A Summer Visit of Three Rhode Islanders to the Massachusetts Bay in 1651: An Account of the Visit of Dr. John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes and John Crandall, Members of the Baptist Church in Newport, R. I., to William Witter of Swampscott, Mass. in July 1651; Its Innocent Purpose and Its Painful Consequences

Preston and Rounds, 1896 - 115 páginas

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Página 62 - I am not able to declare it to you, it was so easy to me, that I could well bear it, yea and in a manner felt it not although it was grievous as the spectators said, the man striking with all his strength (yea spitting in [on] his hand three times as many affirmed) with a three-corded whip, giving me therewith thirty strokes.
Página 95 - I said to the people, though my Flesh should fail, and my Spirit should fail, yet God would not fail ; so it pleased the Lord to, come in, and so to fill my heart and tongue as a vessel! full, and with an audible...
Página 88 - ... was forced off your head, to the disturbance of the congregation, and professing against the institution of the church, as not being according to the gospel of Jesus Christ...
Página 95 - So it pleased the Lord to come in, and so to fill my heart and tongue as a vessel full, and with an audible voice I broke forth praying unto the Lord not to lay this sin to their charge ; and telling the people, that now I found he did not fail me, and therefore now I should trust him forever...
Página 2 - GEORGE P. FISHER, Yale University. " Mr. Samuel Greene Arnold in his history of Rhode Island has. brought together all the extant materials. He brings out more clearly than any previous writer the distinct threads of the previous settlements."— PROF.
Página 95 - Jesus, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, wherein I have fellowship with him in his death, burial, and resurrection, I am now come to be baptized in afflictions by your hands, that so I may have further fellowship with my Lord, and am not ashamed of his sufferings, for by his stripes am I healed.
Página 33 - ... shall either openly condemn or oppose the baptizing of infants, or go about secretly to seduce others from the approbation or use thereof, or shall purposely depart the congregation at the ministration of the ordinance, or shall deny the ordinance of magistracy, or their lawful right and authority to make war, or to punish the outward breaches of the first table...
Página 98 - Lord, and give all glory to him, for he is worthy, to whom be praise for evermore, to whom I commit you, and put up my earnest prayers for you, that by my late experience, who have trusted in God, and have not been deceived, you may trust in him perfectly : wherefore my dearly beloved Brethren trust in the Lord, and you shall not be ashamed, nor confounded, so I also rest, Yours in the bond of Charity r, Obediah Holmes.
Página 98 - And now being advised to make my escape by night, because it was reported that there were warrants forth for me, I departed ; and the next day after, while I was on my journey, the constable came to search at the house where I lodged, so I escaped their hands, and was by the good hand of my heavenly Father brought home again to my near relations, my wife and eight children.
Página 60 - He was accordingly punished with thirty lashes from a three-corded whip, with such severity, says Governor Jenks, " that in many days, if not some weeks, he could take no rest but as he lay upon his knees and elbows, not being able to suffer any part of his body to touch the bed whereon he lay.

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