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like Dathan's family, into the bottomless pit of hell. This paft Day which Thou hast commanded us to keep Holy to thy Praise and Worship, we have not fo Religionsly kept and observ'd, nor prepared our fouls in thu ho incss and Chastity of heart as was hit to meet thy Blessed Majesty in the hoiy Aném. bly of the saints. We liave not attended to the Divine Service and Preaching, with that humility, reverence and devotion that we shou'd: for tho'we were present at those Exercises in our bodies, yet, Lord, our minds were so distracted and carried away with drowfiness, or dulness, or vain , or worldly thoughts, that our souls feem'd to be absent, and out of the Church sometimes. We have not fo duly as we shou'd, meditated wi h our felves upon those good instructions which we have heard and receivd out of thy holy Word by the Publick Ministry: for default whereof Satan has stolen the mott part of 'em cat of our hearts, and we, wretched creatures, have forgotten most of 'em as tho’they had never been heard. Anit for these and ourinnumerable other fios, Original and Actual, of Omiffion and Commission, of knowledge and Ignorance of Wilfulness and of Weakness, and that both in Thought, Word, and Deed, our Consciences cry guilty, thy Law coo. demns us, and we are in thy hand to receive the sentence and Curfe that is due to the breach of thy holy Commandments: but tho'weare by the Law condemn'd, yet, Lord, thy Gospel alfares us that thy Mercy is above all ily Works, thit thy grace tranfcends thy Law, and thy Goodness delights there to Reign where firs do most abound: in the multitude therefore of thy Mercies and the Merits of Jesus Christ our fivior, we berech Thee, O Lord, who defpifest not the sighings of a contrire neart, nor deiirelt the derth of a penitene finner, !! pardon and forgive us all these our fins and all thi'errors of this Day, aud of our whole Lives; and free our fouis from that corse and ladgment which is due unto us for'em, Thou didit juftify the contrite Publican, and received it the Prodigalchild, when he had spent all the stock of grace, into favor upon his Repentance; pardon our fins likewise, O Lord, and fuffer us not to perish for our Transgressions ;O spare us, and receive us into thy favor again. Wilt Thou, O Lord, reject us, who haft receiv'd all Publicans, Harlots and sinners that upon Repen. tance sued to Thee for Grace.Shall we alone be excluded from thy Mercy? far be it from us to think So : for Thou art the fanc God of Mercy anto us that Thou waft unto them, and

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thy Compassions never fail. Wherefore, O Lord, deal not with us after our Merits, but according to thy great Mercy. Execute not thy ferere Justice against us miferable finners, but executeily Long, suffering in forbearing thine own creatures. We have nothing to present unto Thee for a satisfaction, but only those bloudy Wounds, bitter Death and Pallion which thy Blessed Son, our only Savior, has suffer'd for us. Him, in whom Thou art well pleas'do we offer unto Thee for all our Sins wherewith Thou art displeased; Him our Mediator, the request of whose Bloud speaks better things than that of Abel, aby Mercy can never gainsay: forbis sake therefore webeg the Pardon of our Sins, the Sanctificationpfour Natures, the JuItification of our Persons, th’Aids of thy Spirit, Peace of conscience, Joy in the Holy Ghost, Aflurance of thy Love and Favor, the present good Hopes, and the final happy Injoyment of Eternal Blessedness

. Grant that our Minister may be defended from the malice and ill will of bad men, and may have the countenance and protection of the great and powerful ; and that his zealons labors in God's vineyard may be attended with success, that he may turn many to Righteousness. Illuminate our understandings, and bring to our Remembrance all those gooland profitable Lessons which this Dayand at other times hav: been taught us out of thy Word, that we may Remember thy Commandments to do them, they fudgments to avoid'em and thy sweet Promises to rely upon’em in time of misery and distress. And now, O Lord, we Resign our selves to thy most holy Will, o receive us into thy Favor; and so draw us by thy grace unto thy self, that we may as well be thine by Love and Imitation, as by Calling and Cgation. And give us grace so to keep holy:hy Sabbaths in this Life, as that, when this life is ended, we may, with all thy Saints and angels, celebrate an eternal Sabbath of loy and Praise,to th' honor of thy most holy Name, in thy heavenly Kingdom for evermore And all we beg upon th’account, and for the sake alone of the Lord Jesus the Righteons, thy dear son, our only Redeemer and Advocate, in whose bleited Name and words we conclude these our imperfect prayers.

Our Father give us day by day

The Blefing as 9.13. The Conclusion as 9. 17. or as 8. 14.0r 35, turning the Singuler into the plural number.

S. 38. AFTER having devoutly perform’d ; and joyn'd in all the Secret Duties in our Closets, Privale Duties in the


Family, and Publick Duties in the Church,tor the Day,we retire to our Beds.

9. 39. The Soliloquy in undreling. always.
AT Night lie down prepared to have

Thy sleep thy Death, thy Bed thy Grave. $. 40. An Ejaculation abed before we feep, for sundays or Holy-days.

I Ly me down to seep in the Name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost. Lord give charge to thy holy Angels to pitch their Tents round about me, to guard me from all Dangers, that Neeping with Thee, I may in the Morning be wakened by Thee; and fo being refreth'd with moderate sleep, I may be the fitter to set forth thy Glory in the conscionable Duties of my Calling, for Jesus Christ bis fake Amen.

