Who's who in the New Testament

Psychology Press, 1995 - 286 páginas
Over 300 entries cover each character's biography, with historical, geographical and archaeological context. In addition there are entries focusing on the growth of the Church, and interpretive analysis of the Gospels and their writers.The Routledge Who's Who in The New Testament is the most complete and detailed reference book of its kind. Paying close attention to the places linked with the major events of Jesus's life, it provides:bull; over 300 extensive entries covering every characterbull; detailed biographical information on each character, including exactly where to find them in the Biblebull; the complete historical, geographical and archaeological context of each entrybull; an extremely accessible and easy to use A-Z layoutbull; extensive geographical entries focusing on the growth of the Christian Church and the key locations in the New Testamentbull; comprehensive interpretative analysis of the varying versions of the Gospels and the characters of the authors

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