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$. 11.

Creeds, ch. 10, 8.36,53, Addit. Church-Catechism, P. 1, ch. 6, §.4.

Commemoration of Christ in the Eucharift, P.2,ch.1,9,4. The Meditation before the Sacrament, $.8, Proper Pfalms on a Sacrament day, Part 2, ch. 1, S. 5,6,7,9,

To,ch. 3, . 1, 2,5,6, 10, II. The more immediate preparatory Prayer at home, P. 2, ch. 1, At the Altar, an Act of Repentance and Faith, ch. 2, 5.7.

of Forgiveness, 5, 8. Humility, Love and Delire, $. 9. Of giving Alms, $. 10. Of Forms of Administration, S. 11. Our Form,with th’Actions, Gestures, and necessary Directions,

Meditations and Prayers, S. 12 to 76. Au Intercession fors! Men,when come 3,9,4. An after-Prayer for that Evening & Week following. 5.12. Meditations alter for the 5 principal Festivals, ch.4, all, for the 12 Months and 5 of the Festivals, ch.

s, all. 7 Directions afterwards, P.3, ch. i to 7,8.1. Proper Pfalrkas after, ch, 1, $.2, 12, ch.2,5.2, 8, ck. 3, , 2, 9,

ch. 4. $. 2,7, ch.5, 6, 2, 6, $. 2, 3, cb, 79, 2,IO. Answers to all the Difficulties and Evasions of Communicating,

ch.1, 5.3 to 11, ch. 2, , 3 to 7, ch.3.1.3 to 8, ch.4, 5, 3 to

6, ch.5, 9. 3 to 5, ch.6, S. 3 to 7, S. 3.4, 8,9. 7 Meditations afterwards on the Passion of our 1.5.13,

ch. 2, S. 9, ch. 3, S.,5, 8,ch.5,,,5.11. 7 Particular Prayers, For a holy life,ch. 1, $. 14,Oblation of my

self, ch. 2.9. 10. Friends and all Men, ch. 3. §. 11. Enemies & others, ch, 4, 5.9. against Doubts, ch. 5. 8. 8. for frequent

Communion, ch.6..9. Perseverance,ch.
How to Begin every day, Appendix 6.1, 2. 3.8. 9.
Ofdaily frequent Ejaculations, p. 3. cho 35, 3, App. 9.18.
The Duty of the Husband to his Wife, $.19. Wife to him, 9.20.

-Parents to Children, $. 21. Children to Parents, S. 22.
-Master & Miftris coServants,§.23. Servants to them. $.24.

Minister to his People, $.23. Peoplero their Minister, $.265
How to make a Nation Prosperous, Happy, and blessed, $.27.
To manage the Business of the Day with Success, 5.31.
6 Graces before and after Meat, S. 34 to 39.
Meditations and Directions when hungry, ,40.
How to end the Day, $.41, 43, 8, 9,
Of the measure and Ends of our Sleep, $.53.
The Composers of every Article of th' Apostle's Creed, Add.
The Poor Man's Library, Aduition at the eni,


S. 12.

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Proverbsand Sayings,Introduction S. 3,6,7, Part. 1, ch. 4, 5,4,

ch. 7, 8. 9.4, ch.9. 9. 3. ch. 10, S. 57, Part 3, Part 3,ch, 1, $.9, ch. 2, S. 3,ch. 3,5.4, ch.4, 5, 5, ch. 6. 9.4,

Appendix $. 26,46. Poems, Introduction 9.8, 39, Part 2,ch, 2, S. 5, Part 3, ch. 1,

