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"," To prevent disappointment, Gentlemen are respectfully requested to address their orders to H. S. & Co. direct.–No books, unless under special circumstances, can be sent for inspection; and none, after being ordered, are entitled to be returned except for palpable imperfections. -If a single article be ordered and no reply be given, the

work may be considered as previously disposed of.

1 Abbotsfort Club.—The Romances of SIR GUY of WARwick, and Rembrun his Son, edited, with Preface, by W. Turnbull, thick 4to, cloth, (oNLY 50 CoPIE8 PRIVATELY PRINTEd) {2.2s Edin, 1840 2 ADAMS (A. L., M.D.) Wanderings of a NATURALIST in INDIA, the Western Himalayas, and Cash... mere, post 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1867 so (G.) GeoMETRICAL and GRAPHICAL Essays, containing a Description of Mathematical Instruments, with Practical Problems, 34 folding plates, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 7s 6d 1813 4 ADDISON'S (J.) Works, with Notes by Bp. Hurd, new and greatly enlarged edition, with portrait and plates, 6 vols. post 8vo, bright calf gilt, El.. 10s 1856 A well edited and well printed edition in a handy form. 5 AFSCHYLI TRAGOEDIAE, Gr. recensuit, Varietatem Lectionis Notasque adjecit A. Wellauer, 2 vols. 8vo. tellum gilt, 7s Lipsiae, 1823-4 6 AGASSIZS (L.) SciENTIFIc Results of a Journey Q BRAzil, with Notes on the Geology and Physical hy of Brazil, by C. F. Hartt, map and numerous illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 12s 6d Boston, 1870

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14 ALBERTI (F.) Diction NAIRE FRANÇAIs-Italien, et Italien-Français, composé sur les Dictionnaires de l'Académie, et de la Crusca, 2 vols. 4to, calf gilt, good copy, 12s 6d Bassan, 1777 15 ALBIN'S (J.) History of the Isle of Wight from the earliest times of authentic Information to the

present period, map, 8vo. mottled calf eatra, 5s 6d Newport, 1795 16 ALFIERI (V.) TRAGEDIE, handsomely printed in large type on vellum paper, with an engraving to each Play, 6 vols. roy. 8vo. Italian vellum gilt, yellow edges, £1, 18s Firenze, Ciardetti, 1824 “ Une des plus belles éditions des tragédies de ce célèbre

poète."—Brunet. 17 ALFORD’S (Dean) GREER TEst AMENT, with a critically revised text, a digest of various Readings, Marginal References, Prolegomena, and Commentary, 4 vols. 8vo. in 5, cloth, £3. 16s 1857-61 18 ALMA MATER; or, S Eve N YEARs at the University of CAMH Ridge, by a Trinity-Man, 2 vols. post 8vo, boards, 7s 6d 1827 19 AMERICA. — B1151.1otii FCA MEJ1cANA: a Catalogue of an extraordinary Collection of Books and Manuscripts, almost wholly relating to the History and Literature of North and South America, particularly Mexico, sold by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson in June 1869, with names of purchasers and prices appended, roy. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, whent, 5s 1869 20 AMERICA.—Big E Low's (Prof.) Collection of PLANTs of Boston and its Vicinity, 8vo. boards. 9s 6d Boston, 1824 21 AMERICA.—Book of CoMMON PRAY ER, according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the UNITED STAtes of AMERICA, sm. Syo. newly bound in red morocco extra, gilt leaves, writy scatter, £1, 18s Boston, 1800 22 AMERICA.—Collections of the MAss Acut stors Historical Society, complete from the commencement in 1792 to 1856, being the first, second, and third series, complete, and Vols. 1 to 3 of the fourth series; together 33 vols, large 8vo. uniformly bound in smooth calf gilt, yellow edges, by F. Bedford, A FINE SET, VERY SCA RCE, Cl2. 12s Boston, Isot-56 23 AMERICA.—Narrative of Occurrences in the IND1 AN Countries of North AMERICA, connected with the Earl of Selkirk, the Hudson's Bay, and the North-West Companies, 8vo, sewed, 9s 6d 1817 A.

