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413 HERCULANEUM ET Pompéti Recueil GENERAL des PEINTUREs, BRoNzes, Mosaiques, &c. découverts jusqu'à ce jour, et reproduits d'après tous les ouvrages publiés jusqu'à présent, avec un Texte explicatif par M. BARRE, with 700 fine engravings, 8 vols. impl. 8vo. French boards, lettered, £4.15s Paris, Didot, 1863 This is the Most complete work on the discoveries at Herculaneum and Pompeii, exhibiting all the paintings, bronzes, miniatures, &c. hitherto published only in rare or expensive works, with the addition of many others which have not previously appeared. 4.14 HERODOTUS, Graece, textum ad Gaisfordii edit. recognovit, perpetua tum F. CREUzERI tum sua Annot. instruxit, Commentationem de Vita et Scriptis Herodoti, Tabulas geogr. Indicesque adjecit J. C. F. BAEHR, fine paper edition, 4 vols. 8vo. vellum gilt, + 1. 5s Lipsiae, 1800-5 415 HERODOTUS’ History, translated from the Greek, with Notes by Beloe, 4 vols. 8vo. grained calf, 9s 6d 1791 416 HERSCHEL'S (Sir J.) Outlines of AstroNoMY, with numerous plates and woodcuts, third edition, thick 8vo. cloth, 9s (pub. 18s) Longmans, 1850 417 Bigben's (kamulpje) 20Ipcronpron, in whiche boke ben coprysed bryefly many wonderfull hystoryes, after ye coposyng and gaderyng of Ranulph Monke of Chestre in Miccolvii, afterwards Englysshed by one Trevisa vycarye of Barkleye, at request of one Syr Thomas Lorde Barkley, with very numerous ormamental capitals, a few woodcuts, and some MS. marginal notes in an old hand, folio, old red morocco, gilt leaves, (title and the leaf containing the Colophon facsimiled, and a few leaves slightly discoloured by damp,) #15. 15s Imprented in Southwerke by my Peter Treveris, MCCCCCXXVII 418 HILL'S (S.) TRAvels in SIBERTA, with large coloured map, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d 1854 419 HOBBES (T. of Malmesbury) De Mirabilibus Pecci; being the Won DERs of the PEAR in Darbyshire, commonly called the Devil's Arse of Peak, Latin and English, sm. 8vo. new mottled calf antique, by Riviere, (title and 4 or 5 leaves at the beginning meatly mended, ) 7s 6d 1678 420 HODGSON'S (Rev. J.) Description of the County of North UMBERLAND, with map, and engravings by Greig and others, 8vo. lf calf meat, 9s 6d (1818) 421 HOFLAND'S (T.) British ANGLER's MANUAL, or the Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, with 14 highly finished steel engravings, and numerous beautiful woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1841 Includes some account of the principal Rivers, Lakes, and Trout streams, in the United Kingdom ; with instructions in FlyFishing, Trolling, and Angling at the bottom, and more particularly for the Trout. “ Hofland's Angler's Manual is second to none as a book of practical information, and in its account of fishing localities, is sniperior to all." 422 HOLL'S (H.) MoRE SECRETS THAN ONE, a Novel, 3 vols. post 8vo. in one, los. calf gilt, 7s 6d 1864 423 ori ILIAs, cum brevi Annotatione, curante C. G. HEYNE, accedunt Scholia Minora, 2 vols. 1834; Odysse A, cum Scholiis Veteribus, accedunt Batrachomyomachia Hymni et Fragmenta, 2 vols. 1827–to– gether 4 vols. 8vo, bright calf gilt, 10s 0d Oron., eTyp. Acad. 1827–34 424 HONE'S (W.) EveRY DAY Book, TABLE Book, and YEAR Book, with numerous engravings on wood, early impressions, 4 vols. Svo. hf. morocco, gilt tops, 4:2. 18s Tegg & Co. 1830

No other works contain within the same compass, such a vast fund of interesting and valuable information on our old Customs remarkable Characters, Old Buildings, Antiquities, &c. They are highly commended by Lamb, Scott, Southey, and others.

