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difficulty, “labor ipse voluptas," through the We must not, however, like Alexander in the stiff clay, till they reach your coffin at last--and Cydnus, plunge in without waiting for a cooler. free from all sumptuary laws is then their coiling Alexander, however, did not wear flannel next revelry in the very core of your heart.

his skin, as we have done from the year eighty, A pleasant superstition this for an elderly or he had escaped his fever. That long narrow gentleman angling his way down the Tweed gulley is an admirable air-bath. Indeed, every However, to prolong the lives of a few thousand green chasm among the braes has a breeze as of those dancing ephemera to the close of a well as a rill of its own, and as you pass along vernal day, let us put to death a brace of fly- up the main valley, itself but narrow, every flappers in this pool. There was a rise by an | hundred yards or two, some unseen air-nymph, elephant. Poo-poo-merely a par! Had we waggishly disposed, gives you a refreshing flirt not hooked the imp, we should have told a of her fan. Bless us, what sounds are these story, for years to come, of the lost prodigy. mixing with the murmurs of the Silver Pool! 'Tis just the same in coursing. Every leveret Voices and laughter, and the splashing of water ! that escapes the greyhounds by darting into a Diana and her nymphs bathing, by all that is drain, or squatting in a ditch, is declared to beautiful! It is fortunate for us that no pack have been as big as the Witch of Endor. It of hounds is kept in this neighbourhood, other. was so too with the American sea-serpent, that wise we might fear the fate of Actæon. Here lay floating many a rood, each coil of his body let us take up a position behind this large stone being like a cask, till a schooner ran him down, —the screen-scene in a new“School for Scandal." and the poor devil was not ten feet long from Sweet creatures-not one of them more than the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. So eighteen! The Scotch are a fair-skinned people with a tiger that devours villages. When you that is obvious—and it is quite a mistake to come to stuff his skin, he is among the least in imagine that rural labour necessarily spoils the a museum. So with the eagle twelve feet from | female form. It is devoutly to be hoped that wing-tip to wing-tip. Come upon him when these merry mermaids will not drown them. gorged, and before he can flap himself into the selves, pulling and hauling each other about so deether, dash out his brains with a club, and the liriously; and now and then all invisible together distance is but seven feet four. So with a fire below the water, except by the yellow gleam in a remote part of the city, burning a whole that changes the Silver Pool into the pool of street or square. Follow a fireman, and you see gold. “Ye five cruel wretches, are you absoa beggarly blaze in a tailor's garret. So with lutely going to hold that dark-tressed shrieker earthquake toppling down, in a newspaper, a | under the too high and too heavy shower-bath distant metropolis with all its towers and of the waterfall ? Let go your hold, or I will temples. Had you been present, with a late | dart down upon you, and rescue the fair child number of the Edinburgh Review in your hand, from jeopardy.” the shock had never waked you from your dose! The yell is in our ears yet that replied to our of political economy.

extorted ejaculation. You may have seen the “Waly, waly down the bank—and waly down effect produced upon half-a-dozen wild ducks the brae," and what, by chucking out the small sportively dallying on their own small moorland fry, two at a time, and humouring the large tarn, by a sudden discharge of slugs or swanones into land-lubbers, our pannier is about two shot. One of them plumps out of sight in a thirds full, and has for some hour or so past moment, and makes no sign. Another gives an felt heavy, and not without friction, on the awkward dive, preceded by a flourish of her shoulder. Are we indeed upwards of three | tail, but cannot keep her poor wounded self from score? Why should not we yet marry? Not coming up to the surface. Here one lies float. "a wee thing just come frae her mammy," but ing quite dead among the water-lilies--and there a buxom nymph of a certain age well read in another goes whizzing and whirring and whirling Mrs Rundell, and who could even cut out and in the strangest antics, while the feathers are put together, at her leisure hours, breeches for floating about in all directions. The other our future Tommys. More unfeasible schemes couple fly off quacking with outstretched necks have been put into execution; and all that and drooping sterns, and effect their escape to a Buchanan Lodge desiderates is the soft fall of a distant fen. kid shoe, and the rustle of a silk petticoat. Even so was it now in the Silver Pool. The Fair reader! thou art the very woman-hide image occurred to us at the time; but it has thy blushes behind the Magazine, and sleep with since brightened into a more perfect similitude. it to-night beneath thy pillow, for the sake of Unluckily for us, the two who made their inthy devoted Christopher.

