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Apostles; the Miraculous Draught of Fishes; the Death of Ananias; Paul preaching at Athens; Elymaș, the Sorcerer, struck blind; the Sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas, and Peter and John healing the. Cripples at the Beautiful Gate. In the centre of the east side is a very fine statue of William Earl of Pembroke, in brass, designed by Rubens, and cast by Hubert le Soeur, who did the equestrian statue of Charles I., at Charing Cross. In different parts of the gallery, are placed a few busts, some of which are much admired. The cases contain books belonging to the Bodleian Library.

- The north, and south sides, are 1299 feet long, and 244 broad; the east side 1584 feet by 244.

Pictures, &c. on the Staircase.
A Bust of Sir Thomas Bodley | A South Prospect of Oxford
Cardinal Langton (Archbi- Scaliger

shop of Canterbury) pro- James Zarabella
ducing to the Barons, and Justice
the rest of the Assembly, Prudence
at St. Edmund's Bury, the Fortitude
Charter granted by Henry Piety
1. on which is founded the Temperance
Liberty of the British Con- Christopher Columbus

Admiral Hawkins
Sir Martin Frobisher An Historical Picture, re-
Isaac Casauboji

presenting God's Covenant Meric Casaubon

with Noah after the Flood.

Dr. Coney

THE ARUNDEL MARBLES are on the north-side of the square of the Schools; these were given to the University by the Duke of Norfolk, then Lord Howard, in 1677. Of these Marbles we have been favoured with the following account, given by the late Rev. John Price, many years head Librarian of the Bodleian Library, to Mr. Cowderoy, who shews the Picture Gallery and Library :

66 Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surry, Lord “ Marshal of England, sent William Petty into - Asia, to search for some curious monuments “ of antiquity, where he bought those which we 66 call the Arundel Marbles, of a Turk, who os had taken them from a learned man, sent by “ the famous Peiresc into Greece and Asia, “ upon the same design. These precious Mar“ bles were placed in the Earl's house and gar“dens, upon the banks of the Thames. Selden “ wrote a book of what they contained in 1629, “ which has been a great help to D. Petau, “ Saumaise, Vossius, and several learned men, 6 in their works. · These ancient Marbles dis

cover several things, both concerning the his“ tory and chronology of the Greeks. Amongst “the epochas, marked in them, there are three “ very particular, viz. the 9th, which they - reckoned from the arrival of the first ship " out of Egypt into Greece, and 1512 years “ before the birth of Christ; the 12th, which “ they counted from the time that Ceres came " to Athens, in Erechtheus's reign; and the 66 40th, from the day that comedies began to be " acted at Athens, according to Susarion's in66 vention, Apother of these Marbles shews * what gave occasion to the Fable of the Cen“ taurs, viz, hunting the wild Bull, first in“ vented by the Thessalians: they also furnish " us with several other curious observations, as “ that the custom of burning bodies was laid " aside in Macrobius's time; and that none “ but emperors, vestals, and men of special

note, were suffered to have their tombs within " the walls of Rome.”

Here are also the antique Marbles given by the executors of the learned Selden. Opposite the entrance to the Bodleian is the Logic and Moral Philosophy School, which contains the marbles, statues, busts, &c. presented to the University in 1755, by the Countess Dowager of Pomfret, of which the following is a list :


21 A Roman Altar 2 Archimedes

22 Antinous .3 A Roman Emperor 23 A Grecian Lady 4 Minerva

24 Jupiter and Leda 5 A Roman Emperor 25 An antique Capital : 6 Cicero in the proper habit| 26 A circular Pedestal, finely 7 A Grecian Lady

ornamented with heads 8 A Column from the Tem. and festoons of fruit

ple of Apollo at Delphos, 27 Scipio Africanus, or De-
with an Apollo placed mosthenes
at the top

28 A Woman clothed 9 Sabina

29 A trunk of a Woman 10 A Venus de Medicis 30 A Boy with his finger in 11 A square Roman Altar his mouth 12 Terminus of Pan