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- 4al HULME'S (F. E.) Sketches from Nature of PLANT FoEM, 100 full-page plates PRINTED in colourts, of flowers and foliage, specially selected for their variety and ornamental character, with 10escriptions, sm. folio, cloth extra, gilt edges, £1.8s (pub. E2. 15s) 1868 - Illustrating the infinite variety and beauty of natural forms, this work is admirably suggestive for Artists, Designers, Architects, * and others. 42 HUMBOLDTS (A. von) Cosmos, a Physical Description of the Universe, translated by E. C. Otte and Dallas, 5 vols. ; and Views of NATURE ; or, Cono templations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation, one vol. 1850—together 6 vols. feap. 8vo. hf. green to morocco ertra, 18s 1849-58 o 443 HUME (D.) and SMollett's History of ENGo: LAND, last trade library edition, 8 vols. with Hugh Es’ CoxTINUAtion to the Death of William IV. last ... library edition, with portraits and autographs, 7 vols.; ... together 15 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, 4.6. 15s 1864 The above forms the only continuous History of England in a to handsome library form; and Mr. Hughes' History, independent of - sitetary merits, is the only continuation to Hume and Smollett unilorm with the best trade edition. 44 HUME (D.) and SMosslett's History of ENGLAND, the excellent “OxpoRD CLAssic Edition,” ... with the fine series of portraits of the Kings, by Worthington, 13 vols. 8vo. cloth, uncut, E3. 108– Another copy, lif. morocco, top edges gilt, E4. 10s Pickering, 1826 45 HUME (D) and Smollett's History of ENGLAND, portrait, 13 vols. ; and Adolphus' CostiNUATION to 1783, 3 vols.-together 16 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £1.16s 1817-23 45 HUNT'S (Leigh) The LIBERAL ; Verse and Prose from the South, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 7s 6d Hunt and Co. 1822-3 ...” pieces by Lord Byron, P. B. Shelley, the editor, and

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458 ITALIAN Novelists.-RAccolt A di NovelLIERI ITALIAN1 ; Boccaccio, Bandello, Parabosco, Sacchetti, Grazzini, Giraldi, etc. with portraits, 7 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco extra, gilt tops, contents lettered, £1.8s Firenze, 1833 459 JACKSON (J.) and CHAtto's (W. A.) TREATise on Wood ENGRAviNg, with 445 beautiful woodcuts, including facsimiles from the works of Albert Durer, Bewick, and others, large thick impl. 8vo. hf morocco, gilt tops, £2.2s 1861 An entirely new and improved edition of this valuable and hitherto scarce work, with a New Chapter on the Artists of the present day by H. G. Bohn, and nearly 150 additional engravings. 460 JACKSON'S (Rev. J. E.) History and Description of St. GEoRGE's Church, DoNCAst ER, destroyed by Fire, Feb. 28, 1853, with 15 tinted lithographic plates and 41 wood engravings, folio, sewed, £1.. is PRINTED For the AUthon, 1855 461 JAMES II.—CLARKE's (J. S.) MEMoirs of K. JAMEs II. from Memoirs writ with his own Hand, published from the original Stuart MSS. at Carlton House, 2 vols. 4to, russia gilt, 12s 6d 1816 “Of the greatest importance for the History of Charles II. and James IL containing much curious information nowhere else published." 462 JAMES (W.) NAvAl History of Great Britain, enlarged with an account of the Burmese War and the Battle of Navarino, by Capt. Chamier, fine portraits, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, meat, fl. 1s 1837

463 JAMESON'S (Mrs.) Roxt ANCE of Biography, or Memoirs of Women loved and celebrated by Poets, from the days of the Troubadours to the present age, front. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth, 12s 6d 1837 464 JAMESON'S (Mrs.) Visits and Sketches at Home and Abroad, 3 vols, post 8vo, boards, 9s 6d, 1835 465 JARDINE'S (Sir W.) NATURALIST's Library, complete, containing valuable works on every branch of Animated Nature by the most eminent Naturalists, with upwards of 1200 beautiful coloured plates, 40 vols, feap. 8vo, cloth, £6. 10s 1850, &c. “This book is, perhaps, the most interesting, the most beautiful, and the cheapest series ever offered to the public.” 466 JENNER'S (E. M. D.) Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, or Cow Pox, coloured plates, 4to. boards, 1800 ; and Statement of Facts and Observations relative to the Cow Pox : published by Drs. Jenner and Woodville, 4to. sewed, 1800—together 2 yols. 6s 1800

