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Nature, ber 7,





October 7, 1915-

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Abbott (C. G.), awarded the Rumford Premium by the

American Academy, 433

Abbott (C. G.), F. E. Fowle, and L. B. Aldrich, the

l'alue of the Solar-constant of Radiation, 552
Abbott (G.), Cavities due to Pyrites in Magnesium Lime-

stone, 395

Abbott (P.), Exercises in Arithmetic and Mensuration, 392

Abbott (Dr. W. L.), Explorations in Kashmir, 275

Abercromby (Hon. John), Origin of the People of the

Canary Islands, 298 ; Plastic Art in the Grand Canary,

Abraham (Prof. H.) and Prof. P. Sacerdote, Recueil de

Constantes Physiques, 281

Ackermann (A. S. E.), the Utilisation of Solar Energy, 358

Acton (Capt.), Snakes and Snake-charmers, 624

Adams (A. A.), the Plateau Peoples of South America, 284

Adams (Prof. E. P.), the Hall and Corbino Effects, 442

Adams (L. H.), Action of a Plate of Plane Parallel Glass,


Adams (Prof. W. Grylls) [death), 180; 211 [obituary


Adams (Prof. W. G. S.), Library Provision and Policy, 414

Adams (W. S.), the Radial Velocities of the more distinct

Stars, 638

Adams (W. S.) and C. G. Burwell, Chromospheric Spectrum

without an Eclipse, 185
Adams (W. S.) and F. G. Pease, Nova Geminorum No. 2

as a Wolf-Rayet Star, 637
Adamson (J. E.), Control of Education, 685
Addenbrooke (G. L.), Relative Losses in Dielectrics, 110
Addison (Dr.), an Advisory Council on Industrial Research,

Adie (Mrs. H.), Sporogony of Haemoproteus columbae, 182
Adye (E. H.), Economic Geology of Navánagar State in

the Province of Kathiáwár, India, 407
Agnus (M.), the Echo of the Ball and Shell, 473
Aitken (Dr. J.), Colour Sensation, 673
Aitken (Prof. R. G.), Measures of the Satellites of Uranus,


Albrecht (F. C.), Austro-Italian Mountain Frontiers, 402 ;

the Frontier Cities of Italy, 545

Albrecht (Prof.), the Variation of Latitude during 1904'0-

1915'0, 462

Alexander (Prof. S.), appointed Gifford Lecturer for 1916-

Annandale (Dr.), Calcutta Eurasians, 53

Annett (H. E.), Sweet Sorghum, 272

Anrep (A. v.), the Peat Bogs and Feat Industry of Canada,

Appel (Dr. O.), Disease Resistance in Plants, 599
Arabu (N.), Tertiary Formations of the Basin of the Sea

of Marmora, 336

Arber (Dr.) and R. H. Goode, Fossil Plants from Devonian

Rocks, 55

Arctowski (H.), Variation of Temperature, 100

Armstrong (Dr. E. F. and Prof. H. E.), Surface Tension

and Ferment Action, 425
Armstrong (Prof. H. E.), Address at Cardiff, 237; Chemical

Industry and Organisation, 573 ; Government Dye

Scheme, 119

Armstrong (Prof. H. F.), Descriptive Geometry for Students

in Engineering Science and Architecture, 586

Arnaud (Prof. A.) [obituary], 597

Arnaud (G.), Roots of Gummy Beetroots, 140

Arnold (G.) and Dr. C. L. Boulenger, Fresh-water Medusa

in Limpopo River_System, 111

Arnold (Prof. J. O.), British and German Steel Metallurgy,

184; Chemical and Mechanical Relations of Iron, etc.,


Arnoux (R.), Cause of Death by the Bursting of High-

explosive Shells, 515
Ashby (Dr. H. T.), Infant Mortality, 449
Ashworth (Dr. J. H.), Larvæ of Lingula and Pelagodiscus,

Ashworth (Dr. J. H.) and Dr. J. Ritchie, the Free-swim-

ming Sporosacs of Dicoryne, 552
Atack (F. W.), Intermediate Practical Chemistry for Uni-

versity Students, 532
Atkins (W. R. G.), Oxydases in Plant Tissues, 244; the

Preparation of Anhydrous Solids, 118
Atkinson (Dr. G. F.), Morphology and Development of

Agaricus rodmani, 443.
Atkinson (Capt. W. E. G.) [obituary], 708
Austen (Miss W.), Long-tailed Tits, 78

Ayres (S. H.) and W. T. Johnson, jun., B. coli in Pas-

teurised Milk, 153

Ayrton (Hertha), Differences of Pressure near an Obstacle

in Oscillating Water, 305

18, 499

[blocks in formation]

Back (M.), K. M. Cogan, and A. E. Towers, Functional

Edema in Frogs, 25
Bacon (G. W. and Co., Ltd.), Sixpenny Contour Atlas.

