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Ramsay, 237; South-West Africa, Economic Resources
of, 651; South-West Africa, Geological Structure of
Portions of, W. Versfeld, 461; Universities and the
War, 109; Universities, Courses in Mathematics at,
654; Universities, etc., Effects of the War upon, 693;
Universities, Foreign Students in, 305

Germany and Science, Prof. O. N. Witt, 120; and the
Munitions of War, 365; Future Competition with,
Sir W. Ramsay, 705; Methods of, in Rumania,
M. Lindet, 120; the Chemical Industries of, Prof. P.
Frankland, 47

Germany's Methods of Submarine War, Marquis of Bristol,

Germ-cells, Localisation of the Hereditary Material in the,
T. H. Morgan, 638

Gibbs, Willard, Medal, award of, 151

Glacial: Anticyclone, the Rôle of the, in the Air Circulation
of the Globe, Prof. W. H. Hobbs, 444; Phenomena,
S. Meunier, 216

Glaciers, Periodic Variations of, Report for 1913, 271
Glasgow University, appointment of Members of the
Governing Body of the Imperial College of Science and
Technology, 387; Conferment of Degrees by, 471;
Establishment of Degree of Bachelor of Science in
Applied Chemistry, 333; Students and Work on Muni-
tions of War, 333; Gifford Lecturer for 1916-18, Prof.
S. Alexander appointed, 499; and Munitions of War,
248; Instruction in Engineering at, 248
Glass Apparatus, Supplies of Laboratory and Optical, 103;
for X-Ray Tubes, 458; Manufacture, Formulas for,
192; Notes on, 78

Gloucestershire, Natural History of, 73

Glow-worm, Methods of Feeding, Miss K. Haddon, 55
Glucosidification of Glycerol, Researches on the, E. Bour-
quelot, M. Bridel, and A. Aubry, 502
Glycerol and Anhydrous Oxalic Acid, Dr. Chattaway, 273
Glycerophosphoric Acid, Constitution of, O. Bailly, 167
a-Glycerophosphoric Acid, Synthesis of, O. Bailly, 364
Gneiss, a Composite, near Barna, Prof. G. A. J. Cole, 306
Gold, Concentration of, in the Converter, H. F. Collins,

Golden Bough, the, vol. xii., Bibliography and General
Index, Sir J. G. Frazer, 284

Goldsmith's College, Closing of the Science Department,

Goniometer, the Evolution of the, 564, 597

Gorilla in the Collection of the Royal Zoological Society of
Dublin, 329

Government, the, and Chemical Research, 295

Graham Research Laboratory, Dr. A. E. Boycott, appointed
Director, 361

Grand Canary, Plastic Art in the, Hon. J. Abercromby, 651
Granitic Rocks of the English Lake District, Accessory
Minerals of the, R. H. Rastall and W. H. Wilcockson,
Grants for Scientific Investigation and University Work,

Grasses, A Text-book of, with Especial Reference to the
Economic Species of the United States, Prof. A. S.
Hitchcock, 60

Grasshoppers, New Sarcophagid Parasite of, E. O. G.
Kelly, 332

Gray Herbarium, Harvard University, Completion of the
Re-building of, 328

Grey Phalarope, Breeding Habits of the, Miss M. D.
Haviland, 460

Green Flash, the, Prof. A. Schuster, 8; C. T. Whitmell,
35; Prof. W. G. Duffield, 66; J. Evershed, 286;
Demonstration of, Prof. A. W. Porter and E. T.
Paris, 194

"Green Fluorescence," the, of X-Ray Tubes, Prof. H.
Jackson, 479

Greenland, the American Expedition to the North-West of,
D. B. Macmillan, 434

"Green Ray," the, at Sunset, T. B. Blaithwayt, 204
Greenwich, the Royal Observatory, Report of the
Astronomer Royal, 408

Gresham Lectures on Public Health in Egypt, Prof. F. M.
Sandwith, 304

Grundspectra of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals, E. H.
Nelthorpe, 46

Gruiform Birds, Anatomy of, Dr. P. C. Mitchell, 415
Gum-levan-forming Bacterium, a New, Dr. R. Greig-
Smith, 665

Gummy Beetroots, Roots of, G. Arnaud, 140
Gun-Making, Prof. Perry on, 75

Guy's Hospital Medical School, Endowment of the Sir W.
Dunn Lectureship in Pathology, 721
Gypsum in Canada, L. H. Cole, 240

Gyroscope, the Theory of the, Prof. Lamb, 461
Gyrostatics, Lord Kelvin's Work on, Prof. A. Gray, 19

Hæmin Test for Blood, Improved, Dr. W. Beam and
G. A. Freak, 518

Hæmolymph Nodes of the Sheep, the, Dr. A. W. Meyer,

Haemonais laurentii, Prof. J. Stephenson, 27

Haemoproteus columbae, the Sporogony of, Mrs. H. Adie,

Hailstones, Structure of, S. L. Elborne, 591
Hall and Corbino Effects, Prof. E. P. Adams, 442
Halley Lecture on 'Measurement of the Distances of the
Stars," Sir F. W. Dyson, 334, 383

