Nature, Volume 95

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1915

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Página 220 - that the objects of the corporation shall be to encourage, in the broadest and most liberal manner, investigation, research, and discovery, and the application of knowledge to the improvement of mankind,
Página 164 - the two systems, as thus stated, do not appear to be great, but they are important. " The little more, and how much it is ! and the little less and how far away
Página 310 - With my pencil I made a rough sketch of the cone and pine I wanted and showed him it, when he instantly pointed to the hills about fifteen or twenty miles to the south. As I wanted to go in that direction he, seemingly with much good will, went with me. At midday I reached my long-wished
Página 85 - science of behavior ') and never go back upon the definition ; never to use the terms consciousness, mental states, mind, content, will, imagery, and the like. ... It can be done in terms of stimulus and response, in terms of habit formation, habit integration, and the like.
Página 138 - of technical and scientific investigation and experimentation through the agency of the Smithsonian Institution and such other scientific and educational institutions and societies as may be selected by the directors. The Smithsonian Institution is interested in the management of this corporation through the membership of the secretary in its board of directors.
Página 136 - to be known as the Langley Aerodynamical Laboratory. The functions of the laboratory were defined to be the study of the problems of aerodromics, particularly those of aerodynamics, with such research and experimentation as may be necessary to increase the safety and effectiveness of aerial locomotion for the purposes of commerce, national
Página 138 - behalf of the institution indicate, he says, " that there exist to-day over large parts of eastern Siberia and in Mongolia, Tibet, and other regions in that part of the world numerous remains which now form constituent parts of more modern tribes or nations, of a more ancient population (related in origin, perhaps, with the latest
Página 355 - Stagnant air at the same temperature as fresh air, even when it contains twenty or more parts of carbon dioxide, and all the organic and other substances in the breathed air of occupied rooms, has, so far, shown no effect on any of the physiological
Página 97 - makes up for its lack relatively to Africa and India of large man-eating Carnivora by the extraordinary ferocity or blood-thirstiness of certain small creatures of which the kinsfolk elsewhere are harmless. It is only here that fish no bigger than trout kill swimmers, and bats the size of the ordinary
Página 85 - Psychology has failed signally during the fifty odd years of its existence as an experimental discipline to make its place in the world as an undisputed natural science.

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