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470 Jebel's (J. Bishoppe of Salisbury) CERTAINE SERMons preached before the Queen's Majestie, and at Paules Crosse, whereunto is added a Short Treatise of the Sacraments, sm. 8vo. new sprinkled calf antique, red edges, by Riviere, 12s 6d 1603 471 JOHNSON'S (Dr. S.) Works complet E, including the Debates in Parliament, and Life by Boswell, th E E LEGANt “Oxford CLAssic Editions, with portrait, 15 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, nice copy, f7. 7s Pickering, 1825-6 The most complete collection of Dr. Johnson's Works containing nearly three volumes more than any previous edition. 472 JOHNSON'S (Dr. S.) RAsselAs, Prince of Abyssinia, a firely printed edition on thick vellum paper, with beautiful line engravings by RAIMBAch from Pictures by SMIRKE, the plates in THREE STATES — Etchi Ngs on INDIA PAPER, ENGRAVER's Proofs on INDIA PAPER BEFORE ANY LETTERs, and PLAIN PRoofs, demy 4to, grained calf gilt, scARCE, £3. 3s 1805 473 JOSEPHUS’ (F) Works complete, translated by Whiston, portrait, 8vo. hf. calf antique, red edges, 5s 6d. 1852 474 JUNIUS LETTERs, printed by Bensley, with mumerous portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 10s 6d, 1805 475 JUSTINIAN ; the INstitutes of, with English Introduction, Translation, and Notes, by T. C. SANDARs, fourth edition, 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d 1869 476 JUVEN AL and PERs i Us; a New and Literal Translation of, with copious Explanatory Notes, by MADAN, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, 6s 6d Orford, 1807 477 JUVEN AL'S SATIREs, translated into English Verse, by W. GIF Ford, fine portrait of the translator, 4to. hf. calf gilt, 6s 6d 1802 478 KANE'S (E.) ARCTIc Exploit ATIONs; the United States Grinnell Expeditions in Search of Sir J. Franklin, in 1850-55, with maps and upwards of 400 graphic sketches by the author, on steel and on

wood, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. calf, gilt, €1. 15s New York, &c. 1856-7

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it contains. It consists of a series of 150 papers by the derers to writers of the day, illustrative of ancient and modern London, the o daily occurrences, places of public resort, street sights, rogno, " fires, trades. (including a chapter on the Old London Booksellets, o companies, and London Life in general. -ol 490 KOCK (C. P. de) ses (EUVREs Diverses (as under of

frontispieces, 29 vols. 12mo, hf calf gilt, various " colours (a capital set of handy light reading columes, £4.4s Paris, 1865, &c. Barbier de Paris: Famille Braillard, 2 vols.; Un Toulouton; André le Savoyard; Enfants du Boulevard; Les Femmes, le Jeu et le Vin: Flon, Flon; Sentier aux Prunes; Un Monsieur; Madeloe; Fille aux trois Júpons: Demoiselles de Magasin, 2 vols.; Prairie aux Coquelicots, 2 vols.; Un Bon Enfant; Petits Ruisseaux; Dame aux trois Corsets; Une Grappe de Groseille: L'Ane à M. Marin; Petit-Fils de Cartouche; Professor Ficheclaque: Contes en Vers; Famille Gogo, 2 vols.; Ce Monsieur, 2 vols.; Cérisette. 491 LABARTE'S (M. J.) Arts of the Middle Ages and the RENAiss ANCE, as applied to the Decoration of Furniture, Arms, Jewels, etc. translated from the French, with upwards of 200 woodcuts, 8vo, cloth, scarce, £1. 1s 1855 “As a broad view of the domestic arts of the Middle Ages this Handbook will be found extremely useful and satisfactory" 492 LA FONTAINE (J. de) ses Fables, avec sa Wir, ILLUSTRATED EDITION with portrait, and the hook ful engravings from designs by MoREAU, 2 vols. So, in one, russia gilt, 14s Paris, Crupelet, 1814 493 LAING'S (H.) Supplemental Descriptive Cato logue of ANCIENT Scottish SEALs, Royal, Baronial Ecclesiastical, and Municipal, embracing the Period from A.D. 1150 to the XVIIIth Century, taken from Original Charters and other Deeds preserved in Public and Private Archives, finely printed on thick ho pressed paper, with numerous illustrative woodcots to the tert, and 15 lithographic plates exhibiting lo facsimile representations of large seals, demy.” cloth, £2. 12s Elin, 1866 494 LAING'S (S.) Residence in Norway in 1834. and 36, 8vo. cloth, 7s 1837 “A writer intimately acquainted with the social condition of the great European countries."—Buckle. 495 LAMARCK's (J. B.) Conchology; Illustrate Introduction to, edited by Crouch, with 22 FINo!" coloured PLATEs exhibiting several hundred foo. . . of shells drawn by Mance, roy. 4to, cloth, 13s to 496 LAMARTINE (A. de) Histoire des GIRosboo 8 vols. post 8vo. in 4, hf. cellum gilt, i.eles, 1847 497. LANDOR'S (w. Savage, Wonks.” (Imaginary Conversations, Pentameron, Pericles an

