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Invalid pen

Revolutionary For revolutionary pensions under the act of eighteenth March, pensione.

one thousand eighi hundred aud eighteen, one hundred and sixty six thousand dollars.

For invalid pensions under various acts, two hundred and sions.

twenty thousand dollars. Pensions to wid.

For Pensions 10 widows and orphans under the acı of fourth Ows & orphans.

July, one thousand eighi hundred and thirty six, three hundred and tweniy eight thousand five hundred dollars.

For pensions 10 widows under the act of sevenib July, one thousand eighi hundred and thiriy eight, and the acts supplementary thereto, three hundred ihousand dollars.

For pensions to widows under the act of third March, one thousand eight hundred and forty thier, eighty Thousand dollars.

For pensions to widows under the act of sevenleenih June, one thousand eight hundred and foriy.four, six hundred thou. sand dollars.

For half pay pensions to widows and orphans, payable through the Third Auditor's Office, four thousand five huidied

doliars, Arrearages.

For arrearages prior to July second, one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, payable through the Third Auditor's Office,

one thousand two hundred dollars. Evidence ne Sec. 2. And be it further enaled, That no widow entitled cessary to entj.

lo a pension under existing laws, and claiming a pension whose pension. husband was drawing a pension at the time of his decease, shall be r quired in any

such case to furnish


futher evidence that said husband was entiiled 10 a pension ; nor shall any evi. dence, in any case, he required to enljile the widow to a pension, when ihe eviidence is in the archives of the Government, other than suich proof as would be sutficient to establish the mar

riage lietween the applicant and the deceased pensioner in civil Proviso. personal actions in a court of justice : Provided, Thai upon a

revision of the testimony in the case of the decrased husband the Commissioner be satisfied that the pension was properly granted.

Sec. 3. And be il further enacted, that the fourih sechion Sec. 4 of the act making ap

of an act entitled “ An act making appropriations for the civil propriations for and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the fi-cal year the civil and diplomatic expen

ending the thirtieth day of June, A. D. eighteen hundred and sex. 86. not to forty-six, and for oiher purposes," shall not be so construed as 19 applying w ap apply to applications for pensions. plirat ons for

Approved, May 7, 1846. penelons

tle a widow to a

CHAP. 14—AN ACT to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for certain

objecis made for the service of the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty-six.

(Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representalives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be and the same are here



by appropriated to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for various objects niade for she service of the fiscal year ending on llie chiriieth of June, eighteen hundred and forty six, namely:

Furile contingent expenses of the Senate, being for printing Contingent erand lithographing, ordered during the twenty eighth Congress, pens seventy seien Thousand live hundred dollars.

For the contingent expenses of the Senate, being for prin. Printing and ting and lithographing, ordered by the Senale, during the first lithographing. session of the twenty-ninth Congress, fifiy one thousand dolJars.

for the coniingent expenses of the House of Representatives, Contingent oxseventy thousand dollars.

penres of House

of RepresentaTo enable the clerk of she House of Representatives of the lives. United States 10 comply with former orders of the House directing him to supply the members with ceriain books, lo wir: Purchase of

certain books. For two hundred and twenty six copies of the fourieenih volume of the Congressional Globe and Appendix, six hundred and seventy-eight dollais: Provideil, That This appropriation, or any legislaion heretofore had in relation to said work, shall not be deemed 10 au horize any further subscriprion to said work, or the purchasing any suriher volumes thereof.

For sevenly six copies of the fourrieenth yolume of the Re. gister of Debates, seven 'huwdied and sixiy dollars.

For one hundred and filly-eighi copies of 6. Contested Elections," seven hundred ind ninely dollars.

For i no hundred and nineteen copies of the fourih and filih Documentary volumes of the Documentary History, seven thousand foriy Flisty. three dollars and ninely one cents: Provided, Tha this appro. I'roviso. praljon, or any legislation heretofore had in relation lo said work shall not be deemed to amhorize any furthersubscription to said work, or the purchasing any further volumes ibereof be. yond the number an horized and required by existing contracts with the publishers.

For contingent expenses in the office of the First Auditor, Contingent exthree hundied dollars.

penses ffice of For copiingeni expenses in the office of Fourth Auditor, ditors. five hundred dollars.

