Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art, Volume 6

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Página 20 - Soon shall thy arm, unconquered steam, afar Drag the slow barge or drive the rapid car ; Or, on wide-waving wings expanded, bear The flying chariot through the fields of air...
Página 416 - A THING of beauty is a joy for ever : Its loveliness increases ; it will never Pass into nothingness ; but still will keep A bower quiet for us, and a sleep Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
Página 416 - And warmed himself in Court or College, He had not gained an honest friend And twenty curious scraps of knowledge, — If he departed as he came, With no new light on love or liquor, — Good sooth, the traveller was to blame. And not the Vicarage, nor the Vicar.
Página 502 - A poet, while living, is seldom an object sufficiently great to attract much attention ; his real merits are known but to a few, and these are generally sparing in their praises. When his fame is increased by time, it is then too late to investigate the peculiarities of his disposition : the dews of the morning are past, and we vainly try to continue the chase by the meridian splendour.
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Página 416 - His talk was like a stream, which runs With rapid change from rocks to roses: It slipped from politics to puns, It passed from Mahomet to Moses; Beginning with the laws which keep The planets in their radiant courses, And ending with some precept deep For dressing eels, or shoeing horses.
Página 3 - ... the Association are — To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction, to scientific enquiry in Devonshire ; and to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science, Literature, or Art, in different parts of the county. 3. The Association shall consist of Members, Honorary Members, and Corresponding Members. 4. Every candidate for membership, on being nominated by a Member to whom he is personally known, shall be admitted by the General Secretary, subject to the confirmation...
Página 3 - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry; to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate science in different parts of the British Empire with one another, and with foreign philosophers ; to obtain a more general attention to the objects of science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Página 355 - Secretary shall bring to each Annual Meeting of the Members a report of the number of copies in stock of each ' Part' of the Transactions, with the price per copy of each ' Part' specified ; and such report shall be printed in the Transactions next after the Treasurer's financial statement.
Página 670 - Dawkins's words that there had been too great a tendency to trust to the thickness of the Kent's Hole stalagmite in forming an estimate of the antiquity of the Cave men ; and I shall be agreeably surprised if they are not thus quoted in many future discussions on the subject Be this as it may, it should be added in justice to myself, that I have always abstained from, and cautioned others against, insisting that the thickness of the stalagmite is a perfectly trustworthy chronometer;* nevertheless,...

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