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Prefence in that place; Speaking out after the Minister, and likewise making Responses with an audible voice, and saying Amen; where our Rubrick urders these ; This primitivi Priviledge being not only allow'd by the Church of England to her Sons, but Commanded; aud surely none will forbear to answer out of Laziness, that consider ghe Honor and Benefit thereof; nor ought any to be filent out of Modesty or shame, it being no shame that Men should hear us Pray in the House of Prayer, for we came on purpose to pray, and th’only shame is to be mute and silent.

9.22. Secondly, WHILST the Text is reading we fund np, (as even the heathen King did when Ehud brought him a mejo sage from God, fud. 3. 20.) and whilst the Minister is Predching we must be very attentive, applying every speech as Spoken to our selves, rather by God than Man; and labor to remember, How many things be taught which we knew not before, and be thankful; What fins he reprov'd wbereof our Consciences tell us we are guilty, and amend; What vertues he exhorted untu.which are not very perfect in us, and indea. vor to practise 'em with more zeal and diligence. Hom. 10, 11 Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by [the preaching of) the word of God.

$. 2 3. Thirdly, WHEN Sermon isended; we must not depart without she Minister's after-prayer, and Blefling; ) which we ought to receive upon our knees as the Blessing of our spiritual Father, nos only Begging, but also imparting it to the duly qualified.) and onrown private Prayer afterwards, in these or the like Words.

§. 24. Before we rise from our knees any time. , OLord, I beseech Thee to give such a blessing to those things which I have heard, that they may be a direction to my Life, anda Consolation to my soul, for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen.

9. 25. Fourthly, If there be any Collection for the poor, we muft freely, without grudging, edow our Alms as God has blessed us with Ability. See Appendix 9.45.

S. 26. Fifthly, WHEN Baptiim is to be administred, wc muft ftay, and behuld it with all reverent attention: 1; In reverence of God's Ordinance.2, To confider our own Ingrafer ing into the Visible body of Christ's Church, and how we per: form the Vows of our New Covenant, and be humbled for our wants, and thankful for his Grace. 3, Tho shew our selves to te Freemen of Christ's Corporation, having a Voice or Confent

in th’Admission of orhers into chat holy Society. 4, To pray
for th' Infant, as other Christians did in the like case for us.
£ 5.27. Sixthly, WHEN it is a Communion day, we must draw
near rothe Lord's Table in the Wedding garment of a faithful
and penitent heart, to be partakers of so holy a Banquet.

III. After the Publick Exercises of the Church.
§ 28. Returning Home, and entred into House,always.

WE must Meditate a while upon those things which we have heard in the Church, bringing them again to our Remem. brance, and Read over the Chapter,or Pfalm out of which the Text was takers, and fome more fortions of Sripture, or other good book. And to write the Text always in a book for that purpose, if can; and to read :h' Annotations upon it, if have 'em, is very advise able: and to be like the noble Bereans, who fearched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were jo. Afts. 17.11.

IN th' Afternoon we may Meditate-Going to Church, and Estringir, as $. 18, 19.

$.29. Asoon as seated, as 5.20, or, any time. alm Sucy God, the fountain of all Wisdom, who knoweft my secessities before Lask.and my Ignorance in asking; I beseech Thee to have compassion apon my Infirmities; and those things which for my Unworthiness I dare not, and for my Blindness I cannotask, vouchsafe to give me for the Wore thiness of thy fon, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

9. 30. Before we leave our Place, as $.24, or, any time. GÁRDÉ, I beleech Thee, Almighty God, that the Words which I have heard this Day with my ontward ears may, thro' tby grace, be lo grafred inwardly in my heart, that they may bring forth ia me ibe fruit of good Living, to th' honor and praise of thy Name, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

8.31. WHEN returning Home and in House we may Med. vt itate and Read& 8.30 mod then read the 9z.or some part of Do the 119 Psalm: by which last holy David commends the fee

rious and diligent study, stedfat Belief, and constant Practice,

of God's Word, as incomparably the best Counfeller, and 14 Comforrer in the World, and asıl’only way to true Blessed:

pess; confirming it by his own Experience and Example. And because it was a hard thing rightly to understand this Word in all ics parts, and harder to put it in practice, he therefore intermixech many prayers to God for his help therein, thereby Directing and Incouraging others to take the same courte. B 2

And l'art ll,

And it is observable harin all this Plalm, which consists of 22 parts with the 2 2 Hebrew letters, each containing 8 verses, there are but 3 ofthe 176 verses ('84, 121, and 122 v.

4. and part 16, v.1, 2.) wherein the nature, and great perfection, and manifold parts and uses of God's Word is not express's under one or otherofthe following. Titles, The Law of the Lord, Way, Testimonies, Commandments, or Precepts, Statutes, Judgments, Ceremonies , Word, Truth, or Faithfulness, Ordinances, Health, Righteousness, Name, Loving kindness or Mercy. An Evening Prayer for Sunday in the Closet.

$. 32. A Preface, any time. LET the Words of my mou:h, and the Meditations of my heart be now and evermore accepiable in thy sight, O Lord God, my strength and my Redeemer.

$. 33. Tle Prayer. O Most holy and ever-blessed felu, who by thy greater In stance of Love and Good will to Mankind in the Redemption of us, than in our Original Creation, and by thine and thy Apostles Authorizing Examples hast changed the Jewish into the Christian Sabbath, pardon , pardon, I befcech 'Thee, my not havi g been prepared according to the preparation of thy holy Sanctuary; my not having been sufficiently in the fpirit on this thine cwn Day; Pardon that I have prayed withcut the Spirit of prayer, assurance of Faith, and ferven. су

of Affection ; pardon that I have heard without due Attention, Conviction, and inkinuling my Resolution to Practice.

