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730 RABY RATTLER and his Man Floss ; the Fortunes and Adventures of, with numerous plates, thick 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d 1864 731 RAFFLES' (Sir Stamford) History of JAvA, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, with the Atlas, containing map and 92 plates, those of Costume colour Ed, 4to. cloth, £1. 8s o 1830 732 RAFFLES’ (Sir Stamford) LIFE and Public Services, particularly in Java and India, with his Select Correspondence, by his Widow, portrait and engravings, 4to. cloth, 7s 6d. (pub. £2, 12s 6d) 1830 733 RAINE'S (J.) SAINT CUTHBERT ; with an Account of the state in which his Remains were found upon the Opening of his Tomb, in DURHAM CATHEDRAL, in 1827, with 7 large plates of relics, and numeous woodcuts, 4to, boards, 8s 6d—Another copy, hf. morocco gilt, 12s 6d Durham, 1828 734 RAM RAZS Essay on the ARchitecture of the HINDUs, with 48 fine outline plates, 4to. sewed, 10s 6d (pub. £1.11s 6d) 1834 This valuable work was pnblished for the Royal Asiatic Society. 735 REEVE'S (L.) CoNonolog1A Iconica, or Figures and Descriptions of all the Shells of Molluscous Animals, with Remarks on their Affinities, Synonymy, and Geographical Distribution : complete from the commencement, MANY THOUSAND BEAUTIFULLY COLouk Ed Figures oF SHELLs BY Sow ERBY, 15 thick vols. 4to. half calf, very meat, contents lettered, A Most com PLETE copy, ALMost EQUAL To NEW, £94. (pub. upwards of £135.) 1843-66 This great work is intended to embrace a complete description and illustration of the Shells of Molluscous Animals; the figures of the Shells are beautifully executed, and are all of full size. It is a work of Standard Authority, and by far the best on the snbject. Copies so complete as the above can rarely be met

with. 736 RELIGION and GoverNMENT.—CitT and BUMPKIN; in a Dialogue over a Pot of Ale concerning matters of Religion and Government, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, 1680; Dialogue between Tom and Dick over a Dish of Coffee concerning matters of Religion and Government, 1680—in one vol. sm. 4to. hf. calf, 10s 6d 1680 737 RENAN'S (E.) LIFE of JEsus, the first portion of a History of the Origin of Christianity, translated from the French, 8vo. cloth, scarce, 10s 6d 1864 738 RENAN (E.) QUESTIONs CoNTEMPORAINEs, études sur la politique générale, sur l'instruction publique, sur l'organisation civiles des culte, et sur l'état moral et religieux de la France, 8vo. his calf gilt, 6s 6d - Paris, 1868 739 RENAN (E.) SAINT PAUL, Livre troisième de l'Histoire des Origines du Christianisme, coloured map by Kiepert, thick 8vo, sewed, 5s Paris, 1869 740 REYNOLDS” (Sir J.) Discourses, John Burnet's Illustrated Edition, with Explanatory Notes, and 12 fine etchings after the designs of the most celebrated Masters, 4to, cloth, 15s 1842 741 RHODES' (E.) and SIR F. Cri ANTREy's Peak Scex ERY, and Picturesque Excursions in DERBYshire, 22 fine engravings from Drawings by Chantrey, 4to. If mor: top edge gilt, scarce, £1.1s 1818-22 742 RICHARDSON'S (C.J.) ENGLISHMAN's House from a Cottage to a Mansion, with nearly 600 illustrations on wood, thick post 8vo. new cloth, 6s 1870

This book supplies a long, felt wanti-a plain, non-technical account of every manner of house, with the cost and method of