stantaneous escape from the pool, not knowing Gay, gamesome streamlet, that comes dancing in their alarm whence had come the voice, came into the Tweed from Talla Linns, let me follow in their scrambling flight up the rocks, duo up thy murmurs for a mile or so, and, by way north. We involuntarily cried out-“Ye hol of a finale, take a bathe in the Silver Pool, so | Ye ho !” wishing, half in love, half in fear, ta named by shepherds for its perpetual pellucidity. / arrest the fair pilgrims' progress, when, flinging somersets backwards, they went with a plump her train; and from some glade in the forest, and a plunge into the water, and on re-rising to the peeping sylvans stole partial glances of the the surface, lay by a beautiful instinct, with just virgin goddess. Then why, since “ut pictura the tips of their noses out, from which we could poesis," be offended by the description of North not but observe the little air-bells bubbling all more than of Poussin ? Homelier, indeed, are over the subsiding pool. The whole was still as the names and the natures of his bathing beaudeath. We began seriously to apprehend that ties; yet chastity is the virtue by which Scotia's six young women were about to lose their lives; shepherdesses are guarded and adorned ; and the yet there was great difficulty, delicacy, and waters of the Talla, are they not as pure as those danger in any scheme for their deliverance. By- of the Ilissus ? and-by a sweet Doric tongue was heard breathing 1 Let us then re-angle our way down the pasfrom the waters—“What for are ye sittin'glower toral rivulet, and leave the laughing lassies in in'there, ye auld chiel? Siccan behaviour's a great the linn. Soon will they collect their scattered shame for ane o' your years ; and I wadna bae garments, and with playful titterings reapparel expeckit it o' you, when you was playing thae their innocence. Already is the pearly moisture bonny tunes last nicht wi' tears in your een. wrung from their hair, and adjusted every silken For gudesake, sir, tak aff your specks-gang awa snood. Fresh-breathing balm from every warmwi' you-and let a set o' puir naked lassies geted bosom again blends with the fragrance of the to their claes !” The appeal to our humanity hill-flowers--a brighter crimson is on every cheek was irresistible, as indeed at all times it is from --a brighter radiance dances in all their eyesa female in distress. “Pardon us, our dearest and down the braes like birds they fly, and not Girzie," we tenderly exclaimed; and then, for without a choral song. With many a gleesome the first time, looking modestly to the ground, smile over their strange adventure, they part in we saw ourselves encircled with all the possible a little broomy hollow, and each wings her way varieties of female apparel, which to name pro- towards her own nest. Each carries her bloom. fanely would incense against us the Eumenides. ing beauty into a home gladdened by her preTruth and simplicity spoke in every tone of our sence--all household affairs are cheerily attended voice; and Girzie, raising her weel-faured face to by them whose limbs health has braced ; and from the foam, with a neck shown just down to what difficulty is there in imagining any one of the snow that covered her beating heart, conscious, them to be the wooed maiden of the “Cottar's as we thought of her charms, nor even, in her Saturday Night ?" for this is indeed the last bashful disquietude, unproud of their manifest day of the week, and Robert Burns-hallowed effect on a man well stricken in years, said, in be his memory !-sung then a strain true to the still sweeter accents and with imploring eyes, | manners and morals of Scotland over all her That's a bonny man-gang your wa's—and hills and plains. dinna tell ony stories, na, about our ploutering, Accompany us, in imagination, next day to to the lads.”—“Will you promise to give me a Tweedsmuir Kirk, and the same voices will be few kisses, then, Girzie, ony time we chance to sweetly singing the psalm of worship-one forgather, and I'll gang my wa's ?”—“Ou ay, maiden sitting between her parents--one near Mr North-ou ay, sir-but oh! gang your wa's, her lover-one with her little brother on her for Tibbie's just chockin' ower-by yonner aneath knee: all thoughts of labour or ci amusement the water-pyet's nest—and Kirsty's drank a will then be hushed, and the small house of God gallon at the least, and maun be sair swalled. overflowing with thankfulness and praise. The Oh! gang your wa's, my bonny Mr North-gang low galleries, the pews beneath them, the seats your wa's." We felt it was indeed time to “gang in the main body of the kirk, forms set in the our wa's;" for Girzie, as she was growing more middle lobby, and even the very stairs up to the and more impassioned in her beseeching, rose pulpit, all covered with well-dressed people, higher and higher from the water, and stood sedate in rational piety. At the close of the nearly to the waist unveiled, the long-sought service, family parties form in the kirkyard, Naiad of the ver Pool of Talla.

and move away through opposite gates, each toGentle reader! be not displeased with this wards its own hill-home. And what if old picture, for, remember, that to the pure, all Christopher North go with the minister to the things are pure; and thou, we know well, art manse-partake of a dinner yesterday prepared the very soul of purity. Often, mayhap, hast -all but one dish which is warm, a few Tweed thon, leaning on friend's or lover's or husband's trouts of his own catching and having laid arm, moved slowly along the picture-gallery of aside his Saturday's merriment, with his green some peer's Palace, and for a moment hast let velvet jacket and jean trousers, and with his thine eyes dwell on some nymph scene, in some black suit put on a spirit befitting the day-enplace of waters, trees, and precipices, with its joy a few such serious hours as no man having gleam of azure sky. No painful emotion blushed heart and soul can ever forget, who has passed around those eyes, when the huntress queen, a Sabbath evening in the manse of a Scottish wearied with the chase, stood disrobed among | minister.

