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AN Act to incorporate the Alexandria Canal Company., subscription shall be made, under the hands of the said

Be it enacted, &c. That John Roberts, Phineas Janney, Commissioners, or a majority of them for the time being, Robert J. Taylor, Thompson F. Mason, Hugh Smith, and returned as aforesaid. Anthony C. Cazenove, William H. Miller, Charles Ben: SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That, whenever one net, Edmund J. Lee, Colio Auld, Henry Dangerfield, half, or a greater part, of the said stock shall bave been George Breut, and Jonathan Bucher, be, and they are subscribed in the manner aforesaid, then the subscribers, hereby appointed Commissioners, any three of whom their heirs and assigna, shall be, and are bereby declared shall be competent to act, to receive subscriptions to the to be, incorporated into a company, by the name of the capital stock of the Company hereinafter incorporated. Alexandria Canal Company, and may sue and be sued as The said Commissioners shall cause books to be opened such, and as such shall have perpetual succession, and a at such times and places as they shall think fit, under the common seal; and it shall thereupon be the duty of the management of such persons as they shall appoint for said Commissioners, or a majority of them, to call a genereceiving subscriptions to the capital stock of the said ral meeting of the subscribers, as they, or a majority of Company, which subscriptions may be made either in them, shall appoint, after advertising the same in such person or by power of attorney; and notice shall be given public prints as they, or a majority of them, may think by the said Commissioners of the time and place of open- proper; and such of the said subscribers as shall be preing the books.

sent at the said meeting, or a majority of them, are here SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Com by empowered and required to elect a President and six missioners shall 'cause the books to be kept open at least Directors, for conducting the said undertaking, and matwenty days, and within sixty days after the expiration naging all the said Company's business and conceros, for thereof, sball call a general meeting of the subscribers, at and during such time, not exceeding three years, as the the town of Alexandria, of which meeting notice shall be said subscribers, or a majority of them, shall think fit; given by a majority of the Commissioners, in at least one and, in counting the votes of all general meetings of the newspaper published in the City of Washington, and one said Company, each member shall be allowed one yote published in the town of Alexandria, at least twenty days for every share, as far as ten sbares, and one vote for evebext before the said meeting ; and such meeting shall ry ten shares above ten, by him or her held at the time, and may be continued until the business shall be finished in the stock of the said Company; and any proprietor, and the Commissioners, at the time and place aforesaid, by writing, under his or her hand, executed before two sball lay before the subscribers the books containing the witnesses, may depute any other member or proprietor, state of the said subscription, and if one-fourth of the to vote and act as proxy for him or her, at any general capital sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars meeting : Provided, also, That no officer or director of should not appear to have been subscribed, then the said said Company shall be allowed to vote on any stock but Commissioners, or a majority of them, are empowered to his own: And provided, also, That nothing herein contake and receive subscriptions to make up such deficien- tained shall be construed to prevent any person or per cy, and may continue to take and receive subscriptions sons, wbo may, from time to time, be by law appointed, for the term of twelve months thereafter; and a just and from voting at any general meeting on any stock which true list of all subscribers, with the sum subscribed by may be held by any State. each, shall be made out and returned by the said Com. Seo. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said Presimissioners, or a majority of them, under their hands, to dent and Directors, and their successors, or a majority of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, to be them assembled, shall have full power and authority to carefully preserved; and in case more than two hundred appoint, and at their pleasure dismiss, such engineer or and fifty thousand dollars shall be subscribed, then the engineers, and agent or agents, as they may deem espe eum subscribed shall be reduced to that amount by the dient, and to fix their compensation, and to agree with said Commissioners, or a majority of them, by beginning any person or rsons, on behalf of the said Company, at, and striking off a share from, the largest subscription to cut canals, erect dams, open feeders, construct locks, or subscriptions, and continuing to strike off a share from and perform such other works as they sball judge neall subscriptions under the largest, and above one share, cessary and expedient for completing a canal, from the until the same shall be reduced to the capital aforesaid, termination, or other point on the Chesapeake and Ohio or until a share shall be taken from all subscriptions above Canal, to such place in the town of Alexandria as the one share; and lots shall be drawn between subscribers Board of Directors shall appoint; and out of the money of equal sums, to determine the pumber of shares which arising from the subscriptions and tolls, to pay for the each subscriber shall be allowed to hold on a list to be same, aud to repair and keep in order the said canals, made for striking off, as aforesaid; and, if the sum sub- locks, and other necessary works thereto, and to defray scribed shall exceed the capital aforesaid, then lo strike all incidental charges ; and also, to appoint a Treasurer, off by the same rule, until the sum subscribed shall be Clerk, and other officers, toll-gatherers, managers, and reduced to the capital aforesaid, or all subscriptious re- servants, as they shall judge requisite ; and to agree for duced to one share, respectively; and if there be still ap and settle their respective wages or allowances, and to excess, then lots shall be drawn to determine the subscri- settle, pass, and sigo their accounts ; and also, to make bers who are to be excluded, in order to reduce the sub- and establish rules of proceeding, and to transact all seription to the capital aforesaid, which striking off shall other business and concerns of the said Company, in and be certified on the list aforesaid; and the capital stock of during the intervals between the general meetings of the Company hereby incorporated, shall consist of two the same ; and they shall be allowed, as a compensation hundred and fifty thousand dollars, divided into shares of for their trouble

