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I.-QUESTIONS set to CANDIDATES for First Division of

First Class.

Ol Programme.



Two hours allowed for this paper.

read only the first five answers left uncancelled. The
questions in this paper are all of equal value, twelve
marks being allowed for each.

Dr. MORAN, Head Inspector.
Mr. HUGHES, District Inspector.

1. Emulation is one of the most powerful stimulants to exertion. Show at length what you consider the uses and abuses of this stimulant.

2. What do you understand by the analytic method of teaching Illustrate your answer by the outline of a lesson on Tides.

3. Discuss the question of a school day of one or two meetings. Which do you prefer? Give full reasons for your preference.

4. What is meant by “ Association of Ideas ”? What faculty of the mind does it train? How is it utilised in Arithmetic, Grammar, and Geography?

5. “Geography should be brought, as it were, to their own doors.” Give the different steps by which you carry out this. method in your school.

6. What are the broad advantages of physical training? How' may it be introduced into girls' schools ?

7. There are two important arts taught by a proper method of answering questions. What are these? What means would you. adopt to assure success in both |


Appendix. 8. Give the substance of the Board's Rules as to the admission Section III., and privileges of visitors during—

(a.) Secular Instruction; Examigation

(6.) Religious Instruction. Questione.

9. “In Kindergarten there is a valuable, technical, and artistic Le training for little children.” Trace fully the steps in this double Teachers. training, and give the point to which the latter may be carried in 1 Paper an Infant Division.

12. State fully the advantages of “preparation” on the part of a teacher. What is a Principal's duty in reference to this when training his junior teachers ?

Male and Femald

Old Pro. gramm.

GRAMMAR.—60 Markg.

Two hours allowed for this paper.

N.B.-In addition to the questions in Parsing and Analysis,

namely, Nos. 1 and 2, which are compulsory, only three
questions are to be attempted. The Examiner will read
only the Parsing and Analysis and the first three other
answers left uncancelled. The questions in this paper
are all of equal value, twelve marks being allowed for

Mr. SULLIVAN, Head Inspector.
Dr. BEATTY, District Inspector.

1. Macbeth

Prythee; peace:
I dare do all that may become a man;

Who dares do more is none. . ,ini
Lady Macbeth—

What beast was't then,
That made you break this enterprise to me?
When you durst do it, then you were a man;
And to be more than what you were, you would

Be so much more the man.
Parse fully the words in italics. (It is not allowable to parse,
instead of a word given, a word substituted for it.) ,
2. Give a complete analysis of the following lines : : :

And thou hast walked about (how strange a story !)

In Thebes' streets three thousand years ago,
When the Memnonium was in all its glory.

And time had not begun to overthrow
Those temples, palaces and piles stupendous

Of which the very ruins are tremendous. ;
3. Discuss fully the adequacy of the following definition of a
verb:-"a word that implies action or the doing of something."

4. Are logical propositions and grammatical sentences idéntical? Answer fully; a mere yes or no will not be accepted.

5. Give examples of correct and of incorrect ellipsis of the article adjective, pronoun; distinguishing clearly the cases in which it is allowable from those in which it is not.



6. Correct (giving reasons) or justify each of the following expres Append.x. sions:

Section III. (a.) He preferred to go alone than to communicate his design.

Exami(6.) The Lord Mayor, with the Aldermen, were present.

nation (c.) It was the most violent of the discussions by which it had been preceded.

and Female (d.) He wrote to the man whom he knew was about to be the Teachers. purchaser.

A' Papers. -- 7. Give the derivation of:--bundle, sheriff, nostril, rather, old Prodrudge, halter.

8. Define:-Allegory, Irony, Climax, Anticlimax; and give an example of each.

9. Give an account of the character and extent of the Latin element in the modern English vocabulary; also of the period and circumstances of its introduction. 10. In what metre is each of the following written:

" "Paradise Lost”;

“ Chevy Chase”; ... + Gray's “ Elegy;

“ Childe Harold”?


GEOGRAPHY.-60 Marks.

Two hours allowed for this paper.

N.B.One of the map-drawing questions is compulsory. In addi

tion to it only four questions are to be attempted. The
Examiner will read only the answer to the map-drawing
question and the first four other answers left uncancelled.
The questions in this paper are all of equal value, twelve

marks being assigned to each.
Neatness and accuracy in the drawing of maps and diagrams

will be taken into account.]

Mr. EARDLEY, Head Inspector.

Mr. MURPHY, District Inspector. 1. Draw a map, showing the shores of the Baltic, the course of the more important rivers flowing into it, and the principal commercial and naval Baltic ports.

2. On the outline map supplied to you, indicate by shading or colouring (inserting names) the extent of territory held or infuenced by European Powers.

3. Compare the Flora and Fauna of Australia and South Africa, and give some account of the native races inhabiting each.

4. What winds are peculiar to the Mediterranean Sea and regions bordering on it ? Describe and account for them.

5. Give an account of the Soudan under heading of (a) divisions, (6) chief towns, (c) inhabitants, and (d) political changes within the last 20 years.

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