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SETH LOW, New York, N.Y.

LABAN PRATT, Boston, Mass.
W. J. BREED, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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CHAS. R. HENDERSON, Chicago, Ill.
F. B. SAN BORN, Concord, Mass.
A. E. ELMORE, Ft. Howard, Wis.
FRED. H. WINES, Springfield, Ill.
PHILIP C. GARRETT, Philadelphia, Pa.
WM. P. LETCHWORTH, Portage, N.Y.
WM. HOWARD NEFF, Cincinnati, Ohio.
C. S. HOYT, Albany, N.Y.
Rt. Rev. G. D.GILLESPIE, Gd. Rapids, Mich.
Rev. MYRON W. REED, Denver, Col.
H. H. HART, Chicago, Ill.

I.. C. STORRS, Lansing, Mich.
A. O. WRIGHT, Madison, Wis.
ALEX. JOHNSON, Fort Wayne, Ind.
WM. R. STEWART, New York,
PETER CALDWELL, Louisville, Ky.
JOHN R. ELDER, Indianapolis, Ind.
G, H. KNIGHT, M.D., Lakeville, Conn.
ROBERT D. McGONNIGLE, Pittsburg, Pa.
JOHN H. RICH, Red Wing, Minn.
NATH. S. ROSENAU, New York, N.Y.

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State Corresponding Secretaries. Alabama..

Miss Julia S. Tutwiler, Livingstone.

Rev. Sheldon Jackson, Washington, D.C.

..George Thornburgh, Little Rock.

Mrs. Agnes M. Flint, Asso. Char., San Francisco. Colorado

.. Dr. Minnie C. T. Love, Denver. Connecticut

Chas. P. Kellogg, Waterbury. Delaware..

Mrs. Emalea Warner, Wilmington. District of Columbia.

Henry B. F. Macfarland, Washington. Florida....

Dr. J. W. Trammel, Chattahoochee. Georgia.

Mrs. Julia O'Keefe Nelson, Atlanta. Idaho

F. B. Gault, Moscow. Illinois

. Ephraim Banning, Marquette Bldg, Chicago. Indiana

... Amos W. Butler, Indianapolis. Indian Territory

.. Edwin H. Rishel, Atoka. Iowa..

Major W. S. R. Burnette, Des Moines.

Geo. A. Clark, Junction City.

Michel Heymann, New Orleans.

Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens, Portland. Maryland..

Miss Kate M. McLane, uon N. Charles St., Baltimore. Massachusetts

John D. Wells, State House, Boston. Michigan

Dr. James A. Post, Detroit. Minnesota

James F. Jackson, St. Paul. Mississippi..

..Col. J. L. Power, Jackson. Missouri

Miss Mary E. Perry, St. Louis. Montana

Mrs. Laura E. Howey, Helena.

Rev. A. W. Clark, Omaha.
Nevada ...
New Hampshire.

Mrs. J. B. Varick, Manchester.
New Jersey

Hugh F. Fox, Bayonne. New Mexico

Rev. Mary J. Borden, Albuquerque. New York...

Homer Folks, New York City. North Carolina

..C. B. Denson, Raleigh. North Dakota

Miss Helen Hazelton, Grand Forks. Ohio

Jos. P. Byers, Columbus. Oklahoma

Mrs. R. W. Ramsay, Guthrie. Oregon...

W. R. Walpole, 213 4th Street, Portland. Pennsylvania.

Dr. Jas. W, Walk, Philadelphia. Rhode Island..

Prof. Henry B. Gardner, Providence. South Carolina

Mrs. M. A. Rhett, Sec. Asso. Char., Charleston. South Dakota

W. B. Sherrard, Sioux Falls. Tennessee

W. C. Kilvington, Nashville. Texas

Rev. R. P. Buckner, D.D., Dallas. Utah

... Miss Grace M. Paddock, Salt Lake City. Vermont.

Rev. J. Edward Wright, Montpelier. Virginia

W. F. Drewry, M.D., Petersburg. Washington

. Thos. P. Westendorf, Chehalis. West Virginia

Prof. Thos. C. Miller, Morgantown.

Jas. E. Heg, Lake Geneva.

Dr. A. M. Rosebrugh, 62 Queen Street, Toronto.
Manitoba and W. Canada.......... . Dr. David Young, Selkirk.


On Reports from States.
Hastings H, Hart, ex officio...... Chicago, II. Michel Heymann...
Charles P. Kellogg

Waterbury, Conn. A. Bush,
Miss Estelle Reel.

Cheyenne, Wyo.

New Orleans, La.

Salem, Ore.

On County and Municipal Charities, including Outdoor Relief.
Joseph P. Byers
Columbus, Ohio. Frank B. Sanborn..

Concord, Mass. W. É Boardman..

....Ottawa, Ont. Franklin B. Wallin..... Grand Rapids, Mich. C. W. Burdick.

..Cheyenne, Wyo. Booker T. Washington.. Tuskegee, Ala. Homer Folks..

New York, N.Y. Rev. Jas. A. Orman, D.D..... Nashville, Tenn. Fred. H. Wines.

..Springfield, Ili. Emily E. Williamson. Elizabeth, N.J.

On Care of Feeble-minded and Epileptics. Walter E. Fernald, M.D.......

.Waverley, Mass. George Mogridge, M.D. Miss Mary E. Perry...

. St. Louis, Mo. William A. Polglase, M.D. William P. Spratling, M.D.. Sonyea, N.Y. J. L. Long, M. D. G. A. Doren, M.D... Columbus, Ohio. Alexander Johnson.

