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It is the intention of the Editor that the successive volumes of the REGISTER shall present a history of the Medical interests of Illinois, and that they should present sufficient variety of contents to make it desirable for all to have every issue. With this view the present REGISTER is published at a merely nominal sum.

A few copies of last year's issue remain unsold, and they will be mailed to subscribers of this volume for 50c, prepaid. They are bound in cloth, uniform with this volume, and contain the following valuable matter not found in this issue:

Code of Ethics of The American Medical Association;
The Articles of Confederation of the American Medical College Association;
A Digest of ALL the Laws of Illinois of interest to Physicians;
The Lunacy Laws;

A Digest of the Ordinances of Chicago relating to Public Health, Vital Statistics, etc., etc.

These digests have been carefully compiled by O. R. Brouse, A. M., of the Chicago Bar, and are the

only ones.ever made. The Health Ordinances of Chicago in a complete fprm are novhete else &cČessible to the parlic..

The Chicago Fée Bilt and that of the Morga County Meslical Society.
Address the Publisher.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1878, by

In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

Book, Job and Commercial Printing House.

113 Madison Street.


Aziz \ 878/

This volume of the REGISTER, the second under the present auspices, has been prepared on the same general plan as the preceding one. A few new features, however, have been introduced, and additions made throughout, which, in order to keep the book within prescribed limits, necessitated the omission of the Code of Ethics and the Digest of Laws from this edition.

Much time and care have been taken to make as useful and reliable a REGISTER as possible, and especially to prepare the general list of names in accordance with the resolution of the American Medical Association requesting each State Medical Society to publish annually a complete list of regular physicians in the State.

The returns from some of the counties were very meagre, and in a few instances repeated eflorts on our part failed to get desired information and reports.

The thanks of the Editor are hereby tendered to all those who co-operated or otherwise showed their interest in the preparation of this volume, especially to the members of the Committee from the State Medical Society, both for advice and substantial aid; and to Mr. French Moore for clerical assistance.



OFFICERS FOR 1878-9.-President, H, D. Noyes, N. Y. Vice-President, W. F. Norris, Philadelphia, Secretary and Treasurer, R. H. Derby, N. Y.


OFFICERS FOR 1878–9.-President, A.H. Buck, N. Y. Vice-President, C. H Burnett, Phila, Secretary, J. 0. Greene, Boston.


OFFICERS FOR 1878–9.-President, T. G. Thomas, N. Y. Vice-Presidents, D. H. Storer, Boston, H. P. C. Wilson, Baltimore. Council, T. A, Emmett, A. H Smith, Jolin Byrne, G. J. Engleman, Secretary, J. R. Chadwick, Boston. Treasurer, P. F. Mundé, N. Y.

Next meeting at Baltimore, third Wednesday of September, 1879,


OFFICEES FOR 1878–9.-President, L. A. Duhring, Phila. Vice-Presidents, J. N. Hyde, Chicago, S. Sherwell, Brooklyn. Secretary, R. W. Taylor, N. Y. Treasurer. J. E. Atkinson, Baltimore.

Next meeting the last Tuesday of August, 1879, in New York.

Atwood, Eugene, S., removed office to 207 Clark; hours, 3:30 to 5.
Burrill, Charles W., 1554 Wentworth Ave. Till 9, at 1 and at 6. Chic. Med. Coll.

1872. Graham, David W., removed office and residence to 101 Warren Ave. Hours 8 to 9,

12:30 to 1:30, 5 to 6. Griffin, Byron W., removed residence to 257 W. Madson. Harroun, Wm. S., for 154 Western Ave. read 164. Jones, Samuel J., for Palmer House at 5 P. M., Tuesday and Thursday, read 170

State, 9 to 1 and Tuesday and Thursday at 5 P. M.
Schloesser, A. G., for 234 LaSalle, read 202.
Shugart, Joseph, 159 Washington St., 1:30 to 3.30, residence 260 W, Washington till

9, at 12, 5 to 9 P. M. Med. Coll. Ohio, 1864.
Steele, D. A. K., At 70 Monroe 11:30 to 1.
Webster, E. H., St. Luke's Hospital. Chic. Med. Coll., 1877.
Bridgeford, J. E., 51st and Wabash Ave. W. H. Med. Coll., Chicago, 1877.
Hagenbuch, Allen W., Cook Co. Insane Asylum, Jefferson. Rush, 1876.
Slafea, A. K., Coulterville, Randolph Co., read A. K. Leeper,

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