Halliwell Rain Gauge, 263

Halphen's "Fonctions Elliptiques," a Misprint in, Prof.
G. B. Mathews, 90

Hamamelis, or Witch Angel, 124

Hampshire Field Archæology, Lieut. W. E. Rolston, 430
Hampstead Scientific Society, Report of Astronomical
Section, 332

Hanbury Medal, the, awarded to E. M. Holmes, 544
Hand-list of Tender Monocotyledons at Kew, New Edition
of, 403

Harmonic Analysis, Dr. A. Russell, 204; Synthetiser,
Mathematical Theory of the, Dr. J. R. Milne, 665
Harriman Trust Fund, Researches under, Dr. Č. H.
Merriam, 137

Harvard Medical School, Gifts for Cancer Research at,
334; Observatory, the, Prof. Pickering, J. D. M., 628;
Report, Prof. E. C. Pickering, 100; University, Be-
quests to, 305; Gift to by J. J. Hill, 581

Hashish, Tests for, Dr. W. Beam, 548
Hawaiian Earthquakes of 1868, H. O. Wood, 215; Vol-
cano Research Association, 15

Hand-measurer, a New, Major A. J. N. Tremearne, 402
Health of the Child, the, Dr. O. Hildesheim, 700; in the
Camp, Col. H. R. Kenwood, 680; Public, 219; towards
Racial, N. H. March, 341; Ventilation and, 357
Healthy Atmospheres, Prof. L. Hill, 205
Heat: Distribution of, in the Cylinder of a Gas-engine,
Prof. A. H. Gibson and W. J. Walker, 331; Electrons
and, Prof. O. W. Richardson, 467; in Fighting
Insect Pests, L. Semichon, 280; Light, and Sound,
Practical, T. Picton, 423; Spontaneous Generation
of, in recently Hardened Steel, Dr. C. F. Brush,
Heats of Dilution of Concentrated Solutions, W. S. Tucker,


Heating and Ventilation, A. H. Barker, 331; and Ven-
tilating Buildings, sixth edition, Prof. R. C. Car-
penter, 424; and Ventilating Systems, D. D. Kimball,

Helium, Hydrogen, and the Spectra of, Dr. N. Bohr, 6;
Prof. J. W. Nicholson, 33; T. R. Merton, 65
Heredity and Environment in the Development of Men,
Prof. E. G. Conklin, 613; Reproduction and, 159;
the Study of, 657

Hertzian Waves, Dr. W. Knocke, 240
Hessian Fly, Damage due to the, 652
Heterocera from British East Africa, Lt.-Col. J. M.
Fawcett, 55

Heterosis and the Effects of In-breeding, Dr. G. H. Shull,

Hevea brasiliensis, Fungus Diseases of, T. Petch, 626
Hevea-tapping Results at Peradeniya, 570
High-capacity Wagon for South African Railways, 300
Higher Technical Instruction in Day Technical Classes, 499
Hides, the Disinfection of, F. W. Tilley, 516

High Temperatures, Estimation of, C. C. Paterson and
B. P. Dudding, 110

Hindu Chemistry, the Antiquity of, Dr. P. C. Rây, 347

Hodgkins Fund, Researches under, 137

Hoff, van't, Prof J. H., Unveiling of Monument to, 237
Hoff, van't, Fund award, 95

Holt Education Trust, Gift to, by the Ocean Steamship
Co., Ltd., 499

Holzes der auf Java vor Kommenden Baumarten, Mikro-
graphie des, Vierte Lief., Dr. J. W. Moll and H. H.
Janssonius, 283
Hong-Kong: Report for 1914 of the Royal Observatory at,
600; University, Dr. H. G. Earle appointed Professor of
Physiology in, 664

Hops, Aroma of, J. Schmidt, 154

Hormones and Heredity, J. T. Cunningham, J. A. T., 8
Horse, Development of the, Prof. Cossar Ewart, 528
Horticulture and Botany, 421; the Standard Cyclopedia of,
vol ii., L. H. Bailey, 421

House-flies as Carriers of Disease, 289

House-fly Control, an Experiment in, 402; Hibernation of
the, Dr. Gordon Hewitt, 503; the, Musca domestica,
Linn., Dr. C. G. Hewitt, 30

Household Insects, 30

Huggins, Lady, Bequests by, 278

Hull Museum, Gift of Geological Collection by C. J.
Middlemiss, 298

Human Biology, Elementary, J. E. Peabody and Dr. A. E.
Hunt, 314

Hutchinson Museum and Johns Hopkins Medical School,


Huxley Memorial Lectures to the University of Birming-
ham, 32

Hydrocarbons, Preparation of, F. Bodroux, 694
Hydrogen and Helium, the Spectra of, Dr. N. Bohr, 6;

