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Mr. Sanborn's book is thoroughly American and truly fascinating. Its literary skill is exceptionally good, and there is a racy flavor in its pages and an amount of exact knowledge of interesting people that one seldom meets with in current literature. Mr. Sanborn has done Thoreau's genius an imperishable service.—American Church A'eview (New York).

Mr. Sanborn has accomplished his difficult task with much ability. . . . He has told in an entertaining and luminous way the strange story of Thoreau's remarkable career, and has expounded with much appreciative sympathy and analytical power the moral and intellectual idiosyncrasies of the most striking and original figure in American literature. Philade///lia AVorth American.

Mr. Sanborn has written a careful book about a curious man, whom he has studied as impartially as possible ; whom he admires warmly but with discretion; and the story of whose life he has told with commendable frankness and simplicity. — AMew York Mail and Express.

It is undoubtedly the best life of Thoreau extant.— Christian Advocate (New York).


Mr. Frothingham's memoir is a calm and thoughtful and tender tribute. It is marked by rare discrimination, and good taste and simplicity. The biographer keeps himself in the background, and lets his subject speak. And the result is one of the best examples of personal portraiture that we have met with in a long time. The Church/lan (New York).

He has fulfilled his responsible task with admirable fidelity, frank earnestness, justice, fine feeling, balanced moderation, delicate taste, and finished literary skill. It is a beautiful tribute to the high-bred scholar and generous-hearted man, whose friend he has so worthily portrayed. — A'ev. William H. Channing (London).

Mr. Frothingham has made a very interesting and valuable memoir, and one that can be read with profit by all aspirants for recognition in the world of letters. He writes affectionately and admiringly, though temperately. Chicago journal.

It is a valuable addition to our literature. The work was committed to a skilled hand, and it is executed with the delicacy of perception and treatment which the subject required. — Char/eston AVews and Courier.

We have here a model biography. We venture to believe that the accuracy of its statements will not be challenged, its absolute impartiality will not be questioned, the sense of literary proportion in the use of material will be appreciated by all who are capable of judging, the critical acumen will be intensely relished, and to the mass of readers who care little for facts, or impartiality, or literary form, or criticism, the story of the life will have something of the fascination of one of the author's own romances. For the book is charmingly written, with a felicity and vigor of diction that are notable, and with a humor sparkling, racy, and never obtrusive. — A'ew York Tribune.

Prof. Lounsbury's book is an admirable specimen of literary biography. ... We can recall no recent addition to American biography in any department which is superior to it. It gives the reader not merely a full account of Cooper's literary career, but there is mingled with this a sufficient account of the man himself apart from his books, and of the period in which he lived, to keep alive the interest from the first word to the last. — Mew Pork Evening Post.

Those who are not familiar with Prof. Lounsbury as an author will be surprised to find how well he writes. His style is admirable, – clear, pure, animated, and especially marked by the quality known best to the general reader as readable. He tells the story of Cooper's life with an interest that never flags, and he invests it with an attraction that few would have supposed it to possess.- Boston Ga2ette.

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Familiar Letters of, during the Revolution. 12mo, $2.00.

Oscar Fay Adams.
Handbook of English Authors. 16mo, 75 cents.
Handbook of American Authors. 16mo, 75 cents.

Louis Agassiz.
Methods of Study in Natural History. Illus. 16mo, $1.5o.
Geological Sketches. Series I. and II., each 16mo, $1.50.
A Journey in Brazil. Illustrated. 8vo, $5.00.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

Story of a Bad Boy. Illustrated. 12mo, $1.50.
Marjorie Daw and Other People. 12mo, $1.50.
Prudence Palfrey. 12mo, $1.50.
The Queen of Sheba. 16mo, $1.50.
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Mercedes, and Later Lyrics. Crown 8vo, $1.25.

American Commonwealths.
Virginia. By John Esten Cooke.
Oregon. By William Barrows.

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South Carolina. By Hon. W. H. Trescot.
Kentucky. By N. S. Shaler.
Maryland. By Wm. Hand Browne.
Pennsylvania. By Hon. Wayne MacVeagh.

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Connecticut. By Alexander Johnston.
Kansas. By Leverett W. Spring.
Tennessee. By James Phelan.
California. By Josiah Royce.
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Others to be announced hereafter. | * American Men of Letters. - MWashington Irving. By Charles Dudley Warner. Noah Webster. By Horace E. Scudder. Ha! Henry D. Thoreau. By Frank B. Sanborn. | | George Ripley. By O. B. Frothingham. J. Fenimore Cooper. By Prof. T. R. Lounsbury. | Fra Margaret Fuller Ossoli. By T. W. Higginson. | l (In Preparation.) Ralph Waldo Emerson. By Oliver Wendell Holmes. I Nathaniel Hawthorne. By James Russell Lowell. Edmund Quincy. By Sidney Howard Gay. P William Cullen Bryant. By John Bigelow. Bayard Taylor. By J. R. G. Hassard. L William Gilmore Simms. By George W. Cable. Benjamin Franklin. By John Bach McMaster. Matt Edgar Allan Poe. By George E. Woodberry. D Each volume, with Portrait, 16mo, $1.25. Others to be announced hereafter. E. D American Statesmen. A John Quincy Adams. By John T. Morse, Jr. Will Alexander Hamilton. By Henry Cabot Lodge. | T John C. Calhoun. By Dr. H. von Holst. D Andrew Jackson. By Prof. W. G. Sumner. John Randolph. By Henry Adams. Björ James Monroe. By Pres. D. C. Gilman. N Thomas Jefferson. By John T. Morse, Jr. Daniel Webster. By Henry Cabot Lodge. Ann Albert Gallatin. By John Austin Stevens. H (In Preparation.) John Adams. By John T. Morse, Jr. Briti James Madison. By Sidney Howard Gay. R


Henry Clay. By Hon. Carl Schurz.
Samuel Adams. By John Fiske.
Martin Van Buren. By Hon. Wm. Dorsheimer.
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Promus of Formularies and Elegancies. 8vo, $5.00.

Life and Times of Bacon. Abridged. By James Spedding. 2 vols. crown 8vo, $5.00.

Maturin M. Ballou.
Due West. Crown 8vo, $1.50.

- E. D. R. Bianciardi.
At Home in Italy. 16mo, $1.25.
William Henry Bishop.

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