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758 ROSS Sir J.) Voyage of Discovery and Research in the SouthERN and ANTARctic Regions, * from 1839 to 1843, numerous maps, engravings, and ... woodcuts, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, 14s 1847 759 R0TTECK'S (K. von) AllgeMEINE GEschichTE vom Anfang der historischen Kenntniss bis auf unsere Zeiten, mit Fortsetzung von seinem Sohne, 11 vols. * 870, hs, bound, very meat, fl. 4s o Freiburg und Pforzheim, 1834-43 ... its RUSSELL'S (Lord J.) Essay on the History of so the ENGLISH GoverNMENT and Constitution, from the i.e. Reign of K. Hen. VII. second and enlarged edition, * bright grained calf gilt, 7s 1823 761 SALAS (G. A.) My DIARY in AMERICA. in the Midst of War, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 7s - 1865 752 SANDBY'S (W.) History of the Royal AcaDEMY of ARTs, from its Foundation in 1768 to the * Present Time, with Biographical Notices of all the Members, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s (pub. 4:1. 10s) 1862 763 SANFORD’S (J. L.) Studies and Illustrations of o the GREAT REBELlion, 8vo. bright sprinkled calf gilt, yellow edges, 12s 6d 1858 754 SANFORD’S (J. L.) and Townsend's Great Governing Families of England, with map, 2 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 10s 6d 1865 In the compilation of this work the object has been to place before the general reader, in a popular form, the leading ascertained

facts in the history of our Great Families in connection with the oils of the latest researches into our national history.

753 SANTOS' (F. F. de los) Description of the Royal Palace and Monastery of St. Lawrence, called the EscuRIAL, and of the Chapel of the Pantheon, translated by Thompson, numerous folding plates. 4to. of russia, 6s 6d 1760 to SAVAGES (R.) DRAMAtic and PoeticAL Works, edited with Life, by Dr. S. Johnson, 2 vols. sm, 8vo, calf, very meat, 8s 6d 1777 15 SAVILES (Rev. B. W.) Revelation and SCIENCE in respect to Bunsen's Biblical Researches, the Evidences of Christianity, and the Mosaic Cosmogony, 8vo. cloth, 6s 1862 * SAVONAROLA (G.) Life and MARTYRDow of, illustrative of the History of Church and State Connotion, by R. R. MADDEN, fronts. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 15s (pub, fl. 8s) 1853 The contents of these volumes are compiled mainly from the works of the subject of the memoir, and the author has succeeded * "arrying out his design of making Savonarola the exponent of his own opinions, as well as the reporter of his own labours. 75% SCHILLER'S (F. von) SAEMMtliche WERKE, mit Johen werfasst aus Erinnerungen der Familie von CAROLINE von Wolzogen, portraits, and other engrowings on steel, 13 vols. 8vo. hf. calf gilt, fl. 10s 1835-45 †SCHILLER'S (F.) SAEMytliche WERRE, vollständige ausgabe, mit Nachrichten von Schiller's Leben, soroit and 12 steel engravings inserted in a pocket, 2 vols, roy, 8vo, extra wellum, gilt tops, £1. Is Stuttgart, 1869 77 SCOTLAND DELINEATED in a Series of Views, by STANFIELD, D. Roberts, G. CATTERMoLE, HARDING, NAsh, CREswick, and Leitch, with Descriptions by Lawson, 90 very large and beautifully tinted Drawloss on stone, illustrating the principal Cities and Towns, Cathedrals, Mansions, Mountain and River Somery, &c. 2 vols. atlas folio, lj, morocco eatra, gilt loaves, scarce, £12. 12s 1854 A more beautiful and interesting work than the above has *been published: in execution it is equal to Roberts' renowned

