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two, one in each rear corner of the room and both uniting in the central fue above the ceiling. The black-boards should cover all the spaces in the front part of the room back to the first windows.

This will be found both an economical and convenient style of building for the larger rural districts. Its cost in ordinary times will not exceed $750 or $850.


Three sills 40 feet long 6 by 8 inches,....

480 Two sills 30 feet long 6 by 8 inches,...

240 Four posts 14 feet long 6 by 6 inches,

126 Twenty window posts 14 feet long 4 by 4 inches,.

376 One hundred studs 14 feet long 2 by four inches,..

933 Sixty joists 16 feet long, 2 by 10 inches,...

1,600 Thirty ceiling joists 30 feet long 2 by 6 inches.

900 Forty rafters 20 feet long 2 by 6 inches,...

800 Twenty collar beams 18 feet long 1% by 6 inches,...


5,725 1800 common inch boards; 2200 parallel boards 12 inches wide 14 feet long; 150 pieces battens 1 by 3 inches 14 feet long; 1000 feet 24 clear 2 inch plank; 600 feet 2d clear1% inch plank; 1200 feet 2d clear 1 inch boards; 13 M shingles.

200 pounds 10 penny nails; 200 pounds 8 penny nails; 75 pounds 20 penny nails; 70 pounds A penny nails; 50 pounds 8 penny casing nails.

Two boxes 10 by 16 glass.

Nine pair butts 4 by 4 inch; 1 gross 1% inch screws; 1 gross % inch screws; 2 mortice loeks 5 inch; 2 white mineral knobs; 4 door latches.

Sixteen gallons linseed oil; 400 pounds white lead.

Fifty perch stone for foundation; 15 yards excavating; 1400 brick for chimneys; 375 yards plsstering.

N. B.—The specifications for design No. 2 are so nearly like those of design No. 1 al roady given, that it is not necessary to repeat them here.



This design is borrowed by permission of the publishers from the work entitled Country School Houses, by James Johonot, Ivison & Phinney, New York. The size of the main building is 33 ft. by 30 ft.; the rear building is 18 ft. by 14 ft. , It is seated for sixty pupils, but will easily accommodate seventy by adding more desks in front. The total estimated cost of this building, with the necessary out-buildings, was $748 83.

The peculiarity of this plan is the rear entrances, and the wood-shed attached to the main building. The lighting of it is somewhat objectionable, in having windows in front of the seats. The mode of building is precisely similar to that in Design No. II.



This building is intended for a ward school in which a pri. mary and intermediate grade is to be provided for. It will also answer for a small union school in which but two teachers are employed, and in which therefore only two grades or departments can be established. The building is a brick, of tasteful style of architecture but of very plain structure. It admits of considerable ornamentation by pilasters, cornices, brackets, &c., when desired. It affords two excellent schoolrooms, well lighted and ventilated, and connected with folding doors, allowing the two departments to unite in general exercises. There are two entrances, on opposite sides of the building, one for the boys and the other for the girls, and by a somewhat novel arrangement a sort of double hall is afforded each side, without the expense of wings. The entire building is 36 ft. by 52, making each school-room 34 by 25 ft., with ceiling 13 feet from the floor. Each room is seated, as will be seen in the annexed plan, for sixty pupils:


* For the specifications and bills of materials for designs 4 and 5, I am indebted to Mr. P. Marshall, a master builder of Ann Arbor, who has had a large experience in erecting school. houses.

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d, d, Sliding doors, sliding into the double partitions, e. e., partly dividing each hall.

C, C, Chimneys coming 2 feet below ceiling and allowing sliding doors to pass beneath them.

S, S, Stoves.

V, V, Ventilating flues coming down to the floor and opening above ceiling in ventilating flues in chimneys.

T, T, Teachers' tables.
If the desks are made 31 feet long the middle aisles may

be 21 inches each and the side aisles 2 feet. But for primary pupils it is better to make the desks only 3 feet long, and add the extra room thus saved, to the aisles. The immense increase of cost of labor and materials, and the uncertainty of the present prices, renders it nearly useless to present any estimate of the cost of this building. In ordinary times it could be erected for about $1,200.

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