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349 greater indignity, having not only set them

Friday 31. a limited time to determine on peace or war, Lord Monboddo, one of the Lords of Ser. notwithftanding a Venerian fleet was ready fion in Scotland, was at the Levee at St. 10 bombard their capital; but, likewise, in James's, and was presented to the King by case their demands are not complied with, the Duke of Moutagu. have threatened total destruction of all the

April 1. trade in the Adriatic.

At the aflizes held at Kingston, before The Dutch Councils have, it appears, pre Mr. Justice Gould, was decided the great veiled over the national interells of this cause which held three days, brought by way country, and they are Hill, notwithstanding of indictment, at the suit of the corporation their defertion to the natural enemy of this of London, as conservators of the river country, to be permitted to sell our own Thames, against Mr. Watson, a thipwrighc turboi at our own marker, to the exclusion and wharfinger at Rotherhithe, for obstructof our own subjects. Strange, policy! to ing the navigation of the said river, by erecting encourage the fiiheries of every other coun a floating-dock. The jury, after five hours try, and difcrurage our own.

Who can ac deliberation, found the defendant GUILTY. count for this infatuation among our great

Trefloy 4: men, any more than fur dil membering the Came on the Election of a Governor and greatest limb of the empire !

Deputy Governor of the Bank of England le appears from the accounts of the for the year ensuing, when George Peters, trudees of his Grace the D. of Bedford, Esq. was chosen Gvernor, and Edward which are now making up on his Grace's Darell, Esq. Deputy Governor. Thorily coming of age, that his eftaies, dur And on Wedneiday came on the Election ing his minority, have bern increased to the of 24 Directors, whin the following Gentleamount of 17,000l. a year; so that they men were chosen : are now little short of 70,000l. a year. Samuel Beachcroft, Esq. Daniel Booth,

A serious misunderstanding is said to have Elq. T. Boddington, Esq. Roger Boehm, ariten bei ween Denmark and Sweden), which Esq. Samuel Bofan quet, Esq: Lyde Browne, it is believed will prevent the intended vifit Efq. Richard Clay, Esq. William Cooke, of the Prince of Denmark to England during Esq. Bignel Coney, Esq. Thomas Dea, Esq. the present year.

William Ewer, Esq. Peter Gaullen, F. q. Accounts, from good authority, from the Daniel Giles, Esq. John Harrison, Esq. Copinent, assure us, that the K. of Pruffia is T. Scott Jackson, Esq. Richard Neave, Esq. dangerously :l!, so that neither the Emperor's Edward Payne, Eq. Christopher Puller, Esq. visit nor that of the Emprels of Rultia will Thomas Raikes, Esq. Godf. Thornton, Esq. take place.

Samuel Thornton, Esq. Mark Weylando The Divers have had great success in re Elg. Benjamin Winthrop, Esq. Benjamin cvering the cases of lilver and gold from Whirmore, jun. Esq. the wreck of the Spanith thip, Aranded at Mr. Burke pretenied, in the most folemn Paniche (see p. 262). . They have already manner, NINE Articles of Impeachment got up more than two millions of piafers, againt Warren fiaftings, late Gov. Gen. and there is no doubt but that they will reco of Bengal, which were ordered to be printed, ver as many more.

and taken into consideration : on the 26th The mint at Vienna is employed in mak. inftant. Of cuese Articles a particular acing new golden Sovereigns; and, to the other count shall be preserved. titles of his Imperial Majesty, on the ex

Tuesday 11. ergue, is added, K. of Jerofalari, to prevent The bills ready for the royal affent were the Greek merchants from exporting them passed by commillion, among which was she into Turkey, es, with that uitle, the bankers new act for regulating the affairs of the ar Constantinople dare not have them in pos. East India Company. sellion.

The Court of Directors of the India

Company made the following arrangement Domestic OCCURRENCE6.

of their servants at Bengal and Madras, in

consequence of the new India Bill having The minifter opened his grand scheme for received the royal, affent; viz. Earl Cornthe payment of the rational debt. By his wallis is appointed Governor-Generel and calculation, he made it appear that, after Commander in Chief; Gen. Sloper recalled, the annual expenditure, there would remain and to receive an annuity of 1500l. a year a surplus of 901,000l and on this ground he for life; the Bengal Council to confiit of Jaid the foundation of his system, to appro. Earl Cornwallis, Meft. Macpherson, Stables, priale a clear million a year to the extinction and Stuart; and Mr. John Shore to lucceed of the National Debt, and to apply it in a to the firit vacancy in the Supreme Council; manner as nothing could refift; and like the system of uniting the chief, civil, and wise to place it on such a fure foundation, military avthority to take place at each prethat even national misfortune should not fidency; of course, Governor Sir Archibald thake its constant application.