therein, such sum of money as sball, by a one hundred dollare each, of which every person subscri- general meeting of the stockholders, be determined: bing may take and subscribe for one or more whole shares: Provided always, That the Treasurer shall give bond, in Provided, That unless one-fourth of the said capital shall such penalty and with such security, us the said Prebe subscribed, as aforesaid, all subscriptions under this sident and Directors, or a majority of them, shall direct, act shall be void ; and in case one-fourth, and less than the for the true and faithful discharge of the trust reposed in whole, shall be subscribed, then the said Commissioners, him; and that the allowance to be made him for bis seror a majority of them, are hereby empowered and direct-vices shall not exceed three dollars in the hundred, for ed to take and receive the subscriptions which sball first the disbursements by him made; and that no officer in be offered in whole shares, as aforesaid, until the defici- the Company shall have any vote in the settlement or ency shall be made up ; a certificate of which additional payment of his own account.

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Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That, on all sub-, actments hereinafter declared ; and, upon any emergency: scriptions there shall be paid, at the time of the subscrip- in the interval between the said yearly meetings, the said tion, on each share, one dollar ; and thereafter, when the President, or a majority of the said Directors, may apCompany shall be formed, the stock subscribed shall be point a general meeting of the shockholders of the Com' paid in such ivstalments, and at such times, as the Presi- pany, at any convenient place, giving at least one month's dent and Directors shall

, from time to time, require, as previous notice in such newspapers as they shall think the work advances: Provided, That not more thaujone proper; whichj meeting may be adjourned, and continuhalf shall be demanded within any one year from the ed, as aforesaid; and in case the stockholders, or a majoricommencement of the work, nor any payment demanded ty of them, in any general meeting aforesaid, shall deem until at least thirty days public notice thereof shall have it expedient to order a semi-apoual rather than a yearly been given in such public newspapers as the said Presi- dividend, as aforesaid, then, in like manner, while like nodent and Directors shall direct such notices to be publish-tice, and under the like restrictions, there shall be a half ed io; and, whenever any subscriber shall fail to pay any yearly, or semi-annual dividend of nett profits declaredipstalment called for by the Company, it shall aud may and paid. be lawful for the Company, upon motion, to be made in any Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That, for and in conCourt of Record, after ten days' notice, to obtain a judg: sideration of the expense the said stockholders will be at ment against the subscriber so failing to pay; or the said in cutting the said capal, erecting locks and dams, proCompany, at their option, inay sell the stock of such sub- viding aqueducts, feeders, and other works, and in improv. seriber, after giving wixty days' notice in such public news- ing and keeping the same in repair, the said canal, and all papers as they may judge proper ; and, if the proceeds other works aforesaid, or which may be required to imof any such sale sbalí exceed the sum demanded, the sur. prove the navigation thereof, at any time thereafter, with plus, after paying the expenses of such sale, shall be paid all their profits, subject to the limitations herein provided, to the subscriber so failing, or his legal representatives ; shall be, and the same are hereby, vested in the said stockand the purchaser at such sale shall become a stockholder, holders, their executors, administrators, and assigns, forand be subject to the same rules and regulations, and en- ever, as tenants in common, in proportion to their respec? tátled to the same privileges, rights, and einoluments, as tive shares; and that it shall and may be lawful for the origioal subscribers under this act.