8.10, ch. 2, $.3, ch.5.5, 5, Appendix 3.31.41,53,55; Persons and people, besides what are in th’Epistle and Addition, which need no Index, K.James I, Introduction, S. 2, Part 2. ch. 2,9. 5. P. 3, ch 1, 9.2.K. Charles II, Introd. 5. 2, P. 1,ch, io, 9:39. K. William III. Introd.9.2, P., 5. 3. Judge Hales, Intr.5, 5. Bp. Fabian, P:,5.7, Mr. Tindall the Martyr, and Mr.Coverdaie, P. 1, ch. 1, S. 12, P.2, ch. 1, 5.5, ch, 2, 9. 12. P. 3, ch. 1, §. 2. K.Henry VIII,P.1, ch. 1, 9. 12, Plioy the young, Emperor Trajan, Julin Martyr, Tertul. lian, Socrates Scholasticus, P. 1. ch. 4, S. 3. Epiphanius, P.1, ch.4, $. 3, ch. 10, S. 36.5. Bizil, P. 19 ch.4, 8. 3, ch, 10.9. 8. P. 2, ch. 2. $ 11. Appen lix S 11. S. Ignatius, P, 1, ch. 6, 9.2. D. Comber, 9.4, ch. 10, 5.53. D, Hammond, ch. 6,8.4. Petrus Cluniacenfis, Petrobrusians, ch, 9,9.2. Damian, Fulgatius, Bp. Eleutherius, K. Lucius, S. 3. Sixt. Amama, ch. 10, $ 10. Livy, Suidas, Bp. Simeon, Spelman, $ 18. Gregory the grcat, Paulus Diacon. „Balæus, Pope Honorius, German and Danish Lutherans, 9. 20. Vincentius Lyrinenfis, Bp. Vlher, $. 36.5. Augustine, 5.57.K. Charles I. $. 39. K. Edward VI, Q. Elisabeth, Spaniards, States of Holland, Scots, French, Muscovites, Turks, Persians, Tartars, P. 2, ch. 1, § 5. Cicmens, S. Chryfoftom, ch.2, S. 11. S. Ambrose, $. 11, Append. S. 1n. Conceited young man, P.3,ch. 2, $. 3. Cicero, Atticus, C. Arcius, ch.5, 9. 3. Pious Gentlewoman, App. S. 2.Accomplifh'd young man, 9. 10. Luther, $. 11. Claud. Sırravius,

Hugo Grotius, §. 26. S. Athanasius, §. 11. Places. Great Brittain, P.1, ch.9.9.3. London,ch. 10, 8.39,

England, ch. 1.9.12, P.2,ch. 1, 5. 5. Amsterdam, Introd. 9,2, 8.4. App. S. 45, Tiverton, Introd. 9. 2: Wales , Sielund, P. 1, ch. 1, $. 12. Rome, ch. 2,,8.3. Turin, ch.4 S. 3. Thessalonica, ch. 10, $. 18. Villefort, P.2, ch. 1, 5.5. Carthage, S. 12. Hierufalem, Alexandria ch. 2, Ş.11. Dey lides what are in th’Epistle, and Addition.

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The Character (not of a High Church., nor Low Church, nor Moderate Church, but) of a True Church of Englant. Man.

I, A Church of England Man is one that heartily, and effeétually Believes in God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and leads to regular a Christian Life, that he has a Right to, and is Qualify'd for, and live's in constant actual Communion with the Church of England, and is zealous to communicate in all her Publick' Religious Offices, Prayers , Reading , Praises, and Sacraments; not only on Sundays but also on all the Ferts and Fasts, and other folemn Days appointed by the Church, as well when there is not, as when there is a Sermon, 2, A Church-Man is one who is true to the Interest both of Church and State as by Law estabilhed; I say, both Church and Siate; for i: has ever been, and I hope always will be the Glory of the Church of England that all her True Sons are very Loyal Subjects. The Church of England teaches her sons, when they observe any Defects in their Governors, E :clefiaftical or Civil, to conceal, lament, and excule them, and all out of a Dutiful Regard to the Character they bear. But to expose Failings where they are, or to make, em where they are not, God be thanked , was never any part of the spirit of our Church. It always instillid more Loyal and Religious Lessons. 3, A Church of Engiand Man is one who takes the Measures of his Bebavior, as a son of the Church, from the Rule that our Church her self has laid down for Jiis Direction, in her Liturgy and Rubrick , her Articles, Homilies and Cannons. This, as grounded in Scripture,our great Rule, is the Path that our Constitution has mark'd out; and they who walk in it (that is, who worship God, and obey their Superiors in such a manner as these prescribe, ) are truly, Church-Men. 4; A Church Man is one who governs himself hy Principle, and not by th' uncertain rurns of Humor, or Interest. "He will not be zealous for Monarchy and Epifcopacy at one time, and at another fall in with measures for diminishing the just Prerogative, and depresling his Ecclesiastical Superiors. Nor will he turn Advocate for the popular Election of Bishops, when he finds his Aims not so likely to fucceed at Court. In short a Church-Man is uniform under all Governments; and is not to be drawn by private Animofiries and Resentments from pursuing Methods that really are . aid himself has all along declared to be, the supports of our