Prof. J. W. Nicholson, 33: T. R. Merton, 65; Arsenide,
a Hydrate of, M. de Forcrand, 223; for Airships,
Modern Processes of Manufacturing, A. Fournois, 620;
for Balloons, Preparation and Purification of, 654
Hydrogenation of Oils, the, Catalyzers, and Catalysis, and
the Generation of Hydrogen, C. Ellis, 312
Hyetograph, the, 264

Hygiene, Scientific, and Temperance for Elementary
School Children, Lessons and Experiments on, H.
Coomber, 643

Hygroscopic Moisture in Soils, Estimation of, W. D.
Haigh, 528

Hypocrella and Aschersonia, T. Petch, 182

Iceland, Physical Geography of, with Special Reference to
the Plant Life, Prof. Th. Thoroddsen, 254
Ichneumonidæ, a Revision of the, Based on the Collection
in the British Museum (Natural History), part. iv.,
C. Morley, 584

Idonesia, Myths of Origin and the Home of the Dead in,
W. J. Perry, 651

Igneous Contacts, P. Eskola, 239; Rocks of the Bristol
District, Prof. S. H. Reynolds, 306

Igorots of Lepanto, the, J. A. Robertson, 624
Illuminants, Modern, and Illuminating Engineering, L.
Gaster and J. S. Dow, 253

Illumination, the Technology of, 253
Imperial: Cancer Research Fund, Annual Meeting of the

General Committee of the, 568; New General Super-
intendent, 236; College of Science and Technology, Free
Places at the, 304; Institute, Dr. H. B. Gray appointed
Official Lecturer at the, 248; Public Lectures at, by
Dr. H. B. Gray, 499

Index to Periodicals, Compiled by Various Authorities and
Arranged by A. C. Piper, vol. i., April-September,
1914, 315

India: Agricultural Statistics of, 1912-13, 570; Board of
Scientific Advice for, Annual Report of the, for the
Year 1913-14, 513; Education in, 81; Fishery Research
in, 356; Sanitation in, 77

Indian Agriculture, Lines of Development of. Dr. H. H.
Mann, 52; Geodesy, 439: Mathematics, G. R. Kaye,
560 Museum, Report of, 44; Mygalomorph Spiders,
F. Gravely, 599; School of Chemistry, F. V. Fernandes,
353; Science Congress, the Second, 51: Tribes of
Connecticut, Decorative Art of the, F. G. Speck, 651

Indiana University, Gift to, by Dr. L. D. Waterman,

Indigo, Catalytic Reduction of, A. Brochet, 55
Induction Balance, an, for the Detection of Buried Shells,
C. Gutton, 637

Industrial Research, 120; Research, an Advisory Council
on, 321; Success, Scientific Factors of, 93

Industry: Chemistry and, J. E. Pollak, 34; Science and,
57; Science and, the Co-operation of, 130; Science in,
119; Scientific Methods in, W. P. Dreaper, 428
Inexact Analogies in Biology, Dr. F. A. Bather, 178
Infant Mortality, Dr. H. T. Ashby, 449

Infection of Drinking-water by a Cholera "Carrier," Major
Greig, 545

Infra-red Rays, Transmission of, H. Hartridge and A. V.
Hill, 279

Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced, P. W. Oscroft, 116; Pre-
parations and Exercises in, W. Lowson, 116; the
Principles of, Prof. W. Ostwald, Translated by Prof.
A. Findlay, fourth edition, 116

Insect Flagellates Introduced into Vertebrates, Dr. H. B.
Fantham and Dr. A. Porter, 416; Life, Marvels of,
Edited by E. Step, 207; Pests and Army Biscuit, J. H.
Durrant, 596; Pests and War, Dr. H. B. Fantham,
265; Pests, Travels of, W. J. Rainbow, 271
Insects and Man, C. A. Ealand, 338; and the Propagation
of Diseases, 711; Attracted by Light, W. Evans, 491;
Injurious to the Household and Annoying to Man,
Prof. G. W. Herrick, 30; Type-specimens in Univer-
sity of Glasgow, 15

Integral Equation Proposed by Abel, Rev. P. Browne,
International: Conference of the Society for Practical As-
tronomy, the Second, 543; Engineering Congress,
Internal-Combustion Engine in the Oil-Field, F. G. Rappo-
port, 99

Inventions: Mr. Asquith on, 457; Board, Lord Fisher
appointed Chairman of the, 513; Board, Organisation
of the, 567; Branch of the Ministry of Munitions,
D. Lloyd George, 623

Invertebrata, Systematic Zoology of the, 303
Invertebrates, Recent Work on, 158; the Development of
the, E. S. Goodrich, 113

Involution Naturelle, Histoire de l'E. Marconi, Translated
by M. I. Mori-Dupont, 669

Inshore Fisheries, S. Reynolds, 625
Institute of Chemistry, Glass Research Committee, 14; of
France, award of a Special Prize to Sir Almroth
Wright, 401; of Industry and Science, 93; of Metals,
the, Prof. H. C. H. Carpenter, 102, 157