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773 SCOTLAND.—[GUTHRIE's (James]] Carses of the LoRD's WRATH against Scotland, manifested in his sad late Dispensations, thin sm. 4to, hf. russia, (wants all after page 86) rare and curious, 12s No place, 1653 774 SCOTT'S (Sir W.) WAverley Novels, elegantly printed, the NEw ILLUstka TED Edition, with 96 steel engravings and several hundred beautiful woodcuts, 48 vols. feap. 8vo. cloth, £7.7s (pub. E10. 16s) 1860 775 SCOTT'S (Sir W.) WAverley Novels, complete, with engravings, 48 vols. feap. 8vo. cloth, £4. 10s 1848 776 SCOTT.—Illustrations to the PoEtic AL Works of Sir WALTER Scott; 40 highly finished engravings from Pictures by Turner, Callcott, Cattermole, Roberts, Creswick, &c. with Descriptions, roy. 8vo. onorocco extra, gilt edges, £1. 1s (1834) 777 SCOTTISH REBELLIon of 1745.— Foster's (J.) Account of the Behaviour of the late EARL of KILMARNock, after his Sentence and on the Day of his Execution, with Appendix of Papers, 8vo. h.s. inorocco,

6S - 1746 778 SCULPTURE and the PLAs.T1c ART, post 8vo. cloth, 5s - Boston, 1850 779 SEAWARD’S (Sir E.) NARRATIVE of his Stupwreck, and consequent Discovery of certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea, edited by Miss JANE Porter, 3 vols. 12mo, hf. morocco, 10s 6d 1832 With a detail of many extraordinary and highly interesting events in his life, from 1733 to 1749. 780 SEIDL'S (J. G.) Wanderungen durch Tyrol und STEYERMARK, illustrated with 60 capital engravings of romantic scenery, and views of towns, thick post 8vo. If calf gilt, 6s Leipzig, 1847 781 SELDENI (J.) OPERA OMNIA, cum Vita Auctoris, cd. D. Wilkiss, portrait by Vertue, 6 vols. folio, calf, f2. 12s 1726 The best and only complete edition, including all his English Works, Titles of Honour, History of Tythes, Speeches and Arguments, Table Talk, &c. 782 SEWIGNE (La Marquise de) SEs LETTREs a sa fille et à ses amis, édition revue et publiée par Silv Estre DE SACY, beautifully printed on fine paper, with portraits, 10 thick vols. scap. 8vo. hf pink calf gilt, marbled edges, £2.10s Paris, Techener, 186i