Conftitution, and he Foundation of Peace and Order in Church and Stute. S, A Church of England. Man muft signify one who is for preserving th' Essential Constitution of the Church. Now the Conftitution of the Church of England is the same that has been the constitution of the Catholick Churchever since th' Apoftolick Age, or as long as we bave any Authentick Records of the Church ;' that is, The Government of he Church is in Bishops, withi Presbyters and Deacons under’em. Ours is a National Church, and divided into two Provinces; each Province has a Metropolitan, with a Superior Jurisdiction over all the Bishops and Clergy of his Province ; which some think an Apostolical, but, it is certain, is a very ancieat conftitution of the Catholick Church.

Jepson, fear thou the LORD, and the King: and meddle not with them that are given to change. Prov, 24. 21.

H. .Y. FROM my Compting. House in AMSTERDAM [which from a very small fishing Village was augmented and inclosed with planks ibe forf iime Anno 1342 ; tbe 2d, time Ao. 1100, with brick walls ; ibe 3d. time to. 1482, and strengthened with earthen banks within the brick walls; ihe 415. time Ac. 1585, the sih. time 10. 1612 ; and the 6th, time to. 1664, and moted about as it is at present ; 2 miles,

furlongs broad on the River Y, and s miles more the circular Wells abatt is a red i mile, at broadest, from the river to the wall. Of við EXCHANGE (228 feet long, wo feet broad within the walls, all Lnglish mea fure, ) the first fone was laid 291k. May 1608, NS. and the first meeting there was on the it. Auguft, 1613. Is now the chief City in the 7 united Provinces, of the NETHERLANDS, and one of the most celebrated Emporiums of the Universe.] Monday 18 April, 0. s., 29 N. S. Anno Creationis Mundi

5719. Redemptionis

1715 Nativitaris meæ , Exoniâ,


gor Of the Building of EXETER [which held out against the SAXONS 455 years, vill K. ETHELSTON the Saxon Monarch 100k it, (who was a comely, sober, waslike and active Prince, of a graceful behavior , and excellent Parts, of great Fame and interest with the chief Princes of Europe, married 3 of his fisters to! 2 Kings, and the Emperor's son, succeeded his Father ALFRED about A0.925, at 30 years old, reduced the DANISH Rebels, overrun SCOTLAND, made the WELCH do homage, and pay him an yearly Tribute, reigned 15 years, and was buried at MALMSBURY, in Wilinire , í and against i'ne NORMANS till part of the Wall fell down of it self; and withstood Ihree Sieges fince, viz. Of th Earl of Devonshire in the broils between the Houses of YORK and LANCASTER;Of 16'Impostor Perkin Warbeck in K, HENRY VII. Reigns And of the Cornish Rebels in fiaelity so K. EDWARD


27 I 2.


VI , from which time to this it has fourished in Wealth)

Of the Building of LONDON
OF ENGLAND's general imbracing Chriftianity 1534
OfEGBERT the ift. K. of ENGLAND's being crown’d 896.

of the Foundation of S. PETER'S Church in EXE. TER by K. ETHELSTON for a Monastery

783. Of its being rebuilt and mide a Cathedral, after the City's being made a Bimop's See

666. of the beginning of k. william the Conqueror's Reign OF EXETER 's being made an Earldom

109 of the Union of SCOTLAND and ENGLAND Of the Peace with FRANCE and SPAIN , after it

3 * Both made by our late Glorious Q. ANNE, Who Reigned 13 years and half , less 1 Month and 1 Week. Dyed the ift. August 1714, in the 52 year of her Age.

of the Reign of his present Majesty , K. GEORGE, the 115th. Monarch ofSCOTLAND,the's ith. of ENGLAND, the 8th, of both, and the 2 d. of GREAT BRITTAIN United,

Which God prolong, wiih Peaee and Happiness to him & his Subjeets; HE feeding them (like King David) voitha faiihful and Joneheari; and ruling them prudenily with all his power. Pfalm78.73,

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years War



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