Landmark Indian Law Cases

William S. Hein & Company, 2002 - 942 páginas
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Landmark Indian Law Cases presents fifty-three groundbreaking decisions made by the United States Supreme Court in the area of federal Indian law. Since the last revision (entitled Top Fifty and first published in 1988), the Court has made new pronouncements on tribal hunting and fishing rights, Alaska Native sovereignty, and tribal sovereign immunity from suit and tribal court jurisdiction. These have helped define the powers of the more than 550 American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes that represent the third sovereignty in the United States (along with the federal government and the states) and provide a glimpse into future decisions of the Court. The cases examined represent not only the decisions that resolve important questions and set forth broad principles of federal Indian Law, but also ones which have practical implications for real-life situations currently affecting American Indian and Alaska native tribes. The book's subject index of cases provides a quick reference aid, and all cases are listed under one or more relevant subject headings. The federal Indian law jurisprudence of the Court spans two centuries of U.S. history, and the decisions have reshaped the federal-tribal relationship and the role of states and tribes in the nation's federalism. This work is tremendously useful to lawyers, scholars, judges, and other practitioners, and it is certain to become a fixture in law libraries throughout the United States.

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