For contingeni expenses of the office of ihe Secretary of the Contingent esTreasury, for publishing notices as requiied by acis of the genres

" Secretary of tho twelfih of October, cigh een hundred and Thirty-seven, and ihe 'I reasury. sevenleenit of June, eighieen hundred and foriy-four, one thousand dollars.

For compensation to the superintendent of the Post Office Compensation building for the year ending the ihiriieih of Jiine, eighteen of

3 " ant of the Post bundrest and forly five, iwo hundred and fifiy dollars.

Office. Forduljonal salaries of the District Judges of Ohio, Indi- Salaries of corana, Illinois, and Missouri, from the third of March, eighteen tain district hundred and forty five, two thousand three bundred and nine. ty-four dollars and ninety seven cents.

lit and 4ib Au


awaro water.

Expenses of the For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, Circuit, and Supreme Court and

District District Courts of the United States, including the District of Courts of the U Columbia; also for jurors and witnesses, in aid of funds ariswitnesses, Sc. ing from fines, penalties, and forfeitures, and likewise for de

fraying the expenses of suits in which the Unived States are concerned, and for prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners, one

hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Insane paupers

For expenses incurred, and to be incurred for the support, of the District of Columbia.

clothing, and medical treatment of the insane paupers of the Disirici of Colunibia, one thousand three hundred and lwenty five

dollars and seveniy vine cenis. Light on Dol- For reimbursement of the Philadelphia board of wderwriBreak

ters, for expenses paid and to be paid by them in maintaining the light on the Delaware breakwater from the first of July, eighteen hundred and forty-four, 10 the thirtieth of Jane eigh

teen hundred and forty six, one'ihonsavd six hundied dollars. Outfits of Char For outfits of chargés des affaires to Texas, Austria, Peru, ges des Affaires, and Venezuela, five hundred dollars; and that the proper ac

counting officers of the Treasury are hereby aw horized and direcied to allow 1o William H Siles, Chargé d'Affaires to Austria, his salary from the tenih day of May to the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and foriy.five, and to piry the same out of any unexpended balance of the appropriations for salaries of the Chargés des Affaires of the Unijed States.

For ouifiis of the late Chargés des Affaires to Peru aud Ven. ezuela, and Chargés des Affaires 1o Naples, Holland, New Gre. nada, Sweden, Puriugal, Denmark, Belgium, Sardinia, Chili,

and Buenos Ayres, filiy-four housind dollars. Contingent ex For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty penses of foreigh thousand dollars. missions. Pensions. For payment of invalid pensions under various laws, seventy.

four thousand dollars.

For payment of pensions under act of July four, eighteen hundred and thiriy six, one hundred and two ihousand dollars.,

For payment of widow's' pensions under act of July seven, eighteen hundred and thirty eight, and the acts supplementary thereto, one hundred and thiee ihousand eight hundred dollais.

For repairing the Siale Artillery of the State of Louisiana,

State arillery of Lou- injured in the service of the Uniled States in Texas, during isiana. the summer and fall of eighicen bundred and foriy five, one

thousand five hundred and sixty six dollars. Paymentofl'ex

For payinent of four companies of Texas volunteers and es and Louisi two companies of Louisiana volunteers, including the supplies ana volunteers. required by the quartermaster's department, sixty nine thousand

two hundred and six dollars and sixiy eight rents. Transportation

For transportation of officers' baggage, thirty thousand dolof officers' bag- lars. Transportation

For the transportation of troops and supplies of the army of troops, sup- including baggage of troops when moving either by land plies, &c.

or water ; freight and ferriages; the purchase or hire of horses,


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moles, oxen, carls, wagons, and boats, for the transportation of supplies and for garrison purposes; drayage and cartage at the several posts ; hire of tearnsters; transportation of funds of the pas de pariment ; expense of sailing public transports between ihe posis on the Gulf of Mexico, and procuring water at such posis as from their situation require il; of clothing from the depot at Philadelphia is the stations of the troops ; of sub. sistence from the places of purchase and from the places of de. livery, under contracts, to such places as the necessities of the service may require it to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance stores, and small arms from he foundries and armories to the arsenals, fortifications, and frontier posts, six hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

For the regular supplies of the quartermaster's department, Supplios of consisting of fuel, forage in kind for the authorized number of Quartermaster's

department. officers' horses, and for the horses, mules, and oxen belonging to the quartermaster's deparıment at the several military posts and stations, and for the horses of the two regiments of dragoons and of the four companies of light artillery; of straw for soldiers' bedding; and of stationery, including company and other blank books for the army, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quartermaster's departments, and the printing of department orders, army regulations, and general regulations, one hundred thousand dollars.

