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hatred and detestation. I meant, gentlemen, to have spoken for another half hour, but I am old and tired. Thank me for ending—but, gentlemen, bear with me for another moment; one word before I end. I am old, but I thank God I have lived to see more than my observations on human nature taught me I had any right to expect. I have lived to see an honest King, in whose word his Ministers can trust; who disdains to deceive those men whom he has called to the public service, but makes common cause with them for the common good; and exercises the highest powers of a ruler for the dearest interests of the State. I have lived to see a King with a good heart, who, surrounded by Nobles, thinks of common men; who loves the great mass of English people, and wishes to be loved by them; who knows that his real power, as he feels that his happiness, is founded on their affection. I have lived to see a King, who, without pretending to the pomp of superior intellect, has the wisdom to see, that the decayed institutions of human policy require amendment; and who, in spite of clamour, interest, prejudice, and fear, has the manliness to carry these wise changes into immediate execution. Gentlemen, farewell: shout for

the King.





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WHY is not a Catholic to be believed on his oath 2 What says the law of the land to this extravagant piece of injustice? It is no challenge against a juryman, to say he is a Catholic; he sits in judgment upon your life and your property. Did any man ever hear it said that such or such a person was put to death, or that he lost his property, because a Catholic was among the jurymen 2 Is the question ever put 2, Does it ever enter into the mind of the attorney or the counsellor to inquire of the faith of the jury If a man sell a horse, or a house, or a field, does he ask if the purchaser be a Catholic 2 Appeal to your own experience, and try by that fairest of all tests—the justice of this enormous charge. We are in treaty with many of the powers of Europe, because we believe in the good faith of Catholics. Twothirds of Europe are, in fact, Catholics; are they all perjured ? For the first fourteen centuries all the Christain world were Catholics; did they live in a constant state of perjury I am sure these objections against the Catholics are often made by very serious and honest men, but I much doubt if Voltaire has advanced any thing against the Christian religion so horrible as to say that two-thirds of those who profess it are unfit for all the purposes of civil life; for who is fit to live in society who does not respect oaths 2 But if this imputation be true, what folly to agitate such questions as the civil emancipation of the Catholics! If .. are always ready to support falsehood by an appeal to God, why are they

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