Institution of Civil Engineers, Awards of, 269; of Elec-
trical Engineers, Exhibition at the, 679; of Mining
Engineers Medal awarded to Dr. J. S. Haldane, 433;
of Naval Architects, the, 130

Instructions for Collectors, Worms, H. A. Baylis, 546
Ionisation Potentials of Mercury, etc., J. C. McLennan and
J. P. Henderson, 500

Ions in the Air, the Larger, Prof. J. A. Pollock, 286
Ipswich Museum, Palæolithic Implements in the, 544
Ireland, National University of, Calendar of the, 693

Mammals, Native Names of, Dr. R. F. Scharff, 97;
Training School of Domestic Economy, 551
Iron A2 Transformation in, K. Honda, 525; and Steel
Institute, Annual Meeting, 213: and Steel, the Mag-
netic Quality of, as Affected by Transverse Pressure.
W. J. Walker, 637: Arc, the Pole Effect in the, Dr.
St. John and Mr. Babcock, 628; Carbon, and Phos-
phorus, Prof. H. C. H. Carpenter, 438; Cobalt, and
Carbon, Relations of, Prof. J. O. Arnold, 125; High
Permeability in, Prof. E. Wilson, 416; Losses in,
N. W. McLachlan, 74; Resistance Thermometers,
G. K. Burgess and I. N. Kellberg, 491
Irrational Numbers, Some Theorems Connected with,
W. D. MacMillan, 638

Irrigation, Practical, and Pumping, B. E. Fleming, 393
Isoëtes, the Morphology of, Prof. W. H. Lang. 335
Isotopes, the Physical Properties of, Dr. F. A. Lindemann,
7; A. C. Egerton, 90

Italian Earthquake, January 13, B. Galitzine, 27, E. Man-

kaja, 517

cini, 183; Glaciology, Prof. A. Roccati and others, Leucobryum glaucum, Various Forms of, Mlle. Ljabitz-
Italy, the Frontier Cities of, Mrs. F. C. Albrecht, 545
Ivory Statuette, an Ancient, Prof. E. Gardner, 270

Jackson, Admiral Sir H., appointed First Sea Lord of the
Admiralty, 377

Jacksonian Prize, Award of, 180

Jacobson, the Organ of, Dr. R. Broom, 250, 262

Jamaica as a Centre for Botanical Research in the Tropics,
M. D., 440

James, William, and Henri Bergson, Dr. H. M. Kallen,


Japan, the Alps of, Rev. W. Weston, 401
Japanese Asteroidea, a Descriptive Monograph of, part i.,
700; Mountain Plants, H. Takeda, 215; Primulas,
Takeda, 15; Volcanic Centres, Two, J. Deprat, 581
Java, the Island of, 681

Johns Hopkins University, Bequest to, 248
Journal de Physique, June and July, 1914, 352
Journal kept by David Douglas during his Travels in
North America, 1823-1827, 311

Judgment, the Theory of, as a Multiple Relation, Prof.
G. F. Stout and B. Russell, 544

Jupiter the Ninth Satellite of, S. B. Nicholson, 126; Orbit
of, 274

Jurassic Flora of Cape Lisburne, F. H. Knowlton, 354

Levels, Relative, of Land and Sea, 189

Library Provision and Policy, Prof. W. G. S. Adams, 414
Lichens of South Lancashire, J. A. Wheldon and W. G.
Travis, 139

Life, Making the Most of, Prof. M. V. O'Shea and J. H.
Kellogg, 643

Lightning and Telegraph Lines, M. Giller, 552
Lima Museum, Closing of the, 400
Linacre Lecture, 278

Lincolnshire, Ancient Flora of, 97

Linear Differential Equation, T. Kojima, 240; Differential
Equations of Astronomical Interest, Certain, Prof. H. F.
Baker, 500

Lingula and Pelagodiscus, Larvæ of, Dr. J. H. Ashworth,

Linnean Society: Election of Foreign Members of, 327;
Election of Officers of, 433
Liquid Crystals, the Molecules of, J. S. v. d. Lingen, 554;
Drops and Globules, C. R. Darling, 337; Films,
Stability of some, Dr. P. Phillips and J. Rose Innes,
194; Manure, Composition and Value of, Prof. J.
Hendrick, 351

Liquids: Motion of, Lt.-Col. R. De Villamil, 337; Un-
mathematically Treated, 337

Lister Back to, Sir R. J. Godlee, 160; Lord, Memorial
Tablet to, 327


Liverpool Engineering Society, Prof. E. W. Marchant
elected Chairman of, 297; University Research at, 54;
Prof. R. Robinson appointed Professor of Organic
Chemistry, 609

Karakoram-Himalayas, Work in the, Dr. F. de Filippi, Live Stock, Judging, Prof. C. W. Gay, 63

331, 622

Kashmir, Explorations in, Dr. W. L. Abbott, 275

Living Matter, the Dynamics of, Recent Studies in, Prof.
D'Arcy W. Thompson, 594; Prof. J. Loeb, 594