Campbell is appointed Governor and ComGENT. Mag. April, 1786.


Marib 29.

year for life.


HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. mander in Chief at Madras; Geo. Dolling This accident had been expected some days, allo recalled, with an annuity of 1000l. a from the gradual dropping of mortar and

The Madras Council to con small stones from it, and from the settling fint of Sir Archibald Campbell, Mell, Da of the walls and arches from their perpendi. niel, Davidson, and Calamajor.

cular for (wo or three years before, to Wednesday 12.

which very little attention had been paid, Came on the ballot for fix Disectors of or the alliance given by filling up arches of the East India Company, at the close of the nave been ineffectual. Fortunately no which she numbers were, for Joseph Sparkes, lives were loft, though numbers of people Esq. 755; Richard Hall, Esq. 754 ; Wil were walking in the church-yard. This liam Bentley, Esq. 746; John Hunter, Esq. front was one of our finest remains of Nor. 648 ; Joho Sunith, E'q. 647 ; John Tra man architecture. vers, Esq. 628 ; George Tatem, Esq. 444;

Wednesday 19. John Lewis, Esq. 417 : whereupon the first The Deke de Filz- James, grandson of the fix were declared duly elected.

Pretender, accompanied the Duke d'Orleans The Court of Directors granted an annuity from Paris here, which journey they pero of 1500l. per annum, to Lord Macariney, foimed in 42 hours. On their arrival they as a consideration for the unexampled inte went to Gray's, jeweller in Bond. Itreet, ou bus grity and ability displayed by that nobleman finess relative to the Card. Rohan, whose part during his adminiftration at Fort St. George. ihey warmly espouse. His R. H. the Prince

Same day the Directors appointed Wm. of Wales happening to be there ; after the Wright Esq. their auditor, in the room of usual salutation, invited them to dinner, John Annis, Esq. who has resigned the wbich invitation they readily accepted ; and Service.

the three Prince's spent a most chearful > This morning the following malefactors afternoon and cvening together at Carltonwere executed before Newgate:- Thomas House. Horton, William Houghton, Thomas

Monday 24. Tatum, Samuel Francis, Cornelius Crome, This day was observed as the anniversary John Howes, Tho Burdet, George Lyons, of St. George (which fell on the Sunday prenad Chemas Hopkins, for burglary ; and creding) by the Society of Antiquaries; John Kitsal, alias Wilmot, aliae Smith, for when, agreeable to a newly adopted mode itopping a gentleman near Highgate, and of election, conformable to thai practised robbing him of a gold watch. The convicts at the Royal Society, whereby three lifts, ) prayed with great devotion, and in every of the Old Council, the New Council, and other respect behaved in a mauner becoming of the Officers, were put into separate boxes, their ficuation. One of them died a Roman the following persons were elected. Catholic, and was attended on the scaffold

OLD COUNCIL. by a prieft of that persuasion. A great con "The Earlcf Leicester, F. R. S. course of people attended the execution. Thomas Alile, Esq. F. R. S. Tbursday 13 Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. P. R. S.

1 The Norrisian prize for 1786 was afligned The Rev. John Brand, M. A. to the Rev. Mr. Pearson, A. M. Fellow of Owen Salutbury Brereton, F. R. S. Sydney college, for his Ellay on the Good Edward Bridge, Esq. F. R. S. nels of God, as maniftfied in the million of Richard Gough, Esq. F. R. S.

Michael Lort, D. D. F. R. S.
Sunday 16.