783 SHAKESPEARE'S. DRAMAtic Works, Ayscough's Edition, with his Notes, and the famous INDEx to the REMARKABLE Passages and Words, portraits, 3 vols. roy. 8vo. hf. calf, t 1. 1s 1791 784 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMAtic Works, Poems, Doubtful Plays, and Biography, C. KNight's PicToki A1, Edition, with many hundred beautiful engravings on wood, of Views, Costumes, Old Buildings, Antiquities, Portraits, &c. origiNAL EDITION, 8 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, as at first issued, £4. 4s.--Another copy (without the Doubtful Plays) 7 vols. cloth, £3. 3s 1839, &c. This ably edited work ranges in size and appearance with the elegant Abbot-ford edition of the Waverley Novels, and is indi-I putably the most beautiful of the modern illustrated octavo editions of Shakespeare. 785 SHAKESPEARE'S HAMLET, 1603, and HAMI.ET, 1604, the “Devonshire Hamlets,” with Bibliographi: cal Preface by S.TIMMINs, finely printed, svo. If. morocco extra, gilt top, by Riviere, with specimen, prospectus, and notices of the Press inserted, presen. tation copy from J. W. K. Eyton, Esq. f. 1.7s 1860 Exact facsimile reprints of the first and second editions of Shakespeare's great, Drama, from the very rare copies in the ossession of the Duke of shevonshire, with the two texts printed 786 SHAKESPEARE'S (W.) DRAMAtic Works, complete, with Glossary and Life by T. Campbell, the Poet, portrait and front. thick roy. 8vo. grained calf, 8s 6d. (pub. 16s) Mozon, 1850 787 SHAKESPEARE'S DRAMATIC WORKs, with Glossary, beautifully printed by Corrall, from diamond type, pretty facsimile portrait from Marshall's of 1640, feap. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. E1. Is) Pickering, 1826 788 SHAKESPEARE'S PLAY's and PoeMs; edited, with a Scrupulous Revision of the Text, by C. and M. C. CLARRE, with Verbal and Sentential Glossary, fine portrait by Droeshout, a large vol. impl. 8vo. cloth, 8s 6d 1864 789 SHAKESPEARE GALLERY. — A SERIES of 98 BEAUTIFUL PhotoGRAPils by S. Ayling, after Northcote, Westall, Fuseli, Opie, Reynolds, Stothard, West, Smirke, and others, each Photograph accompanied by the text, sm. 4to. morocco antique, bevelled boards, gilt edges, £1. 10s 1864 These Photographic reproductions are from the whole series of original engravings comprised in Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery, and are thus presented in a handy form, suitable for ordinary libraries or the drawing room table. 790 SHAKESPEARE.—Richardson's (W.) Essays on some of Shakespeare's DRAMATIC CHARACTERs, 8vo, hf. calf gilt, 6s 1797 791 SHAKESPEARE-RiDER's (W.) Views in STRATFord-Upon-Avon and its vicinity, illustrative of the Biography of Shakespeare, 5 beautifully executed Etchings of Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Shakespeare's House, &c. PRoofs on INDIA PAPER, with Descriptive Remarks, thin folio, boards, 12s 6d 'arwick, 1828 792 SHARPE'S (E. Architect) DEcoRATED WINDow TRAcERY in ENGLAND; a Treatise on its Rise and Progress, with 103 beautiful engravings on steel and on wood, thin 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d Wum Voorst, 1849 793 SHAW'S (H.) DEcoRATIVE ARTs of the Middle Ages, Ecclesiastical and Civil, exhibiting beautiful Specimens of Ancient Enamel, Metal Work, Wood Carvings, Paintings on Stained Glass, Embroidery, Bookbinding, &c. 41 fine plates, some coloured, impl. 8vo. hf. morocco, £1.5s Pickering, 1851 “Of all Mr. Shaw's beautiful and interesting works, this must be allowed the crowning effort." 794 SHAW'S (H.) DREsses and DEcoRATION of the Middle AGEs, from the VIIth to the XVIIth Centuries, 94 ExquisitELY colourED ENGRAVINGs, and a profusion of initial letters, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. hf. morocco, £4 4s 1858 This beautiful work embraces not only the Dresses of all Classes, but also their Implements, Vessels, and Utensils, as well as the Furniture and Decorations of their Habitations. 795 SHELLEY'S (P. B.) PoEticAL and DRAMATIc Works, with Letters, complete, cdited by Mrs. SHELLEY, roy, 8vo, cloth, 8s 6d Mowon, 1847 796 SHELLEY'S (P. B.) Posthr MoUs PoEMs, (including Dramatic Sketches and Translations), edited by Mrs. Sir ELLEY, 8vo, boards, scarce, 18s 1824 797. SHEPHERD'S (Rev. W.) Life of Poggio BRAccroLIN 1, 8vo. cloth, 5s 6d 1837 79s ship WRECKS.—Account of the Loss of the Halsewell; Royal George ; Grosvenor ; Amphion Frigate; the Anson; Bounty; &c.; also the Adventures of Capt. Keith; the Captivity of Dr. Thompson at Algiers; the Sufferings of John Turner; the Adventures of Capt. Stedman, together with other tracts of the same kind, numbering 40 in all, numerous plates, 2 vols. scap. Svo, calf gilt, scarce, 9s od Tegg, n, d. 799 SIDNEY'S (Sir P.) Wonks in Verse and Prose, complete, portrait by Verto, and plates by Wandergucht, BEST Editios, 3 vols. 8vo. old calf gilt, FINE copy, £2. 55 1725

on opposite pages, and so arranged that the parallel passages face 1833 cach other.

