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"," To prevent disappointment, Gentlemen are respectfully requested to address their orders to H. S. & Co. direct-Nobooks, unless under special circumstances, can be sent for inspection; and none, after being ordered, are entitle to be returned eccept for palpable imperfections.—If a single article be ordered and no reply be given, the ork may be considered as previously disposed of.

WHISTLERS (J.) SERIES of sixTEEN ETCHINGs of Scenes on the THAMEs and other subjects, legitifully printed on toned paper, mounted on stout cardboard, imp. folio size, in half miorocco portfolio, £12. 12s 1871


o L-Black Lion Wharf. W.—Wapping. IX.--The Lime Burners, XIII.-Thame Warehouses,

-- #o: Wharf. VI.-Old Hungerford. X.—The Little Pool. XIV.--Mill bank.

IIs.-The Forge. VII.-The Pool. XI.-Eagle Wharf. XV-Early Morning (Battersea).

IV-Old Westminster Bridge. VIII.-The Fiddler. XII.-Limehouse. XVI.-Chelsea Bridge and Church.

... These admirable etchings obtained for Mr. Whistler the Gold Medal of the Fine Art Exhibition at the Hague, and have

* * o been procurable only at the price of from 2 to 5 guineas each. Several of the set have never yet been in the market


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“A portfolio of James Whistler's etchings, which artists say beat everything of the kind that has been turned out since

Rembrandt taught the world what etching-needle and aquafortis conid do to scratch and bite in meanings and memories on the

of a copper plate. . . . . Let all lovers of good art and marvellous etching invest in Whistler's portfolio. . . . . Those *; it won't say they've paid too dear for their Whistler."—Punch.

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Collection des MEstoires relatifs à l’Histoire de France depuis la fondation de la monarchie française jusqu'au XIIIe siècle, annotée par M. Guizot, 31 vols. 1823-35 Collection des Chroniques FRANÇAISEs, écrites en langue vulgaire, du XIIIe au XVIe siècle; avec o des notes et des eclaircissemens par J. A. Buchon, 47 vols. in 48 1824-29 i. Cocrios des Memoines relatifs à l’Histoire de France depuis le regne de Philippe-Auguste jusqu'a Henri IV, annotée par Petitot et Monmerqué, 52 vols. 1821-26 Collection des MEMóIREs relatifs à l’Histoire de France depuis l'avénement de Henri IV. jusqu'à la paix de Paris (1763), annotée par Petitot et Monmerque, 78 vols. in 79 1820-29 towe (Seigneur de) (EuvBEs complètes, accompagnées de remarques historiques et critiques, 8 vols. 1822-24 Sust-Simon (Duc de)MEMoires complètes et authentiques sur le siècle de Louis XIV. etla Régence, avec une table, 21 vols. 1829-30 DANTON (J.) CHRONIQUEs de l'Histoire de FRANCE au XVIe Siècle, publiées par P. L. Jacob, 4 vols. - 1834-5 —the entire collection comprising 241 vols. 8vo. in 243, neatly and uniformly half bound morocco, edges thcut, #50. 1820This admirable collection of French Memoirs is one of the most complete that has been offered for sale in this ...; ; * Tears. It comprises an uninterrupted series of Chronicles from the foundation of the French monarchy to the latter half of

the loth century, and forms a body of materials for history, the equal of which cannot be found in the literature of any other

o so Much additional value is conferred on these works, by the admirable introductions, appendices, and notes, contributed f**arious editors, whose zeal and industry have been beyond all praise.

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Pintun The chromo-lithographs, numbering 36, all most beautifully printed in colours and gold, comprise the works of Perugino ... Nelli, Donatello, Laini, G. Sanzio, Da Vinci, Ghirlandão, and other Masters, in addition to which are the solic of ote engravings of the noble productions by Fra Angelico, in the chapel of Nicholas W., in the Vatican, and of Giotto, in the

