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An Act to provide for the establishment and maintenance of rural

high schools.

[Act 144, 1901.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(316) SECTION 1. The township board of any township, Petition of not having within its limits an incorporated village or city, upon the petition of not less than one-third of the taxpayers of such township for the establishment of a rural high school, shall submit such question to a vote of the qualified electors Submit rote of said township at a special election called for that purpose election. within sixty days from date of receipt of said petition.

(317) Sec. 2. All elections ordered by any township Elections board in pursuance of section one of this act shall be held at usual place. the usual place or places of holding township elections, and notice shall be given and the election conducted in all re- Notice given, spects as provided by law for the election of township officers Election, how and the ballots shall have printed thereon, “For rural high conducted. school-yes.” “For rural high school-no."

(318) SEC. 3. If more votes are cast in favor of such high Board of school than against it at such election, the qualified electors when elected, of said township shall elect at their next annual election terms of of township officers a board of trustees of three members, one for one year, one for two years and one for three years, and on the expiration of their terms of office and regularly thereafter their several successors shall be elected in like manner for a term of three years each: Provided, That Provisor when a rural high school shall have been established by the schools. electors of any township, the first election of such trustees may be ordered by the township board to be held at any time after the ten days' legal notice of such election shall have been given. The township clerk shall be ex officio member Ex-officio and the clerk of the board and the township treasurer shall members. be ex officio member and treasurer of the board, with the same power as other members of the board.


Am. 1909, Act 97.

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(319) SEC. 4. Said board of trustees shall meet on the Board of third Monday in April of each year and organize by electing meetings. one of the trustees as president. Regular meetings of the board shall be held on the second Mondays of May, August, November and February in each year. Special meetings may be called upon five days' notice by the president or secretary. The board shall have power:

(a) To supervise and visit the school; (b)

To admit all children of the township above the sixth grade and to admit and provide rates of tuition for non-resi.


dent pupils if they so elect; but nothing in this act shall be so construed as to limit the operation of the laws of this state relative to the compulsory education of children, or the liability of children to attend school thereunder, and it shall be the duty of the officers charged by law to enforce the provisions of said laws relative to the compulsory education of children, to enforce in like manner the attendance at such high schools of children admitted to attendance thereat under the terms of this act;

(c) To select and adopt text-books;
(d) To appoint legally qualified teachers;

(e) To fix wages, make general rules and regulations for the control of the school, suspend or expel pupils, fix the time of school which will not be more than ten months nor less than seven in any one year;

(f) To rent or to purchase and hold real estate for such township high school, build and furnish schoolhouses, determine location of grounds and building, which shall be as near the center of the township as practicable, according to sanitary conditions, and to receive and hold bequests and gifts for the benefit of the school, and to dispose of property belonging to the district subject to the provisions hereinafter named;

(g) To provide a course of study which shall be approved by the superintendent of public instruction and the president of the Michigan agricultural college, and shall not consist of more than four years' work; said course of study may in. clude instruction in manual training, domestic science, nature study and the elements of agriculture;

(h) To estimate and vote the amount of tax necessary to support the school at a meeting previous to October first in each year and report the same to the supervisor, which amount shall be spread upon the tax roll the same as other district taxes, and in their discretion borrow money for cur rent expenses, which amount shall not exceed fifty per cent of the amount of tax voted;

(i) To publish annually in one newspaper of the township or county a statement of the proceedings of the board meetings and an itemized account of all receipts and ex. penses, and file a copy of the same in the office of the county school commissioner and state superintendent of public instruction within sixty days of the date of publication of the same;

(j) To call special elections or meetings of the township, if necessary, to vote on the amount of money to be raised for the purchase of grounds and erection of buildings and for such other purposes as may be necessary within the authority of the provisions of this act or of the general school laws.

Am. 1907, Act 126.

(320) SEC. 5. The secretary of the board shall receive Salary of not to exceed fifty dollars per annum for his services. It shall secretary. be his duty to keep the records, provide supplies, visit the secretary. school and make annual reports to the school board, the county school commissioner and the state superintendent of public instruction, in such form as the superintendent of public instruction shall direct.

(321) SEC. 6. All orders on the treasurer for moneys Orders for shall be ordered by the board and signed by the secretary and money. president.

(322) SEC. 7. A majority of the taxpayers of the town- Limit of ship shall determine the amount to be expended in the grounds and building of said school and may bond the township for such amount: Provided, That the amount of said bonds shall not exceed five thousand dollars, and that the period of such bonds shall not continue beyond ten years.

