The Odyssey of Homer, Volume 1

Houghton Mifflin, 1899 - 394 páginas

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Página 245 - Noble Ulysses, speak not thus -of death, As if thou couldst console me. I would be A laborer on earth, and serve for hire Some man of mean estate, who makes scant cheer, Rather than reign o'er all who have gone down
Página 121 - So did Ulysses in that pile of leaves Bury himself, while Pallas o'er his eyes Poured sleep, and closed his lids, that he might take, After his painful toils, the fitting rest. BOOK VI. THUS overcome with toil and weariness, The noble sufferer Ulysses slept, While Pallas hastened to the realm and town Peopled by the
Página 157 - Of dreams, O stranger, some are meaningless And idle, and can never be fulfilled. «> Two portals are there for their shadowy shapes, Of ivory one, and one of horn. The dreams That come through the carved ivory deceive With promises that never are made good; But those which pass the doors of polished horn,
Página 101 - Constrains his stay. To his dear native land Depart he cannot; ship arrayed with oars «> And seamen has he none, to bear him o'er The breast of the broad ocean. Nay, even now, Against his well-beloved son a plot Is laid, to slay him as he journeys home From Pylos the divine, and from the walls
Página 115 - And turn away thy face, and fling it far From where thou standest into the black deep. ;/ «» The goddess gave the veil as thus she spoke, And to the tossing deep went down, in form A cormorant; the black wave covered her. But still Ulysses, mighty sufferer, Pondered, and thus to his great soul he said
Página 115 - And sends it scattered through the air abroad, So did that wave fling loose the ponderous beams. To one of these, Ulysses, clinging fast, Bestrode it, like a horseman on his steed; And now he took the garments off, bestowed 445 By fair Calypso, binding round his breast The veil, and forward plunged into the deep,
Página 196 - The point came through the tender neck behind, =• Sideways he sank to earth ; his hand let fall The cup; the dark blood in a thick warm stream Gushed from the nostrils of the smitten man. He spurned the table with his feet, and spilled The viands ; bread and roasted meats were flung
Página 225 - There lies the land, and there the people dwell Of the Cimmerians, in eternal cloud And darkness. Never does the glorious sun Look on them with his rays, when he goes up Into the starry sky, nor when again «° He sinks from heaven to earth. Unwholesome night O'erhangs the wretched race. We
Página 87 - noble Menelaus, where The steeds of Argos in her pastures graze. The gods will send thee to the Elysian plain, ?*> And to the end of earth, the dwelling-place Of fair-haired Rhadamanthus. There do men Lead easiest lives. No snow, no bitter cold, No beating rains, are there ; the ocean-deeps With murmuring breezes from the West refresh
Página 196 - To lie polluted on the floor. Then rose The suitors in a tumult, when they saw The fallen man ; from all their seats they rose Throughout the hall, and to the massive walls Looked eagerly; there hung no buckler there, *> No sturdy lance for them to wield. They called Thus to Ulysses with indignant words:

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