South-East England Edition, 31; The Map and its

Story, 31

Bage (Capt. E.), [Obituary], 679

Bailey (F. M.) [Death], 709

Bailev (L. H.), the Principles of Fruit-Growing, Twentieth

Edition, 449 ; The Standard Cyclopædia of Horticulture,

vol. ii., 421


Bailly (0.), Glycerophosphoric Acid, 167; Synthesis of a. Beard (E.) and W. Cramer, Surface Tension and Ferment

glycerophosphoric acid, 304

Baillie (Dr. T. C.), Electrical Engineering, vol. i., 586 Beech (W. H.), Ancient Pottery in the Kikuyu Country, 124
Bainbridge (Dr. F. A.), appointed to the Chair of Physiology Beal (C. H.), an Earthquake near Los Angeles, 439; the
at St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical School, 585

Avezzano Earthquake, 439

Baker (A. C.), Woolly Aphid of the Apple, 687

Beale (Sir W. P.), an Amateur's Introduction to Crystallo-

Baker (Prof. H. B.), British Supply of Drugs and Fine

graphy (from Morphological Observations), 614

Chemicals, 174

Bechterew (Prof. W. von), Objektive Psychologie oder Psy.

Baker (Prof. H. F.), Linear Differential Equations of

choreflexologie; die Lehre von den Assoziationsreflexen,

Astronomical Interest, 500


Baker (Dr. S. M.) and Miss M. H. Bohling, Brown Sea-

Reddard (Dr. F. E.), the Sperm Whale, 546

weeds of the Salt Marsh, 362

Beetham (B.), Nests of Buff-backed Herons, 188

Baker (T. J.), Bronzing Processes suitable for Brass and Beilby (Dr. G. T.), Chemical Engineering, 573

Copper, 628

Bell (A. Graham), Science and Food-Supply, 618

Baker (T. Thorne), Industrial Uses of Radium, 272

Bellingham and Stanley, New Saccharimeter, 602

Baker (Prof. W. C.), a Simple Direct Method for the Radius

Belot (M.) and M. Ménard, Use of Coolidge Tube, 195

Curvature of Spherical Surfaces, 288

Bemporad (A.), Abnormal Variability of Mira Ceti, 405

Baker (W. M.) and A. A. Bourne, a Shilling Arithmetic,

Benham (C. E.), the Electric Dry Pile, 588

Benoit-Bazille (M.), the Making of Anti-typhoid Vaccine, 458
Baldwin (Prof. J. Mark), appointed Herbert Spencer lec-

Benson (W. N.), Geology and Petrology of the Great Ser-
turer, 248

pentine-belt of N.S.W., part iv., 665
Balfour (Prof. Bayley) and W. W. Smith, Moultonia, 403

Berget (A.), Capillary Constant of Sea-water, 389

Ball (Rev. Dr. C. J.), the Resurrection of Baylon, 292

Berget (Prof. A.), the Earth : its Life and Death, translated

Balleine (Capt. C. F.), [Obituary], 543

by E. W. Barlow, 478

Balleine (Capt. C. F.), bequest to Exeter College, Oxford,

Bergonié (J.), Magnetic Projectiles, 27, 195, 364

Beringer (J. J.), Cassiterite in Cornish mill products, 363 ;
Balls (W. L.), the Development and Properties of Raw

[Death), 122 ; [Obituary), 152

Cotton, 697; the Use of Cotton for the Production of Berkeley (The Earl of), a Neglected Correction in Osmotics,

Explosives, 535; the writer of the article, 535

34 ; Osmotics, 317

Bannermann (Surgeon-Genl. W. B.), Knowledge of Biology,

Berry (E. W.), Upper Cretaceous and Eocene Floras of

South Carolina and Georgia, 355

Baracchi (P. H.), demand for an Australian Solar Observa-

Berry (H. F.), a History of the Royal Dublin Society, 454

tory, 301

Berthelot (D.), Calculation of the Despretz-Trouton Con.

