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fully asked according to thy will, may effectually be obtained, to the relief of our neceffity, and to the setting forth of thy glory, through Tesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then the Priest (or Bishop, if he be present) shall let them de part with this

Blessing. §. 73. The peace of God which passeth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Cbrist our Lord : And the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.

$ 74. An Act of Thanksgiving afterwards.

I Can never praise Thee enough, O Thou great lover of Souls, and therefore let me live eternally to praise Thee. Bring me into thy heavenly Kingdom, when Thou hast by such Means as these prepared me for it; that there I may more fully understand and injoy the fruits of thy wondrous Love; and also bless and praise Thee perpetually for 'em, in that fulness of Joy which is at thy right hand. Lord hely me more and more to rejoyce in the hopes and assurances of it : to rejoyce with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Let my Joy be so full that my mouth may be filled with thy

praise all my Life long; thro' lefus Chrisi our blessed Savior and Redecmer. Amen.

$. 75. | If any of the Bread and Wine remain of that which was consecrated , it shall not be carried out of the Church, but the Priest, and such other of the Communicants as he shall



then call unto him, shall immediatly after the Blesing, reverently eat and drink the same, .

8. 76. WHILE that is doing , I may read what has been left out by him of the last fix Collects, 8.67. to 72. of the two Prayers in the Post Communion, 8.64.65. and of the 30 Sentences at the offertory ). Il. or some of 'em: and when done, worship, and return home with Joy , (meditating of what I have heard seen, and felt, and opening my heart aud purse to such proper Obječts of Charity as I shall meet with by the way, since the blessing of Heaven goes with me, and will never leave me so long as the Peace of God does rule in my heart, and may that be for ever. Amen.

CHAP. III. At Home; at Noon, Evening, and Night.' 25 many as received Him , to them gave He power to: become the Sons of God. S. John 1.12. Hud if children there heirs; beirs of God, and joint-heirs with Chrift. Rom. 8. 17. As soon as I come bome, I privately read. o pray as follows.

9., s. Psalın 45. if nos Chriitmas, nor the 9 day. my heart is inditing of a good matter : I. Speak of the things wi ich I have made unto the King My tongue is the pen :: of a ready writer. Thou art fairer than the children of men : full of grace are thy lips, because God hath bleffed Thee for ever. Gird Thee with thy sword upon thy thigh, O Thou moft mighty : according to thy worship and renown. Good luck have Thou with thine bonor : ride on, because of the word of truth', of meekness and righteousnefs, and thy right hand shall teach Thee terrible things. Thy arrows are very sharp, and the people shall be subdued unto Thee :: even in the midst among the Kings eremies: They'seat, O God, indureth tor evec : the Sceptre of thy Kingdom is a right Sceptre.. Thou hast loved righie usness

2 Ad hated iniquity : wherefore God, even thy God, bach

nointed Thce with the oyl ot gladuess above thy fellows. Allt by garments smell of Myrrh, Aloes, and Caffia : out of the i vory palaces, whereby they have made Thee glad. Kings daughters were among thy bonourable women : upon thy right hand did ftand the Queen in a vesture of gold, wrought about with divers colors. Hearken, o daughter, and con. fider, incline thine ear : forget also thine own people, and tby father's house. So shall the King have pleasure in thy beauty : for He is thy Lord God, and worship thou Him. And the daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift : like as the rich also among the people shall make their fupplication before Thee. The King's daughter is all glorious within : her clothing is of wroughtgold. She shall be brought unto the King in raiment of needle work : the Virgins that be her fellows, shall bear her company, and shall be brought unto Thee. With joy and gladness shall they be brought : and shall enter into the King's palace. In stead of thy fathers Thou shalt have children : whom Thou mayst make prin. ces in all lands. I willrememberthy Name from one generation to another : therefore shall the people give thanks unto Thee, world without end. Glorp be to the cgc.

S. 2. Pfalnt 2 3. Except it be the 4h day of the Month. CHELORD is my shepherd:therefore can Ilack nothie fhill teed meio a green pasture : and lead me forth besideihe waters of comfort. He shall convert my soul : and bring me forth in the paths of righteousness for his Name's fake. Yea , though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no eyil : for Thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff

comfort me. Thou shalt prepare a table betore me against them that trouble me : Thou hast anvinted my head with oyl, and my cup shall be full. But thy loving

kindnefs and mercy fhall follow me all the days of my life: 1

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Glory beto the Father, and to the Son, donc.