24 AMERICA.—DRAKE's (S.) History and Antiquities of Boston, from 1630 to 1770; also an Introductory History of the Discovery and Settlement of New England, together with Notes, and 298 illustrations on steel and wood, consisting of portraits, facsimiles of writing, &c. thick impl. 8vo. hf. morocco eatra, gilt top, uncut, Él. 16s Boston, 1856 25 AMERICA.—MAYHEw's (Jonathan, of Boston) Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the SocIETY for the PRoPAGAtion of the Gospel in For EIGN PARts, with Reflections on the State of Religion in NEw ENGLAND; and with the Considerations of East Apthorp (Missionary at Cambridge, N.E.) 8vo. new calf entra, gilt leaves, RARE, £3. 3s 1763 the volume is filled with 1M PortANT MANUSCRIPT. Notes, written in a very clear hand. This work was considered of so

much consequence as to bring for tha masterly answer, in 1764, supposed to have been penned by Archbp. Secker.

26 AMERICA.—New ENGLANDER (The), complete from its commencement in 1843 to Jan. 1869, with Index, portraits, 25 vols. 8vo. hf. wellum, and 9 parts, (wants July, 1868), £3.15s 1843–69 Devoted to Literary, Religious, Political, and other subjects. 27 AMERICA.— Notice respecting the Boundary between His Majesty's Possessions in North AMERICA and the United States, with a large map echibiting the principal trading stations of the North-West Company, thin roy. 8vo. boards, 10s 6d 1817 28 AMERICA.—Osbor N's (Selleck) Poems, front. 12mo, sheep, 5s 6d Boston, 1823 29 AMERICA.—Rich's (0.) BIBLIotheca AMERIcANA Nova: a Catalogue of Books relating to America, in various Languages, Vol. II. 1801-44, 8vo. cloth, 58 1846 This catalogue is enriched by many valuable Bibliographical

Notes. 30 AMERICA ; TRAIts of the AborigiNEs of, a Poem of 5 Cantos, with Notes, fcap. 8vo. boards, 8s 6d Cambridge, N. E., 1822 31 AMERICA. — Woy AGEs and Discoveries in South AMERICA; up the River Amazons and River Plata; and from Cayenne to Guiana; by D'Acugna, Acarete, Grillet and Bechamel, maps, sm. 8vo. calf, 10s 6d 1698 31*AMORY'S (T.) Life and Adventures of John BUNcle, with many extraordinary Relations, 2 vols. 8vo, bright hf. calf gilt, 16s 6d 1766 “The Soul of Rabelais passed into Thomas Amory.”—Hazlitt. 32 ANAS (FRENCH) translated into English. including Poggiana, Naudaeana, Furetieriana, Menagiana, Carpenteriana, Bolaeana, Chevraeana, Huetiana, Marvilliana, &c. 3 vols. 12mo, calf gilt, 10s 6d 1805 33 ANCIENT and MODERN British DRAMA, edited by Sir Walter Scott, 8 vols. roy. 8vo. new lif. calf gilt. £4.J8s 1810-11 A valuable set of books, comprising the best Tragedies, Come

dies. Operas, and Farces in the language; particularly esteemed for its extensive collection of the Old Dramatists.

34 ANCIENT DANIsh BALLADs, translated from the originals by Dr. PRIoR, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 16s 6d (pub. E1.11s 6d) : 1860 These fine ancient ballads have hitherto been very little known

in this country, no previons translation having appeared. 35 ANDREWS' (Bp. L.) Pattern of CATEchisticAL DoctriNE at large, or a Learned and Pious Exposition of the Ten Commandments, (no portrait, and slightly soiled by use), folio, old calf, 7s 6d 1650

The title-page is supplied by an admirable facsimile.