HUGH MILLER. BORN 1802: Died 1856.

(From Essays, īlistorical and Biographical,” etc.)

seaman in his bark embayed in the Adriatic. THE NEW YEAR.*

And then, after marking the red glare of Ætna ERE our sheet shall have passed from the press reflected in the waves that slumber around the into the hands of our readers, we shall have moles of Syracuse,-after glancing on the towers entered on a new year. It is barely ninety of the Seven-billed City, and the hoary snows degrees distant from us at the present moment. of the Alps,-after speeding over France, over It landed on the eastern extremity of Asia as Flanders, over the waves of the German Sea, it the 1s: of January 1845, just as we were rising will be with ourselves, and the tall ghostly from our breakfasts in Edinburgh on the 31st of tenements of Dun-Edin will re-echo the shouts December 1844; and it has been gliding west of the High Street. Away, and away, it will wards towards us, in the character of one o'clock cross the broad Atlantic, and visit watchers in in the morning, ever since. In a few hours | their beacon-towers on the deep, and the emi. more it will be striding across the backwoods of grant in his log-hut, among the brown woods of America, in its seven-league boots, and careering | the west ; it will see the fire of the red man over the Pacific in its canoe. And then, at some umbering with its gleam tall trunks and giant undefinable point, not yet fixed by the philo | branches, in some deep glade of the forest; and sopher, it will find itself transformed from the then mark, on the far shores of the Pacific, the first into the second day of the year; and thus | rugged bear stalking sullenly over the snow. it will continue to roll on, round and round, Away, and away, and the vast globe shall bo like an Archimedes screw, picking up at every

girdled by the zone of the new-born year. Eyration an additional unit, until the three Many a broad plain shall it have traversed, hundred and sixty-five shall be complete, that is still unbroken from the waste,-many a

The past year has witnessed many curious moral wilderness, on which the Sun of Righteouschanges, as a dweller in time; the coming year

ness has not yet arisen. Nearly eighteen and has already looked down on many a curious a half centuries shall have elapsed since the scene, as a journeyer over space. It has seen shepherds first heard the midnight song in Cochin-China, with all its unmapped islands, Bethlehem: “Glory to God in the highest, and the ancient empire of Japan, with its cities | peace on earth, goodwill to the children of and provinces unknown to Europe. It has heard men." And yet the coming year shall pass, in the roar of a busy population amid the thousand | its first visit, over prisons, and gibbets, and streets of Pekin, and the wild dash of the mid penal settlements, and battle-fields on which night tides as they fret the rocks of the Indian the festering dead moulder unburied; it will Archipelago. It has been already with our see the shotted gun, and the spear, and the friends in Hindustan: it has been greeted. we crease, and the murdering tomahawk, slaves in doubt not, with the voice of prayer, as the slow their huts, and captives in their dungeons. It iron hand of the city clock indicated its arrival will look down on uncouth idols in their temples; to the missionaries at Madras ; it has swept over worshippers of the false prophet in their the fever jungles of the Ganges, where the scaled mosques; the Papist in his confessional; the crocodile startles the thirsty tiger as he stoops Puseyite in his stone allegory; and on much to drink, and the exposed corpse of the benighted | idle and bitter controversy among those holders Hindu floats drearily past. It has travelled over of the true faith whose proper work is the con. the land of pagodas, and is now entering on the version of the world. But the years shall pass, land of mosques. Anon it will see the moon in and a change shall come: the sacrifice on Cal. her wane, casting the dark shadows of columned vary was not offered up in vain, nor in vain Palmyra over the sands of the desert; and the hath the adorable Saviour conquered, and dim walls of Jerusalem looking out on a silent ascended to reign as King and Lord over the and solitary land, that has cast forth its interim nations. The kingdoms shall become His king: tenants, and waits unappropriated for the old | doms, the people His people. The morning predestined race, its proper inhabitants. In rises slowly and in clouds, but the dawn has two short hours it will be voyaging along the broken ; and it shall shine forth more and more, cheerful Mediterranean, greeting the tower in until the twilight shadows shall have dispersed, kis galley among the isles of Greece, and the o the isles of Greece, and the and the sulphurous fogs shall have dissipated,

and all shall be peace and gladness amid the * Published January 1, 1845.

blaze of the perfect day.

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