31 Jupiter sitting 13. Minerva

32 A Woman 14 A Roman Altar

33 The trunk of a Woman 15 A Statue of a Woman 34 Germanicus's Tomb 16 A Venus

35 Two Capitals with beasts' 17 A Roman Altar

heads 18 A Statue of Clio sitting 36 An Egyptian Chair 19 A Roman Altar

37 A Stone carved with a 20. Static of a young Dacian claw at the end

38 A Roman Consal

8S Part of a Man's Foot 39 A Woman

84 A naked trunk of a Man 40 Flora

85 Part of two Masks 41 Hercules

86 A Lion 42 Diana

87 An Alabaster Urn 43 A Hymen leaning on his 88 A Sarcophagus torch

89 Statue of Judith 44 A Venus

90 Aditto of Hercules 45 A circular Altar

choaking a Lion 46 Melpomene sitting 91 A Sarcopbagus, with 47 A Roman Altar

Boys 48 A Grecian Lady

92 A Sea Lion 49 A Roman Altar

93 Dogs and a Boar 50 Camilla

94 A sleeping Cupid 51 A Grecian Philosopher 95 A Sarcophagus 52 A Roman Altar

96 A basso relievo Ronian 53 Caius Marius

Repast 54 A Bacchus

97 A trunk of a Woinan 55 A Roman Altar

98 Soldiers fighting 56 Julia

99 Ditto 57 A Roman Fathom

100 A trunk of a young 58 A Sphynx

Man 59 Ditto

101 The Triumph of Am60 A Sacrifice

phitryon 61 A basso relievo of a Daa102 A trunk of a Woman cian's Sacrifice

103 The taking of Troy 62 A part of a Sacrifice 104 Boys embracing 63 A naked trunk of an 105 The Herculean Games Hermaphrodite

106 Boys 64 Basso relievo

107 A Woinan and a Child 65 Basso relievo of a Shep- |108 A Roman Monument, herd

with three Busts 66 A Bacchanalian

109 Part of a Roman Monu67 A Woman's Head

ment 68 The trunk of a Man 110 Ditto 69 A trunk of a Woman 111 Bust of a Roman Head 70 A Consular Trunk

112 Ditto 71 Trunk of a Woman 113 A Roman Bust 72 Bust of a Roman

114 A Bust of Fauna 13 The Head of a Man 115 Ditto of Faunns 74 A trunk of Venus

116 The Bust of a young 75 An old Man's Head

Man 76 A Man's Head

117 A Bust of Diana 77 Part of a Head and Neck 118 Ditto of a Grecian 78 An old Man's Head 119 Ditto of a Woman 79 A Statue of a young Satyr 120 Ditto of a Philosopher 80. A trunk of a Man

121 Philosophy, a Bust 81 Beasts devouring meu 122 A Bust of Niobe 82 A trunk of a Woman 123 Ditto of one of her sons

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124 A Bust of Venus de Me- 132 A Bust of a Roman dicis

133 Bust of Henry VIII. 125 Ditto of a Woman

(modern) 126 A Bust clothed

134 Do. (modern). of Rob. C. 127 Ditto

Pal. Rhen. D. Bar. 128 Ditto

1637 129 Ditto

135 A Colossal Head of A130 A Bust, naked

pollo 131 Bust of an old Man

Opposite to the gateway of five Orders, is the entrance to the


This fine room was completed in 1480; it displays an example of rich Gothic masonry that has few rivals. Sir Christopher Wren was employed, in the beginning of the last century, to repair and restore its splendid stone roof; and he executed the work with that skill and judgment which distinguished all his undertakings. Opposite the Divinity School stands

OF THE THEATRE. This fine edifice, which is one of the principal ornaments of Oxford, was designed and completed in five years, by one of the Professors, the great Sir Christopher Wren, who from being the most profound mathematician of his age, became its first architect. The first stone of it was laid in 1664, and the whole expense of building and fitting it up was defrayed by Archbishop Sheldon, amounting to nearly fifteen thousand pounds. He added two thousand pounds to be laid out in estates for its support

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