said President and Directors at all times, forever thereafSec. 6. And, to continue the succession of the said (ter, to demand and receive, at such places as shall bereafPresident and Directors, and to keep up the same num. ter be appointed by the President and Directors aforesaid.' ber, be it enacted, That from time to time, upon the ex- tolls for the passage of vessels, boats, rafts, produce and all piration of the said term for which the said President and other articles, at such rates as the said President and Di.' Directors were appointed, the stockholders of the said rectors may hereafter allow and establish, according to the Company, at their next general meeting, shall either provisions of this act. continue the said President and Directors, or any of them, Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That, if the Comor ebouse others in their stead; (and, until such chwice be missioners, or any of them, bereby required to bejap inade, the President and Directors for the time being pointed, shall die, resign, or refuse to act, the vacancy shall continue in office ;) and, in case of the death, reino occasioned thereby, sball be filled by a person or persons val, resignation, or incapability of the President, or any appointed by the President of the United States ; and of the Directors, may and shall, in mavner aforesaid, the person or persons so appointed, shall bave all the powelect any other person or persons to be President and Di- er and authority which was vested in the commissionrectors, in the room of bim or them, so dying, removing, ers, whose place he or they may be appointed to sup or resiguing; and may, at any one of their general meet: ply; and when any part of the canal aforesaid shall have ings, remove the President, or any of the Directors, and been completed, according to the true intent and meaning Appoint others for and during the remainder of the term of this act, the President and Directors of the Company, for which such person or persons were at first to have hereby created, shall have power, and it shall be their acted.

duty to ordain' and establish a rate of tolls to be paid upon Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That every President boats, vessels, rafts, or other property passing on the part and Director, before he acts as such, shall take an oath or of the canal so completed, and so from time to time, as a affirrðation, for the due execution of his office.

part or parts shall be completed, until the entire canal sball Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the presence, in have been fiuished, according to the true intent and meanperson or proxy, of the stockholders having a major parting of this act; for the collection of which tolls, the Preof the stock, at least, shall be necessary to constitute a sident and Directors shall bave power to establish-60 many general meeting of the stockholders, which shall be held toll-houses, and, at their pleasure, appoint and remove so on the first Monday in May, in every year, at such con many collectors, and at such places as, from time to time, venient place as shall be, from time to time, appointed they may judge expedient; and the said President and by the said general meetings; but, if a sufficient num- Directors shali bave full authority, subject to the direcber shall not attend on that day, the stockholders who tion and control of a majority in interest of the stockdo atteud, may adjourn from time to time, until the stock holders represented in any general meeting, to regulate bolders holding the major part of the stock do attend and fix a lariff of tolls, not exceeding an average of two and the business of the Company is finished; to which cents per ton, per mile ; and so to adjust the said tolls in meeting, the President and Directors shall make report, relation to the capacity or burden of the boats, and the di and render distinct acovunts of all their proceedings; and mensions of the rafts, passing the locks of the said canal, on finding them fairly and justly stated, the stockhold- as to promote economy of water and time, in the navigaers then present, or a majority of them, shall give a certi- tion thereof. ficate thereof, duplicate of which shall be entered on the Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the President Company's books, and, at such yearly general meetings, and Directors shall annually or semi-annually declare and after leaving in the hands of the Treasurer suclr sums as make such dividend of the nett profits, from the tolls to the stockbolders, or a majority of them, shall judge ne- be received, according to the provisions of this act, and cessary for repairs and contingent charges, an equal divi. from other resources of the Company, as they may deem dend of all the nett profits arising from the tolls bereby advisable, after deducting there from the necessary, curgranted, shall be ordered and made to and among all the rent and the probable contingent expenses, to be dividstockholders of the said Company, in proportion to their ed among the proprietors of the stock of the said Compa several shares, subject to the several provisions and en-by,]proportion to their respective shares, until the anVOL. VI.-

