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Female clerks and counters appointed in the Treasury Department since Feb

ruary 20, 1868.


Recommended by.


Mrs. M. J. Alter....
Margaret Bryan
Mrs. S. E. Brooker
Mrs. E. V. Chamberlain..
Mrs. Julia Ross

Delia A. Mulneaux.

Hon. G. V. Lawrence.

Widow of soldier.
Hon. John Sherman
Hon, Garrett Davis

Hon. U, Mercur

Hon. A. G. Cattell, Hon. C. R.

Buckalew, and Hon. S. J. Ran.

Hons. W. S. Lincoln, L. S. Trim- Lost a father and brother

ble, J. B. Beck, T. L. Jones, G. in the army.
M. Adams, W. E. Niblack, T.
A. Hendricks, A. P. Grover, and
J. S. Gulladay.

Widow of soldier.
Hon. A. C. Harding

Wife of crippled soldier.

Maria Van Alistine....
Mrs. Mary B. Naylor.
Lavina S. Ralston
Miss Josephine Chadwell
Mrs. James C. Claflin.
Mrs. Ellen Eddy.
Mrs. A. F. Freedley
Miss S. E. Harrison..

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Miss X. M. Hooe ......

Daughter of a deceased

naval officer.

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Widow of soldier


Hon. J. A. Peters.
Hon. W. P. Fessenden..
Hons. T. A. Hendricks, M.C.Kerr,

H. D. Washburn, M. C. Hun-
ter, John Coburn, G.W. Julian,
W. E. Niblack, and W. S. Hol-

Hon. J. W. Patterson..
Hon. Reverdy Johnson.

Martha Wood
Mrs. B. H. Williams.

