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Care has been taken in all the plans specially prepared for this book, to provide for lighting the rooms by windows in the rear and both sides of the school-rooms. No windows have been admitted far enough front to permit the light to fall in the faces of the children.

The windows should reach as near as practicable to the ceiling in order to throw their light well into the room. A northern light has been preferred by some as more equal, but it is desi. rable, when practicable, that the pupils shall sit facing the north, and the sunlight coming through southern windows is more cheerful and healthful. When too bright or warm it should be softened by curtains.


Good plank walks from the front gates to the doors should never be wanting, and good iron scrapers, easily made by nailing a strip of band iron on the edge of the platform or doorsteps, should be provided. The ground about school.houses gets trodden into mire in wet weather, and, without these walks and scrapers, the house is soon filled with mud, which drying into fine dust, soon fills the atmosphere and covers the desks and clothes.

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This is the smallest sized school house favored by the law, since it prohibits the expenditure of more than $180 for any house of less size, but does not restrict the amount that may be expended upon this. See section 22. The size is 24x30 feet on the ground, with a height of 10 feet

between the floor and the ceiling. The accompanying figure exhibits

the ground plan of school-rooms, х

and also of wood-shed and privies in the rear.

The school-room is 24x24 feet, and seated with double desks and

seats for 36 pupils. F

The entrance halls are 6x12 feet,

lighted by a large double window, ·0

W, in front, half of the window being in each hall.

0. is a space 3 feet wide left in the rear of the seats for the standing of the classes. On the walls,

in the rear, should be black-boards. T 1

T. is the teacher's platform and table, behind which the wall should

be covered with black-board.
[ Plan No. 1. ]

S. represents the place of the stove, and the dotted lines running to the side of the room, represent the direction of the cold air tube leading beneath the floor.

e. & f. represent strong cases built in the corners of the room, provided with locks, one for books and a library, and the other for maps and other apparatus belonging to the school. Adjoining these cases are shown the ventilating tubes, leading into a flue to the chimney, above the ceiling.

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F. is a high and tight board fence running from school-house to the wood-shed.

X. The wood-shed, about 18x18 feet.

PP. Privies constructed in the corners. In case of a small school these may be reduced to two seats each, and the woodhouse be made only 10x18 feet.

DESKS AND SEATS.--The two outside rows of desks and seats, designed for the larger scholars, should be 3 feet 9 inches long, and occupy on the floor 21 feet from the front of one desk to the front of the next. The desks should be each 16 inches, and the seats each 12 inches wide. The desks and seats in the middle rows need not be more than 3 feet in length, and 2 1.6 feet from front to front. The desks should be 13 inches in width, and the seats. 12 inches each. The highest seats may be 16 inches high, and the lowest only 12 inches. A portion of the seats may be in. termediate between these heights. The height of the highest desks, on the side next the pupil, should be about 28 inches; that of the smallest desks, 21 inches.

AISLES AND PASSAGES.—The seats in this plan will allow of passages next the walls, and aisles between the rows of desks, of 2 feet each.


Feet. Two sills 30 feet long, 6 by 8,..

240 Three sills 24 feet long, 6 by 8,..

288 Thirty six joists 15 feet long, 2 by 10,

900 Twenty.five joists 24 feet long, 2 by 6,.

600 Thirty six rafters 18 feet long, 2 by 6,..

648 Four posts 12 feet long, 2 by 6,.......

144 Twenty.four window posts 12 feet long, 4 by 4,.

384 Ninety studs 12 feet long, 2 by 4,......

720 Four plates 30 feet long, 2 by 6 spiked down,.


4,004 1000 ft. 144 inch ash flooring; 900 feet parallel boards, 12 feet long, inch thick; 900 feet parallel boards 16 feet long, inch thick; 108 pieces batten, 1 by 24 inches; 1200 feet common inch boards; 1000 feet inch 2d clear; 1000 feet 2 inch 2d clear plank; 500 feet 1% inch 2d clear plank; 12 M shingles.


Three sills 16 feet long, 6 by 6.......
Two sills 6 feet long,'6 by 6g....
Two sills 4 feet long, 6 by 6,...

Feet. 144 36


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