Kazan University, Transactions of the Naturalists' Society Livingstone: College, Commemoration Day at, 415; Gold
of, 216

Kerona, Habits of, Rev. H. Victor-Jones, 403
Kestrel, Home Life of the, O. Wilkinson, 624

Kew Gardens: Additions to, 125; New Laboratory at, 652;
Ornamental Waterfowl at, 124

King's Birthday Honours, the, 400

Knowledge, Essays towards a Theory of, A. Philip, 340
Know Your Own Mind, W. Glover, 172
Kodaikanal and Madras Observatories, Annual Report of,
J. Evershed, 332

Labiata of China, Key to the, S. T. Dunn, 491
Laboratories, the Use of, for War Purposes, 488
Laboratory and Optical Glasses, British Science Guild
Reports on Supply of, 14; Experiments, Some Novel,
G. F. W. Jordan, 389

Laboratory Experiments, Some Novel, G. F. W. Jordan,

Land and Sea, Changes of Relative Levels of, 189

Lane Medical Lectures, Dr. F. Billings to Deliver the, 693
Langley Aerodynamical Laboratory, 134

Languages of Southern Nigeria, Sir H. H. Johnston, 29
Lantern- and Micro-projection, 61

Lapwing, Courtship of the, Miss M. D. Haviland, 517
Larch Canker, Hiley, 176

Latitude, the Variation of, during 1914'0-1915'0, 462
Lavoisier, the Place of, in the History of Chemistry,
A. Mieli, 356

Lea Valley, Late Glacial Stage of the, S. II. Warren and
others, 305

Lead Acetate Test for Hydrogen Sulphide, R. S. McBride
and J. D. Edwards, 184

Leaves, All about, F. G. Heath, 283

Medal of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society
awarded to Lord Kitchener, 568

Local Government Board, Medical Officer's Supplement to
Report of, 219

Locusts in Eastern Canada, Control of, A. Gibson, 603
Logarithmic Curves, Fitting, J. R. Miner, 436
Logarithm Table, Improved Four-figure Multiplication and
Division made Easy, G. C. McLaren, 394

London: Mathematical Society, Proceedings of the, second
series, vol. xiii., 171; (Royal Free Hospital) School of
Medicine for Women, Gift by the Queen, 361; School
of Economics, Awards of the, 708; University:
Appointments at Berford College, 692; Elections


the Senate, 361; Dr. F. A. Bainbridge ap-
pointed Professor of Physiology at St. Bartholo-
mew's Hospital Medical School, 581; G. F. Good-
child appointed Registrar of the Council for External
Students, 499;
Sir A. P. Gould elected Vice-Chan-
cellor of, 471; Prof. W. H. Bragg appointed Quain
Professor of Physics, 471; Degrees Granted, 471;
Presentation of Graduates, 304; Annual Report of
the Principal, 304; New edition of "Pro Patria' " of
University College, 333

Long-eared Owl Nesting on the Ground, J. H. Gurney
and Miss E. L. Turner, 682

Long Island, New York, Geology of, M. L. Fuller, 127
Lonsdaleia, the Genus, S. Smith, III

Lorentz-Einstein Formula, Experimental Verification of
the, C. E. Guye and C. Lavanchy, 610

Los Alamos, Earthquake near, C. H. Beal, 439
Louvain University Library, Help for the, 693
Lowell Observatory, Work at the, 548

Low Temperatures in Toxicological Analysis, G. A. Le
Roy, 55

Luidia, the Twin Larvæ of, Dr. Gemmill, 629

Lebertia Genus of the Hydrachnidæ, W. Williamson and Lupulin in the Hop raised by Crossing, J. Schmidt, 434

C. D. Soar, 569

Lecomte Prize, the, awarded to Sir Almroth Wright, 488
Leeds University, Conferment of Degrees, 527

Lemhi County, Geology and Ore Deposits of, J. B.

Umpleby, 127

Length Standards and Measurements, L. A. Fischer, 302
Lepidoptera of Ebor Scrub, N.S.W., Dr. A. J. Turner, 665
Lernæopodidae, the, C. B. Wilson, 303

Lymphocyte, the, and Transplanted Cancer, J. B. Murphy
and J. J. Morton, 638

Machine-shop Practice, W. G. Kaup, second edition, 259
Mackerel, Biology of the, D. Nilsson, 299

Macroseisms in North of Portugal, P. de Sousa, 140

Madagascar Granite, Contact Metamorphic Phenomena
of, A. Lacroix, 473

Madras Trees, Defoliation of some, M. O. P. Iyenger, 307
Magnesium Carbonate in Rocks, F. W. Clarke and W. C.