..Glenwood, la. .. Lapeer, Mich.

Frankfort, Ky. Fort Wayne, Ind.

On Prisons and Reformatories for Adults.

Thomas E. Ellison

Fort Wayne, Ind. Mrs. T. Rider Cady.

.Hudson, NY. Joseph F. Scott... .Concord Junction, Mass. George W. Cutter, M.D.........

... Newport, R.I. Charlton T. Lewis.....

Rev. W. H. Lock.
H. D. Wey, M.D.
George Ferrier, Jr.
T. F. Chamberlin, M.D..

..... New Jersey.

.Ohio. ... Elmira, N.Y. New Orleans, La. .. Toronto, Canada.

On Care of Destitute and Neglected Children.
Thomas M. Mulry.
New York, N.Y. W. B. Streeter...

.Indianapolis, Ind.
G. A Merrill..
Owatonna, Mion. Edward A. Hull.

· Boston, Mass. Hastings H. Hart. . Chicago, Ill. J. J. Kelso..

Toronto, Canada. Robert W. Hebberd.

· Albany, N.Y. Miss Mary Willcox Brown .... Baltimore, Md. Hugh F. Fox.

New Jersey.

On Reformatories and Industrial Schools.

J. E. St. John..
James Allison..
Theodore F. Chapin.
Mrs. W. G. Fairbank.

.. Lansing, Mich.
... Cincinnati, Ohio.

Westboro, Mass.
..Middletown, Conn.

Mrs. W. J. Lewis..
W. C. Kilvington.
Rev. W. A. Hale..
John H. Smyth..

St. Louis, Mo. Nashville, Tenn.

Dayton, Ohio. Richmond, Va.

On Insanity. Dr. H. C. Rutter.

.Gallipolis, Ohio. Wm. F. Drewry, M.D..
S. E. Smith, M.D..

Richmond, Ind. J. S. Grinman.
William P. Letchworth. ... Portage, N.Y. W. A. Gordon, M.D
George F. Keene, M.D. ..Howard, RI. Rev. S. G. Smith, D.D
P. R. Thombs, M.D.,

. Pueblo, Col.

Petersburg, Va.

... Terrell, Tex. . Winnebago, Wis. ... St. Paul, Minn.

On Organization of Charity. Edward T. Devine.

New York, N.Y. Chas. S. Grout. Mrs. Agnes W. Flint.. San Francisco, Cal, Wm. H. Tolman. Clarence F. Low.

New Orleans, La. John M. Glenn.. J. F. Moors..

Massachusetts. Mrs. S. I. George. Ernest Bicknell.

Chicago, Ill. Miss M. F. Battle. Edward A. Fay.

...Dayton, Ohio. Miss Charlotta Goff.. L. K. Pangborn.

..Jersey City, N.J.

. Indianapolis, Ind. New York, N.Y.

Baltimore, Md. ... Denver, Col. Nashville, Tenn. .Des Moines, Ia.

On Politics in Charitable and Correctional Affairs.

Prof. Frank A. Fetter. ....... Bloomington, Ind.
Mrs. C, R. Lowell..

New York.

Franklin MacVeagh.
C.W. Watson.....

.Chicago, II. New York City.

W. A. Gates..
Richard Guenther..
Charles S. Hoyt..
Frank B. Sanborn..
N. S. Rosenau.

On Immigration.
St. Paul, Minn, Philip C. Garrett.

Philadelphia, Pa.
Oshkosh, Wis. Hon. Horace Boies.

Waterloo, Ia. . Albany, NY. Judge W. W. Morrow..

San Francisco. .Concord, Mass. P. Ħ. Dwyer.....

Detroit, Mich. New York. Prof. R. Mayo-Smith, Columbia University,

New York.




The National Conference of Charities exists to discuss the problems of charities and correction, to disseminate information and promote reforms. It does not formulate platforms.


All persons who are interested in charities and correction may become members by registering their names and paying the annual fee.

Honorary members may be elected on recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The annual membership fee shall be $2.50, which shall entitle each member to a copy of the Proceedings and other publications of the Conference.

State Boards of Charities and other societies and institutions subscribing for the Proceedings in quantities shall be entitled to enroll their officers and members as members of this Conference at the rate of one member for each $2.50 paid.


The officers of the Conference shall be a President, three Vice-Presidents, a General Secretary, six Secretaries, a Treasurer, and an Official Reporter and Editor, also a Corresponding Secretary for each State and Territory. These officers shall be elected annually by the Conference.

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The standing committees shall be an Executive Committee and a committee on each subject which it is proposed to discuss at the ensuing Conference,

The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, and all ex-Presidents ex officio, and seven members to be elected annually by the Conference.

The President, soon after the opening of the Conference, shall appoint a committee of seven on organization of the next Conference; also a committee of three on resolutions, to which all resolutions shall be referred without debate.

At each annual session of the Conference, on the first day after the organization, the members present from each State or Territory shall meet and appoint one of their number to represent them on a committee to be known as the Committee on Time and Place of the next meeting. The Committee on Time and Place shall meet on the afternoon or evening of the same day, for the purpose of receiving invitations from States, cities, or towns, and shall prepare a report which shall be presented to the Conference on the following morning. The vote on the report of the committee shall be taken by ballot, and every member of the Conference shall have the right to cast his ballot for the place of his choice, provided that no invitation shall be accepted which does not receive a majority of all the ballots cast; and provided, further, that the place of

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