36 ANSELL'S (G. F.) The Roy AL MiNT; its Working, Conduct, and Operations, fully and practically explained. with Suggestions for its better Scientific and Official Management, engravings, impl. 8vo, cloth, 12s 1871

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** 51 ARNOLD'S (Dr.) LIFE and CoRREspondence, by : Dean Stanley, best edition, with portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. : cloth, 16s 6d 1844 - 52 ASS00IATED ARCHITECTURAL SocietIES. – ... REPORTs and PAPERs read at the Meetings of the * Architectural Societies of the Archdeaconry of Northampton, the Counties of York and Lincoln, and of the Architectural and Archaeological Societies of Bedfordshire, St. Albans, &c. from 1850 to 1864, extensitely illustrated with plates of architecture, antiquities, coins, facsimiles, &c. 7 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, very heat, fo. 15s 1850-64

33 ASTLE'S (T.) History of the Origin and Progress of WRITING, best edition, with numerous fine engravings from ancient MSS., inscriptions, &c. 4to. hf. morocco gilt, scarce, £1. 10s 1803 The most complete work on the subject of writing in any lan


54 ATHENAEUS, Gr. et Lat. cum Animadversionibus Casauboni aliorumque tum suis illustravit SchweigILEUSER, 14 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, very meat, 4.2.2s Argent. 1801-8 -- "A very excellent edition, ranking among the most favoured productions of the classical world; a good copy is worth 12 * guineas."—DiBDiN. 55. ATLAS-Philips' Family Atlas of Physical, General and Classical Geography, 52 finely executed coloured maps, with Letterpress, and a copious Index, by W. Hughes, impl. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt edges, 18s 1867 r of AUDUBON (J. J.) and BachMAN's (J.) ViviPAROUs Quadrupeds of North AMERICA complete, with 155 Most BEAUTIFULLY colourtED ENGRAVINGs of Quadrupeds, 3 vols. impl. 8vo. hf. morocco meat, oncut, top edge gilt, origiNAL subscribert's copy, £12. 12s New York, 1846-54 "Audubon's works are the most splendid monuments which *has erected in honour of Ornithology.”—cupier. 57. AUTOGRAPH LETTER of Richard SMITH, well known some time since, as “O.” SMith; in which he states that his cognomen of Obi was acquired by his , successful representations of Jack in Zamiel, and other strongly marked characters, very interesting, *Pages 4to, dated 5 June, 1827, 10s 6d

58 AUTOGRAPHS and DRAWINGS. — ALBUM. Amiconus Nicolai BULLA, Pataviensis, 1597-1607, owing several coloured Plates of Emblems by T. DeBay, Blank Shields, and Coats of Arms emblazoned * Gold and Colours; some Richly colourED Dhawings; and numerous Autograph. Inscriptions, *gst which is a page in the handwriting of the burned Gaspar Scioppius, signed in full, and dated 1597; the whole numbers 196 pieces, and is in the original stamped binding (rather dilapidated through ... oo), oblong 12mo. in a case, (from the Library of Sir S. R. MEYRick,) £5. 10s 1597–1607 The cleverly executed and curious water-colour drawings comoise representations of processions by Land and by Water; a View in Venice. Figures in Costume; Coats of Arms; and a *entation of an attack by robbers on a convoy of mules. 2 * AYRES' (J. Writing Master) ARITH METIck made easie for the use and benefit of Tradesmen, with a so short Treatise on Bookkeeping, by C. Snell, the whole revised by E. Hatton, portrait, sm. 12mo, new : ...orinkled calf antique, red edges, 9s 6d 1730 # * BABER (Émperor of Hindostan) Life of, by R. M. CALDEcott, map, 8vo, cloth, 6s 6d 1844 * * BACON'S (Lord) Twoo Bookes of the Proficience * *nd ADVANCEMENT of LEARNING, first edition, sm. * *0, *s, calf, with the autograph of T. Waswo:

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62 BAINES" (T.) Explorations in South-West AFRICA; being an Account of a Journey in 1861-2, from Walvisch Bay to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls, with maps, and numerous graphic illustrations on wood, 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1864 63 BAKER'S (D. E.) Biographi A DRAMATICA, or a Companion to the Playhouse, two portraits inserted, 2 vols. 8vo. calf meat, 5s 6d 1782 64 $3ale's (John) IMAGE of Both CHURCHES, after the most Wonderful and Heavenlye Revelation of Saynte Jhon the Evangelist, the three parts, with woodcuts, sm. 12mo, old red morocco (title mounted), 4.1. 18s R. Jugge, n. d. 65 BARRANDE (J.) Réapparition du Genre AREThus INA Barr.; et FAUNE SILURf ENNE des Environs de Hof, en Bavière, 2 plates of Fossils, 8vo. sewed, 4s 6d. 1868 66 [BARRETT'S (E. S. “Polypus")] All the TALENTs, a Satirical Poem, in Three Dialogues, 8vo. boards, 5s 6d 1807 A clever satire on the follies and errors of the ministers and other notabilities of the time, accompanied by very humourous, amusing, and copious foot notes. 67 BARRINGTON'S (Sir Jonah) Historic MeMoirs of IRELAND, Secret Records of the National Convention, Rebellion and Union, with Delineations of the Principal Characters, facsimiles of writing, and 40 portraits, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. folio, new his calf gilt, 42. 12s 1833 This remarkable work on its first appearance excited considerable sensation, and was ofticially suppressed. 68 BARTLETT'S (B.) History and Antiquities of the PARISH of MANCETER (including the Hamlets of Hartshill, Oldbury, and Atherstone), and also of the adjacent Parish of Ansley, in the County of Warwick, with pedigrees, and numerous engravings, 4to. los. calf, 12s 6d 1791 69 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) Forty DAY's in the DEsert, on the Track of the Israelites, with map and 44 beautiful engravings on steel and on wood, impl. 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d m. d. 70 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) PILGRIM FATHERs, or the Founders of New England in the Reign of K. James I. with 28, engravings on steel, and 31 woodcuts, impl. 8vo. cloth, 9s 1853

71 BARTLETT'S (W. H.) Walks about the City and

ENviroNs of JERUSALEM, illustrated by 55 engravings.

on steel and wood, roy. 8vo, cloth, 9s Hall, Virtue & Co., n.d. 72 BATTY'S (Capt.) Campaign of the Allied Army in the WESTERN PyRENEEs and South of FRANCE in 1813-14; with 25 micely executed etchings of Mountain and River Scenery, 4to, hf. bound, 12s 6d 1823 73 BAXTER'S (W.) British Flowering PLANTs, with the Scientific and English Names, Descriptions, copious Indexes, &c. 509 coloured plates, 6 vols. 8vo. hf morocco, gilt tops, witcut, 4.4. 10s (pub. É9.) Oxford, 1834–43 This is the only work which presents in a moderate compass the whole of the genera of British Flowering Plants. 74 BAYLE (P.) Diction NAIRE Historique et CRIT19UE, avec la Vie de l'Auteur, par DEs MAIzEAux, 4 vols. folio, hf. calf mettt, 18s 1740