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803 SIMEON'S (Rev. C.) ENTIRE Works, including . his Horae Homileticae, or Skeletons of Sermons, best edition, with copious Index by the Rev. Hartwell Horne, 21 vols. 8vo. cloth, £3. 3s 1832 This excellent work, now first digested into one continued "

series, forms a commentary upon every book in the old and New Testament. 804 SIMPSON (W. of Barbadoes) LIFE AND DEATH oF, a Short Relation by W. Fortescue, sm. 4to, very clean copy in mor, extra, gilt leaves, RARE, £2.5s Wol The subject of this short memoir, consisting of only eigh, o leaves, is described as “that man of God, and faithful Minister's Jesus Christ, who laid down his body in the Island of Barbados." The tract is not mentioned by Lowndes. 805 skelton (Maister John, Poete Laureate) PITHY, PLEASAUNT and PRofit ABLE Works, now coll and newly published, small 8vo. russia, gilt leare, +5. 5s Thomas Marshe, 1568 Copies of this very rare volume have produced at vario times from £16. to £32. The corners of a few of the leaves in this copy have been very ingeniously repaired. 806 SMEATON's (J.) Reports made on various casions in the course of his employment as a Col Engineer, with Life, portrait and numerous plo 3 vols. 4to. hf. calf meat, El. 12s 1812 A valuable and esteemed work, containing paperson BridgeBuilding, Harbours, Lighthouses, Miscellaneous Subjects, M* chinery, and important Civil Engineering Works. 807 SMITH (J.) CATALogue RaisonNE of the Work of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French Painters, with Biographical Notices by J. Sitno and the Prices at which the Pictures have been so, Vols. 1 to 7, impl. 8vo. half morocco, £4. 10s iso This elaborate work of Mr. Smith, the eminent Picture Deal" is indispensable to the collector of Paintings. 808 SMITH'S (J.) Descriptive CATALogoE s FRIENDs' Books, or Books written by Members." the Society of Friends, from their first Rise to o: Present Time, interspersed with Critical Remarks." Biographical Notices, 2 thick vols. 8vo, cloth, *.

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": &ll SMITH'S (Dr. W.) Dictionary of GREEK and * Roman ANTIQUITIES, second Edition, enlarged and improved, illustrated by numerous engravings on wood, roy. 8vo, new cloth, £1. 1s 1870 * 812 SMITH'S (Dr. W.) Dictionary of GREER and - Rowan Biography and Mythology, illustrated by o, humerous engravings on wood, 3 thick vols. roy. 8vo. - tiew cloth, £3. 3s 1867 $13 SMITH'S (Dr. W.) Dictionary of GREEK and Ro- MAN GEOGRAPHY, illustrated by numerous engravings on tood, 2 thick vols, roy, 8vo. mew cloth, £2, 2s 187 () 814 SMITH'S (Sir W. Sidney) LIFE and Corresponlence, by J. Barrow, portraits and plans, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5s 1848 815 SMYTH'S (Admiral) Descriptive Catalogue of a - CABINET of Rom AN FAMILY Coins belonging to the DUKE of North UMBERLAND. 4to. cloth, £1.8s PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1856 - Presentation copy from the Duke of Northumberland to Leonard Horner. 815 SMYTH'S (Prof.) LECTUREs on the FRENch REvolution, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 15s 6d 1842 817 SOUTHEY'S (R.) PoeticAl Works, collected by himself, plates by Finden, 10 vols. feap. 8vo. cloth, £1,8s 1847 . . Pritted in a good readable type, ranging with the handy editions of Burns, Byron, Scott, Wordsworth, &c. * 818 SOUTHGATE'S (H.) MANy Thoughts of many * Minds, analytically aud alphabetically arranged, thick 870, morocco, gilt edges, 9s 6d 1864 An excellent work containing the choicest passages of the greatest writers, including those of our own time. $19 SOWERBY'S (J.) BRitish MINERALogy, complete, with 550 finely coloured plates, 5 vols, roy. 8vo. ls morocco, gilt tops, uncut, £7.7s (pub. 617. 15s) 1804-17 820 SPANISH LAWS.—Recopilacion de las LEYEs de EspaNA, dividada en IX libros, 2 vols.—AUtos AçorpADos en IX libros, one vol.—together 3 vols. folio, limp wellum, £1. Is Madrid, 1775 83 SPEED'S (J.) ATLAs of ENGLAND and WALEs, a Series of 54 Maps of the different Counties, with enlarged plans of various Cities, portraits of distinguished persons, and the arms of noble families, oblong 10), folio, wellum, 12s 6d 1608-10