Rev. William Norris, M. A.
Being Easter Sunday, their Majesties, the John Peachy, Esq. F. R. S.
R. H. The Prince of Wales, the Princess John Topham, Esq. F. R. S.
Royal, and Princess Augufta, went to the

NEW COUNCIL. Chapel Royal at St. James's. The fermon George Lord Arder, F. R. S. was preached by the Rev. Dr. Vincent; John Lord Bilk.op of Bangor, F. R. S. the sword of itate was carried by the D of Guliavus Branderi Esq. F. R. S. Montagu, and Lord Willoughby de Bioke John Lord Cardiff. officiated as Lord in waiting. After divine Rev. John Douglas, D. D. F. R. S. service all the Royal Family present received R. Banks Hodgkinson, F. R. S. the Holy Communion; and the King, ac Richard Jackson, Eq, cording to annual custom, made an offering George Duke of Montagu, F. R. S. of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Sir William Mulgraie, Bart, F. R. S. The officers, who movnicd guard for St. Richard Warren, M. D. F.R. S. James's, the Queen's house, and Tile-yard,

OFFICERS. were paraded with their swords drawn instead The Earl of Leicester, Prefident. of spontoons, for the fitt time since the Edward Bridgen, Eig. Treasurer. regulation took place.

Richard Gough, Efq. Director.
Monday 17.

William Norris, M. A. Secretary. At half patt fix in the evening, the John Brand, M. A. ditto. 'Weft tower of Hereford cathedral, erected Mr. Barrington having resigned his place with the nave, in the reign of William at the Council, and as Vice President ; and Rufus, by Robert de Lozinga, the second Mr, King being left out of the House-lift.

Jesus Christ.




30. At Chippenham, rev. e.

Births, Marriag's, and Deaths of confiderable Perfons. 351
P. 270. Dr. Robert Bromfield was son of 15. Mr. John Ayton, of Albion-place, to
John B. esq; of Haywood, Hants, commiffi. Miss Eliz Eidaile, dau. of James E. esq; of
oner of taxes, by Anne daughiot of Sir John Beccles, Suffolk, and niece to Mrs. Lee, of
Trenchard, kat. who was serjeant at law 10 lagoldefthorpe.
King William and Queen Mary, chief jure

tice of Chester, and secretary of ftate,

ATELY, at Potidam, Col. Vantroscke. BIRTHS.

that valuable officer, his Majesty sent the ATELY, the lady of Jobn Hughes, esq; following letters to the Colonel's widow. of Berthanger, Kenr, a son.

1. “ The death of Col. Vantrotcke, your April 25. Countess of Aylesford,'a soa. husband, commanding the regiment of Cid

Waldeck, has affe&ted me in a very particular MARRIAGES.

manner. By his death I am deprived of a Sept. 26, T Calcutta, Capt. W. Kirk brave and good officer ; such was the reputa

1785. patrick, secretary to Gen. Slo tion he enjoyed universally, and I know full per, to Miss Maria Seton Pawson.

well how to value the important services he Mar. 21. A. Bruffels, the rt. hon. John Lord has rendered me. The insignia of the Order Ruifell, next brother to the Duke of Bed of Merit which he received from me, and .ford, to the hon. Georgiana Elizabeth Rynke which you return with thanks to me for the 20 daughter of Lord Viscount LoginBronze

favours I had conferred on him, will remain M nifter Plenipotentiary at thay court. das you and your children' everlasting tokens

28. Richard Long, jun. eq; Rood-Ath The well-earned diftin&ion wbich he reton, to Miss Florentine Wicy, Tifier Aio Şir seived at my hands. Bur I shall not stop Bourchier W. bart.

herd; you may, on the rootrary, reit af.

Odluker, to forot, that I certainly will forget neither the Miss Arnold.

Widow of so deserving an officer, nor the Rev. J. Symonds Breedon, is Miss Jane whildren that he has left behind. Let me May.

know, without any reserve, the real fate of April 2: Mr. Henry Fearon, merchant, to your domestic concerns at the moment of his Miss, Bouch.

death, the number and age of your cbildren. 3. By special licence, Capt. Crnway, lon Communicate this matter to me, as to one of Lord Hertford, to the hon. Lady Horaiia ever disposed to give you a proof of his beseWaldegrave, 20 dau. of the Duchess of volence." Glouceiter.

Pufdam, Jan. 21. 4. James Bishop, esq; of Sedlescomb, Suf

In the King's own hand.. sex, to Miss Ruflell.

