Nagaoka, 46

Electro-Plating, the Elements of, J. T. Sprague, 63
Elementary Science, Suggestions for the Teaching of, 415
Elements, the Compressibilities of the, T. W. Richards, 638
Elephants in South Africa, Preservation of, 350
Ellipsoidal Figures, M. Globa-Mikhailenko, 27
Embryology, Text-book of, Edited by W. Heape, vol. i.,
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October 7, 1915.

[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

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