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76 BEAUMONT (F.) and FLETCHER's DRAMATIC Works, with Introductory Essay by Geo. Darley, portraits and vignettes, 2 vols. royal 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 4.1. 1s 1840 77 BEAUTIES of the ENGLISH STAGE, consisting of the most affecting and sentimental Passages, Soliloquies, Similes, Descriptions, &c. in ENGLISH PLAYs, ancient and modern, 3 vols. Sm. 8vo. calf, 5s 6d 1756 7s BECKFORD’S (P.) Thoughts on HARE and Fox HUNTING, with directions for erecting a kennel, the management of Hounds, &c. with 20 beautiful engravings of HUNTING SCENEs, &c. 8vo. hos. bound, 10s 6d 1796 79 BEES.—BoxNER's (J. Bee Master of Auchen crow) The BEEMAstER's CoMPANION and Assistant, wherein is set forth the properest methods of managing those Insects, sm. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, 6s 6d Berwick, 1789 80 BEES.—DE GELIEU's (J.) The BEE PREs ER v ER, or Practical Directions for the Management and Preservation of Hives, 12mo, hf. calf gilt, 5s 6d 1829 81 BEETHOVEN (L. von) LIFE of (1770-1827) including his Correspondence with his Friends, numerous Characteristic Traits, &c. edited by J. Moscheles, portrait, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, scarce, 16s 1841 82 BEHMEN'S (J.) Works complete, with Life, portrait and figures (or plates) illustrating his principles, left by the Rev. W. Law, 4 vols. 4to. boards, rough edges, very scARCE, £4.15s 1764-81 83 BELL’S (J.) New PANTHEoN ; or Historical Dictionary of the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroes, and Fabulous Personages of Antiquity, many fine engravings, 2 vols. 4to, old calf gilt, 15s 1790 The most useful body of Mythology in the language. 84 BENTHAM (G.) et HOOKER (J. D.) GENERA PLANTARUM, ad Exemplaria imprimis in Herbariis Kewensibus servata definita; volumen primum, sistens Dicotyledonum Polypetalarum ordines Lxxxiii, et Ramunculaceas-Cornaceas, thick impl. 8vo. cloth, £1.12s (pub. £2. 10s) 1802-7 85 BENTLEY'S MiscellANY, from its commencement in 1837 to 1842, with numerous illustrations from desigms by G. Cruikshank. Leech, H. K. Browne, Alfred Crowquill, and others, 11 vols. large 8vo. hf. calf, (a cheap series), £2.5s 1837-42 86 BERRY'S (W.) ENCYCLoPAEDIA HERALDICA, or complete Dictionary of Heraldry, with 136 fine Heraldic engravings, 3 vols. 4to. cloth, £2. 15s (1828) A most valuable work, embracing the essence of Guillim, Edmondson, and other heraldic writers. 87 BETHAM'S (Sir W.) ETRURIA CelticA ; Etruscan Literature and Antiquities Investigated, or the Language of that ancient People compared and identified with the Ibero-Celtic, numerous plates of Etruscan and British Coins, Antiquities, Round Towers, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth. 14s Dublin, 1842 LARGE PAPER. 88 BEWICK'S (T.) Works, comprising—History of LAND and WATER BIRDs, second edition, 2 vols 1804; History of QUADRUPEDs, fifth edition, 1807; and FABLEs of Æsop and others, with the engraved subscription page containing Bewick's autograph, 1818, ALL THREE works, with fine impressions of the famous woodcuts, LARGE PAPER, 4 vols. roy. 8vo, maroon morocco, grained, may bled edges, wniform, PART1cu LARLY CLEAN copies, £16. 16s Newcastle, 1804-18 89 BEWICK.—Thor:NTox's (R. J.) Family Herbal, an account of the Medical Properties of British and Foreign Plants, with upwards of 250 woodcuts by H, rick, large paper, roy. 8vo. ussia gilt, marbled alos, £1.4s 1810