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827 STATISTICAL Society of Loxdox; Journal of the, complete from the commencement in 1838 to 1867 inclusive, 30 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf, superior set, 4, 10. 10s 1839–67 It is only of late years that the Science of Statistics has been at all actively pursued in this country; but its importance to the progress of Society, and its value in promoting the interests of the human race are now universally acknowledged. The above volumes embody the researches of our most eminent Statisticians for a period of nearly 30 years. 82S STEI) MAN'S (Capt.) SURINAM: a Narrative of Five Years' Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America, with 80 fine engravings, 2 vols. 4to. boards, I SS 1813 829 STEPHENS’ (F.) FLYMish Relics; Architectural, Legendary, and Pictorial, as connected with the Public Buildings in Belgium, illustrated by 15 BEAUTIFUL Photographs by Cundall and Fleming, of celebrated buildings in Belgium, impl. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 14s (pub. fl. 18) 1866 ENT RELY New Edition, 1871. 830 STEPHENS (H.) Book of the FARM, detailing the labours of the Farmer and all his Subordinates, third edition, in great part rewritten, to bring up to the present time, portrait, plans, and numerous woodcuts, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. half bound, £2.2s 1871 Described by the author as an "Educational work, professing to teach young men the art of rural husbandry.”

831 STERNE'S (L.) Works complete (Tristram Shandy, Sentimental Journey, Sermons, Letters, &c.) with engravings after Thurston and others, 4 vols. 12mo, new half calf gilt, Él. 1s 1815 832 STIRLING'S (W. M.) PR1ORY of INchMAHome: Notes, historical and descriptive, with Appendix of Original Papers, and etchings of the remains, 4to. hf. calf meat, fl. 10s Edin. 1815 833 STOTHARD’S (C. A.) Monument AL EFFIGIPs of GREAT BRITAIN, selected from Cathedrals and Churches, with Descriptions by Kempe, illustrated with 147 etchings, many of them coloured and heightened with gold, LARGE PAPER, roy, folio, hf. morocco, wncut, A NORLE VOLUME, £9.9s (pub. £22. 15s) 18 ly “The objects contemplated by Mr. Stothard in this beautiful publication were to afford to the historical painter a complete knowledge of the Costume adopted in England from an early period of History to the reign of Henry VIII. : to illustrate at the same time History aud. Biography and lastly to assist the Stage in selecting its costume with propriety for the plays of our great Dramatic Bard.”—Gentleman's Magazine.

834 STOW'S (J. SURVEY of LoNixon ; contayning its Originall, Increase, and Moderne Estate, enlarged and continued by A. Mundy) and H. Dyson), with numerous engravings of arms, folio, hf. calf, £1. 1s 1633 To this edition is first added, “Remaines or Remnants of Divers Worthy Things.” 835 STOWE'S (Mrs. H. B.) SUNNY MEMORIEs of Foreign Lands, best edition, with numerous engravings, 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 7s 1854 836 STRAFFORDE'S Earl of ) STATE PAPEIts, LETTERs, and DESPATch Es, with his Life by Sir G, Radcliffe, portraits by Vertue, best edition, 2 vols. folio, calf meat, 16s Lond. 1739