“.P.S. I have honoured your husband, as, 5. Tho. Smith Barwell, esq; of Clarges- the model of an excellent officer; but fince, Ar. to Miss Unwin.

alas ! he is no more, I fhall be to his children James Slantey, esq; of Lincoln's-ino, to a father : I mean to do for them and his wiMiss Cornwall, of Portland place.

dow all that a parent could bave done; let 1

6. Somerset Davies, esq; of Wigmore, co. me have only the true ftate of your means, Heref. 10 Miss Hamond.

and 1 engage to do the needful for the faiis. Rev. W. Haggilt, rector of Armthorpe, fiction of the family.' co. York, and Bromley, co. Middx. to Miss II. « Il all between this and dext Trinity Chambers.

lay out 20,000 rix.dollars in the purchase of W. Mills, efq; to Miss E. Digby, dau. of an estate for your three children, the whole the late hon. Wriothelley D.

direction and management of which shall re. Mr. John Purrier, merchant, to Miss main in your hands. {ou must apply to the Malpas.

ecclefiaftical department, to see whether Rév. Ms. Luxmoore, rector of Queen-sg. there be two vacancies in a nunneiy within chapel, to Miss Elizabeth Barnard.

the country of Cleves, or the province of At York, Richard Remington, esq; of the Westphalia, for your two young ladies; when 26th reg. of tuor, to Mrs Blonel.

marriageable, I shall take them away, and 8. W. Boscawen, ela; son of the late Gen. settle them in the world. B. and nephew to the lace Lord Falmouth, to

(Signed) FREDERIC." Miss Charlotte Ibbetson, dau, of the late At Lichšield, Lady Smith, reli&t of the Archdeacon of Sr. Alban's.

late Sir George S. bart. of Stoke, co. Noit, 9. Mr. W. Bennett, of New Bond-fr. to and bfter to Dr. Vyse. Mile A. Parnum

la France, Capt. Rumbold, of the Guards. 11. Mr. George Lee, banker, in Lombarda In the East Indies, Thomas Shadwell, eíq; Ar. eldest son of Richard Ayton Lee, efq; of formerly secretary to Lord Grantham at the Iogoldestborpe, Norfo k, to Mi's H Ayton. court of Spain.

Isaac Lloyd, eras of Great Marlow, to Miss At Lancaster, Mrs. Rawlinson, mother of Maria Johnstone.

Mr. R., M.P. for that city. 13. Ar Layton, rev. H. Patceron, of Coney - Feb. 21. In Johnson's.court, Fleet-street, Welton,, to Miss Sophia L-e, 2d Mr. John Hawys, aged 63. a man who from daughter of Richard Aycon Lee, crq; of In. his amiable dilpolition, and inflexible integoldefthorpe, Norfulk.


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352 Obituary of confiderable Persons ; with Biographical Anecdotes. grity, will long be regretted by his friends. inconsolable for his loss, were it not for the

March 23. Mrs. Wright, of Charing Cross, almost certainty of his poffefling happiness the famous modeller in wax, of whom we from an all-wise, all-goud, all-merciful, and hope to receive a fuller account.

all-powerful Deity. 26. Ac Preston, co. Lanc. much regretted, 3. Aç Putney, aged 83, Michael Turner,ela. in the 31st year of her age, Mrs. Lockhart, Mr. Gwin, linen draper, in Parliament-tti. lite spouse to Gen. Lock hart, of Carnwath. 4. M Is Louisa Burgoyle, dau. of the late

27. At Nice, the right hon. Sackville Earl Sir J. B. barr. of Thaner, hereditary sheriff of the county A, Oxfordsh. in her rooth of Wellmoreland. His Lord'hip married year, Mís. Ma on, relict of John M.

ela. Mary, the only daughter of the right' hon. la Goldimith-itreet, Gough-square, over• Lord John Sackville, sna litter of the present whelmed wiib age, infirmities, and poverty, Duke of Dorset. By her Ladythip, who died Mr. Wells Eyeliham; a character not unin September 1778, he has lett Sackville known in :he regions of politics, porter, and Lord Tufton, who now succeeds the Earlin tobacco. He was originally bred to the pro. his title and estates, iwo daughters, Lady fession of a prinier, and worked in that buliElizabeth and Lady Caroline Tufton, and ness, as a compositur, till disabled by repeated four younger foas.

attacks of formidable gous. For some 29. At Cleve, the rev. John Markham, years he wa. employed in the service of Mr. rector of Backwell, co, Somerset.