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507 LEMAIRE (C.) L'Illustration HorticoLE:
Journal special des Serres et des Jardins, Second
Series, Wols. 2 to 6, containing 191 Most BEAUTI-
FULLY coloured PLATEs of Flowers and Plants,
5 vols, impl. 8vo. lf. calf gilt (Vol. 2 wants title),
£2.8s Gand, 1865-9
Cet ouvrage contient un choix raisonné des plantes les plus
hitéressantes sous le rapport ornemental, comprenant leur histoire
tomplète, leur étymologie, leur synonymie, leur description com-
Parée, leur figure, et leur culture.
308 LE SAGE, Gil BLAs di Santillano, tradotta dal
Francese, dal P. Crocchi, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. hf. calf gilt,
7s 6d Colle, 1774
500 LE SAGE'S G11, BLAs, translated by SMollett,
with engravings after Thompson, and others, 3 yols.
8vo, calf, with new gilt morocco backs, £1, 5s 1802
510 LEVER'S (C.) The O'Donoghuy; a Tale of Ire-
land Fifty Years ago, with illustrations on steel by H.
K. Browne, 8vo. his calf gilt, 7s 6d 1845
51) LEWIS" (Sir G. C.) Essay on the INFLUENCE of
Authority in MATTERs of OPINIoN, 8vo. boards,
scarce, 12s 6d - 1849
512 LEWIS (Monk) Journal of a West Indian Pro-
prietor during a residence in the Island of Jamaica,

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Some of these tales were communicated to the author by Sir
alter Scott; others are translations from the Spanish and Ger-
*il, the remainder are on our own legendary lore.

514 LEWIS" (S.) Topographical DictionARy of
ENGLAND and of WALEs, with several humdred en-
gravings of Arms and Seals, and ATLAs of finely
executed County Maps, LARGE PAPER, 7 vols. roy.
4to cloth, only £1. 10s 1831
ONE OF Tii E. Most Coxiphth ExSIVE works of THE RIND Ever
Published ; embracing a description, historical, antiquarian, &c.
of each county, city, town, parish, and township, together with
notices of the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Jersey; the whole
illustrated by maps from the best authorities, and the arms and
seals of the several cities, boroughs, corporate towns, colleges, &c.
515 LIBRARY of the FATHERs of the Holy CATHo-
Lic Church, anterior to the Division of the East and
West, translated by Members of the English Church,
edited by Dr. Pusey, Rev. John Keble, and Rev. C.
Marriott, (a complete set of this valuable work.)
41 vols. 8vo, cloth, £14. 14s Oxford, Parker, 1838-53
Containing Athanasius, Augustine, Cyril, Cyprian, Chrysos.
tom, Gregory the Great, Tertullian, and Theodoret.
516 LINDSAY'S (Lord) Lives of the LINDs.AYs, or
Memoir of the Houses of Crawford and Balcarres,
genealogies, facsimile autographs, &c. 3 vols. 8vo.
cloth, £1.4s 1849
517 LINDSAY'S (Lord) Sketches of the History of
CHRISTIAN ART, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, very scarce,
f:3. 16s 1847
518 LITERARY Souvex IR, and Cabinet of Modern
Art, for 1835, 36 and 37, edited by ALAR1c A. WATTs,
containing 73 very beautiful engravings on steel
.from pictures by the first artists, fine impressions on
INDIA PAPER, 3 vols. large post Svo. cloth, gilt tops, 18s
and Rese ARcuts in South AFRICA, portrait, maps,
and numerous engravings, (original edition,) 8vo
hf calf, 12s 6d 1857
520 LIVRE d'A MoUR, ou Folastreries du vieux
Temps, with pretty coloured plates, 18mo. French
amorocco, gilt edges, 6s 6d Paris, n.d.

521 LLOYD'S (L.) ScANDINAvian Adventures,
during a residence of upwards of Twenty Years, with
woodcuts, and numerous tinted illustrations of Sport-
ing Scenes, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, £1.5s (pub. É2. 2s)
522 LOCKE'S (J.) Works complete, with Life, an
ercellent library edition in large print, with portrait,
10 vols. 8vo. old mottled calf gilt, fine copy, £1. 16s
LADs, with 70 beautiful illustrations by Roberts,
Harvey, and others, and elegart borders and orna.
ments in gold and colours, sm. 4to, extra cloth, gilt
leaves, £1. As 1841
524 LODGE'S (E.) Porth Arts of Illustrious PER-
son Ages of Great Britain, 240 portraits from anothentic
pictures in the Galleries of the Nobility and in public
collections, FINE IMPR Essions, with Biographical and
Historical Memoirs, 12 vols. impl. 8vo, hf. calf gilt,
#7. 7s Harding & Co. 1835
525 LONDONDERRY'S (Marquess of NARRAtlve
of the PEN INSULAR WAR from 1808 to 1813, large
coloured map, 4to. boards, 6s 1828
526 LONG'S (W.) A BURY ILLUSTRATED, with Sequel
both works, with plates and facsimiles, sm. 4to, i.
calf and sewed, 14s
PRuvA tely PRINTED, Devizes, 1858-62