Applications received for appointments in the Treasury Department as female

clerks and counters since February 20, 1868. Mrs. Mary Ash; Mary M. Albright, recommended by Hon. M. Welker : Miss M. Aburu ; Mrs. J. Adams, recommended by Hon. James M. Cavanaugh; Kitty Allen, recommended by Hon. William Mungen ; Sue Buroughs, Anna Burk; Mary E. Brady, recommended by Hon. J. R. Doolittle; Mattie Brown, A. Bauer; Mrs. E. B. Bidwell, recommended by New York delegation; Miss Bidwell, Mrs. N. L. Buford ; Mrs. C. Bradley, recommended by Hon. John Sherman; Hattie Burrows, recommended by Hon. S. S. Marshall; Mrs. C. Batton ; Emily Brent, recommended by Hon. T. W. Tipton; Martha E. Burgess, recommended by Hon. G. Davis, Hon. L. S. Trimble, Hon. G. M. Adams, Hon. T. L. Jones, Hon. James B. Beck, Hon. A. P. Grover, and Hon. J. S. Golladay ; Mrs. Virginia Brewster, Mrs. A. Bebby, Catharine Cook; Margaret Crawford, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall; Cora Crampton, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall : Anna Conkling, Kate Cavanaugh, Miss J. Chadwell, Miss C. J. Crampton, Sarah Cahill; Miss M. J. Carline, recommended by Hon. L. P. Poland; Rosa M. Cook, Mrs. E. Chamberlain ; Miss Rosa Crippen, recommended by Hon. Burt Van Horn, Hon. Roscoe Conkling, Hon. E. D. Morgan; Jennie Cockron; Mary E. Cunningham, recommended by Hon. Charles Sitgreaves, Hon. John Hill, Hon William Moore, Hon. L. S. Trimble, Hon. A. G. Burr, Hon. D. M. Van Auken, Hon. W. E. Niblack, Hon. J. L. Getz, Hon. J. Hotchkiss, Hon. D. Barnes, Hon. J. B. Beck, Hon. J. A. Johnson, Hon. L. W. Ross, Hon. D. R. Ashley, Hon. S. M. Culom, Hon. I. R. Hawkins, Hon. S. Hooper, Hon. W. Mungen, Hon. T. E. Stewart, Hon. George W. Woodward, and Hon. W. s. Holman ; M. s. Crupper, recommended by Hon. W. C. Fields, Hon. M. C. Hunter, Hon. H. D. Washburn, Hon. G. W. Julian, and Hon. W. Williams ; Mrs. J T. Coburn, Miss De Fronville, Mrs. Donaldson ; M. A. Dickman, recommended by Hon. J. G. Blaine and Hon. L. M. Morrill: Anna Dryesdale; Annie S. Douglass, recommended by Hon. H. Van Aernam; Mrs. J. Elliott, recommended by Hon. A. G. Cattell and Hon. C. R. Buckalew ; Mrs. R. Eisenbary, recommended by Hon. $. J. Randall; Mrs. Mary Evans, Susie Finckle; Miss S. M. Fitchner, recommended by Hon. D. J. Morrell; Mrs. Francis, Margaret Fetter, Mrs. A. C. Fardon, Miss J. H. Gove; Miss T. M. Gibbons, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall; Nannie E. Genin, recommended by Hon. F. Wood, Hon. James Brooks, Hon. T. E. Stewart, Hon. J. Fox, Hon. A. G. Burr, Hon. S. Taber, Hon. W. H. Barnum, Hon. P. Van Trump, and Hon. M. C. Kerr; Mary Galway, Mrs Goodwin, Mary E. Gage, Miss W. L. Harris, Mrs. F. G. Harleston; Emma Hopkins, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson; Ellen Halpin, recommended by Hon. E. G. Ross : Edith Henshaw, Mrs. Henry, Ellen M. Hartnett, Mary E. Hart; Ada Hepinstall, recommended by Hon. T. A. Hendricks, Hon. J. $. Fowler, Hon. D. T. Patterson, Hon. A. P. Grover, Hon. J. M. Marvin, Hon. W. E. Robinson; Mrs. Sarah Hutchings, recommended by Hon. Jobn More rissey, Hon. F. Wood, Hon. J. Fox, Hon. T. E. Stewart, Hon. James Brooks, Hon. $. Taber, Hon. J. M. Howard, Hon. S. C. Pomeroy, Hon. J. W. Nye, Hon. C. Cole, and Hon. J. W. Chanler; Miss Alice Heath, Mrs. M. A. Harrison, Louisa Ingram, Sallie Johnson, Evelyu Jones, Helen H. Johnson; Miss Kidwell, recommended by Hon. S. C. Pomeroy; Kate B. Kinsey; Lizzie F. Kelly, recommended by Hon. E. G. Ross; Josephine Kidwell, Martha Kendrick ; Miss Kennally, recommended by Hon. John Conness and Hon. H. W. Corbett; C. Knode, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson ; Mary Logan, recommended by Hon.W.P. Fessenden ; Mrs. Larkin, Mrs. Lang, Annie Lancaster, Mary Lamsden, Ann M. Leach, Kate Minitry; E. M. McCullough, recommended by Hon. E. D. Morgan, Hon. B. F. Wade, Hon. J. Sherman, and Hon. B. Eggleston ; Lucy Moore, B. Miller; Mary E. Morrissey, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall, Hon. J. H. Ketcham, Hon. J. W. Patterson, Hon. G. Marston, and Hon. A. H. Cragin; Lucy E. Moore, recommended by Hon. S.J. Randall, Hon. J. H. Ketcbam, Hon. H. Van Aernam, Hon. J. W. Patterson, and Hon. A. H. Cragin ; Miss McNeir: Miss McCandless, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson; Mary Ann Magee, C. A. Matthews, Miss McGill, Miss McPherson, Augusta Micblin, Mrs. B. Mackay: Louisa Meserole, recommended by Hon. Charles Haight : Miss Mitchell, recommended by Hon. J. S. Fowler; Josephine Meem, recommended by Hon. W. E. Niblack and Hon. M. C. Kerr; Annie McKay, Bessie Marshall; Emily Magruder, recommended by Hon. Charles E. Phelps ; Ellen Noonan, Emeline Norris ; Mrs. Albert Norris, recommended by Hon. R. Conkling: Mrs. Catharine Nelson, Mrs. M. J. Oakley; Mrs. Phelps, recommended by Hon. F. E. Woodbridge, Hon. L. P. Poland, and Hon. W. H. Kelsey ; Mrs. Paype, Miss Lucy Pettibone, Belle C. Patton; Sarah Pine, recommended by Hon. H. B. Anthony; Kate B. Platt, recommended by Hon J. A. Nicholson; Mrs. Sallie Patterson ; Mrs. John Perkins, recout mended by Hon. H. Wilson ; Mrs. Lucy Porter, Harriet Ridgely, Alice Rutge, Laura V. Reed; Jennie C. Rich, recommended by Hon. W. P. Fessenden; Emma Rolland, recommended by Hon. M. C. Kerr and Hon. C. A. Eldridge; E. H. Rudd, Mrs. Alex. Revaux ; Mrs. Mary Reich, recommended by Hon. D. M. Van Auken and Hon. C. R. Buckalew; Miss S. A. Robinson, recommended by Hon. J. W. Patterson ; Julia Ross, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall; Miss S. F. Stapler, Mary E. Stewart, Ella Smith; Amelia Scott, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall; Mary Stoops, recommended by Hon. 0. P. Morton ; Rosina Scott, W. S. Slocum, Miss Martha Sherwood; Louisa W. Smith, recommended by Hon. C. Cole; Maria Stierlin, recommended by Hon. J. B. Henderson; Euphemia Sanuo, recommended by Hon. Leonard Myers ; Miss Anna Smith; Jennie Shane, recommended by Hon. E. R. Eckley and Hon. John A. Bingham ; Marion Taylor, Theodosia Talcott: Mrs. Trenholm, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson; Miss L. Truebart, Mrs. C. B. True, Mrs. Rebecca Tolson; Lizzie Tole, recommended by New Hampshire delegation; Ellen Taylor ; Miss H. A. Travis, recommended by Hon. E. V. Morgan ; Susan R. Upham, Mary E. Van Doran, Mrs. Wagner; Almira B. Wardwell, recommended by Hon. William Sprague : Mrs. E. O. Wren, Mrs. Susan Walker ; Mrs. Wright, recommended by Hon. R. Conkliug; Lizzie Wright, recommended by Hon. J. W. Chanler ; Caroline Wright : Mrs. Walworth, recom mended by Hon. R. Yates ; Caroline Wood, Mrs. Whitney; Miss S. Westhop, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson; Mrs. S. F. Woodworth; Mary Wayson, recommended by Hon. c. P. Clever; Júlia S. Wheelock, recommended by Hon. T. W. Ferry; Mary Young ; Mrs. Elizabeth Carr, recommended by Hon. B. F. Wade, Hon. R. R. Butler, Hon. D. A. Nupn.