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dual dividend thereon shall bave reached twenty per cen. | against the said inquisition, it shall be affirmed by the tum, beyond which it shall never extend, but should the Court, and recorded; but, if the said inquisition should nett revenue of the Company exceed that amount for any be set aside, or if, from any cause, do inquisition shall be two years in succession, then such excess shall be applied returned to such court within a reasonable time, the said by the President and Directors, in such mode as shall be Court may, at its discretion, as often as may be necessary, agreed on by a majority of the stockholders, convened in direct another inquisition to be taken, in the manner general meeting, to strengthening, improving, and ex- above prescribed; and upon every such valuation, the tending the works of the canal of every description re jury is' bereby directed to describe and ascertain the quiring the same; and should the said tolls continue, at- bounds of the land by them valued, and the quantity ter such improvements have been completed, to nett and duration of the interest and estate in the same, remore than twenty per cent. per annum to the stockhold-quired by the said Company for its use; and their valuaers, for any two years in succession, the tolls upon the tion shall be conclusive, upon all persons, and shall be same shall be reduced by the President and Directors, paid by the said President and Directors to the owner of according to some just and equitable ratio, till the said the land, or his legal representatives; and on payment dividend sball fall to twenty per cent per annum: Pro- thereof, the said company shall be seized of such land, vided, That should the said dividend thereafter sink be- as of an absolute estate in perpetuity, or with such less low twenty per cent. per annum, the said tolls, or a part quantity and duratiou of interest in the same, or subject thereof, may be renewed, till the said nett dividend to such partial or temporary use or occupation, as sball reaches that amount.

be required and described as aforesaid, as if conveyed by !: Sec 12. And be it further enacted, That the said canal, the owner of them; aud whenever, in the construction of and the works to be erected thereon, in virtue of this act, the said Canal, or any of the works thereof, locks, dams, when completed, shall forever thereafter be esteemed and ponds, feeders, tuppels, aqueducts, bridges, or works, of taken to be navigable as a public highway, free for the any other description whatsoever appurtenant thereto, it transportation of all goods, commodities, and produce, shall be necessary to use earth, timber, stone, or gravel, or whatever, on payment of the tolls to be imposed, as pro- any other material, to be found on any of the lands adjavided by this act; and no other toll or tax whatever, for cent or dear thereto, and the said President and Directors, the use of the said canal, and the works thereon erected, or their agent, cannot procure the same for the works shall at any time bereafter be imposed, unless under sanc- aforesaid, by private contract, of the proprietor or owner, tion of a law of the United States.

or in case the owner shall be a femme-covert, or non comSec. 13. And be it further enacted, That it shall and pos, or under age, or out of the District of Columbia, the may be lawful for the President and Directors, or a ma- same proceedings, in all respects, shall be had, as in the jority of them, to agree with the owners of any land, case before mentioned, of the assessment and condemnation through or on which it is intended that the said canal, or of the lands for the said canal, or the works appartenant any of the works thereunto appertaining, shall pass, or thereto. be situated, or of the land necessary for the construction Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the of a basin at the termination of the said canal at Alexan- duty of the Company hereby incorporated, to cut, make, dria, for the purchase or use and occupation thereof; and and construct the said Capal, with good and sufficient in case of disagreement, or in case the owner thereof locks, on the most improved plan for expedition in the shall be a feme covert, under age, non-compos, or out of use thereof, aud with a width of not less than forty feet at the District of Columbia, on application to a Justice of the surface of the water therein, or of twenty-eight feet at the Peace of the county in which such lands shall be, the the bottom thereof, unless the quality of the soil shall re. said Justice of the Peace sball issue his warrant, under quire a narrow base, to admit of a sufficient slope to prehis band and seal, to the Marsbal of the District of Co-serve the banks from sliding down, and sufficient to admit, lumbia, to summon a jury of eighteen inhabitants of that at all seasons, the navigation of boats and rasts, with a county, not rolated to the parties, nor in any manner in depth of not less than four feet water, at the least; and terested, to meet on the land to be valued, at a day to be whenever wastes shall be essential to the security of the expressed in the warrant, not less than ten, por more than said canal, and in po other situation whatever, along the twenty days thereafter; and the Marshal, upon receiving same, the waste water of the said canal may be, from time the said warrant, shall forth with summon the said jury, to time, sold or disposed of by the said company, for the and, when met, shall administer an oath, or affirmation to purpose of supplying such works and machinery as require every juryman who shall appear, being, not less than a water power; and along one side at least, of the said twelve in number, that he will faithfully, justly, and im. canal, and such aqueducts as it may render necessary, partially, value the land, and all damages the owper there shall be provided, throughout its whole extent, a thereof shall sustain by cutting the canal through such towing path of sufficient breadth to apply the power of land, or the use or occupation for the purposes and peri- horses to the navigation thereof. od necessary, of such land, according to the best of his Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That the stock of the skill and judgment, and that, in such valuation, he will said company shall be considered as personal