Woodfall, the fainer of the present printers At Doncaster, Bryan Cooke, esq.

of “ The Public Advertiser” and “ Morning At Firg.!!, co. York, aged 82, the rev. « Chronicle," to the former of which papers Thomas Nelson, who was rector of that pa the name of Egeilham appeared for some rish upwards of go years.

cime as the ofienfible publither. Having 31. In the Fleet Prison, Martin Williams, from nature a remarkable squint, to obviate esa.

the refcctions of others he alfumed the oame Rev. Joseph Payne, of Buikiaod, brother of “ Winkey;” and published a little volumc to the Counters Dowager of Northampion of humourous poetry in 1763, under the title and Lady Frances Seymour.

of “ Winkey's Wnims." He was one of Apr... At Hampstead-heath, Hugh An the founders of the honourable society of de son, esq.

“ Johas." In 1779 he was the author of “ A At Stroud, aged 87, Mr. S. Arundel. "hort Sketch of English Grammar," 8vo.

At his seat in the New Forest, Hants, (see our vol. XLIX. p. 459.) A imall poem Charles Studwick, esq; aged 10).

of his is in the " Anecootes of Mr. Biwyer," quired a considerable fortune in being an a. p. 620 ; and a great variety of his fugitive gent for prisjners, in the wars of Q. Aone pieces in almost all the public prints. The and Geo. I.

latter part of nis life has been principally fupe At Scarborough, in her 106th year, Mrs. ported by the profils of a very small sauff and Hunter, who retained her faculties to the tobacco-op, by the collecting of paragraphs last. An hour before the expired, the de for the Public Advertiser, and by ofhciaring fired her maiden name (Noel) might be put occasionally as an amanuensis to the writes upon her tomb-ftone, being a descendant of of Ibis sketch to his memory. His widow that family, allo shird coulin to the present is lete in great diftrefs. Duke of Rutland, and third coufin to the 5. Thomas Emerson, esq; one of the She. Earl of Gainsborough.

riffs of the city of Norwich. He was re1. W. Campbell, esq; formerly Captain in turning in a single borfe chasse out of Sufthe 3d regiment of Guards.

folk, on the morning of the 4'h, and coming 2. Lady Harriot Hanham, of Deane's court, down a hill near Stoneham, endeavoured to Dorset. She was relier of Sir W. H. bort. pats between two waggots, one of which was who died in 1776, and 61ter of the late Hen without horses, when the wheel of his chaisc sy Drax, esq; of Charborough.

ran againft it, wbich frightened his own At Norwich, she rev. Mr. Burrell, fin. horse, and drove him among the horses of rector and falion of Letheringlet, co. Norf. the other waggon, which was laden with

Ai Odiham, the rev. John St. John, rectis coals, and was also going down ibe hill; they of Farley and Hartley, and in the commit immediately took sright, overthrew his chasse, fion of the peace for that county,

and the waggon went over it with him in it, 2. In his 27th year, George Gilbert, esg; by which accident for or five of his ribs lieutenant in his Majesty's navy. He was a were bookeo : he was immediately taken to midshipman with Capt. Cook in his laft voya Stoneham, where, nor withi anding the utmost ge, and has since served in the West Indies, care was taken of him, he languished till od was in almost all the engagements in that nine o'clock on the evening of this day, and quarter. His disorder was the small-pox of then expired. a most inveterare' kind, which he bore with At the Cranes inn, Leicester, Mr. Wau'rexampled fortitude.' By this we have loft a ters, a gentleman of the law. He had been youth who was the delight of all who knew the Northern circuit, and left York a few bin, and whose virtues were endearing as days before. On the morning of the 4th he this manners were affable and eng ging. He was married, at Burton-upon-Trent, to Miss la is left a father, brother, and Giftes, quise


He ac


without a groan.

Obituary of confiderable Persons.--Ecclefiaftical Preferments. 353 Holland, dau. of the rev. Mr. H. The fame Stafford, and one of the Ladies of the BedI morning Mr. and Mrs. W. let out for town, chamber to her Rnyal Highness the Princess

intending to remain that night at Leicester; Amelia. Her ladyship was youngest davghbut the cold hand of death snatched away ter of the late, and fifter to the present Earl the bridegroom, and, before morning, Mrs. of Scafford. W. was a widowed bride.

13. Mrs. Woolley, wife of Mr. W. at6. Prince Peter Gagarin, a Russian noble torney at law, and dau. of the late Mr.

Mrs. Gray, wife of Charles G. Gray, esa;

20. At his house at Enfield, aged 72, of Jamaica,

Mr. Benj. Vaughan, an eminent ship-broker. Edward Codd, esg; of Wcodham Morti. At York, Juhn Goodricke, erq; grandios mer Hall, near Mulden, Erex, aged 66. and heir apparent to the right hon. Sir Joha

At Leicester, aged 59, john Persons, esq; G. bart. of Ribítun-hall. mayor of that borough.