(323) SEC. 8. The high schools established under the pro- Under supervisions of this act shall be under the supervision of the county missioner. commissioner of schools, and all questions of management, support and control arising under the provisions of this act and not expressly provided for therein shall be subject to the provisions of the general school laws of this state.


Sec. 9.

Repealing clause.



An Act to define the legal qualifications of kindergarten, music, and

drawing teachers in the state.

[Act 166, 1901.]

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(324) SECTION 1. Any person who is a graduate of any Kindergarten kindergarten training school, whose course of study is ap who may

, proved by the superintendent of public instruction of this be granted. state, and who holds also a teacher's certificate or a diploma from a reputable college of the state or from a high school hav. ing a four years' high school course, may be granted a kindergarten certificate by said superintendent of public instruc tion, and such person holding such certificate shall be considered a legally qualified kindergarten and first grade teacher; and any district board shall be authorized to pay Pay ausuch teacher for kindergarten and first grade instruction thorized. from the same fund, and in the same manner as other teachers are now paid.

Am. 1905, Act 24 : 1909, Act 111.
See sections 155-158.

Drawing teacher.

Music teacher, (325) SEC. 2. Any person who has finished a course of who eligible.

at least two years in music in the university of the state of Michigan, or in any of the state normal schools, or in any college incorporated under the general laws of the state; and any person who has finished a course of at least one year in drawing in any of the aforesaid institutions, or in any other institution whose course of study is acceptable to the superintendent of public instruction and who shall present to said superintendent of public instruction a statement from the proper authorities of the institution certifying to the fact of the completion of the required amount of work, may be granted respectively a music teacher's certificate or a drawing teacher's certificate; and any person holding such certificate

shall be considered a legally qualified teacher in the subject How paid. named in the certificate; and any district board, or board of

education, shall be authorized to pay such teacher for instruction in music or in drawing from the same fund and in the same manner as other teachers are now paid: Provided, That cities organized under special law or charter and maintaining kindergarten training schools, having a three years' course, shall be exempt from the provisions of this act.


Am. 1905, Act 24.

Music teacher's certificate.

(326) Sec. 3. Any person who has finished a course of at least two years in music under a private instructor, and who shall pass an examination satisfactory to the musical director of any state normal school in Michigan, may be granted a music teacher's certificate as provided in section two hereof.

Added 1905, Act 24.


An Act to secure information regarding all public or school libraries

in this state.

[Act 134, 1903.)

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Librarian to make annual report.

(327) SECTION 1. Hereafter it shall be the duty of the librarian of any and all public libraries, including township, school district, village or city libraries, to make an annual report regarding the location, condition and support of said library to the county commissioner of schools on or before the thirtieth day of June in each year.

(328) Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the county commissioner of schools in each county, immediately after receiving the reports from the several libraries in his county and

To whom county commissioner of schools to transmit list.

before the first day in September of each year, to transmit to the secretary of the state board of library commissioners at Lansing a complete list of all the libraries other than personal libraries within his county, together with the several reports provided for in section one of this act, blanks for reports in both instances to be furnished by the board of li. brary commissioners.



Repeals Act 199, 1901.


An Act to provide for the payment of tuition in and transportation

to another district, of children who have completed the eighth grade in any school district; and to repeal act number one hundred ninety of the public acts of nineteen hundred three, and all other acts and parts of acts in anywise contravening the provisions of this act.

[Act 65, 1909.)

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

(329) SECTION 1. The board of education of any school Tax for district which does not maintain a high school shall have payment

. authority and is hereby required to vote a tax sufficient to pay the tuition to one of the three nearest high schools of any children residents of said district who have completed the studies of the eight grades, not exceeding in amount twenty Amount. dollars per pupil, unless the voters appropriate a larger sum at the annual meeting, and may vote a tax to pay the transportation during school days of such children, such tuition to be paid by the treasurer of the district in which the pupil resides to the treasurer of the district where the high school attended is located: Provided, That the parents of such Proviso. children shall give written notice to the board of education on or before the fourth Monday of June that they are the parents or legal guardians of such children and that such children desire to attend some certain one of the three nearest high schools during the ensuing year. Upon receiving written Tax for notice of children eligible to attend high schools the board of tuition and education shall vote a tax sufficient to cover the necessary tation. expense for tuition as herein provided, and may vote a tax sufficient to cover the necessary expense for daily transportation of such children: Provided further, That any surplus Further moneys in the treasury of said district belonging to the proviso. primary fund may be used in paying necessary tuition in lieu of a tax therefor.

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