tate, and not spare any person for favor or affection, nor any shall only be transferable by the owners thereof, in person person grieve, for malice, hatred, or ill-will; and in or by proxy, on the books of the Company: Provided, every such valuation and assessment of damages, the That no transfer shall be made, except for one or more jury shall be, and they are hereby, instructed to whole shares, and not for part of such share or shares ; and consider in determining and fixing the amount there that no share or shares shall at any time be bold, conveyed, of, the actual benefit which will accrue to the owner, or held in trust, for the use and benefit, or in the name of from conducting the said canal through, or erect another, whereby the said President and Directors, or the ing any of the said works upon his land, and to re- stockholders of the said company, or any of them, shall gulate their verdict thereby, except that no assessment or may be challenged, or made to answer concerning any shall require any such owner to pay or contribute any such trust; but that every person appearing, as aforesaid, thing to the said company, where such benefit shall ex to be a stockholder, sball

, as to the others of the said ceed, in the estimate of the jury, the value and damages company, be, to every intent, taken absolutely as such; ascertained as aforesaid; and the inquisition, thereupon but as between any trustee, and the person for whose betaken, shall be signed by the Marshal, and some twelve pefit any trust shall be created, the common rernedy may or more of the jury, and returned by the Marshal to the be pursued. Clerk of the county ; and unless good cause be shown Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That, if the capital

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aforesaid shall prove insufficient, it sball and may be law-ever, That, before the payment of said sum, the said ful for the said company, from time to time, to increase claimant or claimants shall relinquish, by deed or deede, the said capital, by the addition of so many whole shares to the United States, in guch manner as the President as shall be judged necessary by the said stockholders, or sball direct, their title or titles to the said lands. a majority of them, present at any general meeting of the SEO. 2. And be it further enacted, That the payments said company, and the said President and Directors, or aforesaid shall be made as directed to the said claimants, a majority of them, are bereby empowered and required according to the valuation of their respective tracts of land, after giving at least two months' previous notice thereof made under the above recited act of Congress. in such newspapers as they may think proper, to open Approved, May 26, 1880. books at such places as they shall think proper, for receiving such additional subscriptions, in which the stock. AN ACT to provide for the final settlement of land claims holders of the said company, for tbe time being, shall,

in Florida. and are hereby declared to have the preference of all Be it enacted, &c. That all the claims and titles to land others for the first thirty days after the said books sball filed before the Register and Receiver of the Land Office, be opened, as aforesaid, of taking and subscribing for 80 activg as Commissioners in the District of East Florida, many whole sbares as any of them shall choose ; and the under the quantity contained in one league square, which said President and Directors are hereby required to ob-have been decided and recommended for confirmation, serve in all other respects, the same rules therein, as are contained in the reports, abstracts and opinions of said by this act prescribed for receiving and adjusting the first Register and Receiver, transmitted to the Secretary of subscriptions, and in like manner to return, under the the Treasury, according to law, and referred by him to bands of any three or more of them, an exact list of Congress, on the fourteenth day of Japuary, one thousuch additional subscriptions, with the sums subscribed, sand eight hundred and thirty, be, and the same are to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, bereby confirmed, with the exception of such claims as to be by him preserved, as aforesaid ; and all stockhold. were confirmed by the Spanish Government, subsequent ers of such additional shares shall, and are hereby de to the twenty-fourth day of January, one thousand eight clared to be from thenceforward, incorporated into the bundred and eighteen, wbich shall be re-examined and said company.

reported, with the evidence, by the Register and Rs. Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That, whenever it ceiver, before the next session of Congress, to the Secreshall become necessary to subject the lands of any indi- tary of the Treasury, to be laid before Congress. viduals to the purposes provided for in this act, and their SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That all the conflictconsent cannot be obtained, it shall and may be lawful ing Spanish claims, reported in obedience to the fourth for the company to enter upon such land, and proceed section of the act of Congress, approved May the eightb, to the execution of such works as may be requisite; and one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, and recomthat the pendency of any proceedings in any suit, in the mended for confirmation as valid titles, be, and the same nature of a writ of ad quod damnum, or any other pro- are hereby, confirmed, so far as the United States have ceeding, shall not hinder or delay the progress of the any title to the same. work; and it shall be the duty of every Court to give SEC. 3. And be it further enacted, That all claims deprecedence to controversies which may arise between rived from the former British Government, contained in the company created by this act, and the proprietors of reports of the Commissioners of East Florida, or the Reland sought to be condemned for public uses, and to de- gister and Receiver, acting as such, who did not avail termine them in preference to all other causes.

