Music Therapy and Group Work: Sound Company

Alison Davies, Eleanor Richards
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2002 - 301 páginas
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'The fascinating and diverse descriptions contained in this text begin the process of developing indigenous understandings of music therapy in group work and alert the reader to issues for future exploration. A fascinating text, describing a range of clients - I highly recommend it.'

- Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Group music therapy has been widely practised for many years, especially within institutional settings, and features substantially in training, yet there has been no publication devoted to the discussion of this area of therapy. Music Therapy and Group Work fills this gap by bringing together the experiences of group music therapy practitioners who work with diverse client groups in various settings. Whilst acknowledging that the practice of group music therapy incorporates many theoretical and practical issues in common with those of mainstream group work, the editors emphasize that this field needs to develop some further theoretical discourse of its own, primarily because its main contrast from regular group work is that it draws on a non-verbal medium alongside the ordinary verbal exchange.

The book combines clinical examples with theory to provide a comprehensive introduction to group music therapy. Practitioners not only of music therapy, but also those working in related disciplines, will find this to be an informative and stimulating read.

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Marina Jenkyns
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Some Observations on Music Therapy Training Groups Elaine Strecter
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The Contributors

Finding a Space to Play A Music Therapy Group for Adults with Learning Disabilities Eleanor Richards and Hayley Hind
A Music and Art Therapy Group for People with Learning Disabilities Tessa Watson and Linda Vickers
A Music Therapy Group to Assist Clinical Diagnoses in Child and Family Psychiatry Emma Carter and Amelia Oldfield
Combined Efforts Increasing SocialEmotional Communication with Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Using Psychodynamic Music Therapy ...

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Acerca do autor (2002)

Alison Davies is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with a background in mental health work for an NHS Trust. Eleanor Richards is a senior music therapist in the Service for Adults with Learning Disabilities, Lifespan NHS Trust, Cambridge. She is currently training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Both authors have been involved in introducing music therapy into the St Columba Group Therapy Centre in Cambridge.

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