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fames my soul with the Love of Fesus, obliges me to entertain Him with marvellous Respect, and to behave my felf in his Presence with all posible Reverence and Modesty, confidering what I have been, and what I am come to by his means; to Treat Him with Honor and Humility, to Love Him with a mioft ardent, and most affectionate Love, and to be most True and Faithful to Him, loving Qune like Him, who has desery'd so much at my hands; to Com. mend and Praise Him, and to express my sense of his unspeakable Favor to me; when He is Absent to speak of Him, to long for Him, and to be impatient for his Return; to Sing his Vertues, bis Condescention, his Mercy, and his Charity; and to Magnify his Wisdom, his Goodness, his Beauty, and his Love to me; to give Him Content in all things, and to Deport my self every where so as to please Hini; if I have committed the least offence, to think of it with great regret and remorse, to beg his Pardon, and to implore his Mercy; to indure any tbiog, any Trouble, any Cross, any Inconvenience for his Sake,

and to think my felf Happy that I am in a Capacity to suffer any thing for his Name, to be intirely subject to Him, and io yield all ihin s He desires of me; Finally it obliges me to think my feit most happy in his Love, and to rejoyce in being thus advanced by Him to a state I could never have hoped nor wilh'd for.' 3, HEREBY the Soul will be more expedite in that thankful Remembrance which is required in this Solemnily, and remember that Death, not only with greater Facility, but with greater Sense, and greater Affection too. HE that means to Pray with good Attention in Publick, must not forget his Secret Prayers, at home; and He thas will Reflect with Comfort on his Savior's Death at Church, muft Meditate of it in his Closet : for hereby the Heart is feason'd, and when it appears before God in this Ordi. nance, the Sense, which the Private meditation has left upco it, fits it the better for Participation of Christ's Mero its. Meditation does the Painters work, which imbellisho es the courser Draught, gives it Features , Lineaments, curious Strokes, and all its proper Dresses whereby the Mind is signally edified & affected with the Picture.

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S. 4. IX Commandment. IF I have not before a Magiftrate dire&tly Sworn talsly; Tet, Have I not accustom’d my self to Lying in my Com. mon Discourse? Have. I not maliciously and uncharitably rais'd, or spread abroad evil and falle Reports of my Neighbor? Have I not incouraged fuch Ill reports, nor pub. lish'd the Faults of another to his Disgrace? Have I not under valued Good, or Aatter'd Bad Men, and given a false Character to please a Friend? Have I not suffer'd an Inno: cent person's good Name to be tra aced, when I had an opportunity or power to clear it? Have I not by Pride con, ceiv'd, or by Boasting utter'd false things concerning my felf? Havel peither Tought unjustly to Uphold, or wiltully to Blat my own Credit? Lord, have wercy upon me, incline


heart to keep his law. Jill. s. X Commandment. HAVE I not fecretly Murmur'd at the Providence of God, as if others had too much, and nay self too little ? Have I not greedily Coveted th'estate, honors, or comforts of my Neighbors, nor fought by evil Means to procure them to my felf? Have I niot Envied any, so as to be griev'd at their Prosperity, or to wish or rejoyce in their Lof fes or Calamities? "Have I not been apt to Undervalue all my own Things, and neglected to give God Thanks for 'em ? Have I noc too passionately Pursued riches and hono ors, so as to neglect my soul and Religion upon thele accounts? Lord, have mercy upon me, and write all thy Laws in my heart, I befeech Thee.

S: 6.VII Penitential Pralm, 143. HERH my prayer, O LORD, and confider my, defire: hearken unto me for thy truth and righteousness fáke. And enter not into judgment with thy fervant : for in thy sight shall no man living be justified. For the enemy hath persecured my soul, he hath laid me in the darkness, as the men that have been long dead. Therefore is my fpirit vexed within me : and my heart within me is defolate. Ye: do I remember the time past, I'mule upon all thy works : yea I exercise my self in the works of thy hands. I stretch forth my hands upto Thee : my soul gaspeth 'uato Thee


as a thirsty land. Hear me, O LORD, and that foon, for. my spirit waxeth faint ; hide not thy face from me, left I be like unto them that go down into the pit. Q let me bear thy loving kindness betisies in the morning, for ia Thee is my trust : show Thou me the way that I thould walk in, for i lift up my soul unto Thee. Deliver me, O LORD, from mine enemies : for I flee unro Thee, to hide me. Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth Thce, for Thou art my God : let thy loving Spirit lead me forth into the land of righteousness. Quicken mę, O LORD, for thy Names fake : and for thy righteousness fake bring my soul out of trouble. And of thy goodness nay mine enemies : and destroy all them that vex my soul, for I am thy servant. Bloep be to the Father doc. As it was once

9. *. VI Divine Colloquy between the soul og ber Savior soncerning the effe&tual Merits of his dolorous Pasion.

