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I 21


In Grand Rapids, Mich. 162 In Pittsburg, Pa..

In Hartford, Conn.

168 In Portland, Ore.

In Hoboken, N.J..

177 In Providence, R.I.

In Indianapolis, Ind. . 146 In Reading, Pa.
In Jersey City, N.J.

139 In Richmond, Va.

In Kansas City, Mo.


In Rochester, N.Y.

In Lawrence, Mass.


In Saginaw, Mich.

In Lincoln, Neb. .

166 In Salt Lake City, Utah

In Los Angeles, Cal.

170 In San Francisco, Cal.

In Louisville, Ky..

140 In Savannah, Ga..

In Lowell, Mass.

In Scranton, Pa.

In Lynn, Mass.


In Seattle, Wash,

In Memphis, Tenn.

160 In Somerville, Mass.

In Milwaukee, Wis.


In Springfield, Mass.

In Minneapolis, Minn.

In St. Louis, Mo.

In Newark, N.J.

137 In St. Paul, Minn.

In New Bedford, Mass.. 179 In Syracuse, N.Y.

In New Haven, Conn.

154 In Toledo, Ohio

In New Orleans, La.


In Trenton, N.J.

In New York, N.Y.

114 In Troy, N.Y.

In Oakland, Cal.

171 In Utica, N.Y..

In Omaha, Neb.

140 In Washington, D.C.

In Paterson, N.J. .

155 In Wilmington, Del. .

In Peoria, Ill. .

179 In Worcester, Mass. .

In Philadelphia, Pa.


Classified Statement of Public Outdoor Relief in the Larger

Cities of the United States.

Classification of Paupers, by Mrs. ALICE N. LINCOLN

Public Aid in a Great City, by JEFFREY R. BRACKETT, Ph.D.

Outdoor Relief, by J. R. WASHBURN

The Administration of Municipal Charities, by Hon. JOSIAH

Quincy, Mayor of Boston

The Grand Rapids Experiment, by FRANKLIN B. WALLIN

The Public Charities of New York City, by Hon. J. W. KELLER

The Duties and Responsibilities of Private Citizens, by Hon.

Joseph H. CHOATE

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