Wheeler, 355
Magnetic: "Character" Figures, Dr. C. Chree, 110; De-
clination at Lyons, Perturbations of the, P. Flajolet,
417; Diurnal Variations, Dr. C. Chree, 249; Observa-
tions in Eritrea, Prof. Palazzo, 627; Projectiles,
Detection and Localisation of, J. Bergonié, 195, 364;
Mobilisation in Tissues of, J. Bergonié, 27; Storm of
June 17, the, and Aurora, Dr. C. Chree, 561; and
Solar Disturbance of June 17, the, A. A. Buss, 589;
and Solar Disturbance of June 17, 1915, the, Dr. C.
Chree, 480; Rev. A. L. Cortie, 450, 537, 618
Magnetite and the Spinels, the Structure of, Prof. W. H.
Bragg, 561

Magnets, Oscillations of, Prof. H. F. Reid, 215

Magnus, Sir Philip, Presentation to, 406; and Lady,

Presentations to, 362

Main-line Electrification, W. S. Murray, 404
Makdougall-Brisbane Prize of the Royal Society of Edin-
burgh awarded to Prof. C. R. Marshall, 514
Malayan Peninsula, Flora of the, No. 25, H. N. Ridley
and J. S. Gamble, 681

Mallophaga and Ixodidæ, W. Evans, 665
Malt Amylase, P. Petit, 582

Mammal, a New Genus and Species of, Dr. J. W. Gidley,

Mammals of Eastern Equatorial Africa, Sir H. H. John-
ston, 510

Manchester: Astronomical Society, Journal of the, 382;
Literary and Philosophical Society, Prof. Hickson
elected President of, 269; Municipal School of Tech-
nology, Prospectus of the, 664; Research Scholarships,
362; University, Work in Connection with the War, 581
Mango-inflorescence, Grafting the, W. Burns and S. H.
Prayag, 307

Man-like Apes, Siwalik Species, Dr. G. E. Pilgrim, 277
Man's True Thermal Environment, G. W. Grabham, 451;
Dr. J. R. Milne, 260, 508

Map and its Story, the, 31

Marah, Germination of the Genus, A. W. Hill, 110
Marine: Bacteria and Action of Salt, H. Coupin, 195;
Biology at Plymouth, 629; Mines, Transport of, L. E.
Bertin, 27; Researches, Recent, 526; Yeast, H.
Coupin, 27
Marlborough College Natural History Society, Report of
the, 516

Mars: an Association for the Observation of, Prof. W. H.
Pickering, 628; Oxygen and Water on, Prof. P.
Lowell, 548

Maryland, Pleistocene Cave Deposit in, J. W. Gidley,

Masonry as Applied to Civil Engineering, F. N. Taylor,

Mass of a Spring Vibrating Longitudinally, the Equivalent,
A. Brown, 554

Massachusetts : a State University, 138; Institute of
Technology, Gifts to the, 528
Master-key, the, D. Blair, 3

Mathematical Essays, Subjects for, Dr. C. Davison, 558;
Paradox, a, A. S. E., 345, 403; Principles and Prac-
tice, 392; Text-Books, 558; Work, Summaries of
Current, 15; Works, 62

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Mathematicians," 'Appeal to Non-producing, Reply to,
Prof. C. N. Haskins, 299

Mathematics: English, 219; Practical, Constructive Text-
book of, H. W. Marsh, vol. iii., Technical Geometry,
62: Practical, second year, A. E. Young, 558; Pure,
a Course of, G. H. Hardy, 171

Material Culture, the, and Social Institutions of the
Simpler Peoples, L. T. Hobhouse, G. C. Wheeler,
and M. Ginsberg, 672

Mauna Loa, Eruptions of, H. O. Wood, 439
Maxim, Sir Hiram, 199

Measurements, the Theory of, Dr. A. de Forest Palmer,

Mechanical Drawing, with Special Reference to the Needs
of Mining Students, J. Husband, 535

[blocks in formation]

Medusa, Fresh-water, in Limpopo River System, G. Arnold
and Dr. C. L. Boulenger, 111
Melanesian Society, the History of, Dr. W. H. R. Rivers,

Melbourne, University of, Medical School, 96
Mellish's Comet, 46, 75, 120, 156, 184, 217, 241, 274,
301, 332, 462; P. Brück, 501; D. Eginitis, 363, 529;
J. Guillaume; M. Coggia, 55; H. E. Wood, 507;
Companions to, 493

Mellon Institute, Opening of, 166

Members of Scientific Staffs of Universities, Colleges, and
other Institutions on Active Service with H.M. Forces,
Supplement, July 15, 580, 597, 623, 709

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain: "The
Country around Haverfordwest," 242
Mendelian Inheritance of Fecundity in the Domestic Fowl,
Dr. R. Pearl, 657; Problems, Simplified Solutions of,
Prof. J. Wilson, 250

Mendel's Principles of Heredity, Prof. C. Vulpiani, 156
Mercury Ripples showing Interference, S. G. Starling,

Mesopotamia, Persia, and Central Asia, Fluctuations of
the Population of, K. A. C. Cresswell, 328
Metallographic Research, Appliances for, Dr. W. Rosen-
hain, 102


