The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Volume 2

J.B. Lippincott, Company, 1841

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Página 47 - AM, MD, Professor of Obstetrics and The Diseases of Women and Children, in the Chicago Medical College.
Página 158 - ... the causes of death in cities; and to show that while the mortality is increased as much as they stated, the apprehensions into which they were betrayed were ill-founded when applied to the future. There is reason to believe that the aggregation of mankind in towns is not inevitably disastrous. Health and life may be preserved in a dense population provided the density be not carried beyond certain limits. Of this the nature of the causes to which the mortality is due, as well as the rapid improvement...
Página 232 - The edges of the gums attached to the necks of two or more teeth of either jaw, were distinctly bordered by a narrow leaden-blue line, about the onetwentieth part of an inch in width, whilst the substance of the gum apparently retained its ordinary colour and condition...
Página 15 - ... summer being only 41°-66. At all these points, the contrast in the difference of the mean temperature of the warmest and the coldest month, is equally striking. The next points of comparison, as lying on the same parallel, are Forts Wolcott and Trumbull on the Atlantic, and Council Bluffs, Fort Armstrong, and West Point, in the opposite localities. The difference between the mean temperature of summer and winter at Fort Wolcott, Newport, Rhode Island, is 36°-55, and at Fort Trumbull, New London,...
Página 525 - OBSTETRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY, in reference to the Process of Parturition. A new and enlarged edition, thoroughly revised by the Author. With Additions by WV...
Página 453 - Surgery, being a half-yearly Journal, containing a retrospective view of every discovery and practical improvement in the Medical Sciences; Edited by W.
Página 196 - If an hour after a meal, a scruple of this acid be taken into the stomach, in the course of a couple of hours subsequently the urine voided, amounting to five or six ounces, will be found, on adding a small quantity of muriatic acid, to yield a copious precipitate of beautiful rose-pink acicular crystals, which weigh, after being allowed to settle for a day, about fifteen grains.
Página 51 - ... tuft, so that when the blood of the mother flows into the placenta through the curling arteries of the uterus, it passes into a large sac formed by the inner coat of the vascular system of the mother...
Página 20 - The peculiar character of the climate of East Florida, as distinguished from that of our more northern latitudes, consists less in the mean annual temperature than in the manner of its distribution among the seasons. At Fort Snelling, for example, the mean temperature of winter is 15°-95, and of summer 72°-75, whilst at Fort Urooke, Tampa Bay, the former is 64°-76, and the latter 84°-25, and at Key West, 70°'05, and 81°-39.
Página 91 - It is long since I have been led to the observation that a solution of arsenious acid is precipitated in a manner so complete by the hydrated peroxide of iron recently precipitated and suspended in water, that a current of sulphuretted hydrogen directed through the liquid, filtered and acidulated with a small quantity of hydrochloric acid, no longer presented the least trace of arsenious acid. I have also found that if to this body some drops of ammonia be added, and if it then be digested at a...

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