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Illustrated and defended in a continued Series of Letters and
- Inquiries.

fan second BDITION, comarcTED AND ENLARGEs.


*But to us there is but one God the Father.” ST. PAUL.

“This is my beloved Son.” Jehovah.

“God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost.”


§old also by Cushing & Appleton, and T. Porter, Salem; Cs
Norris & Co. Exeter; iord, Hyde & Co. Portland; E.
Goodale, Hallowell; D. Coolidge, Concord ; I.
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Bedford; J. Brewer, Providence; and
A. Finley, Philadelphia.


Distriet Clerie's Offiee. BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twenty-seeond day oF May, A.D.18I2, and in the thirty-sixth year of the independenee of the United States of Ameriea, BRADFORD & READ, of the said Distriet, have deposited hi this Offiee the title of a book, th* right whereof they elaim as Proprietors in the words following, viz.

"Bible News: or Saered Truths relating to the Living God, his Only Son, and Holy Spirit, illustrated and defended in a eontinued series of Letters and Inquiries. The seeond edition, eorreeted and enlarged. By Noah Woheester, A. M. "But to us there is but one God the Father." St. Paul. "This is my beloved Son." Jehovah. "God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost." St. Peter."

In eonformity to the Aet of the Congress of the United States, intitled, "An Aet for the Eneouragement of Learning, by seeuring the Copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors and Proprietors of sueh Copies, during the times therein mentioned and also to an Aet intitled, "An Aet supplementary to an Aet intitled an Aet for the Eneouragement of Learning, by seeuring the Copies of Maps, Charts and Books, to the Authors" and Proprietors of sueh Copies during the times therein mentioned; and extending the Benefits thereof to the Arts of Designing, Engraving and Etehing Historieal and other Prints."

WILLIAM 8. SHAW,} ^£££2?

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THE Letters contained in the following pages are, generally, those which were formerly published under the title of “Bible News;” and “addressed to a worthy Minister of the gospel.” Some things, however, have been omitted to give place to others which have been deemed of more importance. But whether this may be properly called an Improved Edition, the public will determine.

on condition that it shall be consistent with the will of God, under the general title now assumed, the public may expect some farther communications. A series of Inquiries have, for a long time, occupied my attention; and some things are nearly ready for the press; which, it is hoped, will give additional light respecting the character of the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit; and also additional evidence that the doctrine of a “Three one God” has no foundation in the Bible; and that it is really reproachful both to the Holy ONE of Israel and to his ONLY SON.

It was foreign from the desires of my heart to oceasion any schism, tumult or clamor among professed Christians ; and I cannot but deeply lament that any things of such a nature have been the consequence of publishing my sentiments. It is most sincerely hoped, that those who have been offended with me for thinking for myself and publishing the fruits of my inquiries, will yet allow themselves time for cool reflection and patient eacamination. For it is confidently believed, that the time is not far distant, when the doctrine, that Christ is really God's SON, will not, by Christian JMinisters, be classed among “damnable heresies.” . o !

There are things, respecting which, I must be allowed to express some astonishment, because, when the things are compared together, there seems to be something of the nature of a paradox.

So far as I am informed by reports, by private letters and by conversation, the sentiment that Christ is really God's SON, has, above every thing else in my Letters, been made the ground of objection among Trinitarian Ministers. It is on this very ground that they have taken the liberty to represent, that I have degraded the character of Christ, that I am an orian, a Socinian, and a heretic.

In my own defence, and in opposition to their views, I exhibit evidence from Scripture, that believing in Christ, as the Son of God, is stated as a condition of

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