themselves of the provisions of the treaty between Spain Skec. 18. And be it further enacted, That the Common and England, signed at Versailles on the twentieth of Council of the town of Alexandria be, and they are January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, hereby, authorized to subscribe for the capital stock of by leaving said Province, but who remained in the same, the said Company, on bebalf of the corporation of the and became Spanish subjects, and whose titles were apsaid town, and to borrow money for the payment thereof, proved by the Spanish authorities, and have been recomand to raise by taxes, to be imposed on the inhabitants mended for confirmation by said Commissioners, or Reof the said town, and the property therein, such sums as gister and Receiver, acting 48 euch, be, and the same, are shall be necessary for the payment of such subscriptions hereby confirmed.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all the remainApproved : May 26, 1830.

ing claims which have been presented according to law,

and not finally acted upon, shall be adjudicated and finalAN ACT to quiet the titles of certain purchasers of lands ly settled upon the same condition, restrictions, and limi.

between the lines of Ludlow and Roberts, in the State tations, in every respect, as are prescribed by the act of of Obio.

Congress, approved twenty-third May, one thousand eight Be it enacted, &c., That the President of the United hundred and twenty-eight, entitled "An act supplementary States be, and he bereby is, authorized to pay, out of any to the severnl acts providing for the settlement and con: money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the firmation of private land claims in Florida.”. Virginia military claimants of lands situated between the Seo. 6. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the two lines in the State of Ohio, commonly called Ludlow's duty of the Register and Receiver to deliver over all paand Roberts' lines, and South of the Greenville treaty pers relative to private land claims in East Florida to, iho line, located prior to the twenty-sixth day of June, in the keeper of the public archives. year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve, Sec. 6. And be it further enacted That all confirmathe sum of sixty-two thousand five hundred and fifteen tions of land titles uoder this act, shah only operate as a dollars and twenty-five cents, with interest thereon from relinquishment of the right of the United States to the the fourth of March, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, said lands respectively, and shall not be construed either at six per cent. per annum, until paid; being the amount as a guarantee of any such titles, or in any manner affeatat which said lands were valued, exclusive of improve- ing the rights of other persons to the same lands. mente, under the act of Congress, entitled "An act to Seo. 7. And be it further enacted, That so much of the authorize the President of the United States to enter into act of twenty-third of May, one thousand eight bundred certain negotiations relative to the lands located under and twenty-eight, as directed that the selection of claimVirginia Military land warrants, lying between Ludlow's ants who availed themselves of the first section of said and Roberts' lines, in the State of Ohio:" Provided, how-lact, by accepting a quantity equal ta nae league square

or loads.

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within their respective grants, which confined the selection | ciety, and Atbenæum, one copy ; and to each person who to sectional lines, shall not be held to extend to the selec- has been President of the United States, one copy; and tion by the claimants of a greater quantity than a section, that the residue remain in the custody of the Clerk of the but the said claimants, who have, or may hereafter select, House of Representatives, till otherwise ordered by the under the provisions of said law, any quantity equal to House. the amount granted in bodies larger than a section in the Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the books bereform of any Spanish survey or plat of survey, or where by directed to be distributed, be properly prepared for the sections are broken by any river, the said land so transmission, under the direction of the Clerk of the selected, or which may be so selected, is bereby contirmed House of Representatives ; and that they be forwarded to said claimants ; and it shall be the duty of the Sur- free of postage, by mail, to the persons hereby authorized veyor General to make a survey and certificate of all such to receive them, or delivered to the order of said persons claims, to return the same to the Commissioner of the in the city of Washingtou. General Land Office, and thereupon a patent shall issue Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That, of the copies of to the original grantee, or to his assignee, if the land has the Diplomatic Correspondence of the Revolution which been sold or transferred to any other person, or to the shall remain after the distribution aforesaid, one copy shall legal owner by purchase or descent.

be distributed to each pew member of each Congress, sucSec. 8. And be it further enacted, That the claimants ceeding the present, uotil all the copies shall have been who are entitled to the provisions of that act, or wbo may distributed, with the exception of twenty-five, wbich shall avail themselves of the foregoing provision of this act, by be retained for the Library of Congress. taking a quantity equal to a league square in lieu of the Approved, May 26, 1830. whole giant, shall be, and they are hereby, allowed the further time of one year, from the passage of this act, to AN ACT for the relief of Jonathan Chapman. execute their relinquishment, and to file their acceptance Be it enacted, &c. That the Collector of the Customs of the provisions of said law.