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45 ARCHIV Fút MINe RALogoE, Gcognosie, Bergbau
und Hüttenkunde ; herausgegeben von Dr. C. J. B.
KARSTEN, complete from its commencement in 1829
to 1854 inclusive, numerous maps and illustrations,
(many coloured), 26 vols. 8vo. i.f. calf, very meat,
+5.5s 1829-54
A very desirable series of this valuable scientific periodical.
It is the chief authority in Germany upon the important subjects
treated of.
46 ARISTOTLES Ernics and Politics, comprising
his Practical Philosophy, with Notes and Life, by
Gillies, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s 6d 1813
47 AltMENGAUD (J.) les GALERIEs Roy ALEs d’AN-
GLETERRE, Windsor, Buckingham, Osborne, finely
printed on hot-pressed relium paper, with 50 very
beautifully erecuted engravings on steel from the cele-
brated pictures in the possession of HER MAJEsty,
and a large and handsome woodcut eignette preceding
the description of each picture, folio, scarlet cloth
gilt, with morocco back, blue edges sprinkled with
stars, and silver plated clasps, the sides pieced with
blue cloth, on which are impressed in gold the loyal
Arms and a medallion head of the Queen, a credit-
able specimen of the French press, £3.10s
Paris, 1866-7
48 ARNOLD'S (T. K.). ANTICLEptic GRApus,
founded on Quicherat's Thesaurus l'oeticus Lingua,
Latinae, 8vo. If bound, meat, 58 1852
Scott, AND, from 1536 to 1784, with historical and
critical remarks, 8vo. half morocco, gilt top, 12s 6d
Glusgow, 1812
50 ARTHUR (King) History of, and of the Knights
of the Round Table, compiled by Sir Thomas Malory,
edited with Introduction and Notes by T. Wright,
3 vols. scap. 8vo. cloth, 128 1866

51 ART or ILLUMINATING, as practised in Europe from the earliest times, illustrated by 1008 illuminatel Borders, Initial Letters, and Al, habets, by W. R. TyMMs, with an Essay, and Instructions by Digby WYArt, sin. 4to. new cloth, 7s (pub. 4:1. 1s) (1860)

52 ARTS SOMPTUAIRES ; Histoir; Dr. Cos-
To M.E. et de L’AMEU islexii.NT, et des Arts ct Indus-
tries qui s'y rattachent : accompagnée d'une intro-
duction générale et d'un Texte explicatif par C.
Louantre, with 324 Most ot. Attorvily colourer,
PLATEs, comprising representations of more than 5000
ecquisite objects of Art from the oth to the XVI it,
century, the whole evecuted in the highest style of
Chromo-lithography by Hangard Maujo, many
of the plates Rich LY FINISHED IN gold ANI, SILVER,
4 vols. 2 of text and 2 of plates) 4to, newly half
boond morocco, gilt leaves, £16. 16s Paris, is 57-3
“It would be impossible to overrate the importance and in.
terest of this grand work—the most complete of the kind that has
hitherto appeared, and one that, from its $orehensiveness, Cull-
stitutes a veritable Encyclopædia of the Middle Ages.”
53 ASII’s (Dr.) Complete ENGL1sh Diction ARY, with
Grammar and Supplement, 2 vols. 8vo. ca's meat, 12s

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55 ASTLE'S (T.) History of the Origin and Progress of WRITING, best edition, with numerous fine engravings from ancient MSS., inscriptions, &c., 4to. morocco extra, gilt edges, scarce, £1. 16s 1803 The most complete work on the subject of writing in any language. 56 ASTLEY'S (T.) Voyages and TRAvels; a General Collection of, consisting of the most esteemed Relations which have been published in any Language, with maps and plates, 4 vols. 4to. calf gilt, A VALUABLE work, £1.8s 1745-7 57 ATKINSON'S (T. W.) TRAvels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower AMoor, and the Russian Acquisitions on the Confines of India and China, with map, coloured front. and 82 graphic illustrations, highly finished, thick roy. 8vo. lif, bound, 10s 6d (pub. +2.2s) 1860 58 ATTERBURY'S (Bp.) Epistol.ARY Correspon

DENCE, Visitation Charges, Speeches, and Miscellanies, with historical notes, 4 vols. 8vo. sprinkled calf

gilt, old style, by Hayday, 18s 1783 59 AUBER'S (P.) Rise and Progress of the British

Power in INDIA, maps, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, 5s 6d

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69 BACON'S (Lord) Essays, with Annotations by TTI

