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Boucher's prank. The Purser outwitted by Frank. Sketches of Ireland. People

warm-hearted. Cases of distress. Generosity of the Poor. Irish Beggar. The Pig.

dealer. Srish Wake. A Pattern, or Patron Saint An Trish Scrimmage. The
Giant's Causeway. Loch Dergh. Holy Well. St. Patrick's Purgatory. A Storm.
Ship on fire. The fall of two Sailors from a yard. Mast cut away. Loss of the
Nancy. A vessel renders assistance. Explosion of the ship. Captain and boat's
crew lost. The remainder sail for Guttenburg. Frank's stories about Newfound-
land and Canada. The Eider Duck. River Saint Lawrence. Quebec. Algonquin
Sodians. The Enowy Owl. Cape Diamond. Indian Deer-hunting. Bison traps.
Boavers and Otters. The Saw-fish, Icebergs. Frank falls overboard. The She: -
land and Orkney islands. Bird-catching at Foula. Account of a ship swallowed up
by the Maelstroom. Arrival at Gottenburg

[blocks in formation]

The Sphinx at Gizeh. "The Albatros. Crocodiles of the Nile The Palin-tree
of Egypt and Arabia. The Arabian Canel. Camel-fights. Caravans to Mecca.
The Bactrian Camel. Return to Alexandria. Numidian Crane. Enibark for Gib-
raltar. Paul Preston loses the Bible given him by his Mother. His great dis-
tress. He goes with Frank on board the Rufus bound to Boston. They meet
their old friend, Boucher the Purser. Laughable affair on Boucher's Birth-day.
Grassy Sea. Boucher’s Accident. Arrival at Boston. Paul and Frank agree to
wander to the Valley of the Mississippi, Kentucky, and other places . 209

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