Metals and Alloys, the Study of, Prof. H. C. H. Carpenter,
583; Hardening of, 352; the Institute of, 102, 157, 650;
Mechanical Properties of, Prof. A. C. Huntington, 102;
the Properties of, the Electronic Theories of, Prof. C. H.
Lees, 675

Metal-spraying Pistol, Schoop, 299

Metallurgy British and German Steel, Prof. J. O. Arnold,
184; Physical, an Introduction to the Study of, Dr.
W. Rosenhain,_583

Metcalf's Comet?, Return of, 17

Meteor a Bright, July 17, 571; Season, the, W. F.
Denning, 519

Meteors from Halley's Comet, Observation of, 300
Meteoric Stone of Launton, Dr. G. T. Prior, 139
Meteorites, the Chemical and Mineralogical Composition
of, G. P. Merrill, 638

Meteorological: Conditions Prevailing in the Indian Mon-
soon Region, Dr. G. C. Simpson, 547; Phenomena,
Discontinuities in, Prof. H. H. Turner, 473
Meteorology and the War, 12; of the Sun, Dr. W. G.
Duffield, 111, 655
Methyl Alcohol, Estimation of, in the Presence of Ethyl
Alcohol, W. A. R. Wilks, 548

Metropolitan Munition Committees, Formation of the, 457;
Water Board, Eleventh Report on Research Work, Dr.
A. C. Houston, 677

Miami University, Bequests to, and Cincinnati Museum
Association, 305

Michigan University, Grant for New Library Building of,
Micro-biological Problems of the Present War, Prof. G.
Sims Woodhead, 598

Microspectroscope in Mineralogy, the, E. T. Wherry, 436
Middle Jurassic Flora of Cleveland, Yorks, H. H. Thomas,

Midges of Illinois, J. R. Malloch, 403
Mid-Strathspey and Strathearn, Memoir on, 517
Migration of the Larval Eel-gudgeon, A. McCulloch, 271
Migrations in the Sea, Prof. A. Meek, 231

Milk, the Composition of, Dr. A. Lauder and T. W.
Fagan, 552

Military Education Committee, Report of, 23

Miller, Hugh, a Canadian Memorial to, Sir A. Geikie, 479
Millett Collections and Library, 180

Milton, the Flowers of, Canon Ellacombe, 652

Minchinia: a Haplosporidian, Mrs. H. L. M. Pixell-
Goodrich, 362

Mind and Matter, 3

Mind in Animals, the Investigation of, E. M. Smith,

Mine Valuation and Assessment, a Study of Methods of,
W. L. Uglow, 575; Problems of, 575

Mineral Resources of the Philippine Islands, 333; Statis-
tics, 158

Mycological Researches in Japan, 571


My Life, Sir Hiram S. Maxim, 199
Mysore Gold Mine, a Shaft Accident at the, 659

Minerals from Igneous Magmas, Development of, O. Ander-Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association, the, Annual Report,
son, 517

Mining Engineers, Institution of, General Meeting of the,
709; Industries, Reports on, 658

Minor Horrors of War, the, Dr. A. E. Shipley, 265
Miocene Insectivorous Beds of Florissant, Prof. T. D. A.
Cockerell, 214; Oyster in India, R. B. Newton and
E. A. Smith, 355

Mira Ceti, Abnormal Variability of, A. Bemporad, 405;
Prof. A. A. Nijland, 405

Mirror of Perception, the, L. Hall, 200

Mirrors and Objectives, M. Bigourdan, 218

Mobilisation of Science, the, 419; Sir T. K. Rose, 450
Molecular Association, Dr. W. E. S. Turner, 640; Physics,
J. A. Crowther, 87

Molecules in Interstellar Space, the Density of, Dr. L. V.
King, 701; Physical Chemistry of, 640

Molybdenite, Characteristics of, 329
Monaghan, Geology of, 626

Mongian Geometry, Chiefly, 586

Monoclinic Sulphates containing Ammonium, the, Dr.
A. E. H. Tutton, 500

a-Mono-d-Galactoside of Ethylene Glycol, E. Bourquelot,
M. Bridel, and A. Aubry, 389

Montagnes, le Problème des, Prof. S. Meunier, 44
Montana, Vertebrate Fossil Remains in, C. W. Gilmore,

Montgomery Lectureship in Ophthalmology at Dublin, Miss
E. M. Maxwell appointed to the, 445

Mont Pelée, etc., Examination of, Dr. E. O. Hovey,

Moon, the Meteorology of the, Prof. W. H. Pickering,

Morale Fondée sur les Lois de la Nature, M. Deshumbert,

Moray and Nairn, the Counties of, C. Matheson, 145
Morbid Changes in Plants, Prof. H. H. Dixon, 244
Moreauia mirabilis, Dr. S. J. Johnston, 722

Morro Velho Method of Assay, D. M. Levy and H. Jones,

Motella mustela, Behaviour of a Captive, H. N. Milligan,

Motions of the Stars by Stereoscope, Proper, J. C. Solà,

Moultonia, Prof. Bayley Balfour and W. W. Smith, 403
Mountain Geology, L. Duparc and M. Tikanowitch,