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80 Barbour (John) The Life and Acts of the no Victorious Conqueror Robert BRUCE, KING of Scor LAND: wherein are also contained the MARTIAL DEFI’s of many other VALIANT PRINces, sm. 4to, (* title, but has 444 pages, a few of the margins staio, very scarce, £1.8s Edin. about 17:) “Contemporary with Gower and Chaucer, and some oto aver that he suffers but little by comparison with either of tho. Dr. Watt. See also Dr. Warton's English Poetry and Dr. Irving” Lires of the Scottish Poets. 81, BARKER's W. B.) LAREs and PENATEs: " , Cilicia and its Governors, edited by W. F. Ainsworth map and numerous engravings, 8vo, if cals not 5s 6d. 1853 82 BARRINGTON'S (Sir Jonah) Pensonal Sketcar of his own Times (most amusing Irish Anecdotes”

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Ancient and Present State of, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf, very meat, Ss 6d 1723 Ordered to be burned by the Hangman. 68 BACON'S (Lord) Philosophical, LITERARY, and ProfessioxAL Works, Latin and English, with Translations and Life, edited by SPEDDING, ELL1s, and HEATH, printed in large type, with portrait, 7 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, to. 5s 1861

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86 BARTLETTS (W.H.) Forty DAY's in the DEsERT, on the Track of the Israelites, with 45 highly finished engravings on steel and on wood, royal 8vo. morocco extra, gilt edges, 10s 6d m. d. 87 BARTLETT'S (W. H.] WALRs About the CITY and Environs of Jerus ALEM, with 52 fine engravings on steel and wood, impl. 8vo, cloth gilt, 9s 6d— Another copy, morocco extra, gilt edges, 11s 6d n.d. 88 BARTLETT (W.H.) and Stebbing’s CHRISTIAN in PALESTINE, or Scenes of Sacred History, historical and descriptive, with upwards of 70 highly finished engravings on steel, 4to. hf. calf, 18s Virtue, n, d. 89 BATES' (E.) RURAL Philosophy, or Reflections on Knowledge, Virtue and Happiness, 8vo. old red morocco super extra, gilt leaves, 5s 6d 1805 90 BATTY'S (E. F.) ITALIAN SceNERY, 62 highly finished engravings by Heath, Finden, and others, with Descriptions, impl. 8vo. hf. morocco weat, 12s 6d 1820 9. BATTY'S (R) FRENch Scenery, 64 fine engravings by Heath, Finden, and others, of Views of St. Cloud, the Louvre, the Tuileries, the Luzembourg Palace, &c. with Descriptions in English and French, impl. 8vo, hf. bound, gilt, 12s 6d 1822 92 BATTY'S (R.) GERMAN Scex ERY, 60 finely evetood line engravings by CuAs, HEAth and other distinguished artists, Proofs, with Descriptions, LARGE PAPER, 4to, hf. bound, £1.8s 1823 93 BATTY'S (R.) HANovERIAN and SAxon SceNERY, 60 beautiful engravings by Woolnoth, Goodall, and others, PRoof IMPREssions on INDIA PAPER, with Descriptions in English and French, LARGE PAPER, tomplete in 12 parts, 4to, sewed, £1. 10s 1829 94 BATTY'S (R.) SceNERY of the RHINE, Belgium, and Holland, 60 finely eaecuted views of the most storesting places in those countries, with Descriptions in English and French, impl. 8vo. lf morocco gilt, 128 1826 93 BATTY'S (R.) Views of the Principal Cities of Europe, with Ijescriptions, Eng. and Fr. LARGE PAPER, INDIA PRoofs, and the set of outline Etchings of the 30 highly finished engravings by Cooke, Goodall, Le Keur, &c, impl. 4to, cloth, £1.. Is 1832 * BAUGEAN, Recueil. de Petites MARINEs, rePresentant des NAVIRES de Div ERSEs NATIONS, et do toutes Espèces, 120 well executed line engravings of representations of every kind of vessel, with Descriptions, oblong sm. folio, hf. calf, £1. 10s Paris, 1817 97 BAYLE (P.) Diction NAIRE Historique et Critique, ouvelle édition, augmentée de Notes par Chausepié, Joly, La Monnoie, et autres, 16 vols. 8vo, hf. calf gilt, £7.7s Paris, 1820 98 BAYLE'S (P.) Historical and Critical Diction ARY, selected and abrid ged, with Life, by Gorton, portrait, 4 vols, feap. Svo. boards, 8s 6d 1826 * BEALES (L.) The Microscope in its application o Practical Medicine, with 270 woodcuts, 8vo. cloth, 7s 6d 1858 100 BEATTIES (W.) Castles and ABBEYs of ENGAND, from the National Records, Early Chronicles, &c. first series, illustrated by upwards of 200 beautiful *gravings on steel and on wood, impl. 8vo. his calf *ēnt, 10s 6d 1842 10] BEAUMONT (F.) and FLETCHER's Comedies and Tragedies, published from the author's original copies, with the Songs to each Play added, (a leaf supplied in MS.) folio, lif. calf, iss Y 647 First collected edition, clited by Jas. Shirley, uniform with the solio editions of Shakespeare.