90 BEWICK.—Toy Books (10) all clean and in tcellent condition, with the original stiff covers, on to taining some hundreds of woodcuts by this inimitable . ** artist, 32mo, hf. morocco, gilt top, very scARCE, lo o Edinburgh and Glasgow, 1814, &c. on 91 BIBLE.-OLD and New TESTAMENTs and Aro. -cRYPHA, illustrated by a series of 28 fine engratings from the designs of R. WESTALL, engrated by Charles HEAth, 3 vols. 4to. blue grained moro extra, with gold borders and gilt leaves, £2.1% 04 ford, Clar. Press, 1815 92 BIBLE.—CLARRE's (Dr. Adam) Old and New Testaments, with Marginal Readings, Parallel Texts, Commentary and Critical Notes, maps and talks, 6 large vols. impl. 8vo. calf extra, gilt leaves, £5, is 1854 93 BIBLE.—D'OYLY and MANT's BIBLE, the Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha, also Book of CoxMoN PRAYER, with Practical and Explanatory Notes by the most eminent Divines, 4 vols, royal 4to, who bound morocco meat, gilt leaves, £2 2s o Cambridge, Univ. Press, 1817-?) . A Desirable copy of this valuable family Bible illustrated with an extensive series of engravings by H. Moses, G. Coke, C. Heath, and others, from pictures by various masters. 94 BIBLE PRINTS.–Icoxes Historic. E. Weters to . Novi TESTAMENT1, Carminibus Latinis et Gallicis illustratae, with 103 spirited woodcuts by LE PETIt BERNARD, sm. 8vo. sprinkled calf extra, gilt loo, t RARE, 16s Geneva, 1580 95 BIBLIA Ecclesiæ Polyglotta; the Proper les. sons for Sundays, together with the whole of the Book of Psalms, in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English, edited by Dr. Iliff, 4to. cloth, 16s Bagster and Sons, 1843 96 BILLINGS' (R. W.) BARoSIAL and Ecclesiassi: CAL ANTIQUITIEs of Scotland, a choice copy, tith EARLY IMPREssions of the 240 highly finished and interesting engravings of Ancient Castles, Aioi, Churches, &c. besides woodcuts, with Descriptions, 4 vols. 4to, anorocco ertra, gilt leaves, £8.15s (1852 “This is a collection of the remains yet spared to Scotland. Mr. Billings is a masterly draughtsman, well skilled in the history and characteristics of architectural style, and uniting scrupulo fidelity to good taste. His engravers do him justice." Quarterly Rorie. r 97 BIOGRAPHIE UNIverselle, Ancienne et Mo o derne, 52 vols. 8vo. sewed, only £3. 3s Paris, 18llo! “The eminent names attached to the articles are vouchers" the erudition and ability it displays. I must speak respectfully of a work to which I owe so much, and without which probably should never have undertaken the present.”—Hallam, 9s BLAAUW's (W.H.) The BARoss' WAR, includ: ing the Battles of Lewes and Evesham, with illu”. mated title and engravings, sm.4to, cloth, 10sod!” 99 BLACKBURN'S (Mrs. Hugh) Bibis Drawn from Nature, 45 large and finely executed lithoro. Aplates, with Descriptions, folio, cloth, gilt * o .

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monwealth, newly corrected and amended edition, sm. 12mo, calf meat, 9s 1671 107 BOECES (H.) History and CHRONICLEs of Scot* , LAND, translated by BELLENDEN, edited with biogra-- phical Introduction by Sir WALTER Scott, facsimile - woodcuts, 2 vols. 4to. boards, rough edges, (ONLY 200 Edin. 1821 “Bellenden's translations are allowed to be the finest specimens of the Old Scottish Language left to us." 108 BOHUN. – DIARY and AUTobiography of Epmund Bohun, Esq. 1676-1696, (a Miscellaneous in Writer, Licenser of the Press in the Reign of William to and Mary, and subsequently Chief Justice of South Carolina), edited with Memoir, Notes, etc. by S. W. Rix, a handsomely printed volume, with pedigree, engravings of arms, facsimiles of autographs, etc. : sm, 4to, boards, £1. Is - PRIVATELY PRINTED, Beecles, 1853 “This autobiography is in the highest degree curious and interesting."—Load MacAulay. 109 B00K of CoMoMo'N PRAYER, with Sternhold and Hopkins' Psalms, ruled throughout with red lines and illustrated by numerous copper plate engravings, post 8vo, old purple morocco, the sides and back covered with gold tooling, gilt leaves, IN NIce condition, £1, ls J. Baskett, 1727

110 B00K of Common PRAYER (ANNotATED); being an Historical, Ritual, and Theological Commentary on the Devotional System of the Church of England, edited by the Rev. J. H. BLUNT, finely

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* printed with facsimiles, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. impl. * 4to, cloth (a limited number only printed), £1. 18s 1866 * Ill B00K of Death ; finely printed on thick ribbed paper, by Bulmer & Co. with woodcut title on India a paper, portrait and plate, post 8vo. black morocco,

(ONLY 60 copies struck off), £2.28

PRuvATELY PRINTED, 1819 This work was edited by Samuel Dobree, Esq. of Walthamstow, *nd contains sketches of remarkable circumstances connected with