Soul. LORD, wherefore did the Graves open at thy Death? Chrift. To Sgoify chat Death, by my Death, has now receiv'd his Death's wound, and was overcome. $o. Why, Lord, wou dit Thou be buried ? Chr. That thy fins might never rise up against Thee. S. Lord, why wouldt Thou be buried by two such honorable Şenators as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea? Chr. That the truth of my Death, (the cause of thy Life, ) might more evie dently appear unto all

. s. Lord, wherefore weast Thou buried in a new Sepulchre wherein man was never leid be fore. C. That it might appear that I, and not another, rose, and that by my own Power, not by another's vertue, like him that reviv'd at the touching of Elisha's bones. S. Lord, why didit Thou raise up thy Body again? c. That phou may be afsured that thy fins are discharged, and that thou art justified. So. Lord, wherefore did so many Bodies of thy Saints (which Beps) rife at tby Resurrection? Chr. To give an aflurance that all the Saints shall arise, by

my Resurrection, at the lath Day. Soul, Lord, what shall I render un o Thee for all these Benefits ? Chrif. Love thy Creator, & become a new creaturç.

§. 8. If al these Devocions be nor fufficient to produco thit Sorrow and shame which is necesary, but my Heart remains till obdurate, and unrelenting, i mult Medicate t. Ot che Nature of all the fins whereof I am guilty: 2, Of the Number of 'em. 3. Of the Dofertot'em. * Of those




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er men.

Aggravations which make my sins worse than those of oth

Not thereby to be overwhelm'd in Grief, and Desperation, but to look further and beholding the Lamb of God, make bold to Crave mercy, (as after the Com. mandments.) The right Ufe of all this, is not to affright me from Jefus, but to drive me to Him; to fhow, noc only how little I deserve, but how much I need a Pardon: and the other parts of the verficle, Incline my heart to keep this Law: and Write all thy Lamps in my heart, must put me upon the renewing of my Covenant; and if I be now desirous to do this, it is the best Sign of my Repentance, the surest evidence of my Pardon, and she belt Dispofi. con in the world for my Reception of these Mysteries. $. 9. A Prayer on my Baptismal-and New.

Covenant. I Acknowledge with all thankfulness, O Lord of Hear en and Earth, that as I am shine by having receiv'd my Being from Thee; so I was early Devoted and Ingaged to Thee in a folemn Covenant : by which I stand bound to do Tliee all faickful service. I have too much neglected it, I confefs, and bave presumed to dispose of my felf accore ding to my own Will and pleasure, wheu I ought to have had no other Thoughits but what would be pleasing to Thee. And yet, such is thy Goodness, Thou art not wil. ling to let me be Undone by following the Devices and Delires of my own heart, bue invitert me to come and Renew my Covenant with Thee, and, forrowfully Bee Waiting what is Palt, resolve to be more firm and fedfalt in my Duty for the cime to come. That is the Desire of my foul, O Lord, which Thou, blessed be thy Name for it, haft wrought in me : which incourages me to llope that. Thou wilt make me fo fensible of my obligations to Thee, when I Commemorate the Dying Love of my $avior, that I shall never hereafter ftart from Thee, who tieft me unto Thee in the triceft Bonds of Loveand Friendship, and layeft such Obligations upon me as infinitely ex. cell all others that I can receive from any in this world : for Thou hast already given thy Bleffed son to be a Sacri. fice for me, and now Thou invitert me to Partake of that Sacrifice, and to Feast upon his body and Bloud, that Christ




dwell in me, and I in Him; that He may be one with me, & I with Him. O how great, how precious is this Grace which Thou vouchsafelt to me! how freely ought I to give my felt to Him to be his intirely? how careful ought I to be never to Revolt from Him but to keep'my Faith with Him, and abide in his Love, by continuing firm and unmovable in his Obedience. Far be it from me to do any thing contrary to my holy Religion, and to those facred bonds that are upon me, and wherein 1 'em going t'ingage my self again, as I ought to do, with the most forward Affections, and Devotion to Him. For what greater Happiness can be conceiv'd than to be Friend of God, a Confederate with Christ, an Habitation of the Holy Ghost, and to be Bound, by living in perfect Agreement with his Holy Will here, to live with Him in Endless Love in th other World? For which ! beseech Thee, O God, to prepare me by holy Communion with Thee at present, and at last

' to trannáte me, according to thy Gracious Covenant, into thy Heavenly Kingdom, thro' Christ Jefus our Lord', to whom, with Thee, and the Holy Ghost, be all Honor and Glory, World without End. Amen. So be it. Now the general preparatory Prayer, ch. 1.5. 15. 9. 10. An Ejaculntion before I Neep 'any Night.

MOST Mighty God, I beseech Thee give thy Angels charge over me to keep me in all my Waies, that no Evil happen unto me, nor any Plague come nigh my dwelling, Grant me moderate and refreshng sleep, such as muy fit me for the Duties of the Day following: And Lord make me always mindful of my latter End, that when I dy I may dy unto the Lord, and my soul may rest in Hope. Amen.

CHAP. X DEVOTIONS for the Day of my Humiliation. Which


be used on any other Falt. $. I. FASTING significes to abstain from Food, 'eith. cri, In Part, as Dan. 10. 3. I ate no pleasant bread, neith.

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