102 BEAUMONT (F.) and FletchER's DRAMATIC Works, an entirely new edition, with Notes and a Biographical Memoir by the Rev. A. Dyce, portraits, Best Edition, l l vols. 8vo. bright calf entra, gilt leaves, FINE Cop Y, scARCE, £9. 10s 1843

103 BEAUMONT (F.) and Fr.EtchER's Works, complete, with Introduction, Congratulatory Verses, &c. edited by G. DARLEY, portraits, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, Él, 5s Moazon, 1856

104 BEAUMONT'S (J.) Psyche, or Love's Mysterie, a Poem in XXIV Cantos, displaying the intercourse between Christ and the Soul, portrait by White, folio, calf, scarce, 8s 6d 1702 Second edition; this Poem was extolled by Pope. A notice and copious extracts from it will be found in the Retrospective Review, Vols. XI. and XII. 105 BEAUTIES of ENGLAND and WALEs, or Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive of each County, by J. Britton, Brayley, and others, with BREWER's INTRoduction, illustrated by about 700 engravings of Mansions, Views, &c. and woodcuts by Bewick, 26 vols. 8vo. bright calf gilt, contents lettered, A FINE set, É7. 15s 1801-23 This interesting work is still the only one which combines a description of every county of England and Wales, with illustrative views. 106 BEAUTIES of Scotland, by Forsyth, illustrated with numerous engravings of Antiquities, Seats, Scenery, &c, by Storer, Greig, and other artists, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, good copy, £1. 1s 1805 107 BEKKER'S (B.) DIE BEzAUBERTE WELT, oder eine Untersuchung des allgemeinen Aberglaubens betreffend die Gewalt des Satans und der búsen Geister ūber den Menschen, plate, thick sm, 4to. vellum, scarce, 6s Amst. 1693 A curious and rare work on App Arttross, Witchckart, Transmigration of Souls, &c.; condemned by the Synod of Paris. 108 BELL'S (J.) NEw PANTHEoN ; or Historical Dictionary of the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroes, and Fabulous Personages of Antiquity, many fine engravings, 2 vols. 4to. half calf gilt, marbled edges, 15s 1790 The most useful body of Mythology in the language. 109 BELL'S (T.) History of the BRITIsu STALK-EYED CRUSTAcEA, with 174 illustrations—also Forbes' (E.) History of BRIT1sh STAR Fishes, and other Animals of the Class “Echinodermata,” with numerous woodcuts—the two works in one vol. 8vo. morocco, gilt leaves, by Riviere, £1. 10s 1841-53

110 BETHAM'S (Sir W.) IRIsh ANTIQUARIAN REseARcyos, with the Appendix, plates of facsimiles of Irish. MSS. 2 vols. 8vo. boards, scARCE, El. 1s Dublim, 1826-7 111 BIBLE.—CLARRE's (Dr. A.) Old and New TFsTAMENTs, with the Marginal Readings and Parallel Texts, Commentary, and Critical Notes, 7 vols. 4to, cloth, £2. 10s 1836 112 BIBLE.—Cobd1 N's (J.) CoNDENs ED CoMMENTARY and Family Exposition of the Holy Bible, containing the Authorized Version of the Old and New Testaments, with Criticisms of the best biblical Writers, Practical Reflections, References, Indexes, &c. with portrait, maps, and engravings on steel, thick 4to. calf, grained, 10s 6d 1839 113 BIBLE.-KNIGHT's (C.) STANDARD Pictor IAI, Edition, with copious explanatory Notes by Dr. KITTo, and several hundred engravings on steel and on trood, 4 vols. impl. Svo. purple worocco, gilt edges, a nice copy, £1. 18s 1847 In this cdition the notes are much augmented and thoroughly revised.

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