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On Pyrophosphotriamic Acid. By J. H. Gladstone, Ph.D., F.R.S 1

On the action of Carbonic Oxide on Sodium-ethyl. By J. Alfred Wanklyn 13

Note on the Constitution of Carbonic Oxide. By J. Alfred Wanklyn .... 16

On the Constitution of com pounds By Henry Debus, Ph.D.,

F.R.S • 17

On the Expansion of Water. By A. Matthiesscn, F.R.S 30

Contributions to our knowledge of the Chemical action of sunlight upon

Sensitive Photographic Papers. By Charles R. Wright, B.Sc. (Student

in the Laboratory of Owens College, Manchester) 33

Prognosis of new Alcohols and Aldehydes. By Professor H. Kolbe, in

Leipzig 61

On a new Class of Organic Compounds in which hydrogen is replaced by

Nitrogen. By Peter Griess.—III 57

Action of Heat on ferric Hydrate in Presence of Water. By Edward

Davies, P.C.S., Liverpool 69

Tables for the Calculation of Vapour-density Determinations. By Jas. T.

Brown W

On the Composition, value, and Utilization of Town Sewage. By J. B.

Lawes, Esq., F.R.S., F.C.S., and J. H. Gilbert, Ph.D., F.R.S., F.C.S... 80

On a New Method of Forming Organo-metallic Bodies. By J. Alfred

Wanklyn, Professor of Chemistry at the London Institution 128

Chemical researches on New and Rare Cornish Minerals. By A. H. Church,

M.A., Professor of Chemistry, R.A. College, Cirencester 130

Action of Nitrous Acid on Naphthylamine. By Ernest T. Chapman .... 135

On Magnesium. By J. Alfred Wanklyn and Ernest T. Chapman .... 141

A Further Contribution to the History of the Periodides of the organic bases.

By William A. Tilden 145

On the Estimation of Phosphorus in Iron and Steel. By John Spiller, F.C.S. 148

Note on Mercury-othyl. By E. T. Chapman 160

A Modification of Berthelot*s Experiment for the Formation of Acetylene

by Imperfect Combustion. By Herbert M*Leod 151

Investigations of the Specific Heat of Solid Bodies. By Hermann Kopp .. 154

On Picric Ether. By H. Muller, Ph.D., and John Stenhouse, LL.D.,

F.R.S 235

Styphnic or Oxypierie Ether. By John Stenhouse, LL.D., F.R.S 236

The Water Supply of the Metropolis during the Year 1865-66. By E.

Frankland, F.R.S 239

On the Synthesis of Guanidine. By A. W. Hofmann, LL.D., F.R.S 249

On the Constitution of some Carbon-compounds. By Henry Debus, Ph.D.,

F.R.S 256

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