[ * Pardon that I have Communicuted without s * When I,ve

Worthiness futable to the Digniry off holy and · received the renerable a Sacrament: ] Othe Soil of Imper. Sacraineiir. fections which has cleav'd 10 the perforni

ance of my purelt Religious Actions! Omy want of a due sense of having been in thy more immediate and especial Presence! Let not, I beseech Thee, my unworthy Partaking of thy hoiy Ordinances hinder their renewing and saving Efficacy upou my Soul. but grant that, by the Use of the Means of Grace , the Kingdom of thy Grace may be brought down more abundantly into my heart. Cause, blésed Lord, my religiuus Obedience to proceed more from a Principle of Love and Ingenuity.of frce Choice,and fetled Approbation of thy Divine Commandments; that I may meet Thee in




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every Ordinance with a favory Gult and Relish ofit, with ex. alted Joy and Delight in the Performance of my Duty : That I may account thy Service, as really it is, my perfect Freedom, my greatest Priviledge and Happiness * [Thou hast, Holy Savior , renewed with me thy Covenant of Grace *Whenl,ve this Day; O seal to me by the Merit: of thy Bloud, and receiv'd the the Perfection of thy Obedience, a full

Afurance of I add

this. the Forgiveness of my Sins, of th Alistance of thy Grace, of the light of thy recoriciled Countenance, and th' injoyment of thy Love, upon Conditions of my persevering Faith, Purity, and universal Obedience.] I adore, O Lord, and most submissively praise thy Divine Majesty for thy Grace and wonderful Condescention in thy Mercitul picying the loft'undone Condition of Man, in thine humbling thy Selfeven to the Death upon the Cross for us miserable Sinners, who lay in Darkness, and in the shadow of Death, that Thou mightest make us Children of God, and exalt us to everlasting Life

. [+Particularly that thou hast vouchsafed to re-establish thy Gospel. Covenant with me, fovile anil undeserving a sinner! For ever blessed be thy Name for such an inestimable favor : 1 defire, o God, with the most infamed Affections of a grateful and thanksgiving heart, to praise and magnify thy great Gooibness for these undeserved Mercies which Thou haft

me. Lord, what is Man that Thou Shouldj so regard him as to send thy Beloved fon

+ I


this when to suffer fuck bitter things on his Behulf? especially

I have rewhat am I, th' unworthiest of all thy Servants, ceiv'd the that I shou'd have any part in this Atonement ? o the height and depth of this Compasion of thine , that !, who am unworthy of that daily Bread which

Lord's sup

per. Sustains the Body , shou'd be made Partaker of this Bread of Life which nourishes the fou!! that the God of all Purity and Holiness shou'd vouchsafe to unite Him.

10 10.polluted a Creature ! O my Redeemer, suffer me no more, I beseech Thee, to defile this Temple which Thou , by thy entrance thereinto , haft confecrated.] Suffer me no more to turn thy Grace into wanton!ess; but cause this unspeakable Love of thine to corstrain me to Obedience ; that, since Thou, my Lord and Mafter, hast died for me, I may nolongerliseunto my self, bnt unto Thee, who waft facrificed on my behalf; to whom, with Thee O Father, and thy Holy and ever-blessed Spirit, be ascribed as is most due, all



Sacrament of the


B 3

s. Luke 11.3

honor and glory, praise and Adoration world without end, Amen. Amen.

§ 34, Our Father day by day The Blefling, as $ 13:

9:35. A Conclufion any time, ALMIBCy God, who halt promised to hear the peo titions of them that ask in thySons Name, I beseech Thee mer• cifully to incline thine ears to me who have made now my Prayers and Supplications unto Thee, and grant that those things which I have faithfully asked, according to thy Will, may effectually be obtained, to the relief of my decellity, and to the setting forth of thy Glory, thro' Jefus Christ our Lord. Amen.

§. 36. BEFORE supper all the Houshold must be exa. mined about what they have beurd; and how they have spent that Day; and the Children and Prentices, and ig. norant servants be Catechised; commending and incourazing those that do well, and reproving and exhorting the others. And after supper one muft Read a while in some good Book, the rent giving good Attention; and a Pfalm, or part of one may be fung; and, after that, the Head of the Family must Pray with them, all devoutly joyning ia Mind and Heart therein.See further Appendix g. 21, 23, and 43.

An Evening Prayer on the Lord's Day for a Family:

The Preface as g. 15, or as g. 10, or 32. turning the Singslar number into the Plural.

6. 37. The Prayer. O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Sabbath suffer us', who are but cut and ashes, to speak to thy most glorious Majetty. We know that Thou art a consuming fire, and acknowledge that we are but withered stubble. Our fins are in thy fight, and satan stands at our riglu handt'accufe us for'em; we come not l'excuse, but to judge our felves worthy of all those judgments which thy Justice might most juftly inflict upor: us wretched creatures for our fins and transgreffions; the number of'em is so great, the nature of’ein is So grievous that they make us feem vile ia our own eyes, how much more loathsom in thy fight! We confess they make us so far from being worthy to be called thy fons, that we are altogether unworthy to have the name of thy meanest servants : and if Thou shou'dft but recompense us according to our deserts, th’earth (as weary of such a burden) wou'd open her mouth and swallow us up

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