for the district of Boston and Charlestown, be authorized Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the lo issue certificates of debenture to Jonathan Chapman, duty of the Registers and Receivers to restore to the for the amount of drawback of duties op fifty bogsbeads claimants the title deeds ou which they may bave finally of domestic spirits, containing five thousand five hundred rejected the claims.

and thirty one gallons, which were shipped on board the Approved, May 26, 1830.

brig Prudent, Benjamin Barney, master, at Boston, on

the eighth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and AN ACT for the distribution of certain books therein eighteeen, for Gibraltar and a market: which shipment mentioned.

was entered at the Custom-house, conformably to law, Be it enacted, &c. That the copies of the Diplomatic except that the necessary vath was not taken, nor the Correspondence of the American Revolution, published boud given within the time prescribed : Provided, in pursuance of a resolution of Congress of twenty-seventb That the said Jonathan Chapman shall, in all other resMarch, ove thousand eight hundred and eighteen, which pects, comply with the law, to entitle him to the said debave been or may bereafter be received at the Department bevture. of State, be distributed and disposed of in manner follow- Approved, May 26, 1830. ing, to wit:

To the President and Vice President of the U. States, one AN ACT to confirm the claim of Isidore Moore, of Misoopy each; to the Heads of Department, five copies each ;

souri. to the Postmaster General, the Commissioner of the Gene- Be it enacted, dc. That the claim of Isidore Moore, of ral Land Office, and the Superiotendent of the Patent Perry county, Missouri, to five hundred arpens of land, at Office, one copy each; to each member and Delegate of the place where he now resides, as assignee of_Thomas the present Congress, one copy; to the Library of the Fenwick, under a concession, granted by Zenon Trudeau, Senate, five copies; to the Library of the House of Repre- late Lieutenant Governor of Upper Louisiana, dated Bentatives. ten copies; to the Attorney General, the Judges the first day of June, one thousand seven bundred and of the Supreme Court, aud of the other Courts of the United pipety-seven, be, and the same is hereby confirmed; and States, each one copy; to each Governor of a State or the proper Surveyor of the United States shall survey the Territory, for the public library of the State or Territory, said claim, so as to include the improvements of the said one copy ; to' the Military Academy at West Point, and Isidore Moore, as nearly in the centre of the tract, as the to each incorporated University, College, Historical or situation of other private claims may admit; and, upon Antiquarian Society, and Athenæum, one copy; to the presentation of an authentic copy of such survey to the Secretary of State, one copy for each American Legation General Land office a patent shall be issued to the said in foreigo countries ; to the Secretary of the Navy, five Isidore Moore, for the land so surveyed: Provided, That copies for the Naval Commanders ou different stations ; this act sball not affect the right of any other individual to and to each person who has been President of the U. States, the same grunt hereby confirmed; and that, if any part of

such survey should full upon the sixteenth section, resery* Sec, 2. And be it further enacted. That, of the edition of ed for township schools, the County Court of Perry may the Journals of the House ordered to be printed by a reso- select any other section, or part of a section, in the same Jution of this House of eighteenth May, one thousand eight township, the sale of which is authorized by law, and bundred and twenty-six, the copies be distributed in the enter the same with the Register of the proper Land mnoner, following, to wit :

Office, to be reserved for the use of schools in said towoTo the President and Vice President of the U. States, ship, instead of such sixteenth sectiou. one copy each; to the Heads of Department, five copies Approved, May 26, 1830. each ; to each Member and Delegate of the present Congress, one copy ; to the Library of the Senate, five co- AN ACT for the relief of Nancy Moore. pies; to the Library of the House of Representatives, Be it enacted, dc. That Nancy Moore, of the County of ten copies ; to the Attorney and Postmaster General, one St. Charles, State of Missouri, is hereby authorized to recopy each ;. to each Governor of a State or Territory, for linquish to the United States, the North-east quarter secthe public library of the State or Territory, one copy; to tion number, thirty-six in township forty-eight, in range the Military Academy at West Point, and to each incor- seven, west, entered by mistake and patented to said porated University, College, Historical or Antiquarian So-| Nancy Moore, on the first day of October, in the year of

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one copy.

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