, the death of celebrated persons. 112 B00K of GEMs, or the Poets and ARtists of * Great Britain, edited by S. C. Hall, finely printed on ... thick paper, and illustrated with 100 exquisitely beautiful engravings after TURNER, EAST LAKE, CoLLINS, and other artists, EARLY IMPREssions, 2 vols. 8vo. ; green morocco extra, gilt leaves, scarce, £1. 16s 1840

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114 BOSWELL'S (J.) IIFE of DR. S. Johnson, edited by Croker, with numerous portraits and engravings by Finden, 10 vols. feap. 8vo. original cloth, clean copy, £1. 12s, 1846—another copy, half calf gilt, +2. 2s 1851 list * most readable and convenient edition of the work pubsned. 115 BOWDLER'S (J.) SElect Pieces in Verse and Prose, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. calf meat, 6s 6d 1820 116 BOYS" (T. S.) Picturesque ARchitecture in PARIs, Ghent, Antwerp, Rouen, &c. 26 large coloured lithographic plates, finely executed, with brief Descriptions, impl. folio, hf. morocco, £2.88 1839 117 BRAND'S (J.) Observations on PopULAR ANT1QUITIes, chiefly illustrating the origin of our Vulgar Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions, enlarged by Sir H. Ellis, BEST EDITION, 2 vols. 4to. boards, 18s 1813 A thoroughly reliable, most amusing, and instructive work. 118 BRANNON'S (G.) VEctis Scenery; being a Series of Original and Select Views, exhibiting the Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight, 36 micely executed engravings, with Descriptions, 4to. hf. bound, meat, gilt edges, 10s 6d Wootton, I. of W. 1845 119 BRAYLEY (E. W.) and BRITToN’s History of SURREY, including its Antiquities, Topography, Picturesque Beauties, &c. the Geological portion by Dr. MANTELL, with 400 beautiful engravings, 5 vols. 4to. hf russia, scARCE, £6.6s 1850 This work is without exception one of the most beautifully illustrated County Histories ever published; and it has received the highest encomiums for accuracy and research. 120 BREWSTER'S (M. M.) Letters from CANNEs and Nice, with tinted plates, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1857 121 BRITISH Essayists, with Prefaces, Historical and Biographical, by A. CHALMERs, portraits, 45 vols. 12mo, old calf gilt, a mice sound set, 4.3. 3s 1803 122 BRITISH Essayists, with Biographical, Historical, and Critical Prefaces, by J. Ferguson, portraits, 40 vols. 12mo, calf gilt, contents lettered, fine copy, +3. 15s - 1823 123 BRITISH Poets, from Chaucer to Churchill, with Translations and Lives by Johnson, BELL's FAvourtite Edition, with numerous portraits and engravings, 109 vols. 18mo: whole bound calf gilt, yellow edges, #5. 5s 1782, &c. 124 BRITISH Poets, from CHAUcER to CowPER, including Translations, edited with Dr. Johnson's Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, and Additional Lives by A. CHALMERs, 21 large and closely printed vols. roy. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled leaves, £6. 15s 1810. 125 BRITISH PRose WRITERs, SHARPE's BEAUTIFUL Edition come LETE, with numerous portraits and vignettes, 25 vols. 18mo: dark blue morocco ertra, gilt edges, a mice set, E3. 15s 1819-21 This very desirable pocket edition comprises the works of upwards of thirty of the most favourite British Authors. 126 BRITISH SEA-WEEDs, drawn from HARVEY's Phycologia BRITANN1cA, with Descriptions, by Mrs. ALFRED GATTY, with 80 plates of BEAUTIFULLY coloured engravings, eachibiting 384 specimens, 4to, cloth, gilt edges, t2. 28 1863. 127 BRITTON'S (J.) Authorship of the LETTERs of JUN1Us Elucidated, including a Biographical Memoir of Lieut. Col. J. Barré, M.P. portraits, impl. 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d lS48 128 BRITTON'S (J.) Illustrations of Fonthill, ABBey, with Heraldical and Genealogical Notices of the Beckford Family, fine engravings, including 2 coloured plates of interiors, a few cuttings and the engraved card of admission inserted, 4to, hf. calf, 10s 6d 1823

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