Domestic Life and Domestic Tragedy in Early Modern England: The Material Life of the Household

Manchester University Press, 19/07/2013 - 256 páginas
In a theatre which self-consciously cultivated its audiences' imagination, how and what did playgoers 'see' on the stage? This book reconstructs one aspect of that imaginative process. It considers a range of printed and documentary evidence - the majority previously unpublished - for the way ordinary individuals thought about their houses and households. It then explores how writers of domestic tragedies engaged those attitudes to shape their representations of domesticity. It therefore offers a new method for understanding theatrical representations, based around a truly interdisciplinary study of the interaction between literary and historical methods. The plays she cites include Arden of Faversham, Two Lamentable Tragedies, A Woman Killed With Kindness, and A Yorkshire Tragedy.

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of the early modern household26
Choose thee a bed and hangings for a chamber
Two Lamentable Tragedies128
A Woman Killed With Kindness150
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Catherine Richardson is Lecturer in English and History and Fellow of The Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham

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