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1867, and a second report from that officer, dated April 11, 1868, the conclusions of which are concurred in by the board.

The question of the expediency, or necessity, of constructing a brea kwater at Port Austin does not come within the province of this board, and inasmuch as the light asked for would not be required until the breakwater is built, it is respectfully submitted that there is no necessity of legislation for the light-house at this time. The papers in the case are herewith returned. Very respectfully,

W. B. SHUBRICK, Chairman. Hon. Hugh McCULLOCH,

Secretary of the Treasury.


Detroit, Michigan, April 11, 1868. SIR : I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 4th instant, en. closing for examination and report a petition for light-louse and breakwater at Port Austin, Michigan.

Inasmuch as a similar petition was forwarded to me from the board, on the 20th of April, 1867, for your (my) examination and report, on so much of it as relates to the necessity for a light at that place, upon which I made a report dated April 29, 1867, the receipt of which was acknowledged, and my views concurred in by the board, in a letter dated May 4, 1867, I presume the board now wishes for a report on the subject of a breakwater in this locality.

I have not the data at hand to report upon this subject fully, but an examination of the lake survey detailed chart of this locality (a copy of which is enclosed) shows that a breakwater, 3,000 feet long, in water averaging full 20 feet in depth, would enclose an area outside of the 12 feet curve of only about 1,500 feet in width. This would be small for a harbor of refuge, but would doubtless be ample for local purposes. Such a structure would cost, approxi. mately, $300,000. A less expensive one would be of little use as a harbor of refuge, and to plac: it further from shore would greatly increase the expense.

In regard to the necessity of a harbor of refuge at this point, the following considerations are presented :

1. From the conformation of the coast line, it would only be required in heavy northerly winds.

2. Vessels coming down Lake Huron, in such winds, could either stand before it to the St. Clair river, or make Towas barbor, on the opposite side of Saginaw bay.

3. Vessels bound up the lake could not, probably, make this harbor, unless after passing the Aux Barques.

4. The principal use of the harbor would be for vessels in Saginaw bay, and only for these after passing Charity islands. The papers enclosed with


letter are herewith returned. Very respectfully,


Brevet Brig. Gen. and Light-house Engineer. Rear-Admiral W. B. SHUBRICK,

Chairman Light-house Board, Washington, D. C.


Detroit, Michigan, April 29, 1867. Sır: In reply to your communication of the 20th instant, referring to me for examination and report a petition for a light-house at Port Austin, I have, respectfully, to report as follows:

A light at Pori Austin would, at present, serve only local purposes ; the light at Pointe aux Barques, ten miles distant, being sufficient for the general purposes of navigation.

The export trade of Port Austin consists in lumber and salt. Its extent could best be ascertained from the official records at Washington.

A light-house at this place would, in my opinion, only be required if a breakwater, referred to by the petitioners, be constructed. The cost of a suitable light-house would be, if placed on land, about $12,000 ; but if placed at the end of a breakwater, where it would have to be surrounded by piers of protection, an appropriation of not less than $60,000 should be asked for. Very respectfully,


Brevet Brig. Gen. and Light-house Engincer. Rear-Admiral W. B. SHUBRICK,

Chairman Light-house Board, Washington, D. C.


February 15, 1865. DEAR SIR: Can you do anything for us in the way of getting an appropriation for our harbor this session ?

I sent you petition and resolutions, of which I now enclose a copy, last March.
Please press this matter, if there is any prospect of success
Yours, truly,

C. H. GALLUP. Hon. J. F. Driggs, Washington, D. C.

JOINT RESOLUTION asking the general government for an appropriation in money

for the construction of a breakwater and light-house in the harbor of Port Austin. Whereas there is no safe harbor of refuge for shipping and the protection of life and commerce on Lake Huron and Saginaw bay between St. Clair river and the mouth of Saginaw river, a distance of 160 miles; and

Whereas a safe, convenient and commodious harbor can be created by the erection of a breakwater in the harbor of Port Austin, which would save to commerce the delay and to life the danger of seeking refuge 60 to 100 miles

away; and

Whereas the many dangerous reefs in the vicinity of the mouth of Saginaw bay, and the frequent recurrence of sudden and violent storms in that region, have been the cause of many wrecks and great loss of life and property, which would, to a great extent, be avoided if a light-house were erected upon a lot now owned by the United States, and purchased by them for that purpose, at the harbor of Port Austin, on the northwest side of Pointe aux Barques; therefore

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, That our senators and representatives in Congress be requested to use their influence to secure an appropriation in money for the purpose of constructing a breakwater and light-house in the harbor of Port Austin, Michigan. Resolred, l'hat the governor be requested to transmit copies of the

foregoing preamble and resolutions to each of our senators and representatives in Congress.


2d Session.

No. 269.






A resolution of the House of 17th instant, transmitting a statement of taxes

collected on distilled spirits since the 1st day of January last.

APRIL 28, 1868.–Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means and ordered to be printed.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, April 27, 1868. Sur : In answer to House resolution of the 17th instant, requesting to be furnished “with a statement which shall show the amount of tax collected on distilled spirits since the 1st day of January last," I have the honor to transmit herewith a statement prepared in the office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, which is believed to furnish the information sought. Very respectfully,


Secretary of the Treasury. Hon. SCHUYLER COLFAX,

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Statement showing the collections returned on distilled spirits from the several

collection districts of the United States for January, February, and March, 1868.






First district..
Second district
Third district..

$4, 222 22
1, 989 84

450 00

$13, 369 90

8, 347 63
1, 022 00

$16, 341 82

82 38


6,662 06

22, 739 53

16, 424 20


First district
Second district.
Third district

392 20

1, 633 58


392 20

1, 633 58

Statement showing the collections returned, fc.-Continued.

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