Mount Wilson Solar Observatory, Report of, Prof. G. E.
Hale, 75

Moustier Implements and Human Bones in Suffolk, J. Reid
Moir, 674

Moxon Gold Medal, the, of the Royal College of Physicians
awarded to Prof. J. J. Déjerine, 622

Mummification, Geographical Distribution, Prof. G. Elliot
Smith, 139

Munition Metals, Prof. H. C. H. Carpenter, 538
Munitions Inventions Branch of the Ministry constituted,
678; of War, Modern, Prof. V. B. Lewes, 605; Science
and, 562

Mud Lumps, E. W. Shaw, 127

Musical Faculty, the, its Origins and Processes, W. Wal-
lace, 505; Form and Development, 505; Sand in China,
J. Offord, 65; Sands, Early References to, C. Carus-
Wilson, 90

Muscles, Paralysed, Restoration of, Prof. R. Kennedy,

Museum Exhibits and Local Industries, Dr. Grant Ogilvie,

Museums Association, the, 549; and Children's Welfare,

Nurse Prior, 549; and the Claims of Children and
others, Prof. J. A. Green, 549; and Education, 382;
Our Overseas, 602; Science, and the Press, 621
Mutation Factor in Evolution, the, with Particular Refer-
ence to Enothera, Dr. R. R. Gates, 668


Napoleon and the University of Pavia, Prof. D. Fraser
Harris, 538

Nardoo, Nature of, E. H. Lees, 74
National League for Physical Education and Improvement,
Meeting of the, 545; Organisation of Science, the,
Sir W. Ramsay, 521; Organisation of Scientific Effort,
the, F.R.S., 315; Physical Laboratory, Annual Meeting
of the General Board, 488; the, in 1914-15, 573
Nato Cattle of the Argentine, E. Gibson, 249
Naturalists in Ireland and the War, 297
Natural History Museum Staff and the War, 42; Selection
in Man, Prof. K. Pearson and Miss Elderton, 658
Nature Notes for Ocean Voyagers, Capt. A. Carpenter and
Capt. D. Wilson-Barker, 207; Study, Aids to, 207
Nature-Study Review, 223

Naval Architects, the Institution of, 130
Navanagar, Economic Geology of, 407
Nawar or Gypsies of the East, 43

Neanderthal Man in Spain, Drs. Hernández-Pacheco and
H. Obermaier, 459

Nebraska College of Medicine, Erection of a Teaching
Hospital for, 334

Nebulæ Forms of, G. W. Walker, 305; Observations of, at
the Helwan Observatory, H. K. Shaw, 381; Rotation
of, Dr. V. M. Slipher, 185

Nebulous Region, the, near Omicron Persei, Prof. E. E.
Bernard, 48

New South Wales: Great Serpentine-belt, Geology and
Petrology of, W. N. Benson, 665; Hydroids from, E. A.
Briggs, 665

Newton, Essays on the Life and Work of, A. de Morgan,
Edited by P. E. P. Jourdain, 3

New York Botanical Garden, Twentieth Anniversary of
the, 650; Engineering Foundation, 54

New Zealand Survey Operations, Report by E. H. Wilmot,


Next Generation, the, F. G. Jewett, 173
Nickel Commission of the Ontario Government, the, 596;
deposited in Nickel-plating, Estimating Quantity of,
M. Pontio, 721; Wires, Torsional Oscillations and
Fatigue of, Prof. W. Brown, 417

Nicotiana Parthenocarpy and Parthenogenesis in, T. H.
Goodspeed, 553: Variation of Flower-size in, T. H.
Goodspeed and R. E. Clausen, 552

Nigeria, Southern, Report of the Forest Administration of,

Nitric Acid, the Synthetic Production of, 452
Nitrification of Peaty Soils, M. Coquidé, 27

Nitrogen Free, and the Higher Plants, M. Molliard, 55;
Rectilinear Diameter of, E. Mathias, H. K. Onnes,
and C. A. Crommelin, 27

Nitroglycerin, Non-poisonous Character of, Dr. W. H.
Martindale; the Reviewer, 591
Nobel Prizes for 1915. 678

Noguchi, Yone, the Story of, 200

Non-metallic Minerals used in the Canadian Manufacturing
Industries, H. Frechette, 658

Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society, Transactions of,

North American: Cordillera, Prof. R. D. Daly, 239:
Mythology, Literary Aspects of, P. Radin, 651
Northampton Polytechnic Institute, the Aitchison Memorial
Scholarship, 388

Northern-territory Termitidæ, part. i., G. F. Hill, 553
North Indian Folk Medicine for Hydrophobia and Scorpion
Sting, S. C. Mittra. 529

North-Western Custer Country, Ore Deposits in, J. B.
Umpleby, 127

North-Western University, Bequest to, by J. R. Lindgren,


Nova Geminorum No. 2 as a Wolf-Rayet Star, W. S.
Adams and F. G. Pease, 637

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