Barber (Dr. C. A.), Sugar and the Sugar-Cane, 52

stant, 363 ; Photochemical Reactions, 195
Barcroft (J.) and T. Kato, Effect of Functional Activity, 25

Bertin (L. E.), Increase of Velocity or Range of Submarines,
Barger (Prof. G.), the Simpler Natural Bases, 116

195; Transport of Marine Mines by Currents, 27
Barker (A. H.), Heating and Ventilation, 331

Bessey (Profs. C. E. and E. A.), Essentials of College

Barkla (Prof. Ć. G.), X-Ray Fluorescence and the Quantum

Botany, 421

Theory, 7

Bessey (Prof. C E.) [Obituary], 43

Barkla (Prof. C. G.) and Dr. G. A. Carse, Notes on Prac-

Best (E.), Origin of Culture, 14
tical Physics for Junior Students, 423

Betim (A.), a Layer of Euxenite in Brazil, 721
Barlow (A. E.), Corundum, 688

Bezzi (Prof. M.), the Syrphidæ of the Ethiopian Region
Bardswell (Dr. N. D.), awarded the Weber-Parkes prize of

based on Material in the Collection of the British

the Royal College of Physicians, 649

Museum (Natural History), 584

Barnaby (Sir N.), [Obituary], 433

Bigourdan (G.), Instrumental Undulations of Images, 195;
Barnard (Prof. E. E.), a Mistaken Butterfly, 174 ; a Singular

Scintillation and Undulations, 279; Scintillation and
Dark Marking on the Sky, 637; Photographs of the

Instrumental Undulations of Celestial Images, 306; the
Milky Way and of Comets, 485; the Great Aurora of

Constellations, 218; Examination of Mirrors and Ob-

June 16, 1915, 536, 703 ; the Nebulous Region near

jectives, 218 · the Scintillation of Stars. 601

Omicron Persei, 548

Billings (Dr. F.), Lane Medical Lectures, 693
Barnard (J. E.), Röntgen Rays in Microscopic Work, 155

Bion (H. S.), (Death), 543 ; [Obituary], 567
Barnard (S.) and J. M. Child, Elements of Geometry, parts

Blair (D.), the Master-Key: a New Philosophy, 3
i.-vi., 62

Blair (K. G.), Emission of Light among Insects, 569
Barnes (Prof. J.), a Continuous Spectrum in the Ultra-

Blaithwayt (T. B.), the “Green Ray” at Sunset, 204

Blatter (Prof. E.), the Flora of Aden, 187
Barringer (H.), Evolution of the Oil-tank Ship, 404

Blegvad (H.), Food, etc., of Invertebrate Animals at the
Bartholomew (Dr. J. G.), an Atlas of Economic Geography,

Sea Bottom in Danish Waters, 526

Blount (B.), Cotton as a High Explosive, 591
Baskerville (Prof. C.), Rate of Evaporation of Ether from

Blumberg (H.), the Factorisation of Various Types of Ex-

pression, 553

Bassler (Dr. R S.), Geologic History of the Appalachian Bodroux (F.), Preparation of Hydrocarbons, 694

Valley, 135

Bordas (F.), Sanitation of the Camps and Battlefields, 474

Bastian (Dr. Charlton), the Use of Tyrosine, 460, 537

Bordas (F.) and S. Bruère, the Phenomena of Putrefaction,
Batabyal (B. C.), Dakshindar, a Godling of the Sunderbuns,

529, 581

Bonnheim (A.), Gift to the University of California, 471
Bates (S. J.), Osmotic Pressure of the Ions, etc., of Salts

Bohr (Dr. N.), the Spectra of Hydrogen and Helium, 6
in Aqueous Solution, 553

Bogitch (B.), Superficial Deformations of Steels, 474
Bather (Dr. F. A.), Inexact Analogies in Biology, 178; the

Bone (Prof. W. A.), Prof. H. L. Callendar, and H. J.
Rules of Zoological Nomenclature, 118

Yates, a new Bolometer, 81
Baxendell (J.), Report of the Fernley Observatory for 1914,

Bose (Prof. J. M.), Motion of a Plane-Kite, 682


Bosler (J.), Rotation of Solar Corona, 195, 217

Baxter (Miss E.) and Miss L. Rintoul, Scottish Ornithology

Bost (W. D. Ashton), Wood-charcoal, 177

in 1914, 711

Boswell (P. G. H.), Lower Eocene Deposits, 167

Baxter (Miss M.), appointed demonstrator in physics at Bottlinger (K. F.), Hay Line in Stellar Spectra, 99

Bedford College, 692

Bouchet (L.), Electric Pressures, 279 ; Vulcanised India-

Baylis (H. A.), Instructions for Collectors : Worms, 546

rubber, 27
Beam (Dr. W.). Applicability of Papyrus to Paper Manu- Bougault (J.), the Dioxytriazines, 335
facture, 548 ; Tests for Hashish, 548

Boule (M.), the Piltdown Skull, 460
Beam (Dr. W.) and G. A. Freak, Improved Hæmin Test Boulenger (E. G.), Reptiles and Batrachians, 143
for Blood, 518

Boulenger (Dr. G. A.), Catalogue of the Fresh-Water

Bean (W. J.), the Arboretum at Tortworth Court, 710

Fishes of Africa in the British Museum (Natural His.

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