527 LUBBOCKS (Sir J.) ORIGIN of Civilization
and the Primitive Condition of Man, the Mental and
Moral Condition of Savages, with numerous woodcuts
illustrating Savage Life, Svo. cloth, 12s 6d 1870
This work describes the conditson of savages, their manners
and customs, language, religions, moral character, and laws,

528 LOUDON'S (J. C.) ABBoretum et FRUTICETUM BRITANNicu M, or the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, with above 400 plates of trees, and upwards of 2500 woodcuts of trees and shrubs, 8 vols. 8vo. cloth, £3.10s 1838 529 LUCANI de Bello Civili libri X, cum Notis Grotii, Farnabii, et Variorum, sm. 8vo. vellum, 5s Lugd. Bat. 1658 530 LYNDEWODE (W.) ProvincIALE, seu Constitutiones Angliae, cum Summariis atque eruditis Annotationibus—CoNstitution Es Othonis et Othoboni, &c. Best Edition, 2 vols. folio in one, calf meat, fl. 5s Oron. 1679 531 LYRA INNocentruM ; Lines and Pictures from the, by Katharine, of the Third Order of the Holy Name, 51 very beautiful designs, Photographed and Photolithographed by S. Ayling, sm. 4to. cloth, red edges, 6s m. d. 532 LY SONS" (D.) ENVIRoNs of LoNdoN; being an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages, and Hamlets, within 12 miles, with the SUPPLEMENT, and the MIDDLEs Ex PARIshes, maps, and numerous engravings, 6 vols. 4to, old calf gilt, yellow edges, FINE copy, £3. 13s 6d 1792-1811 533 LYSONS" (S.) Gloucestershire ANT19trities, 110 fine large plates of the Ancient Remains, Churches, Ruins, Tombs, &c. some of them coloured, with Descriptions, roy, folio, hf. bound, witcut, Él. 15s 1804

IARGE PAPER Copies. B34 LYSONS (D.) MAGNA BRITANNIA; a Topographical Account of Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derby and Devon, 6 vols. in 10, 1813-22; and the ENVIRONs of LoNDoN, an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages, and Hamlets within Twelve Miles, including the Middlesex Parishes, 3 vols. in 5, 1811; the two works, illustrated by very mumerous fine portraits, and engravings of Views, Churches, Mansions, Antiquities, &c. ANd AddiTio NALLY ILLUSTRATED by above 60 excellent line engravings by Hearne, Byrne, Farington, Middiman, and others, LARGE PAPER copies, 9 vols. royal 4to. in 15, hf. russia, rough edges, £15. 15s 1813-22

535 LYTTON'S (Lord) Pilgrims of the Rhine, fine edition, with 27 beautiful engravings from Pictures by D. Robots, IN 101A Pitoor's, LARGE PAPER, impl. 8vo. full bound in green morocco, super extra, gilt leaves, £3. 3s 1834 only 25 copies printed on LARGE PAPER, and sold unbound at £3. 3s each. Very scarce. 536 LYTTON'S (Lord) LEILA; or the Siege of Granada, illustrated Editiox, with 16 beautiful engravings from drawings by the most eminent Artists, by Chas, Heath, Svo. cloth, 6s 6d 1838 537 LYTTON'S (Lord) HARold, the Last of the Saxon Kings, 3 vols. 12mo, los. bound, 7s 1848 538 MACAULAY'S (Lord) CriticAL and Historical Essays, large type library edition, 3 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, Él: Ss 1843 5: 9 MACAULAY'S (Lord) History of ENGLAND, Best Library Edition, large type, 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, £2.10s 1856 5.0 MACAULAY'S (Lord) MiscellANEous WRITINGs, rtrait, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, 12s 6d 1860 5.1 MACBRIDES (J.D.) Lectures on the Diates. sanos, or History of Jesus Christ, 8vo. calf antique, 8s 6d Oxford, 1848 542 MACIIIAVEL'S (N.) WoRKS (History of Florence, Art of War, Political Discourses, &c.) translated with Notes, Anecdotes, Dissertations, and Life, by FARNEwooth, 2 vols, 4to, old calf gilt, 4.1. 1s 1762

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