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Página 175 - THE stage is more beholding to love than the life of man. For as to the stage, love is ever matter of comedies, and now and then of tragedies ; but in life it doth much mischief — sometimes like a siren, sometimes like a fury.
Página 140 - Jesus' bells, and belonged to Jesus' chapel, but I know not by whose gift: the same had a great spire of timber covered with lead, with the image of St. Paul on the top, but was pulled down by Sir Miles Partridge, knight, in the reign of Henry VIII. The common speech then was, that he did set...
Página 117 - Nay, had she been true, If heaven would make me such another world Of one entire and perfect chrysolite, I'd not have sold her for it.
Página 31 - For whan ther any riding was in Chepe, Out of the shoppe thider wold he lepe, And til that he had all the sight ysein, And danced wel, he wold not come agein; And gadred him a meinie of his sort, To hoppe and sing, and maken swiche disport: And ther they setten steven for to mete To plaien at the dis in swiche a strete.
Página 125 - She, first of all the Town, was told Where newest India things were sold; So in a morning, without bodice, Slipt sometimes out to Mrs. Thody's To cheapen tea, to buy a screen; What else could so much virtue mean ? For, to prevent the least reproach, Betty went with her in the coach. But when no very great affair Excited her peculiar care...
Página 137 - ... christendome byrath, on morth sprake, and on unright hamed, and on unright work, of all that bishoprick on mine land, and on each other man's land. For I will that the church in all things be as free as I would my soul to be in the day of judgement. Witnesses : Osmund, our Chancellor; Lanfrank, the Archbishop of Canterbury; and T. Archbishop of York; Roger, Earle of Shrewesbury ; Alane, the county; Geffrey de Magnavilla ; and Ralph Peuerel.
Página 123 - ... the following lines of Prior, were sometimes perverted to places of intrigue, for, speaking of Hans Carvel's wife, the poet says : — " 'The first of all the Town was told, Where newest Indian things were sold ; So in a morning, without boddice, Slipt sometimes out to Mrs. Thody's, To cheapen tea, or buy a skreen ; What else could so much virtue mean ? ' " In the time of Queen Elizabeth this street was inhabited by chemists, druggists, and apothecaries.
Página 137 - ... upon arches or vaults of stone, for defence of fire, which was a manner of work before that time unknown to the people of this nation, and then brought in by the French ; and the stone was fetched from Caen in Normandy.
Página 31 - Gaillard5 he was, as goldfinch in the shawe,* Broune as a bery, a propre short felawe : With lokkes blake, kembed ful fetisly. Dancen he coude so wel and jolily, That he was cleped Perkin Revelour. He was as ful of love and paramour, As is the hive ful of hony swete ; Wel was the...

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