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840 SULLIVAN'S (Sir E.) Conque RoRs. Warriors,
and Statesmen of INDIA (1000-1748), anap, 8vo. new
lf. calf gilt, 8s 6d 1866
841 SWAINSON'S (W.) Exotic CoNchology, edited
by Sylvanus Hanley, 48 large plates, containing 94
coloured figures of rare, beautiful, or undescribed
Shells, 4to, his morocco, gilt leaves, £1. 10s 1841
by William White, second edition, revised, and illus-
trated with portrait and other engravings, thick 8vo.
cloth, 8s (pub. 12s 6d) 1868
843 SWIFT'S (Dean) Grilliver's TRAvels into
several remote Nations of the World, with Notes,
Life, and an Essay on Satirical Fiction by W. C.
Taylor, 400 wood-engravings from designs by Grand-
ville, roy. Svo, half calf, 15s (1840)
844 SYDNEY'S (Algernon) Discourses concerning
Gov ERNMENT, with Letters. Trial, Apology, and
Memoirs of his Life, front, thick 4to. calf gilt. 7s 1763
845 SYDNEY STATE PAPERs ; being Letters and
Memorials of State in the Reigns of Q. Mary, Eliza-
beth, K. James I. Charles I. and II. and Cromwell,
fine full length, portrait of Sir Philip Sidney, by
Vertue, 2 vols. folio, calf gilt, Él. 6s 1746
These valuable papers were written and collected by Sir H.
Sidney, Sir Philip Sidney, and others, and are here faithfully
translated from the originals, with Genealogies, Lives, &c. by A.
Collins, Author of the Peerage.
846 TENNYSON'S (A.) PoeticAL Works, with 54
fine wood engravings from designs by STANF1ELD,
CREswick, MAcLise, &c. small 4to. full bound in
green Turkey morocco, super ertra, bevelled boards,
gilt edges, £1.8s Moron, 1866
847 THOMSON'S (G.) Select Collection of ORIGINAL
Scottish AIRs, with Accompaniments by the most
distinguished Composers, and Characteristic Verses
adapted to the Airs, including 100 Songs by Burns,
portrait of Burns, and proof impression of Sir J.
Reynolds’ St. Cecilia, with two other engravings,
5 vols. folio in one, half calf, £2.2s (pub. É5. 5s)
Edin. 1799–1818
Many of Burns' most celebrated effusions were first published
in this work. It is an admirable collection of National Music.
848 THORNTON'S (R.) Illustration of the SExUAL
SystEM of LINNAEUs, with portraits of Linnaeus and
the author, and 30 very large and picturesque plates
of Flowers, FINELY coloured, thick atlas folio,
russia, only £1.4s 1807
849 TURNER'S (J. M. W.) HARRotors of ENGLAND,
with illustrative Text by J. Ruskin, 12 exceedingly
beautiful engravings by Lupton, from the drawings
made expressly for the Work by Turner, folio, cloth,
£1.5s (pub. 42. 12s 6d) 1856
These plates are perfect gems, in Mr. Lupton's most finished
style, and display to the greato! a vantage the peculiarly splen-
did and characteristic pictures by Turner.
s30 VERSAILLES.-- PLANs, Profils, et Éléva-
rions des Ville et CHATEAu de Verts AILLEs, avec
les Bosquets et Fontaines, 35 large line engravings
of Views of the Buildings, Terraces, Fountains, &c.
of the Palace of Versailles, fine impressions, folio,
sewed, £1.5s Paris, 1714
sāī voy. AGE Pittoresque de CossrANTINople et
des Rives du Bosphore, par MELLING, 48 very large
and splendid views, in the finest style of line engrav-
ing, elephant folio, with the letterpress, atlas folio,
together 2 vols. hf. russia, rough edges, £4.15s
Paris, 1809-19
The grandest and most beautiful of all the Picturesque Voyages.
Citorszct-Gotrfira, himself a traveller over the same ground,
and Vivant Denon, are lavish in their praise of this extraordinary
... k. and describe it as no less remarkable for the accuracy of iss
do assions than for the singular splendour of their execution.