For amount required for the support of the District of Co. Clerical error ; lumbia for the fiscal year ending thirtieth June, eighteen hun corrected by the dred and forty-six, eleven thousand nine hundred and forty-of May 15, 1816. nine dollars and sixty-four cents.

For refunding certain duties collected under the act of the Refunding certhirtieth of August, eighteen hundred and forry two, entitled tain dutics. 5. An act to provide revenue from imports, and to change and modify existing laws imposing duties on imports, and for other purposes, contrary to the terms of the couvention of eighteen hundred and fifteen between Great Britain and the United Stales, in fulfilment of the agreement lately entered into by the Government of the United States and Great Britain, one hundred thousand dollars.

For compensation and mileage of Senators and members of Compensation the House of Representatives and delegates, the same being and mileage of rendered necessary by an increase in the number of Senators members of the and members of the House of Representatives, twenty thousand House of Repre. dollars.

sentatives, and

delegates. For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, seven thou- Contingent er. sand five hundred dollars.

ponses of foreign For salary of the commissioner to reside in China from the Salary of Com. first of April to the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and missioner

China. forty five, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

Approved, May 8,1846,


CHAP. 15.-AN ACT to repeal a part of the act entitled “An act sapple

mentary to the several laws for the sale of the public lands," approved April fifth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, and for other purposes.

[Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre

sentarives of the United States of America in Congress (18Repeal of the sembled, That, from and afier the passage of this act the se. 2d proviso in the cond proviso to the act entitled “An act supplementary to 1832, permitting the several laws for the sale of the public lands," approved enimos &c. of April filth, one thousand eight hundred and thiry two, which land.

is iis follows, viz: “ Thai no person shall be permitied to enter more than one half quarter section of land under this act in quaiter quarter Sections, in his own name, or in the name of any other person, and in no case unless he intends is for cultivation, or for the use of his improvement. And the person making application to make an entry under this acı shall file his or her affidavii, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, that he or she makes the entry in his or her own name, for his or her own benefit, and not in trust for another," shall be and the same is hereby repealed; and all entries, selections or locations of lands now suspended in the General Land Office, because inade contrary to the resırictions in this proviso, shall be and they are liereby confirmed, provided they are in all other respects fair and regular.

Approved, May 8, 1846.

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CHAP. 16 —AN ACT providing for the prosecution of the existing war be

tween the Vuited states and the Republic of Mexico. Preamblo. Whereas, by the act of the Republic of Mexico, a state of war

exists between that Government and the United Stajes :
[Sec. I.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre.

scntatives of the Uniled States of America in Congress (s. President au

sembled, That, for the purpose of enabling the Goverminent thorized to em- of the United States to pioserute siid war to a speedy and ploy mililia, la. sliccessful termination, the President lie and he is hereby aliforces of the horized 10 employ the militia, naval, and military forces of the 8. and w call sor United States, and to call for and iccept the services of any servicer of vule number of volunteers, not exceeding fifiy thousand, who ming Billeors not er- offer their services either as cavalıy, artillery. infantry, or ifleceeding 50,000

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men, to serve iwelve months afies they shall have arrived at Time volunteers

the place of rendezvous, or to the end of he war, unless sooner

discharged, according to the time for which they shall have Ten millions of been mustered into service, and that the sun of ten niillious dollars appropr. of dollars, oui of any moneys in the Treasury or to come into

the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, he and the same is hereby appropriated, for the purpose of carrying the provisions

of ihis act into effeci. Militia to serve

Sic 2 And brit further enaciell, That the militia, when hur six months. called into the service of the United by viriue of this act,

are to serve.


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