Messengers, watchmen, and laborers appointed in the Treasury Department

since February 20, 1868.

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Applications received for appointment as messengers, watchmen, and laborers

since February 20, 1868. James Adams, John Brent; Laurence Brannin, recommended by Hon. W. E. Niblack, Hon. T. A. Hendricks; Patrick Boland, recommended by Hon. Reverdy Johnson; L. Brennan, Jos. Brown, John Brown; A. B. Coleman, recommended by Hon. R. P. Spalding; Thomas Cain, Patrick Curtin, Thomas Creaser, Dennis Coughlin, Richard Colbert, J. W. Clarkson, A. M. Cridler, James Dorman, James Dudley; John Davis, recommended by Hon. Garrett Davis; Annie Field, recommended by Hon. F. A. Pike; Thomas Frisby, recommended by Hon. J. A. Logan; Charles Gordan, George M. Green, J. P. Hinkle, John Holloran, William Holladay, J. B. Jones; John R. Kelly, recommended by Hon. S. J. Randall; Frank Munn, recommended by Hon. S. Shellabarger; Michael McCarthy ; Dennis McCabe, recommended by Hon. J. Fox; A. McPherson, recommended by Hon. L. Selye; Jerome Miller, recommended by Hon. J. Lawrence Getz ; John O'Connor, M. E. Roth, H. P. Robinson, Francis Ruell, Alfred Robinson, J. M. Riggs, Preston Starrett; Charles N. Swift, recommended by Hon. J. H. Ketcham; Levi Wilson, recommended by Hon. J. M. Humphrey.

H. Ex. Doc. 267- -3

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Report of the Lighthouse Board relative to the establishment of a light-house at

Port Austin, Michigan.

APRII. 27, 1858.-Referred to the Committee on Commerce and ordered to be printed.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, April 24, 1868. Sir : The letter from the Committee on Commerce under date 26th March last, enclosing a petition for the establishment of a light-house at Port Austin, Michigan, having been referred to the Light-house Board, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of their report, with accompanying papers, under date 21st instant, from which it will be perceived that the question of the expediency or necessity of constructing a breakwater at Port Austin does not come within the province of this department, and inasmuch as the light asked for would not be required until the breakwater is built, it is respectfully submitted that there is no necessity of legislation for the light-house at this time. The views of the board, as herein expressed, are concurred in by this department. The papers in the case are herewith returned. I am, very respectfully,


Secretary of the Treasury. Hon. SCHUYLER COLFAX,

Speaker House of Representatives.


Washington, April 21, 1868. Sir : I have had the honor to receive the letter from the Committee on Commerce of the House of Representatives, dated March 26, 1868, enclosing a petition for the establishment of a light-house at Port Austin, Michigan, referred to this office for report.

In reply I respectfully transmit a copy of a report on the subject from General W. F. Raynolds, light-house engineer, eleventh district, dated April 29,

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