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852 VIGERII (Cardinalis Marci, Decochority ChristiANUM, a fine specimen of typography, illtrated by 10 beautiful full-page woodcuts with: elegant borders, and 35 vignettes, folio, bright sno cals extra, dull gilt leaves, very RARE, to 15s Fami, H. Soncinus, MDVII A very tall and ample margined copy of this scarce work: * copy, on relium, sold for £200, at Sir T. Gage's sale. 853 VII:GIL'S AENEus, translated into Scottish Veto, by GAwi N 1)ouglas, (BP. of Dunkeld, 1515, with copious Gloss ARY and Life, folio, culs, tery sco, + 1. 16s Erlin. 18|| “To each book is prefixed an original prologue, in which are given lively and simple descriptions of scenery, written ini manner which proves their author to have been possessed of to: siderable poetical power.” This Edition contains an excellent Glossary by Ruddimai and Life of Douglas by Sage. 854 WALPOLE'S (H.) Royal and Noble AUTHORS of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with Lists ofther Works, enlarged and continued by PARK, 150 so rior portraits, fine impressions, 5 vols. 8vo, is so rocco, gilt tops, uncut, 4.3. 3s 18.5 The RARE FIRST Editiox. 855 WALTON'S (Izaac) The CompleAT ANGLEE, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation; being a Dis. course of Fish and Fishing, not unworthy the pensil of most Anglers, illustrations, sm. 8vo, old po morocco, gilt edges, £21. 1653 A very good copy of the rare first edition: the title is no mounted and repaired, but otherwise the book is in nice condition; it has realised considerable prices by auction. 856 WAT KINS (Dr J.) Biographical DictionAir, or an Historical Account of the Lives, Characters and Works of the most Eminent Persons, Illts. TRATED BY THE INsention of Upwards or " FINE PortRAIts, bound in 2 vols. 8vo, if red to rocco eatra, gilt tops, uncut, fl. 12s Longmans, od 857 WELLINGTON'S (Duke of) Despatches durit; his various Campaigns in India. Denmark, Portugal Spain, the Low Countries and France, complete with INDEx, edited by Col. Gurwood, 13 vols. 8vo, bro calf gilt, FINE copy, £4. 10s 1837.9 858 WELSH MSS. SOCIETY.—LIBER LANDAVEN" sis, or the Ancient Register of Landaff Catholo from MSS. in the Libraries of Hengwrt; and of Jes: College, Oxford; with an English Translation on explanatory Notes by the Rev. W. Rees, facsimo royal Svo. cloth, scarce, £1.5s Llandovery, 1840 “The Liber Landavensis records memoirs of the mostem” prelates, grants of endowments, and other particulars respo the Church and Diocese of Liamdam. It was compiled in the to part of the XIIth century from older materials, and is on:" the Inost valuable authorities we possess for the antiquity of the British Churches.”—Athenæum. 859 WORDSWORTH's (w.) Poetical Works complete, last edition, with portrait, 6 vols, feap." cloth, to 1. 4s . Morm, 1st 860 W RIGHT'S (T.) ENGLAND under the Horst of HANover, illustrated from the Caricatures and So tires of the Day, with several hundred engravings” steel and wood after Hogarth. Gillray, and other " pular Caricaturists, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, scarce, to: An Illustrated History of British caricature and Polit" Satire during the reigns of the Georges. 86i YùùNG (G) and Bo Geological Survey of the Yorkshire CoAst, best edition, with colou onqp and 17 large plates of Fossils, 4c. coloured, 4to, hf bound, 14s Whitby, 1828 862 YULE'S (Capt.) Mission to the Court of Ao (Burmese Empire), from the Gov.-Gen. of India." is55, with Notices of the comry, Government an People, mumerous fine tinted plates and troodcuts, und large map, sin, folio, cloth, gilt leaves, £1. * * £2. 12s 6d) iss

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