$. 3. 3 Exhort that - Supplications , prayers , interceffions, be made for all men į For Kings, and for all that are in authority Tim. 2. I, 2. Now abideth faith, hope', charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. 1 Cor. 13.53

$. 4. Anlaterceflion for all men. O most merciful and gracious God, Father of our Lord'



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uusy Jesus Chrit, the Lord of giory; Thou art the great lover of Souls, and Thou hast given thy holy Son to dy for our Salvavation, to sedeem us from fin, to destroy ihe works of the devil, and to present a Church to Thee pure, and Sporless, and undefiled; Relying upon thy goodness, trusting in thy promises, and having receiv'd my Dearest Lord into my Soul, í humbly represent to thy Divine Majesty the glorious Sacri. fice which our dearest Jesus made of Himself upon the Cross, and by a never cealing Intercession now exhibites to Thee in Heaven in the Office of an eternal Priesthood, in behalf of all that have communicatej this day in the Divine Mysteries, in all the Congregations of the Christian world;. and in behalf of all them that desire to Communicate , and are hindred by fickaels or neceßity, by fear or fcruples, by cenfures Ecclesiastical, or the sentence of their own Consciences. Give unto me, God, and unto them a portion of th' (n. tercellion of our Lord, and of the supplications of all thy fer. vants; and unite us in the bands of the common Faith, anda holy Charity; that no Interests or Partialities, no sects or opinions may Aeep us any longer in darkness and division. Give thy Grace speedily to all wicked persons, that they may repent and live well, and be saved; to all good people give an increase of gifts and holiness, and the grace of Perfeverania and Christian Perfection; to all Idolaters, Hereticks, and Schismaticks. grant the Spirit of Humilicy and Truth, Charity and Obedience;. have mercy upon all Strangers and Aliens-fron the Kingdom of thy Son, let the sweet found of the Gospel be heard in all the corners of the earth. Grant uato me and my dearest Relations (efpecially.

-) whatíoever we want, or wisely and holily desire ; keep us for ever in thy fear and favor; grant that we may never fin against Thee, never fall into thy displeasure, never be feperat ed from thy Love.and from thy Presence, but let our Portion be in the Blessing, and in the Service, in the Love andia che Kingdom of God for ever and ever.. Give thy Blessing tojall Protestant Kings and Princes, especially to thy Servant George, our King, and all that Royal Family to all Prot: eftant Governors and Magistrates of Republicks and other Dominions, especially to the States. General of the seven United Provinces, and particularly to those of Holland and West-Friesland .;. grant to all of 'em the Spirit of mercy, and justice, prudence and deligcoce, the favor of God,


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and the love of their People,

and grace and blessing that they may live at Peace with Thee, and with one another, remembring the Command of their Lord and King, the Serene and Reconciliog felus. Suppress all violent and warring Spirits that unjustly disturb the Peace of Christendom.: Comfort and Relieve all Gentlemen , Gentlawo. men, and Merchants , that are fallen iaco Poverty, or other misfortunes; Support and Comfort all that are fick, aod deliver'em from all their Sorrows, and all the Powers ot ch'Enemy; And let the Spirit of Comfort and Patience, of Holiness and Resignation descend upon all others of the House hold of faith whoinThou halt ia-auy instancevisited with thy rod. Give an Apostolical Spirit to ali Ecclefiaftical Brelates and Priests, grant to them zeal of Souls, wisdom to conduct: their Charges, Purity of Doctrine, an:\Exemplariness of Life, Grant unto thy Flock to be fed wlth wife and holyShepherdsor that, being burning and shining Lights, men beholding their light, may rejoyce in that light, and glorify Thee our Father which art in Heaven. Have mercy upon all States of Men and Women in the Christian Church, the Governors and the governed, the rich and the poor , high and low, grant to every of them in their several Scarions to live ro, that thy will may be doneon Earth as-it is in Heaven. For all Mankind, whom I have and whom I have not remembred, I humbly represent the Sacrifice of thy eternal Son, his Mera its and Obedience, his Life and Deuh, his Resurrection and Ascension; his Charity and Interceflion, praying Thee, in vertue of our Glorious Savior, to grant uoto us all, the Graces of an excelleut and perfcct Repentance,an irreconcileable hatred of all sin , a great love of God, and of our Breihren, an exa& Imitation of the Holiness of the ever Blessed Jesus, the Spirit of Devotion, conformable Wills,.. and religious Affections , an Angelical Puricy, and a Sca raphical Love, thankful hearts, and joy in God; and let all things happen to us all in that Order and Disposition as may promote thy'greatest Glory, and our Duty, ourlike ness to Christ, and th honor of his Kingdom , by the Bloud of th' Everlasting Covenant pour'd forth in the day of tbe Lords Love, whom I adore , and whom I love, anda desire more and more to love, and love for ever. Ainen, Amen

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