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Instead of preparing new plans of houses for the larger union schools, I have deemed it best to give the plans of several of the houses already built and in use. No district should build a school-house of this class without a careful comparison of plans and consultation with a competent architect. The theory of these large schools is by no means well settled as yet. In some, it is chosen to seat pupils of both sexes, if of the same grade, in the same room, while in others the boys and girls in the grammar and high school grades are seated in separate rooms, and meet only at recitations. It is, also, still a mooted question whether the pupils shall be all seated in two or three large school-rooms, and the assistant teachers occupy adjoining recitation rooms with the classes sent out of the large room to recite to them; or whether the entire school shall be distributed into moderate sized rooms, each teacher having charge of a limited number of pupils, of nearly the same grade, whom he or she chiefly or wholly instructs. Although the latter plan commands the approval of most of experienced educators, there are circumstances in which the former seems the more desirable. The adoption of the one or the other of these plans will necessarily modify the plans of building. The sey. eral plans here shown, possess each many excellencies, and will aid school boards in selecting plans adapted to their respective needs.


This is a very fine building, of tasteful architecture, and has been found eminently convenient in use. The cost was about $20,000.

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The second floor also affords three school-rooms, for the accommodation of the intermediate and grammar school grades, with two smaller rooms, A. and R., which may be used as apparatus and recitation rooms. Room A. bas been used as the Principal's room.

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The third floor is occupied mainly with a large school hall, used as a chapel and also as a school room for the high school, all the pupils of this grade being seated together. R. R. represent recitation rooms for the high school, and e. e. wardrobes.


This is the largest and most costly union school building in the State. The plan is one that unites great excellencies with but few defects. A striking peculiarity is the chapel on the first floor. In most plans it is placed upon the third floor, where it is far less accessible and useful than in this building.

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