21. john Hughes, esq; of Betthanger, 7. Mi, Noble, one of the yeomen of the

Kent. Guards.

23. Rev. Richard Conyers, D.D. rector of In Conduit-Ar. George Rofs, efq; of Cro St. Paul's, Deptford, a gentleman who was marty, sepresentative in Parliament of the eminent for his learning and piety. On the district of boroughs ni Kirkwal, &c. morning of his decease he was unulually chear

At Worctiler, Nachinind sellesys, esq; for- ful, and about the usual time he went merly goldsmith to her Maj-ity.

church, where, the prayers were over, Ai Crowhurst, Sutt:x, John Pelham, esq. he ascended the pulpit, and had just named

Alter a short illness, the rev. Richard his text, which was in the Acts of the AGreene, vicer of Radcliffe, co. Bucks.


" Ye fhall see my face no more, 7. In his 50th year, the rev. Michael Hal. when he was seized with a sudden fainting, lings, M.A. curate of Aldgate, and secretary and fell back in the pulpit, from which he to the Society for promuting Christian Know. recovere', however, lufficiently to proceed ledge. He was born at Hereford, and re with his sermon; after which, having given ceived the rudiments of his education there, the conclusive blefling, be again fainted away, wbich he compleated at Brazen Nose colo and ,

ws taken boule, where he continued lege, Oxford. He was a man of found prin. ill till about fix o'clock, when he expired ciples and great integrity; an orthodox minitter, and a zealous and conscientious parith prieit. He affected no fingularity of opinion, ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENT. and did not solicit the attention of the wisid EV. Mr. Blackall, Lougbborough R. co. by any vivlences of conduét or audacity of thinking. He was a plain frugal man; be Andrew Burnaby, D.D. (vicar of Green. began the world with little, and yet left a wich) archdeacon of Leicefter, vice Dr, Bickdecen: fum to his relations, the fruit of his ham. owo industry. He was content to be in very Rev. William Jenkins, M.A. of Queen's deed a good fubje&t and a good Chriftian, coll. Oxf. chaplain to Lady Ilchefer, Melwithout any anxiety to be reckoned either, bury Olwund V. with Abboubury V. both He held faithe profeffion of his faith without wavering, and worshiped the God of his Rev. W. Dealery, M.A.rector Skirpenbeck, fathers after the way of the church, of Eng co. York, and preb, of South well, prefeated to Jaad; leaving an example to his fellow Wigginton R. co. York. labourers of the established church of peace Rev. W. Eyre, Pedbury V. co. Bucks. ableness, of subjection, of indefatigableness, Rev. Gregory, St. Mary Bredman and of all those virtues which adorn their and St. Andrew in Canterbury, vice rev. Joba calling.

Duncombe, dec. 8. In Henrietta ftr. Covent Garden, Mr. Rev. Mr. Gregory, Meorpham V. Kent. Wright, banker.

Rev. Fawcert, M. A. appointed Lady At Lynn, Scarlet Brown, esq; formerly Margaret's preacher, vice Dr. Kipling, resig. Solicitor and town-c'erk of that place.

Rev. Francis Haggitt, M.A. Nuncham At Eat Sheen, Zachary Taylor, esg. Courtncy R. co. Oxf

9. In Milbank-itr, aged 79, Edw. Smith, efq.

DISPENSATIONS. 10. After a lingering illne's, which he EV. F.dward Jones, Loddington R. co. bore with fingular patience and fortitude, at Thorelby, in Lincolnshire, the eldest son of Rev. R. Haighton, M.A. Croxton R. with Willoughby Wood, esq; wbo in filial affec Long Slow R. both co. Cambr. tion, peculiar sweetcess of manner“, great Rev. George Turnor, LL.B. to hold Edit probity, quickness of parts, and good princi- Torrington cum Wragby R. with Pancon V. ples, was equalled by few, excelled by none.

co. Linc. 11. Mr. Bowen, one of the fenior yeomen Alexander Colson, M.A. chaplain to the of the Guards.

righe hon, Howa c. Baroness Middleton, and 12. In Grafton-itr. Lady Henrietta Vernon, vicar of Henbury, co. Gloc. to hold Bradwell

co. Durler.

R . .

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