6. 41. The Meditation and Prayer when we ly waking in the Night. Always,

We may say with the Royal Prophet David, Pfalm 91.12. It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy Nante, o most Highest; to tell of thy Loving kindness in the morning, and of thy Truth in the Night season. and Psal. 119. 62. At Midnight will I rise to give thanks unto Thee O LORD, because of the righteous Iudgments. Thanks be to Ģod for preserving me thus far in the Night, Lord keep me the remainder in Safety, and raise me to the Light of another Day in health, ifit be thy Will; and make mctruly thankful and obedient, for Jesus Christ his sake. Amen.

$. 42. We may Learn by Heart the foregoing 2 Soliloquies, to be used when we are about to Rise, and Going to bed ; and the Meditations and Prayers Going to Church and Entring in, and in the Night; and some or all of the foregoing (in this Introduction) and following (in the first and second Parts,) 7 Ejaculations in Rising, and 7 before we sleep; and 3 when we come to our Seats, and 3 when leaving them, and ona

for both; because in all these Cafes we can't Read'em: and the foregoing 3 Prefaces, and 3 Conclusions and the Blefling, for our Prayers, because we can't always turn lo'em.

. 43. I Have been the more large, plain, and particular about a constant Sanctifying the Whole Lord's Day, because it is an absolutely Necessary Foundation of a Right prepasation for a Worthy Pariicipation of this Heavenly Feist whereof I'm now to Trear. See some hints more Part 2, ch.r. 9.2. Part 3, ch. 3, 9.4.

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PART I. Sacramental Devotions for Seven Days Before th' Adminis. tration of the Memorial of our Lord's Paffion.

SUNDAY, or the 7th. Day Before that Holy Supper.
PEEPAGE to meet thy God, o lsrael, Amos 4. 12.

Sect. 1. OUR Church has prudently order'd timely Notice to be given, (viz. on the Sunday or fome Holy Day before) thac None might pretend to stay away out of Ignorance of the Time, or Unfitness for the Duty, but that all may come, and come Prepared also.

S. 2. An Argument for Frequent communion: FROM the Perpetuity of this Inftitution, implied in these words, For as ofien as ye eat this Bread, and drink this Cup, ye do show the Lord's death till He come. 1. Cor. 11. 26.that is, untill the time of his second coming, which will be at th' End of the World : Consequently th' Obligation that lies upon Chrift:ans to th' obfervation of it is perpetual, and shall never cease till then. As Watching and Prayer will always be a Duty upon Christians, because we are particularly exhorte ed to it by our Savior with regard to the day of ludgment, as one of the best ways of preparation for it, and in confide deration of th’uncertainty of the time when it shall be. As also outward Teaching and Baptism were intended to be perpetual, because Christ has exprelly promised to be with the Teachers of his Church in the Houfe of these Ordinances to the End of the World : So this Solemn Remembrance of the Death and fufferings of our Lord, being left as a Memorial of Himself during his Abfence from us, till He come to translate his Church into Heaven, and as a fure Pledgechat He will come again and invest us in that Glory which He is now gone before to prepare for us, will never be out of date till his Second coming that is, till his coming to Judgment. Nor (2) is there the least hint or fyllable given us in all the New Testament that this Sacrament, after it was once instituted, was ever to be abolished.(3) The Means of Grace are the fame and unalterable to th’ End of the World, and if the Gospel (which is the Means, and is called in Gebel 14.6. th Everlasting Gospel,.) be to lait to tho end of the World, this.Ordinance



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mult needs last as long, for that which is most properly call’d the Gospel , or Glad-tidings, is the Mystery of God's Reconciling the World to Himielf in Christ Jefus, and thac is in an eminent manner expres’d in this Sacrament; and S. Paul determined not to know any thing fave Jesus Christ and Himcrucified. 1. Cor. 2. 2. which is the very purport and scope of this Ordinance, and so a principal part of it.(4) By this Sacrament we become one with Christ Jefus, and the Comforts being to attend sincere Christians whilft Christians are in the world, by vertue of Christ's. Pontificial Prayer, B. John. 17.20/21. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word : That-shegy all

may one , as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in Us.) the Mears whereby that Union is made must necessarily laît as long, that is to the Day of Judgment. (5) Lo, I am with you alway, faith Christ. even unto the end of the world. S. Mat. 28. 20. tliat is, as Mediator, or Head of the Church, by his Spirit and ver. tue, and Influence in their observing all things whatsoever He commanded them, of which the Lord's Supper was one, so must also be necessary, and mult needs be kept up to the end of the world. (6) Christ's Church is to last to the end of the world. D. mat. 16. 18. The gates of hell Shall not prevail against it; tho the devil will indeavor it to the very last moment of the World's duration and I Theg. 4. 17. Then we (fiocere Chriftians) which are alive and remain (at Christ's coming to Judgment, ] fhall be caught up together with them in the clouds , to meet the Lord in the air. therefore the Church muit stand, and last till then, and by consequence the Marks of that Church, of which this is one, must last as long. (7) · As often denotes that tho' it be a Duty, yec we have not always oportunity for it, but, as to all other affirmative Laws, we are bound to it at all times when we have a fit occasion offered for the fame : As the lems were to be cut off from Ifrael when at any fit time they omitted to eat the Paffover. Numbers 9. 13,

S. 3. A Sacrament is A Holy significative Rite of Chrift's immediate Inftitution, fet to denoie discernibly some special favors and gifts of God bestowed upon me, and consecrated by Him to two great Erds: Firji, As a Means of Conveyance, and by the

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